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					                    Tool Category                              Tool One
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                  Accesibility is in
                  reference to tools,
                  programs, and apps
                  that make
                  technology                              This is a text to
                  accessible to                           speech web based
                  individuals with                        tool that allows
                  disabilities. There                     users to copy and
                  are a large amount                      paste large amount
                  of programs that                        of text from one site
                  have made                               to another in order
                  technology easier                       to have it read to
                  for individuals to                      them. Users can
                  access. In addition                     listen to the text on
                  technology has                          the site or create an
                  made it easier for                      mp3 that can be
                  students and adults                     downloaded and
                  to create materials                     placed in a 
Accesibility      for others.         VozMe               document.             dex.php?lang=en

                                                          This website
                                                          provides resources
                  Accessibility is the                    that help make
                  ability to reach all                    classroom
                  learners so that                        opportunities in
                  those with                              science, technology,
                  disabilities have the                   engineering and
                  opportunity to learn                    mathematics
                  through classroom                       (STEM) accessible
                  experiences just like                   to individuals with
                  everyone else by                        disabilities. There
                  making the                              are also resources
                  appropriate                             for employers in     http://www.washingt
Accessibility     accommodations.       Access Stem       these areas.
                                                     Scratch is a visual
                                                     language that
                                                     makes it easy for
                                                     elementary age
                                                     through teens to
                                                     create interactive
                                                     stories, animations,
                                                     games, music, and
                                                     art that can be
                                                     shared on the web
                                                     while learning
                Animations may                       thinking skills, using
                help students learn                  reasoning skills and
                faster and easier.                   work collaboratively.
                They may also help                   Teachers love using
                teachers explain                     this tool to create
                difficult subjects for               lessons. Elementary
                subjects such as                     through adult users
                mathematics or                       can create some
                science. Teachers                    very simple projects
                can create animated                  and then very
                projects to teach                    complicated  
Animation       lessons.               Scratch       projects.              u/

                                                     The Zimmer Twins
                                                     is a site devoted to
                                                     kids and creative
                                                     storytelling. Since
                An animation, in                     2005, the Zimmer
                Second Life lingo, is                Twins has invited
                a set of instructions                children to create
                that cause an avatar                 and share their own
                to engage in a                       animated stories.
                sequence of                          Using the Zimmer
                motions. You can                     Twin's easy-to-use
                use animations to                    movie making tools
                make your avatar                     members create
                clap their hands,                    their own serials,
                dance, blow                          commercials, music
Animation and   someone a kiss,                      videos and even      http://www.zimmertw
Avatar          and much more.        Zimmer Twins   reality shows.
                                                  AvatarsDB is the
                                                  largest and best
                                                  organized database
                                                  of free forum
                                                  avatars. To make it
                                                  even easier for you,
                                                  they host these
                                                  avatars for free so
                                                  you don't need to
                                                  search for image
                                                  host. To start,
                                                  simply select the
                                                  avatar of your
                In computing, an                  choice, copy the
                avatar is the                     generated code and
                graphical                         paste it on your
                representation of                 favorite forum, blog,
                the user or the                   website or save it
Animators and   user's alter ego or               for use with instant http://www.avatarsd
Avatars         character.            AvatarsDB   messengers. 

                This category is
                made up of tools
                that teachers can
                use to create
                assessments for
                their students such
                as rubrics,
                flashcards and                    With Quizstar you   http://quizstar.4teac
Assessment      quizzes               Quizstar    can       
                                                       Gradecam software
                                                       turns any computer
                                                       with a camera into a
                   Assessment tools                    powerhouse.
                   are designed to                     Students can swipe
                   demonstrate                         the tests under the
                   mastery of content                  camera themselves
                   knowledge and                       or the instructor can
                   process skill. These                collect. The
                   tools that are in my                gradecam can
                   toolkit are designed                grade multiple
                   to help teachers                    choice tests and
                   become more                         transfer it into any
                   efficient in creating               electronic  
Assessment Tools   assessments.          GradeCam      gradebook.            /

                   Audio is the
                   representation of                   Audacity is an open
                   sound. Tools that                   source software that
                   are used in audio                   allows the user to
                   allow users to                      record and edit
                   change, edit, and                   sounds. You can
                   manipulate the                      save the file in mp3
                   sound to fit their                  format to use on     www.audacity.sourc
Audio              personal needs.      Audacity       your computer.

                   Audio tools are used
                   in schools to help                  Voice Thread is a
                   students learn to                   collaborative,
                   read, write, listen,                multimedia slide
                   speak, analyze                      show that holds
                   information, and                    images, documents
                   communicate ideas.                  and videos and
                   Teachers who use                    allows people to
                   audio tools in the                  navigate slides and
                   classroom assist                    make comments on
                   students in learning                the slides. No
                   how to express                      software needs to
                   themselves                          be installed for
                   effectively and                     voice thread. It also
                   appropriately.                      allows viewers to
                   Students can                        record messages to
                   publish audio works                 the author of the     http://ed.voicethread
Audio              using audio tools.   Voice Thread   Voice Thread.         .com
                    This category
                    includes websites
                    where you can
                    record you voice or                       This is one of the
                    your students for                         many tools that
                    different reasons.                        Creaza has. This
                    Most of those audio                       tool lets you record
                    editor sites lets you                     your voice and
                    produce audio clips                       make audio
                    and spice them up                         recordings along
                    with sounds effect,                       with special effects.
                    etc. These can be                         Great for audio
                    used for producing                        reports, audio plays,
                    newscasts, radio                          etc. The audio has a
                    commercials,                              library of more than
                    reading a story in a                      500 soundtracks
                    foreign language, or                      and your recordings
                    explain with their                        can have unlimited
                    voice how they        Creaza – Audio      number of tracks.
Audio               solved a problem.     Editor              Easy to use.

                                                              Students and
                                                              teachers easily can
                                                              create their own
                                                              character by
                                                              choosing eyes
                                                              shape and color,
                                                              hair, skin tone as
                                                              well as clothing,
                    An avatar is the                          shoes, pets and
                    graphical                                 accessories. I
                    representation of a                       recommend this site
                    user, alter ego or a                      for older students,   http://www.cartoony
                    character. The                            perhaps middle
                    character can be                          school or older,      true&partner=ZJxdm
                    used in games,                            because of the chat   684&gclid=CImFrL
                    lessons, projects,                        feature provided on   WgmrACFUOo4Aod
Avatars             forums, etc.           Cartoon Your World the site.             ISNTYQ

                                                              his is a website
                                                              program or a
                                                              software program
                                                              where you or
                   computer generated                         students can create
                   abstract object                            video using
                   given physical form.                       animated characters
                   Often used to inform Xtranormal-           to explain an event http://www.xtranorm
Avatars/Animations or give information. storytelling          or tell a story.
                                                    Blogspot is a free
                                                    Web hosting service
                   A blog is a type of              available for the
                   website or part of a             web developers.
                   website. Blogs are               There is a bit of
                   usually maintained               puzzlement between
                   by an individual with            Blogspot and
                   regular entries of               Blogger. The
                   commentary,                      authentic name of
                   descriptions of                  the service is
                   events, or other                 Blogger, but when
                   material such as                 you create a
                   graphics or video.               website or Blog on
                   Blogs are used to                Blogger, so the
                   share                            blogs are hosted at
                   information/knowled              a subdomain of
Blogs and Journals ge.                   Blogspot

                   Online Blogs and
                   Journals are tools               Blogger is a free
                   that allow an author             educational tool that
                   to publish text, link            can aid in classroom
                   to other blogs or                management and
                   Web sites, or                    guide collaboration
                   express thoughts                 and discussion for
                   through a posting or             students when they
                   discussion. Blogs                are away from the
                   and Journals can be              classroom. Students
                   used to                          may also post
                   communicate in                   assignments here
Blogs and Journals many ways.            Blogger    as a portfolio.
                   Blogs and Journals
                   can be used for                Blogger is part of
                   general purposes               Google. It is a free
                   and for educational            site used to share
                   purposes. A general            text, photos, and
                   purpose blog can be            video. It is easy for
                   used to convey                 beginners to set up.
                   information and                It can be quickly set
                   feelings to the                up with templates
                   general public. They           that are built in.
                   can be entertaining            Blogs can then
                   and enlightening. An           made public or if
                   education blog is              you choose can be
                   generally used to              made private so that
                   share information              only people with
                   from teacher to                permission can
                   teacher or teacher             have access to read
Blogs and Journals to student.          Blogger   it.         

                   A method for people
                   to store, organize,
                   research, and
                   manage online
                   resources by
                   tagging a website              Create lists
                   and saving it for              composed of
                   later use. These               different item types
                   bookmarks can then             such as URLs, files,
                   be shared with other           videos, documents,
                   users and the user             etc. Each list has its
                   can see what                   own title, description
                   people with similar            and URL. Once your
                   interests are                  list is ready you can
                   bookmarking as                 save it as a
                   important sites.               bookmark or as a
                   Bookmarks can be               customizable
                   "tagged" which                 homepage. You can
                   enables users to               share it via email,
                   organize and search            social networks or
                   bookmarks based                by posting it on your
Bookmark Sharing   on subject.          Weblist   blog.        
                                                    Delicious allows the
                                                    user to create
                                                    "stacks" or
                                                    categories of
                   Public Bookmark                  bookmarks and        http://www.delicious.
Bookmark Sharing   Sharing              Delicious   share them publicly. com

                   Bookmark Sharing
                   is defined as a                  Find sites on the
                   method for Internet              Internet that interest
                   users to organize,               you, add them to
                   store, manage, and               your Delicious
                   search for                       account and tag
                   bookmarks online.                them for quick
                   Unlike file sharing,             reference. You can
                   the resources                    find Delicious on
                   themselves aren't                Twitter, Facebook,
                   shared, merely                   and they have their
                   bookmarks that                   own useful blog.
                   reference them.                  Other people with
                   Users then add tags              Delicious accounts
                   or descriptions to               can see your
                   keep their                       bookmarks which
                   bookmarks                        makes this an
BookMarking        organized and                    excellent
Sharing            searchable.          Delicious   collaborative tool.

                   There are numerous
                   calendars to help
                   keep you organized.              This Apple tool can
                   Each provide                     sync your calendar
                   features to make                 with your iPad, iPod,
                   your life easier from            and iPhone. You
                   appointment                      can share your
                   reminders to the                 calendar with others
                   ability to access the            and subscribe to
                   calendar on your                 others' calendars. If
                   phone. They also                 you have iCloud,
                   allow to you share               you can set up your
                   your calendar with               iCloud calendar
                   others so any of                 account in iCal too.
                   these calendars are              You can backup
                   good for work or for             your calendar data com/kb/HT2513?vie
Calendars          your personal life!   iCal       on your hard drive. wlocale=en_US
            Online calendars
            can share events
            with groups or                  The Google
            classes and help                Calendar can be
            members track                   customized and
            assignments. They               added to other
            help groups                     calendars and
            communicate and                 viewed by the day,
            collaborate more                week, or month.
            effectively and have            You can sync it with
            reminders to help               mobile devices and
            keep everyone on                other calendar
            schedule. When                  applications. A
            assignments are                 search box is
            posted to the                   available and it can
            calendar, daily                 be embedded in
            agendas will                    webpages such as
            automatically be                moodle and an html
            sent to student      GOOGLE     format can be
Calendars   emails.              CALENDAR   created.             com/calendar

                                            30Boxes allows a
                                            user to create an
                                            online calendar,
                                            enter events, add
            Calendars are                   buddies, and share
            designed and                    the calendar with
            shared with others              buddies. It also
            so that people can              notifies buddies of
            stay informed of                events selected by http://www.30boxes.
Calendars   upcoming events.     30Boxes    the creator.        com
            Electronic version of
            a calendar, a multi-
            use collaborative
            tool that allows user
            to plan, manage and
            schedule for
            individual or group
            use. Alert system
            sends reminders
            and automatic e-
            mails to participants
            for responses.
            Multiple viewing
            displays of the day,
            week, month, and
            year. User able to
            create of separate
            calendars for
            personal and                            •Share tasks,
            professional          Calendarscope     events within       http://www.calendar
Calendars   preferences.          Network Edition   organization

            Online chat is an
            invaluable tool. It is
            great when
            messages need to
            be conveyed
            quickly. People who
            have smart phones                       Skype can be used
            can also chat online.                   for chatting through
            Even if they're not                     IM (typing) and
            online, they can                        video chat. You can
            receive alerts when                     also share files and
            someone sends                           group chat through
Chat        them a message.        Skype            Skype.               m/intl/en-us/home

            There is a variety of
            chat features within
            programs like                           This chat program
            Facebook or Skype                       allows you can chat
            but there are also                      with friends on your
            chat or instant                         computer or on-the-
            message programs                        go with your phone.
            you can use on your                     You can also play
            computer or phone.                      games against your
            Chatting instantly                      friends right in the
            with friends and                        messenger. It is
            colleagues is a                         also facebook
            great way to work                       friendly so you can
            together or just stay                   chat with your
            in touch with each                      friends and post     http://messenger.ya
Chat        other.                Yahoo Messenger   updates.   
                                                 Skype allows you to
                                                 talk face to face with
                                                 people from
                                                 anywhere on the
                Online chat can be               globe. For
                done so you can                  education it is free
                talk to any one                  global connection.
                online. You can                  Teachers and
                make calls to                    students can see
                people across the                what other countries
                globe. You can chat              are learning about
                face to face, video              and collaborate on a
                conferencing, or by              project together
Chat            messaging.          Skype        using Skype. 

                                                 Tinychat provides
                                                 dead simple, free to
                                                 use, video chat
                                                 rooms that just
                                                 work! Enjoy chatting
                Chatting is an online            with your friends or
                method of                        making new ones,
                communicating in                 just create a chat
                real time via text-              room orjoin one.
                like messages from               Some rooms may
                the sender to the                not be appropriate
Chatting        receiver              Tinychat   for students.

