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“How to Use Cheap and Small
Classified Adverts Plus Resale
  Right Products To Rake In
       N120k Monthly”


              Toyin Omotoso

This report was created by Toyin Omotoso.

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                         ABOUT THE AUTHOR
This report is created by Toyin Omotoso.

Toyin Omotoso has been creating helpful information products since 2006 and his
info-products has made a lot of money for so many people who resell them.

He is also a terrific copywriter. As a matter of fact, he is one of Nigeria’s best

He is always churning out valuable and powerful information products majorly on
the subjects of internet marketing, information marketing and making money

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    It must be a known fact to you by the time you finish reading this special report that
you can make cool money by selling valuable info-products to the right market or niche
i.e. group of hungry people who need your products. If you don’t sell anything, you
don’t make money and this is SIMPLE to do.

   In this report, you will discover that it doesn’t take an arm and leg to sell info-
products to the right people.

   In fact, it is one of a kind business you can start in less than 2 days from now.

    You will discover how to do it like the result – oriented professional marketers. That
is to say you will become good at selling resale rights info-products to people who will
give you in return cool money like crazy.

   I have tried as much as possible to make this report short and easy to read. You will
find no fluff or filler in it. It is straight to the point.

   Without wasting your time any longer, simply go to the next chapter to discover the
secret of making N120K monthly using cheap, small inexpensive advert plus Resale
Right products.

   Enjoy the reading.

   To your BIG time success
      Classified Adverts are the simplest, smallest and the most inexpensive adverts in
any newspaper or magazine publication. It is used to make known what you have (in
form of solution to a problem of certain group of people) and telling them if they are
interested or not.

       Classified advert is the smallest size advert space that you see in the newspaper
or magazine. This is the kind of box-like advert that people use for a change of name
notification to the general public. It comes in various sizes such as 2 x 1 (inches), 2 x
2(inches) e.t.c.

     It is very cheap and inexpensive because they are the smallest size of advert
space. It could come as low as N4, 000 – N15, 000 depending on the
newspaper/magazine publication.

     Classified advert has been proven to work wonders over time by marketing
experts in both Nigeria and abroad. I use it to sell what people indicate they want to
buy by asking or telling them I have it.

     I will be showing you in the later part of this report how to write a killer classified
advert. But before then, I want you to join me in the next chapter where I explain what
Resale right products are.

     Resale right products are info-products that come with the resale right from the
author to the buyer. The resale rights gives the buyer the authority to sell the info-
products for a 100% profit.

     However, the resale rights only allows the buyer to sell the info-products but the
contents cannot be edited in anyway.

      Resale right products are always easy to use because you do not have to get any
headache about how you are going to create any product. All you have to do is to get
resale rights to a product and you can sell as many copies of it as you want.

      Depending on your marketing, you could make a killing with the resale right
products which you didn’t lift a finger to write a word in it and even make more money
than the original creator of the product

       It is indeed a sweet, easy and fast way to make cool and serious money with

      In this next section, I will show you how you can combine resale right products
and classified adverts to make money.

     Let’s go………………….
                 MAKE MONEY NON – STOP

     If you can remember, I told you in the introduction part of this report that you
can only make money i.e. cool money if you sell something to people who pay you
money in return for your products.

      Selling the right products to the right people is what you will be learning now in
this section using both resale right products and classified adverts. If you are like most
people, you will agree with me that most people do not like to create products or
information – products from scratch.

       STEP ONE - The first thing you have to do is to look for what people are looking
for to buy.

      Re-read that statement that I wrote above because it is what will determine if you
win or lose in this game

      Get this straight…

              Never…EVER try to sell what people are not willing to buy.

     And more importantly, if you want to make a lot of money, you need to sell what
a LOT of people are willing to buy.

      That is where your work starts from.

      For instance, most of the products I create are about making money. Why? It is
simply because the highest craving of human beings all over the world is to make more
money to improve their lives and keep them from suffering.

      I mean why are you reading this right now?

