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With the right studies and research, this method can yield good profits for anyone. However, I can’t
guarantee success for everyone. If willing to succeed, one must have initiative, willpower and determination.
So always make sure that you have what it takes, and that you’re willing to carry out the process to the end
before investing time and money on it.

This report is for educational purposes only and it does NOT come with resell rights. Sharing and/or editing
this report in any way is STRICTLY prohibited.

Copyright © 2009
As you’ve probably noticed, this report is quite short.

Why would I create a couple of videos and a long report to increase value while I can explain to you the
whole thing IN DETAIL in a short amount of time and save ourselves both a good deal of effort?

Anyway, you will read this report in no time. So please, read this report step by step and do NOT skip any
parts of it, otherwise you won’t see the true potential of the method.

BTW, if you encounter any problems and/or you need any help, then make sure that you contact me right
away via PM (personal message) on the Warrior Forum ;)

It all happened while I was searching for a new car to buy on a local classifieds website. While I was browsing
on it… I saw some ads.

And that was when my “business side” kicked in…

I realized that this website was making some good profit. Maybe not the kind of profit that will make you
rich, but the owner of it was certainly making enough money to live off of it.

You wouldn’t believe at how STUPID I felt for not thinking about this idea earlier.

Wherever there’s traffic, there’s money to be made. And I was SURE that the site gets a good deal of traffic.

The site was the ONLY well-established classifieds site in my area. Moreover, the number of stuff listed was
somewhere in the neighborhood of 250,000.

Any way, I did some other research but that’s irrelevant for you to know right now. What you do need to
know is that the owner of this website was making some nice money from this.

                                    AND IT WAS ALL ON AUTOPILOT!

    •    People create the content
    •    Traffic is recurring, since most people will visit this site again, again and again
    •    People keep referring other people, and your traffic will keep increasing

So yeah, it is AUTOPILOT INCOME.

Not to forget… this traffic is very profitable.


Because 75% the people searching on it are looking for something to BUY.

Copyright © 2009
However, like any other method, this had got to have both advantages and disadvantages.

So, I sorted everything out:


    •    You don’t need to create any content to make this work

    •    You don’t need to use PPC, SEO and other techniques that may take their toll on you

    •    It’s very easy to get traffic to a site like this

    •    It could easily go viral

    •    Most of the traffic will be recurring

    •    It’s pretty easy to monetize

    •    Competition won’t really matter here and either way, it was small and that wasn’t going to stop me
         (nor should it stop you)

    •    There were 2 competitors and they both had ugly sites. I figured that I could get the upper hand by
         creating a better site that provides the user with a more pleasurable view.

    •    The well-established classifieds site was about everything. People on it were selling boats, cars, pets,
         everything. I figured that I would attract most of the automobile sellers by establishing a classifieds
         site that targets ONLY automobiles and parts.


    •    As I said, one of the classifieds site was well-established. In this case competition won’t matter that
         much, but it’s always better if you don’t have any (although that’s highly unlikely in today’s world)

    •    The site needs some popularity before heaps of people start using it

As you’ve probably noticed, I keep saying that competition won’t matter that much.


Because people will always welcome FREE advertising. I have a couple of friends that sell a lot of cars, and
the more advertising opportunities they find for free, the better.

Think about this…

What would you do if you wanted to sell a car as quickly as possible?

I know what I’ll do. I enlist the car in anyplace that I can find. And like many other people, I’ll check out the
free sources first, then the paid ones.

Of course, the other problem still remains, which is making it popular. But believe it or not, that’s a very easy
thing to do. I thought a little outside the box and I got around that little problem in no time. ;)

You’ll find out what I did soon enough. But first, let me show you the process step by step.

Copyright © 2009
Wait a Minute, make sure that…
the area that you target has a considerable amount of inhabitants. The more there are the better.

The area that I target has about 400,000 inhabitants. And I manage to make $1500 monthly. That’s not the
limit though. I will increase that, when I start to get more traffic. Right now I get over 1000 uniques daily,
and I got that traffic after a week.

Now imagine if you target an area that has a million, 2 million inhabitants or more… ;)

DAY 1 – Setting It Up

Find a good classifieds script.

You can either hire a coder to create one for you, or you can search for a ready-made script online.

I hired a coder to create a unique script for me, but there are plenty of classified scripts available out there.

Some scripts that caught my eye were:

68 classifieds


Both of them are pretty good looking, and classipress is a wordpress theme, so if you’re familiar with
wordpress, you can set it up in no time!

Anyway, setting up a script shouldn’t be that hard.

And believe it or not, setting up that script will be the hardest part of this process… just to see how easy it is.

