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					                                      The Rivers View
                                          Spring Edition
The Rivers Home Owners Association Annual Meeting
Mark your calendars, April 8, 2008, 6:30 pm at Beck Elementary School, The Rivers Home Owners
Association’s Annual Board Meeting for the election of officers and to inform our residents of
developments in our subdivision. Beck Elementary School is located on the east side of Hayes road just
south of 25 mile road.
Resident "sign-in" will begin at 6:30 pm and the meeting will start promptly at 7:00 pm and last till 8:30
pm. Nominations for candidates will begin at 7:00 pm. There are three positions open for election to the
Board of Directors. Al Lystad, Frank Simone and Steve Mattei’s terms of office will have been completed.
Anyone interested in running for a position on the board is encouraged to announce their candidacy by
mail, c/o Pennywise Property Management, 50551 Van Dyke Ave. Suite 200, Shelby Twp. MI 48317 or
announce a candidate at the night of the meeting from the floor. We encourage ALL residents to attend
this meeting or mail your absentee ballot or proxy to achieve quorum for this annual meeting.

Please visit to access information concerning our neighborhood. Our By-laws and Covenants are posted
there. Information on upcoming events such as the Annual Meeting, Flower Planting Day and the Annual
Garage Sale, to list a few, will also be available there. The Board of Directors will be working to improve
the site to better inform and serve our residents.

Some patching of our streets was done by the Macomb County Road Commission last year. We will urge
them to continue with repairs and to monitor the situation this year.

I came across an item of interest in the Macomb Township Chronicle Vol. 20, No. 10 March 6, 2008. The
following are excerpts from the article.
“The term carhopping refers to going driveway to driveway checking vehicles for unlocked door handles
and stealing items from inside. Most carhopping incidences in Macomb Township happen from
driveways. Some thieves will actually walk into open garages to check car doors,” said Capt. John
Roberts of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.
Let’s not make it easy for thieves. Make sure to lock your doors when you exit your vehicle.

We all know that the Rivers is a large development, 392 lots in all. This is too large for five people
serving volunteer positions to patrol for every detail. The Board would like to ask the residents to assist
us on the matter of street lamps that may be out of order.
In the event that there is a street lamp near your home that is not working properly, fails to turn on at dusk
or off in morning, flickers, is dim or makes a loud humming noise, report these incidents to Kramer Triad
Customer Service at (866-788-5130) or E-mail to “”. When reporting an
improperly functioning street lamp, please identify the location by the streetlamps identification number
and by the street that the light is located on, including the cross streets it is between or the intersection
the lamp is located on. The streetlamp Identification number is located on each lamp post approximately
six feet up from ground level, is an identification (ID) number marked in yellow. This is an eight digit
alphanumeric number, for example “S10MJ300”, written vertically down the pole facing the street.
Your help will be appreciated and enable the Board to better serve the community.
For those of you who missed the chance to help out on Flower Day last year, this years event will be held
May 17 starting at 9:30 AM. A light lunch and refreshments along with a sense of pride and
accomplishment will be provided for those who participate.
Anyone interested in joining us should contact Mark McFarland, 586-677-2685.

Your board of directors has been working very hard to provide the required services to the subdivision at
the lowest cost. We have been doing repair work ourselves when possible to reduce costs and are
soliciting and reviewing bids for future contracts to insure that the associations money is well spent. We
are doing our best to meet our responsibilities in the volunteer positions that we hold on the board.

Unfortunately, some of our residents have not met their responsibility to pay their association dues. The
dues are required to insure that required bills such as water, electric, insurance, lawn care and snow
removal to name a few, are paid.

In order to correct this, the board has instituted the following policy. When a residence is delinquent in
their dues payment a notice of delinquency will be sent. On the fifth month of delinquency, a notice of
intent to lien will be sent at a cost to the residence owner of $60.00. On the six month of delinquency, a
lien will be placed on the residence at a cost to the residence owner of $175.00. At this time the
residence will be informed that at nine months of delinquency proceedings will be initiated for a personal
judgment against the homeowner. At nine months delinquency legal proceedings for a personal
judgment will be initiated. A personal judgment will allow the homeowners wages to be garnished so that
the homeowners association may recover delinquent association fees and all legal costs incurred in the
process. Refusal to remit payment by one of our residents has increased the $315.00 debt owed the
association to $1,209.50.
By failing to make the $175.00 annual dues payment the bill could increase to a much greater cost.
Please don’t let this happen. Prompt payment of dues will insure that services for all of us will continue
and costs will be minimal.
If a homeowner is having a problem making their payment, they should contact Pennywise Property
Management or our legal department.

The Board would urge our residents to check with their neighbors to see if they have been receiving
mailings from Pennywise Property Management. If they have not been receiving mailings, the
Management Company may not have received the warranty deed or closing statement from your title
company so that the new owner information can be updated in their system. These are the only two
documents that serve as legal notice for them to be able to update the owner information. Failure of the
Management Company or Association to receive this mandatory documentation does not release any
owner from their obligation to pay their Annual Association Fees as the Annual Association Fee is
mandated in the Covenants that you should have received at closing and as is on file with the Township
and County.
The board of directors has developed ten (10) sections of 38 to 42 homes and assigned leaders to five (5)
of the ten (10) sections. We are still in need of five (5) more section leaders to cover the remaining areas.

Listed below are the locations of all ten (10) sections. If a section has a volunteer, their name, address,
phone number and email address is listed. If the section does not have a volunteer, it has been marked
‘Need a volunteer’. Your help will be appreciated.

Section #1, Clinton Ave. lot #162 – 195, 344, 345, 346, 37, 38 & 39
Kathy Verkesy, 16154 Clinton Ave., (586) 992-9585, email

Section #2, Clinton Ave, Timberland Lane & Applewood Ct. Lot # 16 – 36 & 40 – 46
Peter Lucido, 16238 Clinton, (586) 207-6503 email

Section #3, Thames Lane & Copper Dr. Lot #196 – 209, 243 – 257, 367, 368, & 369
Need a volunteer

Section #4, Rhine Ave Lot #321 – 343, 347 – 358 & 384 – 392
Lori Wierbicki, 15986 Clinton Ave., (586) 786-2184

Section #5, Nile Way & Harvest Spring Lane, Lot #295 – 366, 370 – 380, 258 – 271
Need a volunteer

Section #6 Forest Way & Rifle Court, Lot#210 – 242, & 47 – 62
John C. Begin, 16184 Forest Way, (586) 992-9467, email

Section #7, Colorado Dr., Bell Lane & Harvest Spring Lane Lot #94 – 114 & 120 – 136
Need a volunteer

Section #8, Silver Creek Lane, Ausable Blvd., Forest Way, Lot # 1 – 10, 63 – 76 & 150 - 161
Need a volunteer

Section #9, Danube Ave & White Water Dr. & Colorado Dr., Lo t#77 – 93, & 139 – 149
Need a volunteer

Section #10, White Water Drive, Lot #273 – 290, 296 – 320, 137 & 138
Lisa Schmezer, 16313 White Water Dr. (586) 677-6501

Anyone interested in participating should contact Frank Simone 586-677-1492 or E-mail to leave their name, phone number and address.

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