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									The Life Cycle
of a Frog
1st grade lesson designed
by Rachael Church
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What is a life cycle?
A Life Cycle is something
that all living things go
through. They have a
beginning and an end,
and during the life cycle
many changes can take
The frog life cycle has
many different changes
that take place. They
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change shape from an
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egg, to a tadpole, and
finally to a frog.
Stages in a frogs life cycle
 The frog begins as a little
 The egg hatches, and grows
  into a tadpole with a tail
 The tadpole swims around in
                                  Picture retrieved from:
  water until it begins to grow
  feet                            ary/lifecycle/froglifecycle.GIF

                                  On September 27, 2006
 After the feet grow, the
  tadpoles tail disappears
 Now, it has become a frog,
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Let’s get ready to answer a
During which stage of the frogs life cycle
does it have a tail?

    Egg
    Tadpole
    Frog
    Hopping
Oops! That wasn’t
the right answer.

       Please go back and
       take another look at
       the life cycle of a frog.

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Great job! You have the
right answer

   You are now an
   expert on the life
   cycle of a frog!
   Give yourself a pat
   on the back.

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