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高一 Module 4
   Unit 3
Listening on P23

 1. Which is best title for this story?
   A. John and the jam
   B. How to make jam
   C. The chickens and the jam
   D. The chickens were drunk
2. Why was Mary Smith frustrated?
  A. Her chickens were ill.
  B. John threw away her jam.
  C. John stayed away five days.
  D. The pan was broken.
3. What turned the jam into wine?
   A. The cold weather.
   B. The hot weather.
   C. The chickens.
   D. John.
Answer the following questions:

  1. Did you find this story funny? Why?
     Yes. It is funny. Because we often
  find people drunk, never find chickens
  will be drunk.
2. What do you think of John’s behavior?
   His behavior showed that he had
wanted to do a good deed for his wife,
but because of his carelessness, he at
last made his chickens drunk, which
made himself embarrassed and his wife
Listening text
Mary Smith looked at her basket of fruit.
They were beautiful, ripe plums. There
were far too many to eat but they would
make lovely jam. She looked for her
cookbook and began to take the stones
out of the fruit. When she had finished
the cooking, she filled all her
empty jam jars and left the rest of the
jam in the pan. Then she began to make
the lunch.
   Five days later her husband, John,
came home from a visit to his parents.
He had been travelling a whole day and
felt like having a drink and a cake. As
he came into the kitchen he saw a pan
with what looked like dark red porridge
in it. What was it? As he picked it up he
smelled it and it seemed to him that it
was bad. Mary must have forgotten it.
The food she had left in the pan would
attract insects! He took the pan and
poured all the jam into the chicken
yard and cleaned it. Then, feeling
comfortable, he began to eat a piece of
   Later when Mary came home she
noticed the chickens were behaving very
strangely. They were running around
their yard as if they were sick. What was
the matter? She went closer to find out.
She saw the dark red porridge on the
ground and several chickens asleep
beside it. As she looked closer at the food
she saw a plum stone. She stood up
quickly and went straight to the kitchen.
Her husband was sitting at the table and
the pan was hanging, clean and empty,
on the wall. Mary rushed at her
husband and pulled him hard. “What’s
the matter?” he asked. “It’s good thing
I threw away that porridge.” “But that
was my jam!” cried Mary. When they
went into the yard, they realized that
the hot weather had turned the jam into
wine and the chickens were drunk!
“Oh,” Mary cried out, “I forgot to put
the jam in the fridge. Now what shall we
do with the drunken chickens? Does
anyone know what to do with drunken
  Listening on P55
1. Where did Peter get the potatoes?
   Peter was given the potatoes by a friend.
2. Why didn’t Peter want to get up when
the thief was in his house?
   He thought the thief might have a knife
and he did not want to make him angry.
3. Why couldn’t the thief take away the
   He did not have a bag to carry the
potatoes in.
4. How did Peter stop the man stealing
the potatoes?
   He removed the shirt that the thief
had planned to put the potatoes in.
5. Why was the thief angry?
   He thought the husband had stolen his
shirt so he could no longer steal the
6. What do you think Peter did next?
Listening text
    Long ago, there lived a poor couple,
 Peter and his wife. They had no money
 to buy food and lived a very hard life.
 One day they were given some potatoes
 by a friend and put them on the floor.
 When evening came, they went to bed.
 At midnight, a thief stole into their
house. It was very dark. The wife
heard a noise and shouted: “Peter,
Peter. Wake up. There is a thief in
our house.”
 Peter was a clever man. Thinking
that the thief might have a knife, he
did not want to make the thief angry.
He just wanted the thief to go away
with whatever he wanted. So he said,
“Be quiet. There is no thief. Go back
to sleep.” So his wife went back to
  The thief found the potatoes on the
floor, but he could not carry them
because there was no bag to hold them.
He took off his shirt and spread
it on the floor. He wanted to pour the
potatoes onto his shirt, but just when
he turned back to get them, Peter
quietly took away his shirt and hid it
under the bed. The thief did not know
his shirt was gone. He put the
potatoes on what he thought was his
“shirt”. But when he tried to pick it
up he could not do so.
   Just then Peter’s wife woke up and
shouted again, “Peter, Peter! Wake up.
There is a thief in our house.” Peter
became very angry. He shouted, “Be
quiet, please. There is no thief in our
house. Listen, if I say there is no thief,
then there is no thief.”
  When he heard this, the thief
became very angry and shouted, “Who
said there is no thief? If there is no
thief in this house, then who has taken
my shirt?”
Listening task on P58
  Choose the best picture that best
describes what happened.

    A              B              C
  Sample description:
1. The teacher sees some boys looking at
a dog.
2. The dog is thin and he feels sorry for it.
3. He asks what they intend to do with it.
4. He finds they all want to look after it
but only the person who tells the biggest
lie can have it as a pet.
5. The teacher is angry and lectures the
boys about telling lies and how honest he
was at their age.
6. The boys decide to give him the dog.
Choose the best answer to each question.
 1. Why did the children decide to give
 the dog to the teacher?
    A. Because none of them wanted to
       keep the dog.
    B. Because their teacher liked it.
    C. Because they could not decide
       which of them should own it.
    D. Because they thought the teacher
       had told them a lie.
2. What do you think of the children?
  A. They all like dogs.
  B. They all respect their teachers.
  C. They all work hard at their lessons.
  D. They are honest and lovely.
Answer the question.
   How do you think the teacher felt
when he was offered the dog?
   I think the teacher felt
embarrassed when he was offered the
dog because he did not want it and
had not expected to be offered it.
Listening text
  One day a teacher was walking along
the road. It was a lovely sunny day. The
sky was blue and the birds were singing
in the trees. The teacher felt very happy
until he saw five boys aged about 15
standing round an animal. As he went
up to them, he saw that the animal
was a thin and hungry dog. It looked
very frightened and the teacher felt
very sorry for it. So he asked the boys
what they were going to do with the
  “Oh,” said one of the boys. “We were
just deciding who should take the dog
home and look after it. We all want to
look after the dog but only one of us
can have it as a pet.” The teacher
asked how they were going to choose
the owner of the dog. “Well,” said the
same boy, “We’ve decided that the one
who told the biggest lie should have
him.” At this the teacher became very
angry. He started to explain to the boys
about truth and honesty. He continued
for ten minutes while the boys listened
carefully .Then he ended by saying,
“And I never told a lie when I was your
age.” When he finished there was a long
silence. The boys looked at the teacher
and they seemed to agree with what he
had said. The teacher felt happy that
his words had impressed the boys.
Then the same boy spoke again. “After
what we heard, I think you should have
the dog!”
 Please collect as many funny stories as
you can. They will be useful in the next
period. And try to find some interesting
words in these stories.

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