It would be wise if you buy a script that has a newsletter feature. That way, you will also build a list in the
process. Yes… that’s how I’m building a list at the same time ;)

Copyright © 2009
DAY 2 – Throwing A Little Grass To The Herd
Ever heard the old saying:

People are sheep


Well, we are, even though we don’t admit it.

We follow other people without even knowing it.

Now, what does this have to do with this method?


Earlier on I told you that the site needs to get a little popularity before people start using it. But popularity is
useless if the site doesn’t have anything on it…

You see, right now you have a good looking classifieds website ready to go. But it’s empty.

And NO one will post classified ads on it.

People have to see that other people are actually posting classifieds before they post theirs.

So what do we do now? Do we wait for someone to start posting?

Well, you could do that if you want to start seeing money after a year. As for me, I wanted to see it as quickly
as possible.

So, I went ahead and started posting some ads with car photos and some contact details.

After all, it’s my site and I can do whatever I want with it. I posted about 50 ads (I figured that would be
enough to get them going).

A few points about these self-submitted ads:

    •    I made sure that the photos I used didn’t show the car’s license number

    •    I didn’t post fake mobile numbers and e-mails. I created 50 emails and I submitted 1 in every ad.

    •    When the site went viral, and people start posting REAL ads, I deleted the fake ads of course.

And don’t worry about it. Some users will probably post some fake ads just for the fun of it. So why shouldn’t
you do it yourself in order to increase your income?

Copyright © 2009
DAY 3 – Giving It The Big Boost! (Optional but HIGHLY

Now that everything is ready, we can start with the advertising.

Obviously, the best place to start with is the newspaper (the newspaper in the area that you’re targeting).
Now this is not free of course, which is why I marked it as “optional”. But if you want to see money as quickly
as possible, then I highly recommend it!

You don’t have to spend 100s of dollars for an ad.

I posted a simple ad that said:

                                     The #1 Car & Car Parts Website

                                  LIST YOUR CAR FOR FREE & SELL IT!


Took me about 50 Euro and it helped my classifieds ad site a LOT!

Copyright © 2009
DAY 4 – Getting The Word OUT!

This is easy…

Can you write?

Open up word processor and write down this text:

         The #1 CAR & CAR Parts Classifieds Site



That was pretty easy now was it?

Make it bigger so that it will fill up the whole A4 paper!

Print about 20, take a walk, and stick them somewhere in a busy place.

Ideal places:




You can hire someone to make professional flyers for you if you want. But that won’t be needed IMO.

My cool home-made flyers (flyers lol…I mean text on a piece of paper) worked just fine.

Copyright © 2009
DAY 5 – Oh, did you see that car on…

This is easier…

Do you have friends?

Go to a bar, have a drink with them and start telling them about your site. You don’t have to tell them that
it’s yours. As I matter of fact, I didn’t tell anyone (The last thing you need is a bunch of people in YOUR area
setting up classified sites and increasing competition).

What I did was talk about cars that I’ve seen on my site lol.

ME: “I saw a car that was being sold on (heh ;) for $10,000”

FRIEND: “What was the site again? I’ve never heard about it”

ME: “, it’s pretty awesome, you’ll find plenty of cars”

Bla… bla… bla…

You get the idea. Word travels really fast!

Your friend will most likely visit it.

The members of his family may see him browsing the site.

And he will probably talk with other people about it!

You would be surprised at how much visitors you can get by talking to just 1 person!

Copyright © 2009
DAY 6 – Monetizing The Site Of Course

You monetize this website just as you monetize other sites. You can use:

Google Adsense or any other PPC company

CPA Offers

Automobile websites that have affiliate programs

Related Affiliate Offers

Direct Advertising

Personally I chose direct advertising. I tried adsense for a little while and after doing some calculations, I
found out that I’d probably make $1000 monthly or a little more with adsense.

I thought about monetization techniques deeply and I came up with the idea of promoting car dealers,
driving instructors etc… in our local area. :P

I called some of them and I got a deal with 2, a driving instructor and a car dealer. They jumped on the deal
when I told them that I’m getting about 1000 visitors everyday (I told you that word travels fast).

They pay me directly 500 Euro every Month. 500 Euro is about $750.

There’s my $1500 Monthly

Some of you might ask… How can they be paying you that much money for an ad?

Car Dealer:

Let’s say that out of 30,000 uniques that visit my site (monthly), 100 of them decide to visit the car dealers
showroom or call him after seeing his ad on my site. If only 10 of them buy a car & he makes only $500
profit, then that’s already $5000. Minus the payment and he makes over $4000. (And probably much more
people will visit his showroom thanks to my classifieds site) 

Driving instructor:

Where I live they charge about 12 Euro per driving lesson, and each learner takes about 10 lessons every
month. All he needs is 8 people every month to get back what he paid. And he will obviously get much more.