      Answer that question for yourself.
 So, how do you know what people will buy?

1.    Sell the dominant desires of human beings – there are some things
       that will always sell anyday, anytime because they are part of us. Topics
       like making money, sex, dating, marriage, beauty etc would always have
       people who are willing to buy them.

        That is why products like “How to make money from facebook”, “How to
        stop your divorce”, “How to find your right husband”, How to get your ex-
        back” etc will always sell anyday.

 2.   Sell what people are already selling and making money from – This
      is another nice way to decode what you should sell. If you pick up a paper
      like Success Digest Extra, you can quickly have an idea of what people are
      always placing adverts on and you can go ahead to buy resale rights to
      those products.

 3.   Sell what will make life easier for people – For instance, there are
      products that teach stuffs like how you can get cheap laptops or how to get
      free browsing etc. These kind of products will always make money as well

 4.   You can also use a classified advert to test – This is what I mean:
      Let’s say you got a product that does not relate with any of the 3 points I
      have shown above but you think it might sell. You can test it by placing a
      classified advert for it. If people respond to the advert, you can then roll it
      out big.

      For instance, let’s say you got access to a product that has a topic like
      “Essential guide for people travelling to Lagos for the first time” When you
      get a product like this, there is no guarantee that it will sell or not but by
      testing it with a classified advert, you will know if it will sell or not.

    STEP TWO – After getting the area on which you want to sell resale right
 products, you will have to go and look for valuable resale right products that you
 can sell.
         I used the word valuable so that you can know that you must not buy any kind
      of resale rights because there are so many junks been sold outside there.

        The resale rights you must buy should be one that would genuinely help

         How would you know such products?

        The best way to know is to buy the product first, check it out before going
      ahead to buy the resale rights.

         But if you are buying from me, don’t worry. Just buy it. All my products are
      always created with the genuine purpose of helping the buyer.

         STEP 3 – Determine How you are going to sell the resale rights products
      through your classified advert – This is what I mean: You can decide to sell a
      single resale right product or sell 3 or more together as a bundle.

         STEP 4 – Create Your Killer Classified Advert and Place Your Advert in any of
      the dailies or magazine that you choose.

         STEP 5 – Respond to the requests that come in as a result of your advert and
      send the materials to people who bought from you.

Can you see how easy this is? By the time you start this you will always want to cherish
resale right product combined with classified adverts.

       To get the maximum results and profits, you will need to know how to write a
killer classified advert without which you won’t be able to make money.

      I want you to know at this junction, that writing a killer classified advert is very
simple and easy than what you might be thinking.

      This is the money maker and let’s go on……………………

      In info-marketing these are forum important things you will have to master to be
able to make good money. These four things must be implemented into your classified
advert to make it a killing one.

      They are what I call the A.I.D.A formula

      A     =     Attention
      I     =     Interest
      D     =     Desire
      A     =     Action

     As simple as the four words appear they will make you insane money if you
understand and use them very well. To create a killer classified advert that pulls in high
responses, you must add these 4 elements into your advert.

     Let me show you how to do that. But before this, I want to explain these four
elements to you.

(1)   Attention: - Your classified advert MUST have what I call “Attention Grabbing
      Headline”. For instance the title of this report a perfect example of an attention
      grabbing headline. When anybody that want to make money without having to
      create info – products from scratch will jump or be stopped by the headline
      wherever he sees it. Right, isn’t it?

      So you must make sure your classified advert contain an attention grabbing
      headline to be a killer advert that pulls high responses.

(2)   Interest: - Your classified advert MUST also show clearly the SIMPLE promise to
      the people that you are targeting. You see, there is a BIG benefit that your
      prospects (i.e. the people you’re targeting) are looking for.

      This is what you must wrap up in the totality of your classified once again. It
      promises you a BIG benefit tor benefits which is how you can make N150k
      monthly with cheap, classified adverts and of course resale right products that
      you didn’t write. This is exactly what will interest the prospect(s) into wanting to
      get to know more of what you have to say.