                                                 Wikispaces is made
                                                 up pages where
                Two or more people               students and
                working on a                     teachers can build
                collaborative                    and share
collaboration   project.           wikispaces    knowledge.         m
                    Collaboration and
                    scaffolding tools can
                    be used to tailor and
                    assist individual
                    students to gain
                    better knowledge of
                    concepts.                          Wall Wisher allows
                    Collaboration can                  students and
                    allow for teachers to              teachers to
                    comment on                         collaboration on an
                    students work to                   interactive cork
                    point them in the                  board. Students can
                    right direction. They              brainstorm ideas
                    can also provide                   together, post notes,
Collaboration &     feedback to projects               photo and even
Scaffolding         or assignments.       Wallwisher   PDF files.            m/

                                                       Huddle is very
                                                       proud to call itself
                                                       the #1 alternative to
                                                       SharePoint. It is a
                                                       collaboration tool
                                                       that offers file
                                                       sharing, project
                                                       management, and is
                                                       a great way to stay
                    Tools for                          connected with
                    collaboration and                  people and build off
                    scaffolding are used               of each others'
                    to build community,                work. It is also
                    instruct, and to pool              visually appealing,
                    resources together                 which is a nice
                    and allow for                      change from
                    communication                      SharePoint. It can
                    between people who                 also be integrated
                    aren't necessarily in              into already existing
                    the same room, but                 systems like
                    can communicate                    SharePoint or Office
                    online. Documents                  applications. There
                    can be shared and                  is also a whiteboard
                    edited between                     component, which
                    people who                         can be used as a
Collaboration and   participate in the                 place for             http://www.huddle.c
Scaffolding         group.                Huddle       brainstorming.        om/
                    Brief description of
                    the tool category:
                    This tool category
                    consists of learning
                    platforms and web-
                    based collaboration                 Complement
                    tools to enable                     classroom
                    groups of learners                  instruction and
                    to interact with                    engage students in
                    subject content and                 online activities,
                    ideas, using a                      assignments and
                    variety of learning                 discussions that
                    modalities (audio,                  allow for deeper
                    3D models, video,                   participation inside
                    text, mind webs,                    and outside the
                    maps, and the                       classroom. Embed
                    integration of some                 Microsoft Office
                    or all of these.)                   documents, videos,
                    Collaboration tools                 pictures, and PDFs.
                    allow for scaffolding               Blended learning
                    of content as                       refers to the use of
                    instructors and                     multiple learning
                    students can                        environments in
                    participate using a                 conjunction with one
                    variety of these                    another, essentially
                    learning structures                 weaving various
                    specific to learning                instructional
Collaboration and   style and             Collaborize   mediums into a       www.collaborizeclas
Scaffolding         preference.           Classroom     cohesive whole.

                                                        This cloud-based
                                                        collaboration and
                                                        scaffolding tool
                                                        allows online
                                                        discussions, live
                                                        chat, whiteboards
                                                        for brainstorming,
                    Collaboration and                   phone conferencing,
                    scaffolding tools can               and access to iPad,
                    be used to tailor and               iPhone, Blackberry,
                    assist individual                   and Android
                    students to gain                    devices. It allows
                    better knowledge of                 audio and video
                    concepts.                           steaming,
                    Collaboration can                   presentation of
                    allow for teachers to               office documents
                    comment on                          such as Microsoft
                    students work to                    Office, Open Office
                    point them in the                   and PDF. There is
                    right direction. They               a web-based
                    can also provide                    dashboard for
Collaboration and   feedback to projects                creating/managing
Scaffolding         or assignments.       HUDDLE        webinars. 
                                              It is e-learning
              Courseware tool is              development tool. It
             software or tool that            allows users to add
             can create digital               multimedia files to
             learning resources,              create online
             such as learning                 training courses,
             materials, syllabus,             assessments and
             assessment tools,                presentations. It
             etc., which are used             permits users to
             to enhance teaching              created courseware
             and learning.                    such as tests and
             Courseware can be                surveys without
             used in class that is            having programming
             led by a teacher as              knowledge. It also
             supporting materials             comes with a set of
             or self-directed                 automated tools
             computer-based                   such as menu         http://www.trivantis.c
             education and/or                 builder, reference   om/pro-
Courseware   training.             Lectora    lists, etc.          suite/overview

                                              Blackboard is a
                                              system. It has six
                                              platforms: Learn
                                              (access to course
                                              material, grades and
                                              discussion boards,
                                              etc), Transact
                                              processing system,
                                              i.e. ID cards for
                                              meals, vending
                                              machines, laundry,
                                              etc.), Mobile
                                              (access through
                                              your mobile),
             Courseware are                   Connect (to send
             computer programs                mass text, phone
             designed to be used              and email
             in educational                   messages),
             courses. Comes                   Collaborate (web-
             from the words                   based conferencing)
             course and                       and Analytics (for   http://www.blackboa
Courseware   software.           Blackboard   data warehousing).
                   Tool Category
                   Description * File
                   sharing is the
                   practice of
                   distributing or
                   providing access to
                   digitally stored
                   information, such as
                   computer programs,
                   multimedia (audio,
                   images, and video),
                   documents, or
                   electronic books. It
                   may be
                   through a variety of
                   ways. Common
                   methods of storage,
                   transmission, and                 Tool One
                   distribution used in              Description * Allows
                   file sharing include              members to share
                   manual sharing                    information,
                   using removable                   collaborate online,
                   media, centralized                create task,
                   servers on computer               appointments, files,
                   networks, Internet                photos, notes,
                   and hyper-linked                  bookmarks, and       http://wiki.itap.purdu
Document Sharing   documents.           Stixy        blogs      

                                                     TrueShare is an
                                                     online storage site
                   Document Sharing                  that allows users to
                   tools allow people to             share stored
                   share different types             documents with
                   of documents with                 others. Documents
                   people through the                can be password
                   Internet. Users can               protected and an
                   share documents                   expiration period
                   with specific people              can be set with each
                   through email and                 document. Users
                   social networking                 are required to pay
                   sites. Document                   for the storage
                   sharing tools also                amount needed for
                   allow users to                    their specific use.
                   access their own                  TrueShare also
                   documents from any                offers business      http://www.trueshare
Document Sharing   computer.             TrueShare   accounts as well.    .com/individual.aspx
                                                    is a web
                   Document sharing is                       based word
                   a term used to                            processor for people
                   describe tools or                         to collaborate in real-
                   systems set up to                         time. When multiple
                   help multiple people                      people edit the
                   work together on a                        same document
                   single document or                        simultaneously, any
                   file to achieve a                         changes are
                   single final version.                     instantly reflected
                   Normally, this refers                     on everyone's
                   to software which                         screen. The result is
                   allows teams to                           a new and
                   work on a single                          productive way to
                   document, such as                         collaborate with text
                   a Word document,                          documents, useful
                   at the same time                          for meeting notes,
                   from different realtime   brainstorming,
Document Sharing   computer terminals document               project planning,
Tools              or mobile devices. conferencing           training, and more.

                   Email and e Card
                   are method of
                   exchanging digital
                   messages from an
                   author to one or
                   more recipients. It                       GMail allows you to
                   operates across the                       send and receive e-
                   internet or other                         mail messages
Email and e Card   computer networks. Gmail                  worldwide.          t

                                                             Gaggle is an email
                                                             tool created
                                                             specifically for
                   Email and Ecards                          teachers and their
                   are tools that allow                      students. The tool
                   an electronic                             allows organization
                   transfer of a                             for teachers to
                   message to one or                         communicate with
                   more recipients.                          one student, or the
                   You can create                            entire class. The
                   these messages                            site also eliminates
                   using templates or                        computer issues by
Email and Ecards   digital media.         Gaggle             being virus free.
                    Email or electronic
                    mail is a tool used to
                    quickly send
                    messages across
                    the internet. The
                    content can include
                    text, pictures, video,              Gmail is a free
                    and audio files. It is              "public" email. It
                    an effective way of                 uses a secure
                    communicating with                  HTTPS connection
                    someone quicky.                     by default. This
                    Now that emails can                 makes it harder for
                    be sent and                         someone to steal
                    received on mobile                  your encrypted data.
                    devices and                         Gmail is easy to
                    cellphones it is even               navigate and
                    quicker. E-cards are                prioritizes your
                    a specialized form                  important emails. It
                    of email, just like a               can automatically
                    regular greeting                    translate an email
                    card is to regular                  that is sent to you in
Email and E-cards   mail.                  Gmail        another language.

                                                        Primary Wall allows
                                                        users (intended for
                                                        primary teachers
                                                        and students) to
                                                        contribute, in real
                                                        time, to an online
                                                        space by adding
                                                        simple notes, like
                   These online tools                   Sticky Notes, to a
                   allow students to                    virtual bulletin
                   create visual                        board. Facilitators
                   representations of                   can present a
                   collected data, and                  theme, pose a
                   showcase artistic                    prompt, or ask a
                   media to illustrate                  question and give a
                   arguments, topics,                   link to contributors
                   quotes, or themes                    to add an answer,
                   within their                         response, or issue
Graphs and Visuals presentations.        Primary Wall   to the wall.         m/
                                                            Make a list of things
                                                            to think about later
                                                            when you're not so
                                                            busy Share your
                     Lists are online tools                 lists with others
                     to help people                         even if they don't
                     organize anything                      have an account
                     they my need to                        Publish your lists
                     keep organized with                    with RSS so that
                     a list. With this tools                others get instant
                     the person using it                    updates Privately
                     can share their lists                  share your lists with
                     with others,                           anyone and work on
                     organize data, or                      them together
                     organize a task or                     Email yourself a
LIsts and Forums     event.                  Bla-bla list   copy of your list

                     Graphs, mind maps
                     and visuals are a
                     great way to help
                     students with                          MindMeister has
                     organization skills.                   been built from the
                     Visual learners                        ground up to
                     retain more                            facilitate
                     information by using                   collaboration. You
                     diagrams, mind                         can share any
                     maps, word webs,                       creation easily by
                     visuals, and other                     inviting users by
                     forms of graphic                       email, or simply
                     organizers to get the                  send them a unique
                     most from                              and secure direct
                     instructional                          link. Once shared,
                     lessons. These                         you can start a
                     tools can enhance                      thinking session and
                     the comprehension                      collaborate on any
Maps Graphs          of learning at many                    mind map in real-      www.mindmeister.c
Visuals              levels.               Mindmeister      time.                  om
                                                            This interactive map
                                                            making site is a
                  Maps, graphs, and                         Beta Site created by
                  any other relevant                        National
                  visuals are essential                     Geographic. You
                  for learning. Using                       select the region
                  these tools allow                         and map theme
                  students to explore                       (water, climate,
                  and make a                                economic, etc.) then
                  connection to the                         use the drawing
                  learning. Being able                      tools and
                  to manipulate these                       markers/symbols to
                  tools through an                          customize. There is    http://education.nati
                  interactive site will                     also a MapMaker
                  incite their creativity                   Kit Program            /education/mapping/
Maps, Graphs, and and lead to other       MapMaker          available for K-12     interactive-
Visuals           discoveries.            Interactive       students.              map/?ar_a=1
                Mind maps, often
                called graphic
                organizers, are
                great tools to
                organize your                      Cacoo is intuitive
                thoughts in a visual               and employs drag
                manner. They allow                 and drop features. It
                you to move through                is easy to add,
                the process of                     move, resize, and
                brainstorming,                     link text and image
                organizing ideas,                  nodes. A variety of
                creating an outline,               text box styles are
                and completing a                   available and the
                written product.                   user may draw
                When used                          freehand.
                collaboratively on                 Synchronous
                the web, students                  chatting available
                can work in groups                 while collaborating.
                on project-based                   One drawback is
                activities anytime,                that you cannot
Mind Maps       anywhere.            Cacoo         insert a hyperlink.

                Photo sharing is the
                publishing or
                transfer of a user's
                digital photos online.
                This allows the user
                to share them with
                others (publicly or
                privately). This
                function is provided
                through both
                websites and
                applications that use
                uploading and                      Photobucket is an
                display of images.                 image hosting,
                Here are three                     video hosting,
                photo sharing tools                slideshow creation,
                that may be useful                 and photo sharing www.photobucket.c
Photo Sharing   within the classroom Photobucket   website.            om
                Photo sharing is the                 Photobucket is the
                publishing or                        place to store,
                transfer of a user's                 create, and share
                digital photos online,               photos. You can
                thus enabling the                    upload your
                user to share them                   pictures, images,
                with others (publicly                graphics, icons, and
                or privately).                       videos and share
                Sharing means that                   them by email or
                other users can                      link them to sites
                view but not                         like Facebook and
                necessarily                          Twitter. Personalize
                download the                         your photos by
                photos, users being                  using their photo
                able to select                       editor or make
                different copyright                  slideshows to share http://photobucket.c
Photo Sharing   options.               Photobucket   with friends.        om/

                                                     Flickr allows you to
                                                     upload your photos
                                                     and then easily
                                                     share then through
                                                     Facebook, Twitter,
                                                     email, and blogs.
                                                     One can keep up
                                                     with friends and
                                                     share stories with
                                                     comments and
                                                     notes. Information
                The purpose of this                  can be added to
                tool category is to                  pictures like tags,
                share photos with                    locations, and
Photo Sharing   friends and family  Flickr           people.    

                Photo sharing is
                publishing or
                transferring digital
                photos online. Users
                can share photos                     Fotobabble is a
                publically or                        website that allows
                privately. Photos are                users to add audio
                uploaded to a                        to photos and share
                website. Sharing                     them on Facebook
                photos allows others                 or on websites.
                to view photos, but                  Users can easily
                the user sharing                     create and share
                photos can allow or                  “Talking” photos on
                deny users the                       Facebook,
                ability to download                  Pinterest, Twitter, e- http://www.fotobabbl
Photo Sharing   the photos.           Fotobabble     mail and more.
             A podcast, simply
             put, is no different
             than a webcast, a
             show that is
             broadcast over the
             web and is broken
             up into parts or
             episodes. Most
             podcasts are similar
             to news radio
             programs and
             deliver information
             on a regular basis,
             while some
             podcasts are
             comedy shows,
             special music
             broadcasts or even
             gospel. Podcasts
             are most popular on
             Apple's iPod and
             iPhone devices,
             hence the name
             podcast, but a
             podcast can be
             enjoyed from a
             number of different              Share your
             sources and can                  favorites; get free
             even be listened to              podcast, DJs, radio,
             directly on a                    performing artists, http://www.podomati
Podcasting   computer.            Podomatic   and educators.
                                              Audacity is a free,
                                              easy-to-use and
                                              multilingual audio
                                              editor and recorder
                                              for Windows, Mac
                                              OS X, GNU/Linux
                                              and other operating
                                              systems. You can
                                              use Audacity to,
                                              record live audio,
                                              convert tapes and
                                              records into digital
                                              recordings or CDs,
             Podcasting is                    Edit Ogg Vorbis,
             creating a digital               MP3, WAV or AIFF
             multimedia file and              sound files, cut,
             making it available              copy, splice or mix
             on the Internet for              sounds together,
             downloading to a                 change the speed or
             portable media                   pitch of a recording,
             player or computer.              and more!
             The tools to create              (Description
             the audio files are              courtesy of
             web-based and the                Audacity’s website).
             files are made to be             I think this tool
             listened to.                     would be best suited
             (Description                     for high school age
             courtesy of Google               students as it is a
             search: podcasting               comprehensive         http://audacity.sourc
Podcasting   definition)          Audacity    program.    

