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									      History in a Bottle – Using
NoodleTools and Databases with
   Upper Elementary Students
      Presented by: Lynda Hampshire
                  and Jennifer Sturge
Who are We?

Lynda currently is teaching 5th grade at
 Sunderland Elementary School. Last
 year, she was name Maryland Social
 Studies Teacher of the Year.
Who are We?

Jennifer is a former special education
 teacher who made a mid-career change
 by getting her degree in School Library
 and Information Technology from
 Mansfield University. She has presented
 at MICCA and the MDK12 Library Summit.
This is her 4th year in the library
What we did and How on Earth Did we
Do it?
                    Organization was the
                    We got outside help!
Parent Participation
Parent Participation was important. We
 were fortunate to have a wonderful parent
 volunteer who copied my parent directions
 and placed them in the student folders. It
 saved a lot of phone calls and emails, and
 parents were able to follow along, and use
 NoodleTools easily with their students.
 Students without Internet access were
 allowed to access the library computers in
 the mornings, afternoons, or at recess.
Volunteer Roles

A wonderful parent volunteer put together
 a folder for each 4th grade student with
 their user name, password, listing of
 databases, passwords, samples of
 citations, and student directions for
 NoodleTools, and parent directions for
To Begin

I started by teaching the students the
 basics of Citations, how to find the title
 page on a book, and what information was
 needed to cite a book.
Practicing Citations

We practiced on Xeroxed copies of book
 title pages – circling publisher, dates,
 author, illustrator (if needed), title, etc.
Then, we went to the computer!
Logging In

After students received their cards with log
 in information, we practiced logging into
 Noodle Tools. We then worked through
 how to put a book citation into the
 NoodleTools program, and how to save it!
Step by Step – With NoodleTools

One thing we found after doing this project
 for 2 years, was that in order for the
 students to be confident with NoodleTools,
 we had to practice over and over!
We also had to take it STEP BY STEP!
We created a few lists….to pracitce
We practiced books first!
The Book Citation
Student Sample
After teaching Book Citations….
We moved on to how to cite a:
Web Page
Wikipedia Article
Primary Source

Finally, we talked about note taking and
 how to create notes on NoodleTools.
Note card Sample
Submitting Work

Lynda created sections within her
 NoodleTools account and each student
 was assigned a section. Students simply
 submitted their bibliographies and
 notecards on line using NoodleTools.
 There were no lost papers – no students
 saying that “it was turned in, you must
 have lost it.”

Students were required to use several
 sources to do their research on the Bio
 Bottle. Sources include:
Classroom Vs. Library
 Classroom                Library Responsibilities
  Responsibilities         Teaching bibliographies
 Due Dates                Teaching the importance
 Grading                   of giving credit for
 Managing parts of the     someone’s work
  assignment with the      Teaching NoodleTools
  students                  and Database research
Our Maryland bottles included:
                    Clara Barton
                    Jim Henson
                    Frank Zappa
                    John Hanson
                    John Hopkins
                    Billie Holliday
                    Frederick Douglass

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