(3)   Desire: - When interest is initiated in a prospect with your headline or your
      classified advert and he or she now wants to know more than your advert
      (classified) has succeeded in getting him/her to want your products or service. In
      a simple statement in interest plus curiosity will become desire in the prospects
      and that is what you want believe me.

(4)   Action: - You classified advert has got the attention of your prospects, created
      interest in them and aroused curiosity which has made them to now want your
      info – products.

      Then you now have to do something very important and which is

                                     Call Them To Action

      Now you need to get this clear. If you don’t tell people to do something, they
      won’t do it. People need to be told what to do at every point in time.

      This is human nature and you first have to make use of it very well. Your call to
      action has to be very clear and simple or even easy enough for them to do. Don’t
      even make the mistake of making things complicated for people to do.

      Give them simple instructions on what to do and you get them to do it without
      hesitation because they have been hooked enough by your advert up to this point
      don’t squander the chance.
                     3 Types of Classified Adverts

(a)      This kind of classified advert is used to direct readers to your sales page
      online. That means for you to use this kind of classified advert, you must have
      a website online with a powerful sales copy on it.

      When people read you classified advert and go to your sales page, they will
      order from there and you have your money.

      Here is an example of such a classified advert:

                        How to Use Cheap, Small
                         Adverts PLUS Resale
                        Right Products to Rake
                          In N120k Monthly.

                             Get the full details at
(b)    The second type of classified advert is used to sell directly from the paper.
   That is the type of advert that I used to make N64500 in 14 days. But this kind
   of advert has a BUT to it.

  The product you are selling must be VERY hot and the price must be low and
  highly affordable.

  And the headline must be BOLD and POWERFUL in order to get maximum
  number of people attracted to it. If any of those things are not in place, your
  advert might not work and that will be your money going down the drain.

  Here is an example of such an advert:

                            How to Use Cheap, Small
                            inquisitive adverts PLUS
                            Resale Right Products to
                             Rake In 120k Monthly.

                           To order, Pay N2,000 into the account
                                         details below.
                          Account Name: Tope Alaba
                          Account No: 423 456 789 110
                          Send you teller no: email, amount paid to 080
                          xxx after payment
c. The third type of classified advert here instructs the prospects to send an e-mail to
an auto-responder e-mail for full details.

The recipient email ( is an auto-responder campaign
created for this particular info-product in order to collect the database of all the
prospects that will send their email to it.

This way, it will be possible for you to follow up your prospects automatically.

      I will explain what an auto-responder is to you more in the chapters to come. The
auto-responder will store up the emails of your prospects even if they are 1 million
prospects’ email and enable you to contact and follow them up on the info-product you
want to sell to them.

      You need to know that not everybody will buy immediately they see your product.

        In fact, it has been discovered that 90% of prospects won’t buy your product the
first time, hence there is an urgent need for effective follow up that will convince them
to believe your product and eventually buy from you.

      Auto-responder is a wonderful tool that will help you in achieving this such that
your work will be put on autopilot i.e. you will only have to set up the follow up
messages once and your auto-responder will continue to do the rest no matter how big
your database of prospects get.

       I recommend you use this type of classified advert system each time you want to
sell your info-products through classified adverts because it is the best.

                                 How to Use Cheap,
                                  Small Inquisitive
                                Adverts PLUS Resale
                               Right Products to Rake
                                  In 120k Monthly.
                               To get the full details on how to do this, send an
                                  email to
Did you see the 3 types of classified adverts I showed you above?

        Yes they all have the same promises and contain the same elements and they are
all killer adverts.

      But each of them have different instructions as their “Call to Action”.

      I will explain the importance of each of the 3 advert with their call to action
instructions and which type to stick to for effective and profitable marketing of your

Here Is My Verdict:

      Make use of type c kind of classified advert and you will always get the highest
return of response from your prospects and which means more sales for you because
you are able to follow them up.

