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					Design Questionnaire
This questionnaire is designed to enhance communications between the
designer and our clients. By completing this form, you are providing the
critical information required to begin the process of developing your
website. Award Web Services does not sell or trade your information
with any other source.

Company Name:           _____________________________________

Address:                _____________________________________

City/State/Zip:         _____________________________________

Phone Number:           _____________________________________

Email Address:          _____________________________________

     What kind of customer base/type are you targeting for this site? age group of your target audience?

     What is the ultimate goal/purpose of the website? (list all – i.e. get new customers, manage existing
      customers, inform audience, etc…)

     What customer information would you like to collect from website visitors (potential customers)?

     Please list your slogan and/or catch phrases you use in marketing your business.

     What five adjectives best describe your company?

     Do you have a logo, special font, and/or special graphics that will be used on the website? If so please
      provide font name, and all graphics in a raw format e.g. (. psd, .ai, .png, etc.) when possible.

     Do you have a color scheme we should implement/know about?

     When thinking about your company, what images comes to mind?

     What type of look are you trying to achieve? (hi-tech, conservative, warm, flashy, etc.)

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 Do you have an existing web site? If so, what is the URL?

 If you do have an existing site, do you wish for your web site to reflect the look and feel of your marketing
  literature, or something completely different? (Please provide copies of brochures, business cards, etc. if
  staying with the same format.)
  __ Remain the same __ Completely different

 This is a very important part of this questionnaire. Please list at least 3 URLs (web addresses) of high
  quality sites that you like the look of (these do not have to be sites who’s business is similar to yours. It
  helps us in determining what your design style is.)

 How many website pages do you think you will need? List each page name below, and any specific ideas
  you have about any of the pages (functionality, design, etc.)

 Select elements from the list below that you would consider implementing:

        o   E-commerce / Shopping Cart? (products for sale)

        o   Online Merchant Account (transactions processed for items sold from your website)

        o   Electronic form (to collect customer data, survey information, contest entries, etc. - name, phone,
            email, feedback, comments, testimonials, etc.)

        o   Subscriber List (opt-in email database) with a Signup Form on your website

        o   UpdateBuddy™ Admin Tool (allows you to instantly update certain content, i.e. calendar of
            events, breaking news, daily specials, etc.)

        o   Email Ad Design services (deliver effective html/graphical e-mails to your Subscriber List)

        o   Integrate Traditional Advertising (brochures for download, tv spots, radio ads, newspaper ads,

        o   Anything else? ____________________________

 Are there any other specific ideas we should keep in mind while designing your project?

Award Web Services, LLC 804-874-9344

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