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					PROJECT 1
The design in this document is my thoughts, if you have better
design or u want to take part of it for the new design it is ok
The project is very simple it is not complicated; many of
routines or modules are already on the net, little experience
programmer has it.

Home page
The domain name will be shown in cinema screen or if u has better idea to be

Because the domain name will be variable (domain name forwarding will be
   Sign in - Sign out



   Welcome visitor

   My account

   Members online


    Invest your domain high lighted
       For Member who have domain name and want to have site same as our
site he will park his domain in our server

     then the program will make domain forwarding pointing to our master
       (At the initial stage 3 month it will be free after that will be chargeable)


          Type 1 framed with color

          Type 2 framed with color

          Type 3 framed with color

          Type 4 framed with color

   Search (depending on type)




          State or city

    Homepage body will show

           Latest posts

           About 100 image each image size 100x80 with text under each image about 25 characters

           6 images horizontal, each image and text will be in frame; frame color will be same of the type

            When the curser or arrow comes on that image a small box will be appear beside the curser

            The Item summery description which is about 100 characters.
       Facility to see the list vertical if visitor don’t like the horizontal images way of displaying.

     On the left side

          Favorite channels: I will tell you these channels later.

          Special channels:

         For upgrading the site: this will be using ready made software but it will be in frame showing
the domain name.

     On the right side commercial (advertising) banners.

         At the initial stage 3 month it will be free after that will be chargeable

        Banners will be displayed on search result page and related to category and the search

      Contact us, About us, copy wrights, Help and other standard links will be at the bottom or to
the left of the page, depending on your design

Search result page, design same as home page
Under search box it show what is the search for, means the search keywords category country city

Displaying posted Item details page
    Display Image 300x250 or video

     Item title

     Item summery description about 100 characters

     Item detail description 4000 characters

     Item pictures 20 image 300 x 250 and description

     Visitor comments
     Accept Visitor comment

     Viewed number

     Member id

     View member profile link

    Send message to member

My account
     Profile with editing facility


     Add - edit - delete post, depending on post type and favorite channel

     Posting item
          Posting image or video: the image should be jpg size 100 x 80 to be displayed in the home
page or search result page with other postings.

          Item title

          Item summery description about 100 characters

          Item detail description 4000 characters

          Item pictures 20 image should be jpg size 300x250 description 150 characters

          Search key words

             Category (in which the post will be appear)

             Type: the 4 types and favorite channels (in which the post will be appearing)

             Country (in which the post will be appear)

             Warning copy wrights (text)

Details will be discussed on messenger

Domain administration

   Accept, Delete and Edit posts facility to group accept or automatic

    Commercial banners

Master domain administration

    To accept and domains

The design should be very simple easy to use.

----- ============

Visitor to become member he should register, then the system will send him email for verification and

The member will confirm by clicking on the link in the email.

If member close the page without signing out his account will be on. Using IP to show country and city at
the top of the page
My email is
Tel: 0020122492553

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