             Podcasting is the
             ability to create and
             listen to audio with
             or without video
             content using the                Audacity allows the
             internet, personal               user to record live
             computer or mobile               audio, convert
             device. It allows the            tapes, and records
             user to create and               into digital
             listen to live or                recordings, edit
             recorded content.                MP3, WAV, or AIFF
             Podcasts are                     sound files, cut,
             available in MP3                 copy, splice or mix
             format via RSS 2.0               sounds, and change
             feeds, iTunes and                the speed or pitch of http://audacity.sourc
Podcasting   internet sites.       Audacity   recordings. 
                                                              Blogtalkradio is the
                                                              easiest way to
                                                              create and share
                                                              audio on the web.
                                                              allows anyone,
                                                              anywhere the ability
                                                              to host a live talk
                                                              radio show online,
                                                              simply by using a
                                                              telephone and a
                                                              unique platform,
                                                              powered by
                   A podcast is a type                        Cinchcast,
                   of digital media                           empowers citizen
                   consisting of an                           broadcasters to
                   episodic series of                         create and share
                   files (either audio or                     their original
                   video) subscribed to                       content, their voices
                   and downloaded                             and their opinions in
                   through web                                a worldwide public http://www.blogtalkr
Podcasting Tools   syndication.    forum.      
                    A poll allows you to     A poll allows you to     A poll allows you to
                    ask one multiple         ask one multiple         ask one multiple
                    choice question.         choice question.         choice question.
                    Participants can         Participants can         Participants can
                    choose from among        choose from among        choose from among
                    answers that you         answers that you         answers that you
                    predefine. You can       predefine. You can       predefine. You can
                    allow the voter to       allow the voter to       allow the voter to
                    select just one          select just one          select just one
                    answer or allow          answer or allow          answer or allow
                    them to choose           them to choose           them to choose
                    multiple answers.        multiple answers.        multiple answers.
                    You also have the        You also have the        You also have the
                    option of adding an      option of adding an      option of adding an
                    Other field to allow a   Other field to allow a   Other field to allow a
                    voter to enter their     voter to enter their     voter to enter their
                    own answer. A            own answer. A            own answer. A
                    survey allows you to     survey allows you to     survey allows you to
                    ask multiple             ask multiple             ask multiple
                    questions across a       questions across a       questions across a
                    wider range of           wider range of           wider range of
                    question types. So       question types. So       question types. So
                    you can ask for a        you can ask for a        you can ask for a
                    comment, an email        comment, an email        comment, an email
                    address, a name, an      address, a name, an      address, a name, an
                    address etc., as well    address etc., as well    address etc., as well
                    as multiple choice       as multiple choice       as multiple choice
                    questions. Tool          questions. Tool          questions. Tool
                    One Title * Survey       One Title * Survey       One Title * Survey http://www.surveym
Polls and Surveys   Monkey                   Monkey                   Monkey       

                    Using online polls
                    and surveys is a
                    great way to gather
                    information about a                               Zoho Polls is a site
                    topic. The collection                             that allows you to
                    of opinions and/or                                create and share
                    suggestions from a                                your online poll in "3
                    selected or random                                steps". You can
                    population can be                                 create a voting or
                    most beneficial in                                rating poll, make it
                    the process of                                    public/private, show
                    change such as an                                 results and
                    election, or                                      comments, export
                    information such as                               the results, and add
                    learning styles or                                the poll to your blog
Polls and Surveys   career interests.     Zoho Polls                  or website.            /
               This tool is Social                           Twitter
               Networking at the               is a vast network of
               Professional level,             anything and
               for professional                everything, where
               purposes. Where at              posts are called
               one time you had to             "Tweets" and must
               be a member of a                be 140 characters
               listserv or journal             or less. This
               publication to be               includes any
               part of a specific              #hashtags (tagging
               community, now a                by categories),
               simple sign-up joins            @members you
               you to others in a              mention or follow, or
               variety of                      shared links,
               communities, each               "shrunk" to help with
               with a common                   the 140 minimum.
               purpose. Share                  Twitter members
               ideas, links, form              host numerous
               groups, collaborate             weekly chats, found
               on ideas, ask                   by #hashtag, such
               questions, and                  as current ones
               network! Whether                called #edchat,
               you are making                  #4thchat, #cpchat
               connections and                 (connected
               sharing information             principals). Tweets
               for today, or forming           support links to
               links that you might            photo and video,
               access in the future,           and members can
               Professional                    easily control
               Networking is                   profiles and security
               almost a                        settings.    In my
Professional   prerequisite for                opinion, features of
Networking     success.              Twitter   Twitter are much
               Networking" is the
               use of social
               networking                      Ning is an online
               technologies for                platform for people
               educational                     and organizations to
               professional                    create custom social
               purposes. These                 networks. Ning
               sites connect                   offers customers the
               educators,                      ability to create a
               researchers, and                community website
               others in the                   with a customized
               educational                     appearance and
               community and                   feel, feature sets
               allow for                       such as photos,
               collaboration                   videos, forums and
               including resource              blogs, and the
               sharing,                        service layers in
               professional                    support for “Like”,
               development,                    integration with
               classroom                       Facebook, Twitter,
               management,                     Google and Yahoo!
               computer                        (adapted from
               technology, and a               http://en.wikipedia.o
Professional   myriad of other                 rg/wiki/Ning_(websit
Networking     resources.           Ning       e))                   /

               social network
               service that focuses
               on business
               interactions and the
               development of
               relationships for
               business leads,
               opportunities, best
               business practices,             •World's largest and   http://www.linkedin.c
               and new trends and              most powerful          om/static?key=what
Professional   advancements in                 professional           _is_linkedin&trk=hb
Networking     your field           LinkedIn   newtwork               _what
                                                               With Diigo,
                                                               bookmarked and
                   Social Bookmarking                          tagged links
                   solves the problem                          become interactive.
                   of using multiple                           You can highlight,
                   devices and                                 bookmark, sticky
                   accessing the same                          note, cache, share,
                   information on all                          or mark as "Read
                   you own. Links,                             Later" using the It
                   annotations, &                              Diigo can be linked
                   "sticky" notes can                          with Delicious and
                   be stored in the                            many use both, or
                   "cloud" and                                 have transitioned to
                   accessed from your                          Diigo because of
                   account, using                              the features. Your
                   anything from                               library can be public
                   handheld to desktop                         or private, but public
                   devices. Link                               makes it easy to
                   libraries can be                            share themed
                   public or shared,        Diigo: "Digest of searches with
                   and tagging keeps     Internet Information, others. Cost: Free,
                   them organized and    Groups and Other Basic ($20/yr), and
Social Bookmarking searchable.           stuff"                Premium ($40/yr)       m/index

                    Social networking
                    websites function
                    like an online                           Facebook is an
                    community of                            online social
                    internet users. Many                    networking website
                    of these online                         through which
                    community                               people can connect
                    members share                           with friends and
                    common interests in                     family. Many
                    hobbies, profession,                    businesses use
                    family, religion, or                    Facebook as well to
                    politics. Once you                      promote business.
                    are granted access                      Registered users of
                    to a social                             the site can create a
                    networking website                      personal profile, add
                    you can begin to                        photo albums and
                    socialize. Most                         send e-mail
                    social networking                       messages and
Social Networking   sites are free.      Facebook           instant chat.
                    Social Networking
                    focuses on building
                    and reflecting of
                    social networks or
                    social relations
                    among people, who,
                    for example, share
                    interests and/or
                    activities. A social
                    network service
                    consists of a
                    representation of
                    each user (often a
                    profile), his/her
                    social links, and a
                    variety of additional            Facebook is a social
                    services. Most                   networking service
                    social network                   and website. It
                    services are web-                allows users to
                    based and provide                create profiles, send
                    means for users to               messages and
                    interact over the                posts, upload
                    Internet, such as                videos and pictures,
                    email and instant                and reply to others https://www.faceboo
Social Networking   messaging.            Facebook   via comment.

                                                     Yammer brings the
                                                     power of social
                                                     networking to the
                                                     enterprise in a
                                                     private and secure
                                                     Yammer is as easy
                                                     to use as great
                                                     consumer software
                    A social network is a            like Facebook and
                    social structure                 Twitter, but
                    made up of a set of              designed for
                    actors (such as                  business
                    individuals or                   collaboration.
                    organizations) and               Connect people,
                    the dyadic ties                  content, and
                    between these                    conversations
                    actors. The social               across all of your
                    network perspective              business
                    provides a clear way             applications with
                    of analyzing the                 productivity software
                    structure of whole               that employees love https://www.yammer
Social Networking   social entities.      Yammer     to use.               .com/product/
                    ocial networking
                    consists of people
                    who share similar
                    interests, activities,
                    life experiences,
                    and backgrounds,
                    which leads to
                    building a
                    community or
                    amongst people
                    through the use of
                    an online service,
                    site, or platform with
                    connection to the                 Social networking
                    internet. Each user               site that allows its’
                    creates a profile as              users to engage in
                    a representation of               applications. users
                    them. The users                   may join common-
                    then network with                 interest user groups,
                    one another over                  organized by
                    the internet, through             workplace, school or
                    email and instant                 college, or other
Social Networking   messaging.             Facebook   characteristics.

                    Social networking
                    consists of people
                    who share similar
                    interests, activities,
                    life experiences,
                    and backgrounds,
                    which leads to
                    building a
                    community or
                    amongst people
                    through the use of
                    an online service,
                    site, or platform with
                    connection to the                 Social networking
                    internet. Each user               site that allows its’
                    creates a profile as              users to engage in
                    a representation of               applications. users
                    them. The users                   may join common-
                    then network with                 interest user groups,
                    one another over                  organized by
                    the internet, through             workplace, school or
                    email and instant                 college, or other
Social Networking   messaging.             Facebook   characteristics.
                    Online surveys can
                    be used to collect
                    input from students,
                    staff, and the school               Survey Monkey can
                    community. Surveys                  create a survey,
                    are used in lesson                  collect responses,
                    plans for students to               and analyze results.
                    collect information                 Various question
                    and understand                      types can be
                    data, mathematical                  created such as
                    relations, and                      multiple choice,
                    graphical                           matrix choice,
                    representations.                    ratings scales, text
                    Polls are considered                boxes, and essays.
                    a quick survey,                     Responses can be
                    often one question.                 collected from
                    Polling students can                anyone or a select
                    be used as a means                  group of people.
                    of formative                        Results come in
                    assessments with                    data, charts, and    http://www.surveym
Surveys and Polls   immediate results. Survey Monkey    graph formats.

                    Assessment tools
                    are used by
                    teachers for creating
                    objective or
                    assessments for
                    their students.
                    There are a variety
                    of programs and
                    websites out there
                    for this purpose.
                    Some of the tools                   ClassMarker is a
                    out there are simply                secure,
                    a means of                          professional, web-
                    assessing, while                    based testing
                    others are actually                 service and
                    systems for storing,                customizable online
                    creating,                           test-maker for
                    distributing, and                   business, training,
                    grading teacher-                    and education.
Tool Category:      created                             Tests can be scored http://www.classmar
Assessment Tools    assessments.          ClassMarker   immediately.
                                                      Edublogs allows
                                                      users to create and
                                                      manage student and
                     Tool Category                    teacher blogsm.
                     Description: Lists               Users can create
                     and Blogs allow                  posts and pages,
                     teachers to organize             post images and
                     and share                        audio, access
                     information with                 forums, and
                     other teachers, their            participate in
Tool Category: Lists students, and                    threaded            http://www.edublogs
and Blogs (Forums) parents.                Edublogs   discussions.        .org

                   Web publishing
                   tools are used by
                   teachers and
                   students for
                   organizing and                      This is a website
                   sharing information                creation site for
                   on the internet.                   teachers or
                   Many sites and                     students, and it
                   programs provide                   features drag and
                   free graphics design               drop functionality,
                   and hosting for a                  embedded maps,
Tool Category: Web classroom, student, Weebly for     videos, polls, and   http://education.wee
Publishing Tools   or teacher website. Education      more.      
                                                      Vimeo was created
                                                      by filmmakers and
                                                      video creators who
                                                      wanted to share
                                                      their creative work,
                                                      along with intimate
                                                      personal moments
                                                      of their everyday
                    Video is the                      life. As time went
                    technology of                     on, like-minded
                    electronically                    people came to the
                    capturing, recording,             site and built a
                    processing, storing,              community of
                    transmitting, and                 positive,
                    reconstructing a                  encouraging
                    sequence of still                 individuals with a
                    images representing               wide range of video
Video               scenes in motion.     Vimeo       interests. 
                                       The Skype an
        The purpose of this            Author Network
        category is to list            provides K-12
        web tools that                 teachers and
        incorporates video             librarians with tools
        learning programs              to connect authors,
        for elementary,                books, and young
        middle and high                readers through       http://skypenauthor.
Video   school learners.    Skype      virtual visits.

                                       Turn your photos,
                                       video clips, and
                                       music into stunning
                                       video masterpieces
                                       to share with
                                       everyone. Fast,
        Recording,                     free, and shockingly
        producing, or                  easy! (Description
        broadcasting                   courtesy of
        moving visual                  Animoto’s website).
        images using Web               This tool seems
        2.0 tools. (Part of            easy enough for
        description courtesy           elementary/middle
        of Google search:              school students to
Video   video)               Animoto   use.       
                                                       Skype in the
                   Video conferencing                  classroom is an
                   tools allow users to                extension of Skype
                   connect with family                 for all ages and
                   members, friends,                   abilities. It's a
                   colleagues or even                  program that can be
                   complete strangers                  downloaded free of
                   from all over the                   charge to your
                   world using a                       computer, laptop or
                   laptops webcam                      mobile device,
                   and microphone.                     however, the Skype
                   Video conferencing                  in the Classroom
                   tools bring face-to-                web site also offers
                   face interaction to                 ways to connect,
                   people without ever                 collaborate, and
                   having to leave your                inspire teachers and
                   classroom, office or Skype in the   students all over the
Video Conferencing home.                Classroom      world.      

