Commodity Traders install “Energy Saver” Technocash B2B Solution by leader6


									Commodity Traders install “Energy Saver” Technocash B2B

Old fashion wire transfers zap trader’s energy! Isn’t it more important to be a
winner than to waste time worrying about wire transfer overload?

You save energy because Technocash robust business accounts give you
instant payments. You’re interested in more time, aren’t you? What stops you
joining the inspiring Technocash B2B network to gain freedom from the tyranny
of wire transfers?

Technocash Limited


Oct 6, 2009 – You instantly pay other trading companies with a Technocash
B2B account because it is exceptional. Technocash is the payment solution for
international money transfers online for you. Immediate currency conversion
means that our B2B account meets your global commerce needs.

Technocash B2B transfers are instant which means you don’t have to wait days
for wire processing saving your precious time and money. Technocash is your
solution because we provide an extraordinary service.

Technocash Limited is proud to assist a growing number of astute commodity
and trading companies. Technocash B2B financial accounts provide a safe and
sophisticated international financial service in all major currencies.

We are licensed in Australia - the best economy in the developed world. That is
good. Australia is the only major western economy not to have gone into

You may instantly pay to other trading companies with a Technocash B2B
account because it is great for those last minute deliveries or to cover a trade
instantaneously. No need to wait because your time is valuable.

The fact that Technocash has processed billions of dollars for our customers
since we started operations in 2000 means you can open a B2B account with

As you consider the significant savings of our instant transfers, you might like
to join the growing list of trading companies in our business to business
network today.

Join for only USD $295 - plus No Monthly Account Fees. Apply Now at http:// ...
Benefits of our B2B account:

  * offshore account
  * quick wire processing
     * money transfer online
  * USA checks
  * currency converter including exchange rates
  * save on bank fees
     * trader currency electronic payments
  * no size limit on transactions
  * impeccable record keeping

Maybe you will learn something informative if you explore http:// to find more about our invaluable
online payment services because it has built in exchange rates. Instantly pay
other trading companies with a Technocash B2B account because you can.

Our business accounts have full transaction reporting which means Technocash
provides the references you need now and in the future.

So give yourself permission to start moving forward towards the experience of
Technocash be an energy saver yourself.

What stops you getting your Technocash Business account now ...


Technocash Limited provides instant global payments for business. We are a
licensed financial institution in Sydney Australia serving the world. Our
merchant accounts are in all major currencies with easy and instant currency
converter and electronic payment and transaction processing. Great for small
business to larger organizations because Technocash is tailored for B2B.

Global leader in moving money.
P: +61 2 9687 1900
F: +61 2 8088 4348
Mail: PO Box 618 Parramatta
NSW Australia 2124

Products issued by Technocash Limited ABN 20 080 109 217 AFS Licence No.

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