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					            !                       WARNING
                ATTENTION: ISO/MSPs
                               Your Portfolio is at Risk!

                    WARNING: Competition from Your Payment
                    Gateway is Hazardous to Your Wallet!
Have you heard the story about the Fox in the Hen House? Or better yet the story of The Gateway that Steals
Merchants. The truth is: A Gateway that acquires merchant accounts is a direct threat to your business.

At Network Merchants Inc., (NMI) we do not offer merchant accounts, nor do we accept merchants directly.
This corporate policy eliminates any chance of competition between us and our ISO/MSP Partners. By working
behind the scenes, NMI enables our Partners to strengthen their relationships and allows us to do what we do best.

                     Building Payment Gateways – One Partner at a Time!

                   WARNING: Lack of Security will Cost You
                   and your Merchants Plenty.
SECURITY LEADS TO LONGEVITY... If your merchants fail to abide by strict industry standards, you will lose them.

NMI is proud to unilaterally exceed industry requirements by not only maintaining Visa’s CISP and PCI standards
but also completing MasterCard RAMP review and SDP certification. Our in-house engineers develop and support
all NMI software to ensure that only secure and high quality products are released. We pride ourselves in reaching
and maintaining the highest level of security. When customers call for assistance, our expert engineers tend to their

                                       For Immediate Help Call
                       Network Merchants Inc. 1.800.617.4850

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