                   Videoconferencing                   Skype is a
                   uses audio and                      proprietary service
                   video                               that allows users to
                   telecommunications                  communicate with
                   to bring people at                  peers by voice,
                   different sites                     video, and instant
                   together. They are                  messaging over the
                   able to see each                    Internet. You can
                   other, share                        share a story,
                   documents and                       celebrate a birthday,
                   discuss topics                      learn a language,
                   together in a                       hold a meeting, and
                   situation similar to a              work with   
Video Conferencing traditional setting.   Skype        colleagues. .         m/intl/en-us/home
                    is a tool that allows             Skype is a
                    users to collaborate              collaborative tool
                    and communicate                   that allows
                    with family members               individuals to call,
                    and professional                  video message, and
                    colleagues.                       instant message
                    Sometimes program                 individuals that are
                    platforms have a                  personally or
                    component that                    professionally
                    allows for video                  important to them.
                    conferencing but                  Skype offers free
                    individuals can also              and cost effective
                    download programs                 plans for individuals
                    that focus strictly on            and businesses. It
                    videoconferencing.                also has an
                    This is one way to                education site
                    have meetings                     where teachers can
                    without being in the              submit projects and
Videoconferencing   same location.         Skype      solicit help.         m/intl/en-us/home

                    The tools in this tool
                    kit are some of the
                    best web publishing
                    hosts. A website is
                    hosted on at least
                    one web server,
                    accessible via a                  Domains, websites
                    network such as the               and everything in
Web Publishing      internet.              Go Daddy   between.  

                                                       Wix provides easy
                                                      website creation
                     Web publishing is                with a flash editor.
                    the process of                    Choose the Wix
                    publishing content                template you like
                    on the Internet. The              and customize it to
                    published content                 your needs using
                    may include text,                 the Wix drag and
                    images, videos, and               drop editor. Your
                    other types of                    site will include
                    media. The tools in               advertisements.
                    this tool kit include             User needs to be 13
                    web creation and                  years of age or
Web Publishing      publishing websites. Wix          older.     
                                           PBWorks provides
                                          educators free wiki
                                          accounts with 2GB
                                          of storage and
                                          Images and files
         Wikis are web                    can be uploaded
        pages created by a                and shared. Several
        collaboration of                  pages can be
        users, often                      created in the
        teachers and their                workspace. If your
        students. Any user                students don't have
        can edit the                      email addresses,
        information on a                  you may use
        wiki. A wiki is a web             classroom accounts
        page with an edit                 to give them access https://plans.pbwork
Wiki    button.               PBWorks     to your workspace.

        Wikis are webpages
        within websites that
        can be viewed and
        modified by                       Wikispaces is a
        anybody. Wikis can                place where
        be public or                      students can go and
        protected by a                    create pages on
        password. They are                which they will
        collaborative group               collaborate together
        sites. Most of them               on certain projects
        have certain levels               or assignments.
        of permissions that               Teachers have
        can be put on                     access to ad-free
        certain pages or all              pages for their
        of them to protect                classes and can
        the content of it.                participate in
        They can be used                  webinars that
        for taking notes, to              Wikispaces offer to
        write documents in                learn about the
        collaboration with                different uses of the
Wikis   others, etc.         Wikispaces   site.                 m
                                                                Tool Two
  Tool One Cost   Tool One Example        Tool Two Title       Description        Tool Two Link

                                                           The “Tell a Story”
                                                           portion of the
                                                           website is a
                                                           wonderful tool that
                                                           allows users to
                                                           create a story using
                                                           only their mouse
                                                           and keyboard.
                                                           Individuals can
                                                           choose the storyline
                                                           and create the
                                                           background using
                              different features on
Free              MBPpGpNw              Kerpoof            the website.

                                                           This website is
                                                           designed to
                                                           increase literacy of
                                                           deaf children aged
                                                           preschool to 3rd
                                                           grade. Stories are
                                                           read and signed
                                                           with subtitles so that
                                                           everyone can enjoy
                  http://www.washingt                      them, both deaf and
                             hearing, together at http://www.signedst
Free              ability_type.html    Signed Stories      the same time.
                                          Animated videos
                                          can be created
                                          using the
                                          Go!Animate tools
                                          and students can
                                          record their own
                                          voice and other
                                          sounds to make
                                          their animated video
                                          come to life.
                                          Teachers can create
                                          animated videos for
                                          their lessons. The
                                          tool is easy to use
                                          for older elementary
                                          students through
                                          adults; however,
                                          some of the pre-
                                          made images and
                                          sets may be for              middle school to
Free   u/latest/shared       Go!Animate   adults.              m/

                                          Voki is a free
                                          service that allows
                                          users to create
                                          avatars and give
                                          them voices. These
       http://www.zimmertw                avatars can be used                 on any blog or
Pay    52                  Voki           website.            /
                                                An avatar in
                                                computing, is a
                                                representation of
                                                the user. It is a form
                                                of representing
                                                yourself, without
                                                using an actual
                                                picture. You can
                                                use an avatar that
                                                looks similar to
                                                yourself as
                                                representation of
                                                your online
                                                presence, or a
                                                cartoon character
                                                that already exists.
                                                This particular
       http://nathanpruitt.p                    Avatar tool is based                       from the T.V Series,
Free   ang.gif               Mad Men yourself   Mad Men.               m/madmenyourself/

       http://quizstar.4teac                    Free tool to help                    teachers make       http://rubistar.4teach
Free   repositoryservlet     Rubistar           quality rubrics.
                                            Rubistar is a
                                            website that can be
                                            used to create many
                                            different rubrics in a
                                            short amount of
                                            time. Registered
                                            users can save and
                                            edit rubrics online.
                                            The rubrics can be
                                            accessed from                     anywhere that you www.rubistar.4teach
Pay    /gc101/          RubiStar            can get internet.

                                            This audio editing
                                            software is a
                                            professional audio
                                            and music editor for
                                            Windows or Mac. It
                                            lets you record and
                                            edit music, voice
                                            and other audio                    recordings. It allows
       atch?v=5rQr5YVNqI WavePad Audio      you to save in mp3
Free   0                 Editing Sovtware   format.               vepad/index.html

                                            Audacity is free
                                            open source, cross-
                                            platform software for
                                            recording and
                                            editing sounds.
                                            Audacity allows
                                            students to record
                                            themselves and
                                            then see the sound
                                            waves. Students
                                            can see where they
                                            pause for a period
                                            and how expression
                                            can change the
                                            height of the sound
                                            waves. Audacity                can improve fluency http://audacity.sourc
Free   m/share/8381/         Audacity       in reading. 
                                                Site where you can
                                                edit images and
                                                sound. You can mix
                                                up to ten tracks to
                                                make your own
                                                sound file. Those
                                                files can be saved
                                                on the website or in
                                                your Google
                                                account. Sound
                                                effect to your own
                   http://www.creazaed          voice or recorded
                     instruments are
                   mepage/audioeditor/          quick ways to make
Free               41449042            Aviary   a file.    

                                                Voki permits users
                                                from fourth grade
                                                and older and
                                                teachers to create
                                                their own avatars
                                                and add voice so
                                                they can be used to
                                                post on blogs,
                                                forums and used in
                                                classroom activities.
                                                The tool can be
                                                easy to use based
                                                on free features and
                   http://www.cartoony          may get a little
                    complicated when
                   true&partner=ZJxdm           adding voice and
Free               685.                Voki     lesson creation.

Free version with                               Create speaking
basic features; Pay http://www.xtranorm         avatars and use
version with          them to enhance
enhanced features /                     Voki    lessons.             /
                                                    In 50 words or less,
                                                    describe the
                                                    features of this tool.
                                                    Kidblog is designed
                                                    for elementary and
                                                    middle school
                                                    teachers who want
                                                    to provide students
                                                    with an individual
                                                    blog. Kidblog is a
                                                    simple yet powerful
                                                    tool that allows
                                                    student to publish
                                                    post and participate
                                                    in discussions within
                                                    a secure classroom
                                                    Teachers maintain
                                                    complete control
                                                    over students'
                                                    blogs. Kidblog is
                                                    built by teachers, for
                                                    teacher, so students
                    www.earlene-                    can get the most out
                      of the blogging
Free                   Kidblog    process.     

                                                    Edublogs is a free
                                                    blogging website
                                                    that can be used to
                                                    track classroom
                                                    portfolios and create
                                                    student journals.
                                                    You can also create
                                                    and post videos,
                                                    podcasts and
                                                    display documents
                                                    that may be needed
Free version with                                   in class. The uses
basic features; Pay                                 are endless and it is
version with        http://www.blogger.c            extremely easy to
enhanced features om/tour_end.g          Edublogs   use.        
                                        This is a simple and
                                        quick place for
                                        teachers to set up
                                        classroom blogs for
                                        students. It is
                                        secure in that the
                                        students can only
                                        blog with other
                                        students that the
       http://janhewitt.blogs           teacher sets up in - This is an            the class. The
       old blog I created for           teacher has the
       a class while getting            ability to maintain
       my master's degree.              control over the
       I really wished I                student blogs. Since
       would have kept it               email adresses are
       up. It was fun                   not required for the
       reading my thoughts              students, this is a
       from 2007. The                   great option for
       funny part is not                teachers of
       very much has                    elementary and
       changed for me                   middle school
Free   since then.            Kidblog   students.            me.phpTool

                                        Diigo allows you to
                                        take personal notes
                                        and highlight
                                        information on web
                                        pages. You may
                                        bookmark this
                                        information for
                                        further review; add
                                        tags to keep
                                        organized. You can
                                        also share with
                                        colleagues and
                                        friends to allow
                                        them to access the
                                        web page, view your            notes and
       instorming-and-                  highlights, and add
       mindmapping-for-                 their own 
Free   writers               Diigo      annotations.        m/
                                             Jumptags allows the
                                             user to "tag"
                                             bookmarks and
                                             either share them
       http://www.delicious.                 publicly or keep    http://www.jumptags
Free   com/alienteacher      Jumptags        them private.       .com

                                             Pinterest describes
                                             this site as a virtual
                                             pinboard. It lets you
                                             organize and share
                                             all the beautiful
                                             things you find on
                                             the web. You can
                                             browse pinboards
                                             pinned by others.
                                             It's a great way to
                                             organize your
       http://www.common                     bookmarks by                  pinning pictures of
Free   al-bookmarking       Pinterest        the site.      
                                             Google Calendar
                                             can help you stay
                                             organized with the
                                             ability to change the
                                             color of each
                                             appointment. It
                                             allows you to share
                                             your calendar with
                                             others and it also
                                             have email and pop-
                                             up reminders for
                                             your events. You
                                             can invite others to
                                             an event and it will
                                             email everyone you
                                             invite and place the
                                             event on their
                                             calendar too. A
                                             google map is
                                             provided for any                   address that you
       com/watch?v=SjWv                      include in your          com/calendar/rende
Pay    28K61K8             Google Calendar   meeting details.         r?tab=cc
                                                    automatically adds
                                                    events or
                                                    assignments to
                                                    individuals or
                                                    groups calendars.
                                                    Events can be
                                                    viewed by the entire
                                                    school district.
                                                    Parents can view all
                                                    their childrens
                                                    events by individual
                                                    child or all children
                                                    at once. You can
                                                    sync it to other
Free version with                                   calendar
basic features; Pay https://developers.g            applications with
version with EDMODO      automatic electronic    http://www.edmodo.
enhanced features /sessions              CALENDAR   device notification.    com
                                                    Famundo allows
                                                    users to create
                                                    online calendars,
                                                    add events, share
                                                    gues. It also
                                                    includes other
                       features: address
                   widget/8413453/Lori              book, blogs, photo
                   Howell/85dc2667a5                sharing, lists,
                   6a0942b23678dec2                 reminders, file         http://www.famundo.
Free               070d0b/0/           Famundo      sharing, and more.      com
Free version with
basic features; Pay                                                     
version with        http://www.dualitysof                                         om/intl/en/googlecal
enhanced features        Google Calendar   •Share schedule       endar/about.html

                                                            a social networking
                                                            platform with a chat
                                                            ombines quite a few
                                                            other chat platforms
                               online like AIM,
Free version with     m/intl/en-us/home,                    Yahoo Messenger,
basic features; Pay                   MySpace,
version with          com/watch?v=sodM                      Facebook, and        https://www.meebo.
enhanced features     Ds7rEEk             Meebo             MSN chat.            com/

                                                            Google Talk allows
                                                            you to send and
                                                            receive instant
                                                            message with
                                                            friends and family.
                                                            All you need is a
                                                            Google Account to
                                                            start chatting! It also
                                                            has the capabilities
                                                            to add voice and
                                                            video to your chat
                                                            by just downloading
                                                            the plug-in. You can
                                                            also expand you
                      http://messenger.ya                   chat to a group of
Free                    Google Talk       people easily.          om/talk/
                                                         Today's Meet is a
                                                         chat service made
                                                         to hold a discussion
                                                         on lectures and
                                                         videos for students
                                                         and colleagues.
                          Students can use
                    om/account/signup-                   this tool to post
                    form?application=do                  questions they may
                    wnload&return_url=                   have on a lesson or
Free version with                  a video at the same
basic features; Pay m/go/buy-                            time they are
version with        credit%3Fflow=join&                  viewing the video or
enhanced features intcmp=join             Today's Meet   lecture.             m/

                                                          Kidzworld is the
                                                         first safe kids social
                                                         network for kids and
                                                         teens ages 9 -
                                                         encourages kids to
                                                         express themselves
                                                         through the creation
                                                         of original content.
                                                         They can interact
                                                         with each other in
                                                         the moderated chat
                                                         rooms and on the
                                                         boards. In the KW
                                                         Zone, their user
                                                         profile is a safe and
                                                         secure way for them
                                                         to let other kids
                                                         know who they are
                                                         and what they are
                                                         interested in. This is
                    Self select your own-                an area that is
Free                immature site         kidzworld      always monitored.

                                                         Scribblar is a           Scribblar is a
Free version with                                        creative, real time      creative, real time
basic features; Pay                                      collaboration tool. It   collaboration tool. It
version with        :http://hawkinsmeh.                  also can be used in      also can be used in
enhanced features       Scribblar        mathematics.             mathematics.
                                            Voice Thread is an
                                          online, secure
                                          network designed
                                          for K-12 educators.
                                          Students and
                                          teachers can
                                          collaborate around
                                          any type of media.
                                          You can post your
                                          projects and get
                                          feedback from other
                                          colleagues and
                                          instructors. You can               also add your voice
       m/wall/Collaboration               and present your
Free   6201                 VoiceThread   projects.            m

                                          PB Works is
                                          collaboration tool
                                          that can be used in
                                          many professions. It
                                          offers different                products based on
       com/watch?v=6lvsw                  your professional
       fQtXlU,                            needs, including                legal services,
       com/watch?v=AqG                    educational needs,
       Q-KFZEeo,                          products for                corporate use, and
       com/watch?v=t9KAv                  for starting new
Pay    Y8Auew              PB Works       businesses.
                                                             Think Quest
                                                             engages and
                                                             inspires students by
                                                             providing a wider
                                                             (but protected)
                                                             audience. Have
                                                             them post project
                                                             they have been
                                                             working on and
                                                             encourage them to
                                                             view other students
                                                             projects and sites
                                                             (this doesn’t require
                                                             much prompting!).
                                                             Students can create
                                                             their own
                                                             “homework help”
                                                             page where they are
                                                             the expert. Think
                                                             Quest also holds
                                                             competitions where
                                                             students are
                                                             challenged to
                                                             globally think, create
                                                             and innovate using
                                                             the Think platform
                                                             to work together on
Free version with     http://www.collaboriz                  projects, digital
basic features; Pay                      media, or
version with          _demand_webinars/                      application
enhanced features     cc-on-demand          ThinkQuest       development. 

