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									             Holden Volt to hit the Showrooms Later this Year

Holden has declared that its range-extended electric vehicle Volt will cost $59,900 plus on road charges,
when it will hit the showrooms later this year. The price of Volt is much higher than other cars of its league
like Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Nissan Leaf, which costs $48,800 and $51,500 respectively. Volt has got many
astonishing features, and some of them are new to the Australian consumers but to start with let us begin
with the Technology.

Technology at its best
The premium feature of Volt which eventually makes it different from other cars belonging to its league is
that the riders can drive it on electricity continuously for 600 kilometers as it has got a long-life lithium-ion
battery and a backup system, which uses petrol engine to generate electricity. Once the battery gets
discharged completely, it can be charged fully within 6-8 hours.

In addition to this, Holden has also announced that it will provide an eight year/1,60,000 km warranty on
its battery and Voltec drive components in all Volt’s model. Holden will introduce Forward Collision Alert
and Lane Departure Warning system for the first time via Volt.

Volt’s both forward collision alert and the Lane Departure Warning camera are positioned on the
windscreen. The forward collision alert is powered with front sensor indicators and can alert the driver via
an easy to hear alarm if he drives too to the vehicle in front, whereas, the Lane Departure Warning
Camera senses if the driver turn or change direction sharply out of a marked lane without indicating.
Apart from this, to enhance the safety of the Volt’s rider, Holden has installed eight airbags and a rear
view camera.

Holden Volt uses conventional anti-lock disc brakes. It has also got an amazing characteristics i.e.,
regenerative braking, which is one of its kind and a process that saves some of the energy generally lost
while applying brakes and convert that into electricity which gets stored in the battery.

Design and Entertainment
The exterior design looks captivating, and the headlight comprises of projector headlamps will offer
amazing and safe night driving experience to the users. The Volt has got deep cushioned and supportive
leather appointed sport seats. The front seats come up three individual temperature settings to
electronically heat up the seats in winter.

The steering wheel has been wrapped in leather and comprises of a scroll wheel and buttons, which let
the driver control and adjust the audio system, cruise control, Bluetooth® and the forward collision and
lane departure warning alerts.

Holden will introduce Volt in five different colours which include white, black, silver, green and red. It will
also be fitted with 17-inch alloy wheels, an integrated rear spoiler, LED daytime running lights and door
mirrors with integrated turn indicators.

For entertainment, Volt comes with a 30GB Hard disk drive which lets the user store a massive collection
of MP3 songs and movies for long drives. The audio system in Volt has got 6 speakers with amplifier and
woofer manufactured by the Bose.

The Volt posses a powerful 1.4 liter DOHC petrol 4-cylinder engine with sequential multi-port fuel injectors
with electronic throttle control, which gives an output of 111kW electric and 63kW @ 4800 rpm (petrol).
When it comes to the torque, it is 370nM @ 250-2800 rpm the maximum limit as per ECE regulations.

General Specifications of Holden Volt
Price: $59,900 + On road charges
Engine: 1.4-litre DOHC Petrol, 4-cylinder, 111kW-63kW (electric and petrol)/370nM
Fuel Tank: 35.2 Liter
Body: 4498mm (L); 1788mm (w); 1439mm (h)

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