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									     New Idea For Your Food Market - Pocket Sandwich Machine And Chinese
      Hamburger Machine. ANKO Customize Your Food Processing Machine.

 ANKO - Pocket Sandwich A pocket sandwich is a sandwich which is made using a single piece of
folded or hollowed bread, such as a pita (Syrian bread) or tortilla, or which is made from dough
cooked with fillings inside. Machine And Chinese Hamburger Processing
Machine Expert. ANKO is a bread and food processing Food processing is the set of methods and
techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for consumption by humans or animals.
The food processing industry utilises these processes. machine manufacturer
with more than 30 years of experience.

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Pocket sandwich is a new sandwich idea that is
very popular in Japan and Taiwan. Now you can even buy pocket sandwich
from vending machines or at restaurants with more than 20 different
fillings. ANKO's customized pocket sandwich processing machines has
been assisting all the sandwich sellers to increase their sandwich
production capability and make their business profitable. Every pocket
sandwich machine customer is satisfied with their purchase, and the main
reason is because the Pocket Sandwich Making Machine is beneficial to
their business. Therefore, ANKO's customers never just buy one
sandwich machine and leave. More about ANKO Food Processing Machine.

Sandwich Processing Machine - TS-1500

White bread slices placed on conveyers of the sandwich processing
machine and delivered into metal plates. Once the slices are set on the
metal plates, square shape metal cutters reach the bread, cut them into
the required shape and remove the crust crust

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ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD LTD 1 Laron-type dwarfism 2 Leukotriene D 3 Long-term
depression, see there 4. Long-term disability. is a food and bread machine manufacturer
with more than 30 years of experience, and the owner, Mr. Robert
Ou-Young, was appointed as a chairman of Taiwan Turnkey Project
Association. Since then, it has brought tremendous advantages for ANKO
to provide optimal successes to food processing plant owners who wish to
implement food processing turnkey projects into their food business.
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