Free version with
basic features; Pay
version with        http://www.huddle.c Will be submitted by Will be submitted by Will be submitted by
enhanced features om/resources/demo/ Robyn Walters           Robyn Walters        Robyn Walters
                                          CourseLab has
                                          similar to
                                          environment. It has
                                          drag-drop objects
                                          placing, rich media
                                          support, built test
                                          creation capability,                 interactive recording
      .com/watch?v=3kyO                   features, etc. Users
      G-                                  do not require the
      PjYBE&feature=rela                  knowledge of          http://www.coursela
Pay   ted                 CourseLab       programming.

                                          Schoology is a
                                          social networking
                                          site and a learning
                                          system. It is similar
                                          to Facebook and
                                          includes attendance
                                          records, online
                                          gradebook, tests
                                          and quizzes, and
                                          homework             dropboxes. The                   social networking
      pps/portal/frameset.j               part of it is a good  https://www.schoolo
Pay   sp                      Schoology   collaboration tool.
                                        Tool Category
                                        Description * File
                                        sharing is the
                                        practice of
                                        distributing or
                                        providing access to
                                        digitally stored
                                        information, such as
                                        computer programs,
                                        multimedia (audio,
                                        images, and video),
                                        documents, or
                                        electronic books. It
                                        may be
                                        through a variety of
                                        ways. Common
                                        methods of storage,
                                        transmission, and
                                        distribution used in
                                        file sharing include
                                        manual sharing
                                        using removable
                                        media, centralized
                                        servers on computer
       http://wiki.itap.purdu           networks, Internet              and hyper-linked
Free   E/Stixy                Dushare   documents  

                                        Dropbox allows
                                        users to have all
                                        documents and
                                        photographs from
                                        different devices in
                                        one place. This
                                        folder is updated on
                                        all devices each
                                        time and can also
                                        be accessed
                                        through the Dropbox
                                        webpage. Dropbox
                                        also allows users to
                                        share documents
                                        with other users.
       No examples                      Lastly Dropbox can
       available since this             be used with
       is a document                    Windows, Mac,
       sharing tool not a               Linux, and mobile    https://www.dropbox
Pay    document creator.      Dropbox   devices.             .com/
                                                      Google docs is an
                                                      electronic resource
                                                      that allows you to
                                                      share documents
                                                      with others. You
                                                      can invite friends or
                                                      colleagues to
                                                      collaborate and view
                                                      a document, rather
                                                      than having to send
                                                      it as an attachment
                                                      in an e-mail.
                                                      Revisions and edits
Free version with                                     can be easily made,
basic features; Pay               by just logging-in to
version with        com/watch?v=xRcTj                 access the            om/google-d-
enhanced features gq4Euo                Google Docs   document.             s/b1.html
                                                      Yahoo Mail is a web- lNotifier3b&k=Yaho
                                                      based email service o!+Mail&b=MSN_X
                                                      that has many         T_msct1_80501_21
                                                      advantages (Image _025P_00_*GeoUS
                                                      quality) over         CA*_-Search-
                                                      traditional email     __yahoo%20in%20
                                                      because it can be     mail&s=msct1&utm
                                                      accessed from         _source=msn&utm_
                                                      anywhere via a        medium=cpc&utm_t
                                                      browser, such as      erm=yahoo%20in%
                   bflivingston@gmail.                Internet Explorer or 20mail&utm_campai
Free               com                 Yahoo Mail     Firefox.              gn=msct1-21

                                                      Wiggio is a tool that
                                                      has multiple uses. It
                                                      can be used for
                                                      email, polling,
                                                      calendar uses,
                                                      posting links, and
                                                      chatting online. The
                                                      benefits are that it is
                       a safe internet tool
                   stem_help/help_ind                 not requiring student
Pay                ex.html               Wiggio       information.  
                                                            This site allows
                                                            users to send
                                                            educational e-cards
                                                            to recipiants to
                                                            educate them on
                                                            topics such as
                                                            emotional issues,
                                                            healthly living, and
                                                            more. This would be
                                                            useful if you were
                                                            teaching online in a
                                                            k-12 setting or even
                                                            a traditional setting
                                                            and wanted to
                                                            promote health
                                                            standards in a fun
                                                            and novel way to
                                                            students. There is
                                                            also the option to
                             download their app
                    m/mail/help/images/                     and send these        http://www2c.cdc.go
                    whatsnew/high_scor Center for Disease   greetings to mobile v/ecards/index.asp?
Free                e.png                 control E-cards   devices.              show=top10

                                                            Just like
                                                            Blabberize allows
                                                            the user (all ages) to
                                                            import any picture,
                                                            and add audio to the
                                                            picture using a
                                                            microphone. Unlike
                                                            Fotobabble though,
                                                            Blabberize also
                                                            allows the user to
Free version with                                           make the mouth
basic features; Pay                                         move, like a South
version with                   Park or JibJab
enhanced features m/RHAihy7l3T            Blabberize        character.             m/
                                                                Online website that
                                                                allows you make
                                                                lists, manage them
                                                                from anywhere,
                                                                sends you email
                                                                reminders of
                                                                important dates,
                                                                access information
                                                                from your phone,
                                                                share your lists with
                               other people and
                      ist/Kdove/baby_nee                        access your google http://www.remembe
Free                  ds                      Remember The Milk calendar from tool.

                                                             Debategraph is a
                                                             cloud-based service
                                                             that offers
                                                             /communities a
                                                             powerful way to
                                                             learn, think and
                                                             decide upon
                                                             complex issues. It
                                                             communities of any
                                                             size to visualize,
                                                             question, and
                                                             evaluate all of the
                                                             considerations that
                                                             any member thinks
                                                             to be relevant.
Free version with     http://www.mindmei                     Each public map
basic features; Pay                     contributes to and  http://debategraph.o
version with          /how-mind-maps-                        forms part of the   rg/home#61932_5_
enhanced features     help-teachers      Debategraph         graph.              _1

                      interactive-                           StatTrends, formerly
                      map/?ls%3D853007                       called "Graph
                      %26f%3D241%26t                         Maker", is a free
                      %3D1%26b%3D0%                          application for
                      26bbox%3D-                             creating interactive
                      112.32167%2C28.5                       charts and graphs.
                      4826%2C-                               This application has http://www.statsilk.c
                      70.66152%2C46.59                       the following        om/software/stattren
Free                  844                   StatTrends       features:            ds
                                                   Popplet is a simple
                                                   mind mapping tool
                                                   with just enough
                                                   features to add text
                                                   and image nodes,
                                                   as well as draw
                                                   freehand within
                                                   nodes. It starts with
                                                   a quick step by step
                                                   visual tutorial –
                                                   great for elementary
Free version with                                  level learners. Easy
basic features; Pay                                to add, move,
version with           resize, and link
enhanced features ur                     Popplet   nodes.      

                                                   Flickr is an online
                                                   photo and video
Free version with                                  sharing website.
basic features; Pay http://blog.photobuc           Users can upload,
version with          edit, share, and print
enhanced features s/                      Flickr   their photos.          m/
                                                   Picasa is a free
                                                   photo managing
                                                   software provided
                                                   by Google. It allows
                                                   you to view, move,
                                                   upload, tag, email,
                                                   and make projects
                                                   (collages and
                                                   movies) with photos
                                                   among other
                                                   features. Picasa is
                                                   an image organizer
                                                   and image viewer
                                                   for organizing and
                                                   editing digital
                    http://photobucket.c           photos, plus an
                    om/images/classroo             integrated photo-
Free                m%20rules/           Picasa    sharing website.     com/

                                                   Picasa web albums
                                                   are the online
                                                   counterpart to
                                                   Google's popular,
                                                   Windows- and Linux-
                                                   only desktop photo
Free version with                                  software, Picasa. It
basic features; Pay           allows the ability to
version with        m/photos/79478598              share photos with     https://picasaweb.go
enhanced features @N02/                  Picasa    friends and family.

                                                   Flicker is a website
                                                   for uploading
                                                   images and videos
                                                   to share. Flicker has
                                                   easy privacy
                                                   settings, allows
                                                   users to organize
                                                   photos and videos
                                                   in new ways and
                                                   has a great
                                                   “Explore” link. Users
                                                   can comment, make
                                                   notes, tag, mark
                                                   images as favorites
                                                   and add people to
                    http://www.fotobabbl           your photos (for
Free               Flicker   reference).           m/
                                                   Podfeed is a
                                                   directory. It allows
                                                   users to share
                                                   podcasts, find and
                                                   listen to podcasts by
                                                   others, and write
Free version with                                  reviews. Podcasts
basic features; Pay http://biddybedtimes           are organized into
version with            categories to make http://www.podfeed.
enhanced features m/                     Podfeed   them easy to find.    net/
                                                 specializes in the
                                                 creation of
                                                 sophisticated tools
                                                 and services that
                                                 enable anyone to
                                                 easily find, create,
                                                 distribute, promote
                                                 and listen to both
                                                 audio and video
                                                 podcasts. The
                                                 premiere destination
                                                 for veteran and
                                                 novice podcast
                                                 creators and
                                                 PodOmatic is the
                                                 largest and most
                                                 widely used service
                                                 for creating and
                                                 hosting podcasts.
                                                 courtesy of
                                                 website). With                       assistance, this tool
       com/watch?v=k_XK                          may be user-friendly
       ucA8xoQ&playnext=                         enough for
       1&list=PL995EF766                         elementary age        http://www.podomati
Free   A440FBB0            Podomatic             students to use.

                                                 *This site contains
                                                 information on how
                                                 to, podcast, where
                                                 to find podcasts,
                                                 uses for podcasts in
                                                 the classroom and
                                                 much more. There
                                                 is a free online book
                                                 that you can
       This is a link to an                      download with step
       online step by step                       by step tutorials for
       tutorial                                  students and
       http://wiki.audacityte                    teachers. Everything                       you need in one       http://learninginhand
Free   y:Tutorial             Learning in Hand   place.                .com/podcasting/
                                         With Podbean, you
                                         can create
                                         podcasts in minutes
                                         without any
                                         knowledge. Our
                                         interface allows you
                                         to upload, publish,
                                         manage and
                                         promote your
                                         podcasts with just a
                                         few clicks of your
                                         mouse. Just point,
                                         click and execute.
                                         Other features
                                         include: monthly
                                         storage increases,
                                         themes, android
      http://www.blogtalkr               apps, and powerful http://www.podbean.
Pay   analysis tools.      com
                                                          Poll Everywhere is
                                                          an interactive
                                                          presentation tool
                                                          that gathers instant
                                                          feedback. Audience
                                                          members can
                                                          participate by
                                                          sending messages,
                                                          questions, or votes
                                                          via text message,
                                                          Twitter, or on the
                                                          web. In the age of
                                                          instant gratification,
                                                          this tool works in
                                                          real-time, allowing
                    http://www.surveym                    for instant results
                               and reporting. Polls
                    y_EditorFull.aspx?s                   are customizable
Free version with   m=EJ%2fjnvNQzIiR                      and charts update
basic features; Pay UsslLO%2bqLgYBt                       before your eyes as
version with        DVSywpKizM5Wh                         audience members http://www.pollevery
enhanced features Wrw0I%3d              Poll Everywhere   cast their votes

                                                          Kwik Surveys is a
                                                          free online tool that
                                                          allows you to design
                                                          surveys, forms, and
                                                          polls. Below is a list
                                                          of features from the
                                                          website. Click on
                            "Features Overview"
                   /obella/movie-                         to see detailed        http://kwiksurveys.c
Free               moods                Kwik Surveys      information.           om/
                                            Joining LinkedIn
                                        not only connects
                                        you to people in
                                        professions, it also
                                        shows you how
                                        others are
                                        connected. This
                                        powerful tool is like
                                        trading business
                                        cards and can be
                                        used to find clients,
                                        companies, to ask
                                        experts questions,
                                        find jobs, or promote
                                        yourself. Members
                                        can share
                                        information, blogs
                                        and relevant articles
                                        or career options.
                                        The mobile app
                                        CardMunch can
                                        capture and store
                                        business cards,
       Examples: Twitter                allowing you to
       interface, HootSuite             search information
       interface,                       and connections
       http://jkarabinas.pb             you may have with a               person.
       0147276/Profession               http://jkarabinas.pb
       al%20Networking%        http://www.linkedin.c
Free   3A%20Twitter         Linked In   0219652/Profession om/
                                                     Edutopia is a
                                                     organization, that
                                                     offers professional
                                                     dedicated to
                                                     transforming the
                                                     learning process by
                                                     helping educators
                                                     implement six core
                                                     learning strategies.
                                                     These strategies --
                                                     and the educators
                                                     who implement
                                                     them -- are
                                                     students to think
                                                     critically, access
                                                     and analyze
                                                     creatively problem
                                                     solve, work
                                                     collaboratively, and
                                                     communicate with
Free version with                                    clarity and impact
basic features; Pay                                  (adapted from
version with        http://ncte2008.ning.            http://en.wikipedia.o http://www.edutopia.
enhanced features com/                    Edutopia   rg/wiki/Edutopia).    org/

                    https://www.linkedin.            •Free, private social
                    com/company/linked               network for your
Free                in                    Yammer     company     
                                                               LiveBinders is
                                                        an amazing tool
                                                        where you can
                                                        create, search and
                                                        share digital
                                                        binders. Binders
                                                        function just like
                                                        they would in "real
                                                        life" with organizing
                                                        tabs. Just about
                                                        any type of link or
                                                        file can be tabbed
                                                        on a page, creating
                                                        a complete resource
                                                        for a topic, unit, or
                                                        lesson. Students
                                                        could create binders
                                                        as a portfolio of
                                                        work and teachers
                                                        can use binders to
                           organize all of their
                    m/profile/gcouros                   online resources for
                    http://jkarabinas.pb                any subject.
Free version with   0219194/Social%20         
basic features; Pay Bookmarking%3A%                     0304060/Social%20
version with        20Diigo#comment1                    Bookmarking%3A% http://www.livebinde
enhanced features 327879720              Live Binders   20Live%20Binders

                                                        Twitter is a social
                                                        networking site for
                                                        people to
                                                        communicate and
                                                        stay connected
                                                        through the
                                                        exchange of quick
                                                        messages, that are
                                                        no more than 140
                                                        characters. The
                                                        updates that people
                                                        post on Twitter are
                                                        referred to as
                                                        "tweets". People
                    https://www.faceboo                 can send tweets to
                           their followers and
Free                classof2014         Twitter         receive tweets back
                                               Edmodo allows
                                               teachers to create a
                                               social network for
                                               their students.
                                               Within that site,
                                               users can create
                                               quizzes, and polls,
                                               or upload other
                                               content to the
                                               library. They can
                                               also update a
                                               community calendar
                                               to show upcoming
                                               events and
                                               deadlines. Users
                                               can also send posts
                                               and replies to group http://www.edmodo.
Free      Edmodo     members.             com/home

                                               Elgg is an award-
                                               winning open
                                               source social
                                               networking engine
                                               that provides a
                                               robust framework on
                                               which to build all
                                               kinds of social
                                               environments, from
                                               a campus wide
                                               social network for
                                               your university,
                                               school or college or
                                               an internal
                                               platform for your
                                               organization through
Free version with                              to a brand-building
basic features; Pay https://www.yammer         communications tool
version with        .com/product/featur        for your company
enhanced features es/integrations/      Elgg   and its clients.
                                     One of the first
                                     successful online
                                     social networking
                                     websites. User
                                     could create
                                     profiles, upload
                                     photos, and send
                                     messages with
                                     other users of the
                                     site. It was
                                     surpassed by
                                     Facebook, and           steadily has
       com/watch?v=M5gt              declining
Free   N16gOr8             Myspace   membership.

