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									                                                        BUYERS’ GUIDE

                                         gift cards
                                       hen you’re not sure who the recipient is – or you just don’t know
                                       your client or employee that well, a gift card is a great route to go.
                                       It’s also a great choice for spontaneous rewards. Simple stow a few in
                          your desk and hand them out to the next employee who closes a big deal, makes
                          a cost-saving suggestion or otherwise knocks your socks off. When presenting a
                          card, choose one that can be branded with your logo or message, or packaged with
                          a card or personalized note.


                                                             1. HIT THE MARK
                                                     Thank customers, reward your
                                                     team and attract new business
                                                     with Target GiftCards, available
                                                     in amounts from $1 to $2,000.
                                                      Redeemable at 15,000 Target
                                                        and SuperTarget stores or
                                                     online at Available
                                                     from Target Financial Services,

                                                          2. SEND THEM PACKING
                                                       Best Western’s Travel Card
                                                        allows recipients to fit 80
                                                     countries in your wallet. Travel
                                                       cards are accepted at all of
                                                    Best Western’s 4,100 properties
                                                    worldwide and they never expire.
                                                      Available from Best Western,

                                                               3. SHOP ON
                                                     Reward achievement among
                                                      the shopoholics on your list
                                                    with the TJX Gift Card, redeem-
                                                     able at four stores (TJ Maxx,                                  4
                                                    Marshalls, HomeGoods and A.J.
                                                    Wright) and over 1,900 locations
                                                    nationwide. Available from TJX
                                                      Incentive Sales, asi/20060.

                                                          4. CALLING ALL TECHIES
                                                    Finally, your top rep can buy the
                                                    flat-screen TV she’s been covet-
                                                     ing with this Best Buy gift card,
                                                       redeemable at any Best Buy
                                                    store nationwide. Can be brand-
                                                    ed with your company logo. No
                                                     expiration date or maintenance
                                                      fees. Available from Best Buy,

                      BUYERS’ GUIDE

                  gift cards

                               5. R&R
                   Thank employees for all of the
                     overtime they put in with a
                 SpaWish gift certificate, redeem-
                    able at more than 1,500 spas
                   across the country. Recipients
                 simply consult a spa directory to
                  see which spa is closest to their
                 home or office and call to make
                  an appointment for a massage,
                  facial or other pampering treat-
                   ment. Available from SpaWish.
                           com, asi/20050.

7                          6. CHA-CHING!
                 This gift card can be used virtu-
                  ally everywhere in the U.S. that
                 accepts American Express cards.
                   A perfect choice for hard-to-
                   buy-for clients Available from                      8
                    American Express Incentive
                        Services, asi/35498.

                         7. MEMORY MAKER
                  Make it easy for people to share
                  their memories with photo prints
                 from Snapfish. Take advantage of
                   digital technology; where users
                   upload their digital photos and
                   receive 5”X7” prints in the mail.
                 Available from Magnet, asi/70303

                      8. FOR SNAPPY DRESSERS
                   Recipients can use this Lands’
         9       End gift card to shop via phone,
                 online or at Sears stores. Choose
                  from men’s, women’s and kids’
                 clothing along with a line of luxu-
                   rious home fashions. Available
                    from Lands’ End, asi/20040.

                       9. SERIOUS PAMPERING
                    In a rush for a gift? WaySpa
                  Gift Certificates can be used at
                  more than 1,000 participating
                   spas throughout the country.
                 Corporate customization is avail-
                  able, and e-certificates can be
                  delivered directly to the recipi-                                 10
                   ent via e-mail. Available from
            , asi/20080.

                    10. INSTANT ENTERTAINMENT
                  Twentysomethings will love this
                 gift card, which offers wallpapers,
                   music tones and cellular games
                   for any cell phone. The back of
                  the card features the company’s
                 Web address. From there, recipi-
                   ents click on a link to go to the
                  music site. If a company doesn’t
                  want the link on their web page,
                 then a jump page can be created
    11             to host the link. Available from
                     CFS Promotions, asi/42989

                           11. GOOD EATS                                            12
                  Treat someone to a delectable
                   gift certificate good for three
                   delicious items ranging from
                 chocolate covered nuts to gooey
                  brownies. Available from Maple
                      Ridge Farms, asi/68680

                              12. TGIF
                    Reward team members for a
                 great quarter with a T.G.I.Friday’s
                 Gift Card, which can be redeemed
                  at over 590 restaurants nation-
                    wide. Available from Carlson
                       Restaurants, asi/20030.

                                                       November 2007 SUCCESSFUL PROMOTIONS 67

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