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									Information and Communication
Technology in Nursing Education

  Ass. prof. Grete Oline Hole, Bergen University College
    Research fellow Marit Graue, University of Bergen
 Ass. prof. Marjolein M. Iversen, Bergen University College

• The Norwegian Ministry of Health aims to use ICT as
  a tool of quality and effectiveness improvement.

• Norway is well equipped with Personal Computers
  both in public and private use.

• Internet, with the World-wide-Web is accessible in
  every part of Norway.

• Women use the technology to a far lesser degree
  than men do.
 Further Educaton in Diabetic Nursing

• A course of 30 ECTS in Diabetic Nursing is offered
  at Bergen University College.

• The first and only of its kind in Norway.

• Part-time course with 7 week-long gatherings
  throughout a year.

• Between the gatherings, the students are working
  individual or in groups.

• The 25 students are from all over Norway.
         Applying new technology in
          the education of nurses

A pilot project aiming at:

• testing and evaluating the use of web-supported
  further education

• testing and evaluating the use of MCU

• increasing the students’ general PC- competence
  and ability to use databases
Need for Long Distance Learning




 Learning environment with ICT

Presentation           Tools
 / lectures


of facilities
Multiple Conference Unit
         Challenges for the future

• Coordination
   • with other courses at our college
   • with the other studios

• Technical support available at any time

• In progress:
    • Chat rooms
    • Professional support from the lecturers
      available through the web-side
    • International network for clinical nursing and
      nursing research

• Web-supported learning environment has become a
  success, and the students have achieved greater

• MCU has been used with good results and positive

• With these experiences as a background, Bergen
  University College will continue to apply these
  tools in course-offers

• The pilot project has become a national success,
  and we hope to achieve an international
  cooperation on this field in the future
                      Further information:

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