                                     One of the first
                                     successful online
                                     social networking
                                     websites. User
                                     could create
                                     profiles, upload
                                     photos, and send
                                     messages with
                                     other users of the
                                     site. It was
                                     surpassed by
                                     Facebook, and           steadily has
       com/watch?v=M5gt              declining
Free   N16gOr8             Myspace   membership.
                                                              InspireData is a
                                                              creation of the
                                                              Inspiration Software
                                                              Corp. (and a Lesley
                                                              professor). It
                                                              includes an eSurvey
                                                              tool for students to
                                                              develop a survey,
                                                              collect data, and
                                                              analyze results.
                                                              InspireData is an
                                                              excellent product for
                                                              students to focus on
                                                              the learning of
                                                              relationships and
                                                              (visual literacies),
Free version with                                             rather than the
basic features; Pay http://www.surveym                        technology itself
version with                        such as when using http://www.inspiratio
enhanced features a-tour/              InspireData            Excel.      

                                                              Quiz Revolution
                                                              allows users to
                                                              make online quizzes
                                                              and create
Free version with     http://www.classmar                     multimedia applets
basic features; Pay                         that can be
version with          test/start/?quiz=fnx4                   embedded on any http://quizrevolution.
enhanced features     e11c1f24bc57          Quiz Revolution   site.               com
                                                      Weblist allows users
                                                      to a create a list
                                                      they can easily
                                                      share with friends
                                                      using a single URL.
                                                      The list can be a
Free version with                                     collection of web
basic features; Pay                                   pages, images.
version with        http://borges.edublo              documents, videos,
enhanced features                 Weblist      and more.  

                                                      TeacherWeb offers
                                                      teachers, schools,
                                                      and districts custom
                                                      and easy-to-use
                                                      website solutions.
                                                      The site allows
                                                      users to organize
                                                      their information in a
                                                      functional and
Free version with                                     attractive way and
basic features; Pay                                   also offers a parent
version with        http://cnapolitano.w              communication          http://www.teacherw
enhanced features              TeacherWeb   feature for teachers

                                                      Animoto allows         Animoto allows
                                                      users to easily turn   users to easily turn
Free version with                                     photos, videos, and    photos, videos, and
basic features; Pay                                   music in to very       music in to very
version with               visually appealing     visually appealing
enhanced features 94069                 Animoto       videos.                videos.
                                                   Capzles is a site
                                                   that allow users to
                                                   create engaging
                                                   multimedia timelines
Free version with                                  presentation.
basic features; Pay                                Student can upload
version with        http://www.mikeartel           many video files,
enhanced features                  Capzles   and documents.

                                                   Masher lets you
                                                   easily create a video
                                                   by mixing together
                                                   video clips, music
                                                   tracks, and photos
                                                   all for FREE!
                                                   courtesy of Masher).
Free version with                                  This tool seems to
basic features; Pay                                be best suited for
version with           middle school aged http://www.masher.c
enhanced features ample-videos           Masher    students.             om/index.jsp
                                                     ooVoo is a free
                                                     video chat software
                                                     application that can
                                                     be downloaded to
                                                     your computer,
                                                     Smart phone or
                                                     tablet. ooVoo allows
                                                     users of all ages to
                                                     video chat for free
                                                     with up to 12
                                                     people, create free
                                                     chat rooms, record
                                                     and send video
                                                     messages, upload
                                                     calls to YouTube,
Free version with                                    send instant
basic features; Pay                                  messages and
version with             share recordings to
enhanced features       ooVoo       Facebook.            m/home.aspx

                                                     GoToWebinar is a
                                                     Web conferencing
                                                     that enables
                                                     businesses of all
                                                     sizes to conduct
                                                     online events easily,
                                                     securely and cost-
                                                     GoToWebinar is
                                                     purpose-built for do-
                                                     Webinars, making it
                                                     easy for
                                                     organizations to
Free version with                                    deliver their
basic features; Pay                                  message to
version with        Skype name:                      hundreds of people http://www.gotomeet
enhanced features bonnie.livingston2   GoToWebinar   at the same time.
                                                    ooVoo is a
                                                    program for Mac’s,
                                                    PC’s, and mobile
                                                    devices that allows
                                                    users to video
                                                    conference with
                                                    other users.
                                                    Individuals using all
                                                    versions of ooVoo
                                                    provide friends with
                                                    a video call link and
                                                    upload videos to
                                                    YouTube. Users
Free version with                                   with paid versions of
basic features; Pay                                 the software can
version with            record their video
enhanced features MbvDsQg                ooVoo      calls.                m/home.aspx

                                                    Google sites is a
                         free and easy way
                   atch?v=w5-                       to create and share
Pay                1ELq5etE          Google Sites   webpages. 

                                                     Weebly, a drag and
                                                    drop website
                                                    builder, provides a
                                                    environment and
                                                    includes multimedia
                                                    and flexible blogging
                                                    features. It is free
                                                    to create and
                                                    publish. However, if
                                                    you need more than
                                                    40 student
                                                    accounts, you may
                                                    purchase add-on
                                                    packs. There are
                                                    no advertisements
                                                    on your site.
Free version with                                   Students under age
basic features; Pay             13 may use through
version with        hyoungblood/classr              teacher created       http://education.wee
enhanced features oom/home              Weebly      accounts.   
                                                        provides teachers
                                                        access to a wiki
                                                        account with 2GB of
                                                        storage for free.
                                                        The account has
                                                        unlimited pages to
                                                        share text, files, and
                                                        images. Student
                                                        accounts do not
                                                        require email
                                                        addresses. Media
                                                        files may be
                                                        embedded and
                                                        color, logos, and
                                                        themes are
Free version with     http://compwriters00              customizable. Free
basic features; Pay                Plus account for       http://www.wikispac
version with          ge/37935029/FrontP                educators gives
enhanced features     age                  Wikispaces   great control.         her

                                                        PBworks is a free
                                                        online collaboration
                                                        space for up to 100
                                                        users. Here you can
                                                        build pages, embed
                                                        videos and images
                                                        and upload
                                                        documents. Pages
                                                        can be shared
                                                        between users to
                                                        collaboratively work
                                                        on it together.
                                                        There is also a built-
                                                        in accountability
                                                        where you can see
                                                        what changes were
                                                        made, you can
                                                        revert to an older
                                                        version of the
                                                        pages. Classroom
                                                        accounts can be
                                                        created without
                      http://thedaringlibrari           having to enter an
Free         PBworks        email.       
                                                               Tool Three
  Tool Two Cost   Tool Two Example      Tool Three Title       Description        Tool Three Link

                                                           Weblist allows
                                                           teachers to collect
                                                           various pieces of
                                                           content from the
                                                           internet. Teachers
                                                           can generate a list
                                                           of urls and organize
                                                           them in an easy to
                                                           navigate weblist
                                                           where each website
                                                           is saved as a
                  http://www.slideshar                     snapshot of what
                              the website looks
Free              oof-11327880         Weblist alpha       like.      

                                                           The focus of this
                                                           resource is to help
                                                           English Language
                                                           Learning adults gain
                                                           the reading, writing,
                                                           mathematical and
                                                           science skills they
                                                           need to meet their
                  http://www.signedst                      educational and
                             career goals
                  yscary/index.cfm#/pl                     through appropriate
                  ayer/Little_Rabbit_F TV411: Tune In to   adult basic
Free              oo_Foo               Learing             education.  
                                                     Xtranormal helps
                                                     students make
                                                     stories come to life
                                                     using a set of
                                                     provided animations
                                                     tools. With a little
                                                     imagination and a
                                                     little time, older
                                                     elementary students
                                                     and teachers can
                                                     bring their own
Free version with                                    stories or
basic features; Pay                                  educational stories
version with              to life in a very short http://www.xtranorm
enhanced features m/                    Xtranormal   time.         

                   /pickup.php?scid=5                Storybird is a digital
                   254556&height=267                 storytelling, sharing
Free               &width=200          Storybird     and publishing tool.
                                                 Site pal provides a
                                                 number of powerful,
                                                 yet easy-to-use
                                                 features for
       http://sabinapcoutis. Avatars - Create an designing, scripting Animated Talking       and publishing your
       599523/madmen_ful Character for your animated speaking http://ww.sitepalcom
Free   lbody.jpg             website.            character.           /

                                             Quizlet is the largest
                                             flash cards and
                                             study games
                                             website with over 12
                                             million free sets of
                                             flashcards covering
                                             every possible
                                             subject. It's the best
                                             place to play
                                             educational games,
                                             vocabulary and
                                             study online.
                                             Teachers can use
                                             quizlet to assess
                                             their students with
       http://rubistar.4teach                not only flashcards,                   but the easy to use
       creen=ShowRubric                      study games. The
       &module=Rubistar&                     flashcards are
Free   rubric_id=1430800 Quizlet             printable.   
                                                         EasyTestMaker is a
                                                         free online test
                                                         generator to help
                                                         create tests easily. It
                                                         can create multiple-
                                                         choice, fill-in-the-
                                                         blank, matching,
                                                         short answer, and
                                                         true and false
                                                         questions all on the
                                                         same test. You can
                                                         print the test or you
                   www.rubistar.4teach                   can publish the test
                            on the web so
                   creen=Tutorial&mod                    students can take       www.easytestmaker
Free               ule=Rubistar        EasyTestMaker     the test online         .com/default.aspx

                                                         You can make high
                                                         quality audio
                                                         recordings from an
                                                         external source. The
                                                         software can record
                                                         any sound passing
                                                         through any line of
                                                         your sound card.
                                                         For example, you
                                                         can record sound
                                                         being played back
Free version with                                        by an external
basic features; Pay                    program sound from
version with        atch?v=xFL6PLC80- Cool Record Edit   a microphone,        www.coolrecordedit.
enhanced features c                   Pro                cassette, ect.       com/

                                                         Yodio uses the
                                                         internet and/or your
                                                         phone to add your
                                                         voice to digital
                                                         photos. You simply
                                                         upload photos
                                                         online and combine
                                                         them with a
                                                         recording of your
                                                         voice to tell a story,
                   http://illuminations.n                document a special
                             event, or make a
Free               il.aspx?id=L489        Yodio          Podcast.               m/
                                                Vocaroo is an easy
                                                to use voice
                                                recorder. Really
                                                easy to use, free
                                                and gives you a link
                                                to your recording or
                                                sends it online to
                 http://advanced.avia           the person of your
                  choice as a voice
                 ackwardse/creations            message or embed
Free             /carnival_rush       Vocaroo   it onto a site.

                                                OSOQ allows
                                                people from
                                                elementary school
                                                through adult-hood
                                                to create character
                                                avatars from a
                                                library. The avatars
                                                can be saved and
Free version with                               used to post on
basic features; Pay                             wikis, blogs, forum,   m/edit-pictures-
version with                                    etc. Tools is very     online/make-your-
enhanced features       OSOQ       easy to use.           avatar.asp

                                                online avatar
                                                creating website.
                   You can choose
                 com/embed/ao9KQlt              style, color, and
Free             MkP0                Meez       design of avatar.      m/
                                                     Facebook is a social
                                                     and website
                                                     launched in
                                                     February 2004.
                                                     Facebook is owned
                                                     and operated by
                                                     Facebook Inc.
                                                     Users must register
                                                     before using the
                                                     site, after which they
                                                     may create a
                                                     personal profile add
                                                     other users as
                                                     friends, and
                                                     messages, including
                                                     notifications when
                                                     they update their
Free        * Facebook   profile.     

                                                     Although this
                                                     blogging site is very
                                                     easy to use, it
                                                     appears to be used
                                                     by an older age
                                                     group- not
                                                     elementary school.
                                                     It has many
                                                     templates that make
                                                     creating the blog
Free version with                                    very simple and
basic features; Pay                                  visually appealing.
version with             describe the 
enhanced features why-edublogs/          WordPress   features of this tool. m/
                                                      This is a general
                                                      interest blogging
                                                      community. It is
                                                      available in over fifty
                                                      languages. It is a
                                                      public blog so posts
                                                      and comments are
                                                      available for the
                                                      general public if you
                                                      choose. If you prefer
                                                      a private blog, you
                                                      can set your blog to
                                                      a members only
                                                      status. Many
                                                      "widgets can be
                                                      added to the sidebar
                                                      without having to
                       embed HTML code,
                    netHewitt2/ This is a             so it is easy to
                    class blog set up by              customize.
                    me for my students                Wordpress allows
                    to use earlier this               users 3 gigabites of
Free                year.                 Wordpress   storage.      

