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					Nicolas Bellengé
Address :
40 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris, FRANCE
Date of Birth : 06 of November 1980
Place of Birth : Bordeaux, France
Nationality : French
Driving licence : French licence
E-mail: uld at uldosphere dot org
Cellphone: +33615704502

Website :

                                               Web Designer/Developer

Personal Statement

          A Very social and outgoing personality, with well developed communication and analytical skills. A life's passion for all
areas within the IT subject area including high achieving projects and many IT and computing related personal endeavours.
          Many years of personal and academic studies into web development languages; four years of professional usage to produce
professional and functional web sites, using traditional static, dynamic and modern web 2.0 languages including HTML, CSS, PHP
and MySQL to a high level.
         I heve been working from April 2006 to September 2008 as team lead developer in SIG (Service d'Information du
Gouvernement), which is the French Prime minister's governemental communication unit. My time working for this unit has allowed
me to practice high level OpenSource coding (Spip-Agora), I also improved my capabilities as senior developer with project and
team management roles.
         Now I am consultant in Datavance, working as web developper at Microsoft/Musiwave. I developped many ringtones shop
for mobile phone, using XHTML, PML, OML and many other proprietary markup techologies. I am currently working on a music
streaming plateform, a nice website providing free single and albums prelistening and online shopping solution. We work within a
small team with agile development method (Scrum).
         Highly motivated and committed to achieving a life-long career in the IT sector. I'm currently looking for a job in the
United Kingdom or Ireland.


          2002-2005, French Master Informatique Master's Degree in Engineering, computer science option
          1999-2001, French "BTS Electronique" (BTEC Higher National Diploma, electronic systems option)
          June 1999, French "Baccalauréat" (A-Levels scientific option), with honours

Computer knowledge

IT Skills

       W3C and Web Standards: HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.x, CSS, CSS2, XML, basic knowledge about XSLT
       JavaScript, AJAX (frequent use of, Mootools and JQuery framework)
       Ethernet networks, TCP/IP protocol, Samba.
       PHP4, PHP5, notions about Perl, Python, Ruby.
       C/C++, Bash, Prolog, Assembly.
       GNU/Linux systems (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Fedora), both installing and administrating.
       KDE, GNOME, XFCE...
       Windows family desktop (2000, XP, Vista) and windows server (NT).
Tools and Products
      MySQL, PostGreSql, Oracle.
      CVS, Subversion, Team Foundation Server, Sharepoint, RSync
      System Administration: Apache, MySQL, PostGreSql, Postfix, Amavis, Clamav, SpamAssassin, Mailman, Squid,
      Agile Development: Scrum

          Very good knowledge about SPIP, SPIP/Agora (maintainer), Drupal, phpBB, punBB, Wordpress .
          general knowledge about Mediawiki, Dotclear, Dokuwiki.

Key Skills

          Advaced knowledge and expertise on GNU/Linux based architectures
          PHP5 oriented object conception and developpement
          Application and respect of web W3C standardspement Web (HTML, XHTML, CSS2, accessibility...)
          Specialist in free and open-source solutions for web applications

Professionnal Experience

October 2008 → Today : Datavance (Information technology consulting)

IT Consultant, Spécialist in OpenSource systems and architechtures
Current position :

          Microsoft
                Thematic Ringtone-shop developpement
                Technologies :
                          PHP5 Oo, smarty, CVS, XHTML, WML, IHTML, PML, OML and other proprietary markup

                    MSN Music musical streaming, free prelistening and online store website
                    Technologies :
                             PHP5 Oo, XHTML, Javascript, CSS2, smarty
                             Team Foundation Server, Sharepoint, subversion
                             Agile Development: Scrum

April 2006 → October 2008 : SIG (Service d'Information du Gouvernement)

Web Developer / OpenSource CMS Developer
SIG is the French Prime minister's governemental communication unit. Working there involve developing and maintaining the
French Prime minister website. Therefor I worked as Web developer for the website itself and as OpenSource CMS
developer for the software running the website (CMS called Spip-Agora which is a fork of Spip).

I developed in oriented object PHP5 using MySQL Database, for a 40k    visits per day website.
Leading the IT team (3 others developers) on the French Prime minister website and other inter-governmental websites.
Realizations :

          Et many other inter-governmental websites, such as (Law against tabbacco in public places).
November 2005 → March 2006 : ProximaCreative (WebAgency)

Web applications developer and Search engine optimizer.
Realizations :

         Le Tour du Propriétaire, a mortgage rebuy agency's website based on Typo3.
         La Teste, Cityhall's website of "La Teste de Buch" city, based on SPIP.
         and many more...

October 2004 → August 2005 : VidalVoyages (Travel Agency)

Internship during my last year of Master degree.
Realizations :
         Octobre 2004 → April 2005 : Design and Conding of the travel angency's website :

         Web Hosting administration on dedicated server Apache/Postfix/Bind/Squid/DansGuardian with RedHat7.2


         French, Mother tongue
         English: read and spoken, 915 at TOEIC
         German/Chinese(Mandarin): beginner


         Lead developper and creator of Arkhan a web based asynchronous role playing game. Arkhan is developped using
          PHP5 Oo and MySQL5 technologies, with pieces of Ajax enlightenment and documented with Doxygen, its player
          dedicated forum is propulsed by fluxBB.
         Culture : I like to share knowledge so I contribute to the Wikipedia projet, I am Admin in the French version.
         Leisure : Rubik's Cube, Cinema, Music (pop, rock, symphonic metal), Computers, Poker, Pool...
         Former President of "Paris-Beijing" association, which goal is to promote chinese culture in Paris.
         Former Vice-President of "AMFS" (Aide Moi à Faire Seul, "Help me to learn by myself"), which goal is to help youngs in
          difficult parental situation to do their homework after school.
         Member of Montmartre Holdem, a Texas Holdem Poker club in Paris, montmartre (the place where I live)


         M.De-Vericourt Charles former boss at SIG from 2006 to 2007 (for privacy protection purpose, contact will be given upon
         Miss Teillard d'Eyry Isabelle former boss at SIG from 2007 to 2008 (for privacy protection purpose, contact will be given
          upon request)

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