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Honduras was the original banana republic and is still one of the
least developed and industrialized countries in Central America.
Despite its turbulent political history, the poor cousin of the region
has barely registered on the Western radar, apart from its short role
in the 1980s as a breeding ground for US covert operations. The
slow pace, natural beauty and low-profile tourism make it
particularly appealing to travelers (well-armed with insect repellent)
who enjoy getting off the beaten track. However, the country was
devastated by one of the strongest hurricanes of the 20th century -
Hurricane Mitch in October 1998. Thanks to international relief
efforts, much of the infrastructure has now been repaired and
tourism has returned to pre-Mitch levels.
Money and Costs
Currency: Lempira
• Meals
• Budget: US$2-5
• Mid-range: US$5-10
• Top-end: US$10 and upwards
•   Budget: US$5-15
•   Mid-range: US$15-30
•   Top-end: US$30+
•   Honduras is an extremely
    inexpensive destination. For
    US$15 a day or less, budget
    travelers will be able to eat three
    meals and sleep in a relatively
    clean room. High rollers in the big
    city can still squeak by on US$50 a
    day, and that includes a several-
    course meal or two.
    Money and Costs Cont.
• Most businesses deal exclusively in lempiras, and the US
    dollar is the only currency that's easily exchanged; away
    from the borders it's even difficult to change
    Guatemalan, Salvadoran or Nicaraguan notes. Lloyd's
    Bank in Tegucigalpa will change Canadian, British and
    German currency. Black-market exchange rates are
    usually comparable to bank rates.
•   Most Hondurans do not tip. In places where tourism has
    left its mark, tipping is more common, usually anything
    from a little loose change up to 10% of the bill.
    Bargaining is not as common in Honduras as in other
    Latin American countries, but at outdoor markets you
    might be able to save a lempira or two.
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