                                                      Delicious lets you
                                                      save videos,
                                                      pictures, tweets,
                                                      blog posts, or
                                                      articles and compile
                                                      them into one
                                                      themed stack for
                                                      easy sharing.
                                                      Personalize each
                                                      link with your
                                                      comments and
                                                      invite colleagues to
                                                      contribute their own
                                                      links as well. You
                                                      can keep your stack
Free version with                                     private or publish
basic features; Pay               your stack and help
version with        m/list/diannekrause/              others discover your
enhanced features math-resources         Delicious    finds.     
                                               allows the user to
                                               bookmark sites and
                                               share them with
                                               others. Also
                                               includes sharing
                                               calendars, photo
       http://www.jumptags                     albums, bookmarks, http://www.keepand
Free   .com/AlienTeacher/ Keep and Share       files, and to-do lists.

                                               Diigo allows signed-
                                               up users to
                                               bookmark and tag
                                               web-pages. It
                                               allows users to
                                               highlight any part of
                                               a webpage and
                                               attach sticky notes
                                               to specific highlights
                                               or to a whole page.
                                               These annotations
                                               can be kept private,
                                               shared with a Diigo                  group or in a special
       uv2teach/schedule-                      link forwarded to
Free   examples/              Diigo            others.                m/

                                               The calendar tool in
                                               Outlook can bring
                                               together multiple
                                               calendars so no
                                               event or
                                               appointment ever
                                               conflict. It's easy to
                                               click and drag
                                               around as plans
                                               change. You can
                                               make items different
                                               colors to help
                                               organize your day.       http://office.microsof
                                               There are also web                     and phone apps so        us/try/?WT.mc_id=
       com/watch?v=6VdJ                        you can access your      ODC_ENUS_OATO
       Jtwa-               Microsoft Outlook   calendar anytime         utlookHome_MonTr
Free   hI&feature=related Calendar             and anywhere!            y
                                                            This calendar
                                                            planner has 13
                                                            different views,
                                                            import and export
                                                            features and auto
                                                            expanding events
                                                            and view. Web
                                                            links, documents,
                                                            images, and notes
                                                            can be shared over
                                                            the network. It can
                                                            be published in PDF
                                                            format or as a web
                                                            page and the
                    http://www.edmodo.                      advanced find       http://www.thecalen
                    com Code y6d9ij REEL LOGIX              features allows a
Free                Mary's Calendar    CALENDAR             detailed search.    ault.php

                                                            allows the user to
                                                            create online
                                                            calendars, add
                                                            events, share with
Free version with                                           ublic. Also includes
basic features; Pay http://alienteacher.fa                  sharing photo
version with                       albums, bookmarks, http://www.keepand
enhanced features rs/1.ics                 Keep and Share   files, and to-do lists.
                                                     •Ideal for schools,
                   com/calendar/rende                businesses,           http://www.calendar
Free               r?pli=1             calendarwiz   organizations

                                                     a lot like Skype, can
                                                     IM and video chat,
Free version with                                    can also call
basic features; Pay              landlines and cell
version with        com/watch?v=Gsfg                 phones different      http://www.nimbuzz.
enhanced features S1u0d1Y               Nimbuzz      rates                 com/en/

                                                     Instant message
                                                     your friends and has
                                                     additional video and
                                                     talk options. You
                                                     can also file transfer
                                                     to share files with
                                                     your friends. If a
                                                     friend isn't logged
                        in, you send a text
                   com/watch?v=mJtt7                 message to a
                   trB8RM&feature=rel                friend's phone right
Free               ated                AIM           from AIM!    
                                          With Google Chat
                                          you can send and
                                          receive instant
                                          messages with
                                          friends, family and
                                          colleagues. Share
                                          notes and real time
                                          chat with anyone
                                          already on the
                                          Google network.
                                          You will have to
                                          download the voice
                                          and video plug-in, if   .com/chat/bin/answe
                                          you want to have               face-to-face            =159499&topic=238
Free   m/ECOMP6201          Google Chat   interaction.            6085&ctx=topic

                                          Allows one to create
                                          their own Weemee,
       http://www.kidzworld               chat with friends,
       .com/profile/giftedgl              and play online
Free   ory                   Weeworld     games.     
                                          Googledocs can be
                                          used across the
                                          collaboratively by
                                          research papers,
       http://www.scribblar.              quizzes, forms,
Free   com/dumc7bk           Googledocs   surveys, etc.        om
                                                     This cloud-based
                                                     collaboration and
                                                     scaffolding tool
                                                     allows online
                                                     discussions, live
                                                     chat, whiteboards
                                                     for brainstorming,
                                                     phone conferencing,
                                                     and access to iPad,
                                                     iPhone, Blackberry,
                                                     and Android
                                                     devices. It allows
                                                     audio and video
                                                     presentation of
                                                     office documents
                                                     such as Microsoft
                                                     Office, Open Office
                                                     and PDF. There is
                                                     a web-based
                                                     dashboard for
                   https://voicethread.c             creating/managing http://www.huddle.c
Pay                om/products/k12/      Huddle      webinars.           om/

                                                     SharePoint is a
                                                     component of
                                                     Microsoft Office
                                                     365. It is a
Free version with                                    collaboration tool      http://sharepoint.mic
basic features; Pay              that allows you to
version with        com/watch?v=SZ5O                 share and edit files,   us/Pages/
enhanced features V14v4xU               SharePoint   as well as ideas.       px#
                                                 Weebly is a place
                                                 for you and your
                                                 students to create
                                                 free websites and
                                                 blogs using drag
                                                 and drop interface,
                                                 ready made
                                                 designs, and the
                                                 ability to customize
                                                 content simply.
                                                 Weebly is also a
                                                 wonderful creation
                                                 platform for
                                                 students. Students
                                                 can create websites
                                                 to document
                                                 learning in any
                                                 subject. Students
                                                 can use a Weebly
                                                 website as a digital
                                                 portfolio by
                                                 collecting learning,
       http://www.thinkque                       images, and other Weebly for          web 2.0 creations in
Free   dex.html              Education           one place. 

       Will be submitted by Will be submitted by Will be submitted by Will be submitted by
Free   Robyn Walters        Robyn Walters        Robyn Walters        Robyn Walters
                                     it is a user-friendly
                                     online course-
                                     authoring tool.
                                     Users can
                                     collaborate from
                                     anywhere, on any
       http://www.coursela           platform and any            browser to create
       es/Planets/1/         interactive online
Pay    ml                    Udutu   course.                 m/

                                     Sakai is a learning
                                     system. It includes
                                     distribution, a
                                     discussion, live
                                     chat, assignment
                                     uploads, and online
                                     testing. Sakai is
                                     also intended as a
                                     collaborative tool for
                                     research and group
                                     projects. It also
                                     includes a wiki,
                                     mailing list
       https://www.linsly.or         distribution and
       g/podium/           archiving, and an      http://www.sakaiproj
Free   px?t=40421&rc=1       Sakai   RSS reader.  
                                                          LiveBinders aims
                                                        to replace the 3-ring
                                                        binders stored on
                                                        many people's
                                                        bookshelves with a
                                                        digital format of the
                                                        files, instead.
                                                        Binders can be
                                                        created and
                                                        organized to share
                                                        documents publicly.
                                                        The binders can
                                                        even contain
                      http://www.dushare.               webpages, images, http://www.livebinde
Free                  com#c36d7           LiveBinders   and videos. 

                                                        SlideSix allows
                                                        users to upload and
                                                        share the following
                                                        Keynote, and
                                                        Presentations can
                                                        also be edited
                                                        through the SlideSix
                                                        website. Users can
                                                        record audio and
                      No examples                       video narration and
Free version with     available since this              attach external
basic features; Pay   is a document                     videos without
version with          sharing tool not a                leaving the SlideSix
enhanced features     document creator.      SlideSix   site.      
                                                      Show Document is
                                                      reported to be a
                                                      great site that
                                                      empowers teachers
                                                      and students to
                                                      conduct free web
                                                      meetings to share
                                                      documents with one
                                                      another in real time.
                                                      Show Document
                                                      lets you explore
                                                      Google Maps
                                                      together, surf the
                                                      web with peers or
                                                      students and
                         comment on a Word
                  om/educators/p_doc                  document or PDF       http://www.showdoc
Free              s.html              Show Document   document.   

                                                      Simple and stylish,
                                                      with many designs
                                                      available. You can
                                                      use Pingg not only
                                                      for free greetings,
Free version with                                     but also for online
basic features; Pay                                   invitations,
version with        http://www.ymailblog              announcements,
enhanced features .com/blog/2012/03/ Pingg            and party planning.   m/account/products
                                                      Fotobabble can be
                                                      used as a form of
                                                      communication in
                                                      the classroom.
                                                      Students can create
                                                      their own
                                                      message or greeting
                                                      card with
                                                      photographs or
                                                      available images.
                                                      They can also
                                                      attach a voice        http://www.fotobabbl
Free       Fotobabble     message.    
                                               Google provides
                                               this service to
                                               schools free and
                                               free of
                                               advertisments. I am
                                               adding this for its
                                               ability to allow
                                               students to have a
                                               secure email
                                               address with the
                                               ability define email
                                               filters to limit
                                               messages within the
                                               school domain and
                                               configure sites and
                                               documents for
                                               school-only sharing.
                                               The Apps include
       http://www2c.cdc.go                     many more tools
       v/ecards/message/                       than the email,
       message.asp?cardi                       including calendars
       d=462&category=19 Google Apps for       and collaborative    om/apps/intl/en/edu/
Free   0                   education           worksites.           k12.html

                                               The Kids Zone of
                                               the National Center
                                               for Educational
                                               Statistics (NCES)
                                               offers Create a
                                               Graph, a free
                                               program for
                                               elementary and
                                               middle school
                                               students. This
                                               online program
                                               teaches kids about
                                               graphing, how it
                                               visual represents
                                               collected data, and
                                               allows users to                    create their very   ceskids/createagrap
Free   m/view/id/531110       Create a Graph   own graphs.         h/
                                                      Online discussion
                                                      boards that you can
                                                      customize to be
                                                      about any topic or
                                                      look any way.
                                                      Proboards is the
                                                      number one free
                                                      forum provider on
                                                      the internet. It has
                    http://www.remembe                unlimited
                          categories, boards,
                    kathryn.dove/#secti               members, topics
Free                on.tasks            Proboards     and posts            m

                                                      Classroom is an
                                                      online diagramming,
                                                      graphic organizer,
                                                      mind mapping and
                                                      outlining tool for
                                                      brainstorming and
                                                      specifically to meet
                    http://debategraph.o              the needs of         http://www.inspiratio
                    rg/home#134738_5 Webspiration     students, teachers
Free                __1                  Classroom    and schools.         lassroom

                                                      Visuwords is an
                                                      online graphical
                                                      dictionary. It looks
                                                      up words and finds
                                                      their meanings and
                                                      associations with
                                                      other words and
Free version with                                     concepts and
basic features; Pay http://www.statsilk.c             displays them in an
version with        om/software/stattren              interactive, weblike http://www.visuword
enhanced features ds#demo                 Visuwords   diagram.   
                                                     Kerika has many
                                                     features including
                                                     the ability to add
                                                     text boxes, images,
                                                     and hyperlinks. You
                                                     may also create
                                                     templates from
                                                     Kerika’s that you
                                                     have previously
                                                     created. Google
                                                     Docs can be
                                                     embedded as well
                                                     as formatted text
                                                     from a website. The
                                                     only drawback it that
                                                     you need a Google
                                                     account to use
Free           Kerika   Kerika.               ebsite/index.jsp

                                                     Picasa is an image
                                                     organizer and image
                                                     viewer for
                                                     organizing and
                                                     editing digital
Free version with            photos, plus an
basic features; Pay   com/watch?v=3R_M               integrated photo
version with          WGFvDEE&feature                sharing website
enhanced features     =player_embedded Picasa        through Google+.    com/
                                                         Flickr is one way to
                                                         store, sort, search
                                                         and share your
                                                         photos online. Flickr
                                                         helps you organize
                                                         all of the photos you
                                                         have and offers a
                      https://wiki.itap.purd             way for you, your
                            friends, and family
                      TE/Examples+of+Pi                  to tell stories about
Free                  casa+in+Education Flickr           them.                 m/

                                                          Photobucket is an
                                                         easy to use online
                                                         photo tool that
                                                         allows one to store
                                                         your photos and
                                                         videos. Photobucket
                                                         allows the creation,
                                                         editing, sharing, and
                                                         even participate in
                                                         an online photo
Free version with     https://picasaweb.go               community. Easily
basic features; Pay                  access from your
version with          3594714695038/Se                   phone or mobile       http://photobucket.c
enhanced features     ptember132011        Photobucket   device.               om/

                                                         Photobucket is a
                                                         website used to
                                                         upload and share
                                                         digital images and
                                                         videos. Users can
                                                         edit the images and
                                                         share with others.
                                                         Editing tools
                                                         include: adjustments
                                                         (crop, auto fix, and
                                                         more) and adding
                                                         effects, overlays,
                                                         text and boarders.
                           There is an
                      m/photos/nasacom                   “explore” link to view
                      mons/5136519916/?                  other photographs http://photobucket.c
Free                  f=hp                 Photobucket   and videos.            om/
                                     With Podbean, you
                                     can create
                                     podcasts in minutes
                                     without any
                                     knowledge. Our
                                     interface allows you
                                     to upload, publish,
                                     manage and
                                     promote your
                                     podcasts with just a
       http://www.podfeed.           few clicks of your
       net/feedburner_rank           mouse. Just point, https://www.podbea
Free   ings.asp            Podbean   click and execute.
                                                    Vocaroo is a shiny
                                                    new service for
                                                    sending voice
                                                    messages across
                                                    the interwebs. It's
                                                    still under
                                                    though, so problems
                                                    may occur.
                                                    courtesy of
                                                    Vacaroo’s website).
Free version with                                   This tool seems
basic features; Pay                                 very easy to use -
version with        http://dvorak.podom             good for young
enhanced features Vocaroo       children. 

