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									Your Legacy Team site ( is an optional marketing site.

This was created by Joe and Carol Garvey to assist your marketing efforts.

    1.     The site is very attractive and user- friendly and sets you apart from others marketing on the
          internet and elsewhere.
    2.     Because people can see your picture and bio, you are a “real person” to them.
    3.    ‘Meet the Team’ page posts other Team members’ pictures and their bios. Prospects see
          others on the Team succeeding.
    4.    ‘Request An Interview’ page allows prospects to request a personal interview with you.
    5.    3.5 minute overview call is posted on the ‘Request an Interview’ page for prospects .
    6.    Your picture is also posted on the ‘Request an Interview’ page.
    7.    You receive prospect’s information immediately. Information entered into the interview
          request by your prospect appears immediately in your email box.
    8.    From interview request, 3 customized emails are sent to your prospect automatically, one
          immediately and two others one hour apart. Your name, phone, email and website are
          encoded into those emails.
    9.    To view samples of those emails: Email 1 Email 2 Email 3
    10.   Tracking codes can be placed in the site.
    11.   Once you’ve reached RSD your picture and bio are added to the ‘Meet the Team’ page.
    12.   A domain name can be purchased to redirect to this site, personalizing it even more.

          Example: Our purchased domain name: points to our site.

          Purchase domains inexpensively at or

          Then redirect/forward the domain to: username

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