      You will also be able to build a list of customers that you can still sell additional
products to later on without advertising because by then, you will already have them in
your subscriber database.

      Did you catch the drift?

  I believe you know what a resale right product is already.

   Resale Right Products are everywhere on the internet. It is easier than you think.
Before I go on, I want you to get this one thing straight.

   Here is it: you need to find out what people want first and foremost before
you go to get any product you want to sell. If there is a need for a product and
the groups of people are ready to pay for it, then go ahead and bring the product to
them. That’s that by the way it is very important.

   To get resale right products, go to and in the search bar, type in resale
right products plus the niche market you want to sell to. For example, “dog training
resale right product” when you type this, thousands of pages will come up showing you
various resale right product you can have access to either by buying or getting them for

   Apart from that, another way to get resale right products is by contacting the owner
of the product and asking them to sell the resale rights to you which would be higher
than the normal price of the product itself.

  This is what I mean:

   Let’s say you bought a product from me or you were looking for a good product on a
topic and you came to my site and you saw what you were looking for BUT without
resale rights.

   You can now get in touch with me and ask me for the resale rights to it which would
be for an increased price of course.

  That is it.

   If there is need to buy, then buy it if it is what you are looking for. Remember you
are selling it to people who will pay you much more than what you brought it.
   But I guarantee that you will see more than enough resale right products (be sure
they are valuable ones) to use with this method.

  That’s it!

   Like I told you that to get your prospects to buy more from you, you need to follow
them up with effective email messages after you have collected their emails into your
auto-responder database.

   That is for people using the type c classified advert.

   Can you still remember?

   You see, the follow up messages (email messages) must be well written in such a
way that it will fulfill the purpose of making your prospects your friends and build trust
of you and your products in them.

  When trust is built in your prospects, then you are sure to convert them easily into
your customers who will continue to buy from you again and again.

   These are what your email messages should contain.

   Subject (Headline of your email message): The Subject of your email is very
   important and it does the work that the headline of your advert does.

   It is to get the attention of your prospects in order to open your email message.
   Also, your email subject line must promise benefit and arouse curiosity in the

   Remember AIDA?

   The same things apply here as well. You see, if your email messages is not opened it
   won’t be read and if it is not read, you won’t have the opportunity to direct them to
   your sales page.

   Body of Your Email Message: The body of your email message should not carry
   the tone that you want to sell anything to your prospects. Do not try to sell to your
  prospects especially in your first email message they will be receiving and every
  other follow up messages.

  The only place the selling should be done must be on your sale page.

   Your email messages should always familiarize and engage your prospects in getting
to know that you are sincerely available to help them in their quest for whatever
solution they are seeking and showing them, you have it by giving them the link to your
sales page in your email message.

   You need to create 5 – 7 email messages into your auto-responder to follow up your
prospects. Your first email must welcome and thank them only for trusting you enough
to join your list.

    Then the subsequent email messages must tell them more of you and your product
after you have told them how their problems/challenges could be solved for them by
your products.

   Show them the benefits in summary and direct them to your sales page where the
proper selling is made.

   Use your follow up email messages to warm them up to the point that they want to
get the solution you are offering them.

  Did you catch the simple strategy here?

  The autoresponder that I suggest you use here is getresponse which you can get for
$18 per month but you can start with the free version which you can update later on.

    There is a product that explains how to use getresponse for this particular purpose.
It is a full manual which consist of various subject lines that I have used as well as
autoresponder messages that you can use in following up your customers.

  You can get it at

  There is not much to say here about how to collect your payments. I want to ask
you a question.

  Do you have a bank account?

   If you don’t have one yet then go do so now because I believe you paid directly into
the bank account before you get this product you are reading about?

  I will also advice you to open an account with GTBank because the Bank
understands this business very well.

  All you have to do is to tell your customers to pay directly into your bank account
and send you their payment details.

   When you get your bank account, you can then put it on your sales page or sales
copy for people to pay for your products.