                                                    Podomatic is a free
                                                    ,or pay publishing
                                                    site that allows the
                                                    user to create or
                                                    upload podcasts
                                                    and minicasts
                                                    (audio and video).
                                                    Podomatic converts
                                                    to most widely
                                                    accepted formats.
                                                    Pro users have
                  http://learninginhand             bandwidth, massive
                        storage, pro design
                  log/tag/learning-in-              tools. Easy to use   http://www.podomati
Free              hand-podcast          Podomatic   format     
                                               Podhoster provides
                                               hosting and
                                               advertising solutions
                                               to podcasters. Our
                                               mission is to provide
                                               the best hosting
                                               solution for
                                               interested in
                                               podcasting and to
                                               create advertising
                                               solutions for those
                                               users to monetize
                                               their existing
                                               podcasts. Create
                                               your show and
                                               upload your mp3 file
                                               to us and we will
                                               take it from there.
                                               We'll provide your
                                               RSS feed and
                                               handle all of your
                                               storage and
                                               bandwidth needs.
                                               With PodHoster on
                                               your team you will
                                               have peace of mind
                                               in knowing that your
                                               podcast is ready to
                                               be heard around the
                                               world and that your
       http://djvibeinc.podb podHoster...get   RSS feed is           http://www.podhoste
Free              yourself heard    configured properly
                                                     you to send a link
                                                     out to users where
                                                     they can easily and
                                                     quickly click and
                                                     make a selection
                                                     from a range of
                                                     choices you lay out.
                                                     Doodle is an online
                                                     solution that can
                                                     help take the pain
                                                     out of finding a date
                                                     and time that will
                                                     work for a group of
                                                     people when trying
                                                     to schedule an
                                                     event as well as
                                                     gather input on a
                                                     group decision. If
                                                     you already use
                                                     Facebook, Gmail,
Free version with     http://www.pollevery           Yahoo or OpenID,
basic features; Pay             you can use that
version with          _choice_polls/MTY2             account information http://www.doodle.c
enhanced features     NjEwMjg5Nw           Doodle    to log in to Doodle. om/

                      http://kwiksurveys.c           Questionform is a
Free version with     om/online-                     web application for
basic features; Pay   survey.php?surveyI             creating, publishing
version with          D=IJNMHI_bfffb74b              and analyzing online http://questionform.c
enhanced features     &UID=2640557320 Questionform   surveys and forms. om/
                                                               This education
                                                           personal learning
                                                           network is hosted
                                                           on a Ning, which is
                                                           an online platform
                                                           for creating social
                                                           networks. Here you
                                                           will be joined with
                                                           numerous people in
                                                           all areas of the
                                                           education world,
                                                           with access to
                                                           current videos,
                                                           podcasts, articles,
                                                           news, blogs,
                                                           discussion forums
                                                           and groups. The
                                                           Twitter hashtag for
                                                           this network is
                                                           #edchat.               m/
                                                           http://jkarabinas.pb   http://jkarabinas.pb
Free version with                                          0219658/Profession     0219658/Profession
basic features; Pay                    al%20Networking%       al%20Networking%
version with        com/watch?v=AIrC2                      3A%20The%20Edu         3A%20The%20Edu
enhanced features ZzJToA                The Educator's PLN cators%20PLN           cators%20PLN
Free                org/grade-level-9-12 Amy's responsibility Amy's responsibility Amy's responsibility

Free version with                                             •Connects
basic features; Pay https://www.yammer                        successful,          http://www.networki
version with        .com/about/applicati Networking For       motivated            ngforprofessionals.c
enhanced features ons                    Professionals        professionals        om/
                                        Delicious With
                                       Delicious, create,
                                       search and follow
                                       themed "stacks" of
                                       your favorite links.
                                       The bookmarklet
                                       can be
                                       dragged/dropped or
                                       copy/pasted on your
                                       browser so that you
                                       can simply click it
                                       when on a site you
                                       desire a bookmark.
                                       Many have said that
                                       Delicious is a great
                                       place to find links
                                       but Diigo has better
                                       features. You can
                                       link both of these
                                       Social Bookmarking
                                       tools together, as
       Example: Using                  Bookmarking%3A%
Free   iPads in Schools    Delicious   20Delicious

                                       Pinterest is a soical
                                       networking site that
                                       lets you organize
                                       and share your
                                       interests by saving
                                       things you find on
                                       the web in one
                                       place. People post
                                       to what are called
                                       "pinboards" and can
                                       create and organize
                                       them, however they
                                       choose. “Pinners”             are people who
       com/watch?v=9hoC                follow each other’s
Free   Zm1IinU             Pinterest   pinboards   
                            is a
                                     free social
                                     networking website
                                     and collaboration
       http://www.edmodo.            tool aimed at
       com/?language=en              academics and
       &auto_selected_lan            researchers from all
Free   g=true&logout=true Academia   fields.    

                                     It is your life online --
                                     a social experience
                                     that helps you
                                     discover what's
                                     going on with your
                                     world and helps the
                                     world discover
                                     what's going on with
                                     you. Bebo combines
                                     community, self-
                                     expression and
                                     enabling you to
                                     consume, create,
                                     discover, curate and
                                     share digital content
                                     in entirely new
                                     ways. Bebo has
                                     sites all across the
                                     globe -- US, UK,
                                     Ireland, Australia,
                                     New Zealand,
                                     Canada, Poland,
                                     France, Germany,
                                     Italy, Spain, India          and the         
Free   m/elgg.html          Bebo     Netherlands.              m/
                                     Online social
                                     network that allows           its’ users to sent
       com/watch?v=tdwMt             messages known as
       7WrYJ8&feature=rel            “tweets” with up to
Free   mfu                 Twitter   140 characters.

                                     Online social
                                     network that allows           its’ users to sent
       com/watch?v=tdwMt             messages known as
       7WrYJ8&feature=rel            “tweets” with up to
Free   mfu                 Twitter   140 characters.
                                              Response systems,
                                              or ‘clickers’, are
                                              used for formative
                                              assessment and
                                              providing teachers
                                              with immediate
                                              feedback of
                                              Response systems
                                              run about $1500 for
                                              a classroom set.
                                              Why not have the
                                              students text the
                                              answer with their
                                              cell phones? It’s not
                                              free is used with any   http://www.pollevery
      http://www.inspiratio                   frequency, but no                      one will steal your     ssroom_response_s
Pay   Whats-New             Poll Everywhere   clickers!               ystem_k12

                                              OneWord is a
                                              simple writing
                                              exercise to help
                                              students with the
                                              flow of writing. It's a
                                              great and quick way
      http://www.quizrevol                    to informally assess                     students' writing on
Pay   o                    OneWord            a daily basis.
                                                         Symbaloo allows
                                                         users to publish
                                                         webmixes and
                                                         share with
                                                         students, and
                                                         parents. Users can
                                                         organize teaching
                                                         resources and
                                                         create a
                   yright-friendly-image-                learning              http://www.symbalo
Free               search                 Symbaloo EDU   environment.

                                                         Google Sites, one of
                                                         the most popular
                                                         site creation and
                                                         hosting site out
                                                         there, allows users
                                                         to easily create a
                                                         website and share
                                                         with others all over
                                                         the world. One of
                                                         the features of
                                                         Google Sites is that
                                                         once you share your
                                                         site, you can also
                                                         control who can add
                                                         or edit content on
                                                         your page. Google
                                                         Sites offers a single-
                           click page creation
                   m/AZ/EagleridgeEnr                    with templates
                   ichmentProgram/Mr                     available for
Pay                sWallen/ap1.aspx     Google Sites     interested users.      om

                                                          Videos produced
Free version with                                        and/or uploaded by
basic features; Pay                                      educators to be
version with                 shared with        http://www.teachertu
enhanced features ample-videos           TeacherTube     educators.
                                              With Voice Threads,
                                              conversations are
                                              collected and
                                              shared in one place
                                              from anywhere in
                                              the world, with no
                                              software to install.
                                              A Voice Thread is a
                                              multimedia slide
                                              show that hold
                                              images, documents,
                                              and videos, and
                                              allow people to
                           Voice Threads--    navigate slides and
                           Conversations in   leave comments in
Free   http://capzles      the cloud          five ways.           m/about/features/

                                              A website where
                                              you can mix photos,
                                              video, music, and
                                              create stunning
                                              videos in seconds
       http://www.masher.c                    courtesy of Stupefix
       om/player.jsp?key=                     website). This tools
       48d95d9b-d404-                         seems best suited
       42fb-618c-                             for middle/high
       0000c2f9b9c6&adS                       school aged          http://studio.stupeflix
Free   cheme=0             Stupefix           students.            .com/
                                                      BigMarker is a free
                                                      and unlimited web
                                                      application that is
                                                      perfect for virtual
                                                      meetings and
                                                      events. This
                                                      software is very
                                                      user friendly, but is
                                                      intended for high
Free version with             students and adults
basic features; Pay   m/HowToooVooList.               in both the
version with          aspx?pname=HowT                 education and         http://www.bigmarke
enhanced features     oooVooList          BigMarker   business world.

                                                      Web Ex is an easy
                                                      way to exchange
                                                      ideas and
                                                      information with
                                                      anyone, anywhere.
                                                      It combines real-
                                                      time desktop         m/lpintl/us/sem/sem-
                                                      sharing with phone   together.html?CPM
                                                      conferencing, so     =KNC-
                         everyone sees the    sem&TrackID=1021
                      com/watch?v=MMb                 same thing as you    381&semid=sWXBd
Pay                   ufbv1f2c            Web Ex      talk.                hZ6v_6809205386
                                                    iVisit is a program
                                                    that can be
                                                    downloaded to any
                                                    PC or Mac
                                                    computer that
                                                    allows users to
                                                    communicate and
                                                    collaborate with
                                                    family members and
                                                    business partners.
                                                    Users can host or
                                                    attend online
                                                    meetings and share
Free version with                                   presentations,
basic features; Pay                                 documents, apps,
version with             files, and so much
enhanced features NBpIQXAE              iVisit      more.               /

                                                    Design a
                                                    professional website
                                                    in minutes with the
                                                    easy to use editor.
                                                    You can choose
                                                    from 100s of
                         templates and you
                    atch?v=fD-                      can change and add
Free                4FRTzxkI          Wix           anything you want.

                                                    Google Sites is a
                                                    free and easy way
                                                    to create and share
                                                    web pages.
                                                    Customize, add files
                                                    and attachments,
                                                    embed videos,
                                                    docs, spreadsheets,
Free version with                                   presentations,
basic features; Pay                                 calendars, and more
version with        http://mskuppe.wee              directly onto your
enhanced features Google Sites   Google Sites pages. om
                                                     Wetpaint features a
                                                    three-step site
                                                    creation process
                                                    and customization
                                                    with 24 templates;
                                                    you can upload an
                                                    image to the
                                                    homepage and
                                                    change the site’s
                                                    name at anytime.
                                                    Page creation is
                                                    unlimited. It is easy
                                                    to attach files such
                                                    as photos and
Free version with                                   videos. Sites are
basic features; Pay                                 not ad free. Ad free
version with        http://fhswolvesden.            sites cost $19.95     http://wikisineducati
enhanced features        Wetpaint   monthly.    

                                                    Commons is a
                                                    database of freely
                                                    usable media files
                                                    to which anyone can
                                                    contribute. This is a
                                                    true wiki where
                                                    volunteers maintain
                                                    the site and add to
                                                    it. It is a free site
                                                    where everyone is
                                                    allowed to use,
                                                    copy, modify any
                    http://school-is-               files here freely as
                        long as they follow
                    /page/14927162/Te Wikimedia     the terms specified
Free                acher%20Links      Commons      by the author.        _Page
                        Tool Three
 Tool Three Cost         Example

Free               list

Free               e-newspaper.pdf

Free   Storybird
Pay    m/howitworks/

Free   cards/
Free   BE

Pay    XZayw

Free   mjBfl6
Free               s0bhBlFUhW09

Free               ecards.asp

Free version with
basic features; Pay
version with
enhanced features m/
Free                100001728440956

Free version with
basic features; Pay
version with
enhanced features m/
Free version with
basic features; Pay   2012/01/25/inspirati
version with          on-surpassing-limits-
enhanced features     achieving-goals/

Free                  a
Free version with     http://www.keepand
basic features; Pay
version with          .php?i=2138036&ca
enhanced features     t=1

Free version with
basic features; Pay http://clifmims.wetpa
version with
enhanced features n+Education

Pay                   html

Free version with     http://www.keepand
basic features; Pay
version with          show.php?i=213803
enhanced features     6&vw=month
Pay                 calendars.php

Free version with
basic features; Pay
version with        com/watch?v=oGzC
enhanced features NGOa3hA

Free                ated
Free   om/talk/

Free   ry
Free   GNk
Free version with
basic features; Pay
version with        http://www.huddle.c
enhanced features om/resources/demo/

                    here is a great
                    introductory video
                    about SharePoint. It
                    helped me not be so
Free version with   confused.
basic features; Pay
version with        com/watch?v=TE9T
enhanced features praPlrE
Free   v=Z6iqVxaALas

       Will be submitted by
Free   Robyn Walters
Free   d

Free   _edit?id=19502

Free   bW348
Free                  /

Free                  47q6n/index

Free version with     http://multimediamy
basic features; Pay
version with          /audio-tools/worked-
enhanced features     examples/
Free   ed&version=3">

Free   93116c2913778f8

Free version with
basic features; Pay   lassroom-thinking-
version with          and-planning-
enhanced features     examples

Free version with
basic features; Pay
version with
enhanced features ebsite/examples.jsp

Free                .com/
Free version with
basic features; Pay   media/how-to-use-
version with          flickr-in-your-
enhanced features     classroom/

Free version with
basic features; Pay http://s1260.photobu
version with
enhanced features 72/tsd0040/

Free                  20art/
Free version with
basic features; Pay http://www.podbean.
version with        com/podcast-
enhanced features detail?pid=76369
Free                  classroom/vocaroo

Free version with
basic features; Pay   y/2012-05-
version with          27T09_02_03-
enhanced features     07_00
Free version with
basic features; Pay http://acumia.podho
version with
enhanced features pid=28593
Free                 xcz

Free version with
basic features; Pay http://obella.questio
version with
enhanced features ntertainment
Free   cators%20PLN
Free                  Amy's responsibility

Free version with     http://www.networki
basic features; Pay   ngforprofessionals.c
version with          om/
enhanced features     p
       Example: Creative
       Infographics by
       David Holmes
Free   stacks/view/GHXpxi

Free   style-pinboard/

Free   sN5tzqo

Free   sN5tzqo
Free version with
basic features; Pay http://www.pollevery
version with
enhanced features works

Free                entry-form/
Free version with
basic features; Pay
version with        http://edu.symbaloo.
enhanced features com

Free                richau/Home

Free                angles
Free   m

Pay    .com/v/fV0bwKSt26/
Free   2

Pay    ons/archives.html
Free version with
basic features; Pay
version with
enhanced features mAWlD3MA

Free                i8

Free                bethsite/home
Free version with
basic features; Pay
version with        http://wiki.wetpaint.c
enhanced features om/

Free                 mons:Project_scope

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