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									International School

   Year End Update
    June 4, 2008
                School Mission
• The International School strives to offer the best
  comprehensive secondary education in the United
  States. It provides a unique focus on the phenomenon
  of globalization and actively teaches the principles of
  global citizenship. The school takes a leadership role
  in education in developing the most integrated and
  effective curriculum in all academic areas. It also
  provides the most nurturing and supportive learning
  community involving students, parents, faculty, and
  administration. The International School continually
  measures its practice against the best, in order to set the
  standard for all.
            Tonight’s Goals
• Give an honest assessment of where we are as
  a school
• Provide additional good news about our school
• Share and discuss some areas of concerns
• Discuss next steps and areas for improvement
• Some question and answers, and begin a dialog
  around community wide issues.
           The good news
• Highest performing school in the district,
  and one of the highest performing schools
  in the country
 The best secondary education
• Low failure rate
• College Preparation
  – AP & Other measures
 International School: Highest GPA
of all High Schools in the District for
           3 years straight
                         3.18          3.26




                  2006          2007          2008
     I.S. Lowest D&F rate in the district-
School                 % of D&F grades given
                       for 1st semester 07-08
IS                     3.5%

NHS                    9.6%

BHS                    11.2%

Interlake              16.4%

SHS                    23.9%
    US News & World Report
• IS Ranked #5 in the country
• Highest in the district and the state
• Based on combination of factors including
  WASL, # of tests taken, and AP passage
         Newsweek Ranking
• International ranked #10 by Newsweek
  – Highest ever ranking and highest ranking in
    the state.
  2008 National Merit Finalists
• 4- Highest # ever
  – Steven Ambo
  – Logan Gowdey
  – Katie Nelson
  – Lucas Petrucci
  2009 National Merit Scholarship
• 13
  – Highest ever in our school.
       •   Megan Addison
       •   Charles Cooper
       •   Philip de Sa e Silva,
       •   Leah Fantle
       •   Dandi Huang
       •   Jonathan Matson
       •   Paul Malmsten
       •   Allison Reeder
       •   Andrea Rogers
       •   Jessica Smith
       •   Maia Szafer,
       •   Anthony Trinh
       •   Sophia Welti
  #1 in the State of Washington
• Most physically fit secondary school in the
  State of Washington.
  – Washington Health Federation-Governor’s
    Health Bowl Challenge
  – $5,000 award to our PE department for this
    amazing effort.
 Our student admitted to college at
         an amazing rate
• 24 of 28 admitted to UW in most selective year
• 5 students admitted to UW Honors Program
• Stanford, USC, Santa Clara, Washington
  University, Brown, Georgetown, Boston
  University, Gonzaga, Whitman, Kenyon, Cal
  Poly, Rensalaer Technical institute, Purdue,
  Notre Dame, Duke, Arizona State University,
  Western Washington, SPU, Seattle U., and
  many others.
      Scholarships & Awards
• Too many to list, but here are a few
  – 2 Presidential Scholarship Nominees
     • Steven Ambo
     • Katie Nelson
  – 1 Herff Jones Leadership Recipient
     • Katie Nelson
  – Washington Scholar (4 year tuition to any
    school in the state of Washington)
     • Logan Gowdey
             More Honors
• Full Ride Scholarship to Arizona State
  – Scott Spencer
• Boston University Trustees Scholarship
  – Logan Gowdey
• Mary Gates Scholarship Recipient
 More good news: Student service
     and student citizenship
• Our kids care about making the world they
  live in better. They are demonstrating
  strong citizenship.
  – Bite of International
  – Flood Relief for Southwest Washington
  – Relay for Life
  – Senior Prom for senior citizens
  Areas of reflection and continued
  – Homework survey
  – IB discussion and inquiry
  – Continued support for library, extended tutorial
  – New SAT review class started
  – A math support instructional assistant was hired to
    support middle school math students.
• School & District:
  – Continued reflection and modification of curriculum
           Economic Reality
• There is a district wide budget reduction ($4.8
  Million over two years). Every school is being
  impacted. Our major reduction is in the area of
  allocation of funds for teachers (FTE).
• .9 FTE reduction (1.0 FTE = 1 full time teacher)
• There will also be a smaller building budget as
• These same kinds of reductions are occurring
  across the district.
Multiple departments are receiving
         some reductions.
•   Humanities
•   International Studies
•   PE
•   French
•   German
•   Counseling
          Average Class Sizes
•   Humanities    27.9
•   I.S.          29.5
•   Science       26.5
•   Math          25.3
•   French        27
•   German        24.6
•   PE            28
•   Art           27
•   Music         36.7
•   School Avg.   28
   We will continue to be great
• While the reductions make for a tighter
  class sizes, overall, we are in very good
• The secondary average class size is about
  29. We are slightly below this average.
• We will have the best instruction, and the
  best support in every classroom.
Questions about Staffing or
            The tough news
• Community, citizenship, and responsibility
• A note: A large portion of our students are very
  well behaved, make excellent choices, and are
  good citizens of the school.
• Recent events have led to believe, however, that
  we have some work to do with some of our
  students in the area of personal responsibility
  and citizenship toward the school.
         Drinking & Drug Use
• Most recent incident
  – Approximately 7 students directly involved over a
    period of about 3 to 4 weeks.
  – Drinking occurred mostly during lunch time.
  – One day, two students went to the emergency room.
  – The alcohol was stolen (be a few of the 7 students)
    from their homes and brought to school without
    parent knowledge.
  – Some other students knew about what was going on,
    but either chose not to tell any adults, or did not know
    how to tell an adult.
  Drinking and drug use continued
• Ashland Focus Week Trip this year
  – 911 call for drug over dose
  – 3 students suspended for drinking or drug use.
  – Other senior students involved, but conspired to cover
    up what occurred.
  – Past focus week trips, stories of students drinking as
  – Parents and students have reported that some
    students were bragging about alcohol and drug use
    on FaceBook.
           School Culture?
• While the most recent and dramatic event
  of middle school students drinking during
  lunch was shocking, what was also
  concerning was a possible acceptance of
  drinking and drug use by some students
  during school events across grade levels.
              What we did?
• Revise lunch policy
  – Safety first (bathrooms and library are now
• Student class meetings
• A community Forum
• Teachers have met to discuss new
  guidelines for over night trips, etc. These
  will be announced soon.
Student Perspective
                    Next Steps
• Will need to revise lunch policy again.
• It can’t be the way it was before; but we need more
  space. I am considering several options.
• Continued dialog with l students and staff about building
  a stronger community between and among grades.
• Discussion around teaching responsibility on multiple
  levels: individual, for your friends, your family, and your
• Continued discussion around drug and alcohol issues:
  It’s a societal issue, and it takes a broad based
Discussion & Questions?
                 The future
• We’re in great shape; however, like any
  community we have definite areas for
• But, we can’t be complacent; we need to focus
  on our core goals, continue to analyze the data,
  continue to collaborate, and continue to find
  ways to improve our school community in all
  areas: academic, emotional and physical.
• I look forward to the journey with you.

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