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If you love to travel, chances are you've been exposed to people trying to sell you some sort of
travel-related package, such as a timeshare or vacation club. Perhaps you even think that they are
the same thing, and you're not sure that you really want to know about them, as you're afraid that
if you buy into one or the other, it will cost you more money. Maybe you have even fallen prey to
some of the best timeshare companies and spent thousands of dollars to buy weeks.

If that is the case, then you have learned that timeshare ownership is expensive. Not only do you
make a huge initial investment - usually somewhere around $20,000-$40,000 - but you agree to
pay maintenance fees every year, forever! An average yearly maintenance fee runs about $700-
$800, and the best timeshare companies generally have the highest maintenance fees.

So, yes, you can travel to exotic destinations and have luxurious accommodations for a few weeks
out of the year, but are you really getting a good value for the exorbitant amount that you've
spent? And are the resorts that you want to travel to always available? Trading resorts through
RCI costs an additional $189 exchange fee, and often you can't get the place or resort that you
want. And while you're adding up timeshare costs, be sure to include the $99 per year RCI

So how do vacation clubs work? One huge difference between a club membership and a
timeshare is that you pay only a one-time membership fee to join a vacation club. There are no
maintenance fees, ever, and it is a lifetime membership. Vacation clubs also offer deluxe
accommodations, and with accessibility to over 2 million vacation weeks yearly, availability is
seldom a problem like it is with timeshares. Also, vacation clubs offer access to every aspect of
travel - hotels, condos, cruises, airfare, etc. Some timeshares might offer some of those options,
but not to the extent that a vacation club does.

Many clubs also offer extensive help in planning trips. Counselors can aid you in making airline
reservations, providing transportation for you while on your trip, lining up limousine service, etc.
They do all the legwork for you, so that all you have to do is show up and enjoy your dream
vacation! Timeshare companies do not provide these services.

Even the best timeshare companies can't match this value, because a vacation club can offer
discounts of up to 80%! Start enjoying the good life of a vacation club member and enjoy
spectacular vacations in luxurious resorts without the high costs of timeshare ownership.

Once you have done your homework you will soon find that even the best timeshare companies
won't give you the flexibility and choice of a fantastic value vacation club.
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