So yeah, it’s worth it for them to advertise on my site at those rates. If you’re interested in convincing car
dealers and instructors to advertise on your site like me, make sure that you show them HOW
COULD THEY BENEFIT from this. Show them how much visibility and how many other customers can they
get by advertising with you!

Copyright © 2009

Well this method is pretty easy to follow and even a child could do it. I mean all you have to do is buy a
website and set everything up.

You don’t have to do any SEO, writing, back linking etc…

Perhaps the most difficult part for newbies will be setting up the script. And hiring a coder will not probably
be an option, because they can’t afford it anyway.

Fortunately, today you can find any information on ANYTHING in a matter of seconds.

AND several script sellers will offer you a FREE installation. So yeah, if I didn’t hire a coder to do the grunt
work for me, I probably would’ve bought one that offers free installation.

Moreover, most of them have a support forum where you will find all the help that you need. Not to
mention the helpdesk. And do NOT be afraid to ask for help!

So yeah, don’t let that dreaded script ruin an extra $1500 every month. Think about the future…

Do NOT underestimate this idea just because you’ve never heard of it before. Funny enough, people
commonly dump good money making ideas that are too good to be true, simply because they think that they
will not work.

Well, you’re wrong if you think so, and by NOT implementing it, you could be losing $1000s every year.

Let me ask you something…

Are there any cars where you live?

My guess is yes, otherwise you wouldn’t have this computer either now would you?

If there are cars in your area, then this idea will most certainly work.

People LIKE free advertising and they won’t hesitate to list their cars for FREE on a website
that gets 1000s of visitors

So yeah, for your sake, don’t dump this idea. It’s probably one of the easiest techniques that you’ll ever find.

If you’re not able to set up something like this, then I’m afraid that you’ll find much bigger problems in the
future when implementing techniques twice as hard.

Copyright © 2009
As I said, while I was making money, I was also building a new list… thanks to the newsletter.

To be completely honest with you, I haven’t sent anything to my list yet. Not because I don’t believe that it’ll
work, cause I’m sure it will.

I didn’t send anything simply because I didn’t have the time to search for good offers related to the
automobile niche that will spark interest in my subscribers.

I did come up with some ideas though…

    •    I could send insurance offers. The problem is finding an offer that targets my area. But if you do
         find an insurance offer in your area, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

    •    Car parts offers. I’ve been searching a little for car parts stores that offer an affiliate program. If you
         do notify them a bout a good store that sells parts for reasonable prices, then you can certainly
         make some money.

    •    Promoting cars via ebay affiliate network. This will probably be the first one that I’ll try. Promote
         cars that are being sold on ebay through my affiliate link. Out of the 1000s in my list, someone will
         probably buy.

    •    We can also try to contact more car dealers and driving instructors and convince them to pay for a
         promotional e-mail.

Anyway, just be creative.

Monetizing this list will definitely be my next goal, and I will probably use one of those 4 methods to
monetize it.

Copyright © 2009

I wasn’t going to say this but… oh well, it’s not going harm my profits by telling you so let me show you some
other possibilities.

As you’ve probably noticed, this method can be used in several niches and not just in the automobile niche.

Moments after I started seeing profits with this site, I was already thinking about starting another classified

But the daunting question was…

What am I going to make my new classifieds site about?

Cars were easy to come up with because nowadays, everyone has a car, and people don’t dump cars when
they don’t need them anymore. They sell them, and they advertise on newspapers and/or sites like mine

Many other classifieds ideas came to my mind but most of them weren’t going to be too profitable because
few people were going to use them.

Then I came up with another AWESOME idea!

Think… what is the 1 thing that people are always looking for?

The answer is JOBS!

So yeah, you guessed it, I’m going to open up a job board as well, whereas companies can list the jobs they’re
offering and people can make a job request.

I still believe that an automobile classifieds has more potential than this one, but a job classifieds can lead to
some good profits as well.

Even if I generate only $200 monthly from a site, it’ll still be worth it considering that it’s on autopilot.

Anyway, that was just to show you another opportunity.

If you study your area and think about this deeply, you can come up with more classifieds ideas.

AND… you can promote your other classifieds websites on your MAIN classifieds website! 

Copyright © 2009

Always make sure that you study your area before trying this method. Everybody is selling and buying cars,
so that won’t be problem.

But before getting on with it, always check where and how people are selling their cars.

Probably they’ll be using newspapers, classifieds sites, putting a 4 sale banner on their car etc…

If there aren’t any classifieds websites in your area, then you will definitely be successful with this method.

But don’t dump this idea if you find other classified sites. Just because there’s more than one, that doesn’t
mean that people aren’t going to use yours.

Remember that I had 2 competitors and 1 of them was well-established. Yet I still managed to establish
another classified website that generates money.


Good Luck

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