  I believe this is clear enough.
                            HOW TO BUILD A LIST

  There is something that is very important and helpful to your business (I mean, this
business) and it is building a list of interested prospects in your products or offer.

   When you collect the email, names of your prospects into your auto-responder
database, then you can follow up to convert them into your regular buyers/customers
as the case may be.

   Like I told in few chapters ago, you need a very effective tool for this and it is auto-
responder. An auto-responder helps you to collect the basic information of your
prospects interested in your products/offers.

   Such as (emails, names, phone Numbers) and help you to manage them by sending
pre-loaded/written email messages that delivers into their emails regardless their
number. They all receive you email messages into their respective inbox as personal
messages coming from you to them.

   The auto-responder has various features that help you to always contact your list
and do a lot of wonderful things that create closeness, rapport and relationship with
your prospect. If you sent them regular helpful email messages, they will come to trust
you about whatever you are offering them (as long as they are valuable) because they
are your friends already.

   I will recommend you use get response service because they are a good auto-
responder company that I have been using for a very long time.

   They ensure that your email messages are delivered into your prospects inboxes
where they can be easily open and read. Go to to register with
them. They charge $18 per month for 500 subscribers that is N 3,000 per month.
                 PEOPLE TO BUY!

   At every point in time there is always a group of people looking for solutions to their
problems in various areas like finances; debt, dating, health (weight loss), e.t.c.

   These are niche markets that you can always tap into by selling solutions to them as
info-products. Just as you will go to get resale right products on any niche market,
always do the same with any profitable niche market you discover.

  Note: Ensure that the market is ready to pay for the solution and are desperate
about it.

    And you know that by placing your classified adverts and if people respond to it, that
is something great for you.

   If the market is hot then you will make a killing with the resale right products. Go
and get resale right product or buy resale right of any hot product from established,
reputable marketers around you.
                                  CASE STUDIES
                                    CASE STUDY ONE

  This happened around 2004. I was just new to the internet then.

   I read the story of how a guy called femi (I can’t remember his real name) made N3
million naira selling a single resale right product using classified adverts.

  How did he do it?

  NUMBER 1 – He discovered that a lot of Nigerians as at that time were crazy about but they did not know how to use it.

   NUMBER 2 – He placed a classified advert that cost N3,500 at that time (he used the
type C classified advert model) to get the emails and names of people who are
interested in the product and were willing to pay for it)

    NUMBER 3 – He now went online to look for such a product and he got one that is
titled “How to sell and buy on eBay) and he bought it.

  NUMBER 4 – He now created a simple email explain the contents of the book and
how it can help them and he put the price there and how they can order for it.

  NUMBER 5 – Once the first set of orders poured in, he simply took that classified
advert and placed in several other dailies until he made a profit of N3 million naira.

  Can’t you do that?
                                        CASE STUDY TWO

      It is the case study of Mr Sebastian James

   In Mr Sebastian’s case, he has been placing classified adverts and he has been
building a list of customers interested in his line of products.

   Sometimes, he came across my website and he bought the resale right products that
I sell at

      After that, he simply sent a mail to his list that he was selling those stuffs and that is

      He raked in a staggering N120,000 in 2 weeks!

    This is an ordinary guy like you who got access to resale right products and created
killer classified adverts to offer these products to build list of interested prospects and
made N120k and I am sure he must have made twice that amount by now.

   When you get the resale right products ready and your classified advert then you
need to place your advert in the right medium for the right people who need your offer
can easily see your advert and they join your list for you to follow up on your auto-

   If you follow and make use of this simple system, you can never fail. In order to
make more money, you need to repeat your advert to keep running to bring more
prospects into your list until last interested prospects join your list.

       This system cannot be easier than how it has been explained in the special
report. Note that you already have about 6 resale right products that are HOT and
selling that you can click start with to make your own money right away.

      Just go ahead right now to get the ball rolling because your money is waiting for
you all this while.

       Also, do not forget to send in your testimonies because I am so damn sure you
will have lots of them if you work this simple system in this report.

     I wish you all the best.

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