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The exciting growth story of Fashion Photography


									          The exciting growth story of Fashion
The origins of fashion photography can be traced back to the early 20 th Century.
Back then, Edward J. Steichen who had made a name for himself as an art and
museum curator was also a frequent contributor to the photography magazine,
Camera Work. His photo shoot that involved a few gown-clad models quickly
became the precursor for fashion and clothing photography. It would go on to
evolve into an exquisite art form and be revered by connoisseurs in the years to

Since its early days, fashion photography quickly went onto identify as a selling
tool. It introduced the cognoscenti and the masses to a lifestyle worth aspiring
to. The visual extravaganza that a well sorted photo shoot creates can inspire
and spark of a billion dreams. Some even manage to weave in a strong
commercial hook that then draws inspiration from noteworthy events from
around the globe.

Entire publications were brought into existence to revolve round the changing
seasons in the world of fashion. They identified with fashion photography as a
potent marketing tool that could be used to lure in the top advertisers and have
them feed a captive readership that was rapidly expanding. Serious efforts were
put into tailoring the content to suit these goals. The management team at these
publications took great care to ensure that their readership listened in rapt
attention. The successful ones were those that managed to convert and convince
their readers to patronize the goods and services advertised within the glossy
pages of the publication.

The editorial teams worked in close conjunction with fashion photographers to
propel these shoots of well dressed models to something of a rarefied art-form.
Such tactics began to pay off for everyone. Stakeholders such as the models
posing for the camera, the photographers who played with angles and light
together with the actual creators of the designs themselves, everyone began to
get their shot at fame. Location scouts began to scour the planet, travelling far
and wide in search of virgin locations that would form the spectacular backdrop
for the shoots. Editorial teams incorporated the sublime elements of storytelling
that served to draw readers into the human angle behind the photo shoot.

As technology grows stronger, a small army of creative agents have come to be
assigned to each narrative. Each person involved plays their role to set the mood
and create that emotional connect required to achieve the most important of
goals that is integral to every business venture – strong revenue streams.

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