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									                                   New Consultant Tip Sheet

I am so excited that you’ve decided to join the business! There are a few things that you’ll want to do to
ensure a smooth start. The following Tip Sheet is designed to help you with the process.

   1. Contact Information – You want to make sure that your clients will be able to contact you now,
      as well as 2 years from now. This is ensured through consistency – and a surefire way to remain
      consistent is through email. I suggest a Hotmail, Yahoo, or MSN email account. These accounts
      remain the same when you move, change internet service providers (ISPs), change employers,
      etc. And, don’t forget to create an email signature telling everyone about your new business and
      how they can contact you. Cell phones are also a good way to remain consistent – it’s a number
      you don’t change often and you can now take with you when you change cell phone companies.
      You can also record your voicemail message to reflect your new Passion Parties business.

   2. Kit – Make sure you know your kit inside and out. If you want, make a checklist of everything in it
      – check before and after parties to ensure you haven’t left anything at a hostess’ house. Your
      inventory is part of your livelihood – make sure you take care of it. I suggest getting a small rolling
      suitcase (a carry-on size is good – you can always upsize when necessary). Trust me, over time,
      your kit will grow and get heavier, you’ll be happy you got the rolling case. Put your toys in zip-
      lock bags this will help preserve them while they’re in your demo case.

   3. Organization – Keep yourself organized. This is very important, especially when you’re doing
      parties. You want to look as professional as possible – and organization is the key! Make use of
      your filing cabinet or get a portable filing box/accordion folder from Target or Wal-Mart– keep all
      your old orders, receipts for tax write-offs, extra catalogs & order forms, and all other Passion
      Parties related stuff.

   4. Business Tools – Business cards, hostess packets, letters, forms, etc. You’ll find all Passion
      Parties forms on the Passion Parties Back Office website under Data/Reports, and then go to
      Company Documents. I have enclosed a CD of sample hostess letter that I use (but feel free to
      make up your own if you wish). In addition you will find templates for business cards, thank you
      notes, invitations that you can plug int your contact information into take to Kinko’s to be printed.

   5. Website – Sign up for your own personal Passion Parties website. The YourPassionConsultant
      (YPC) sites are just $19.95 per month and features a full-service shopping cart. Go to and register your Passion Parties website name. I suggest
      getting a personalized domain name that redirects to your Passion Parties website. It’s easier for
      your clients to remember (and type),, rather than Domain names ( are
      relatively inexpensive and are good for at least one year (longer if you pay for it) and it’s easy –
      the only hard part is finding a good name that hasn’t already been taken! You can go to, or & search for available domain names.
   6. Yahoo! Groups: PathToSuccess – Join our Yahoo! Group – you can talk to other consultants
      from our team, ask questions, give/get advice, share ideas, be informed about events and
      meetings, and get moral support from others who have been-there-done-that and can lend an ear.
      Send an email to

   * * * TIPS * * *
    Always arrive to your parties 15-30 minutes early (depending on your need for set-up time)
       and talk with your hostess about where to set up and gather any additional information you may

    Presentation sells product – make sure your set-up looks good. Think about how products are
       displayed in stores: labels facing forward, tall bottles behind short bottles, etc. Also, I like to use a
       nice (not necessarily expensive) fabric or a table cloth to cover the presentation table, as well as a
       nice piece of fabric to cover the toys to prevent guests from “peeking” before the presentation.

    Fake it ‘til you make it! – You probably won’t know the product inside-out your first couple
       parties – no big deal! Glance at the label and refresh your memory while presenting – you can
       even print out the labels on the Success CD and put little labels on your products – and when you
       pass them around the room, guests will look at the label and think it’s for their reference!


Don’t worry! You’ll do great! Everyone gets a little nervous sometimes, it will pass – especially if your
hostess is serving liquor!! 

So, get out there and make your business successful! I’m always here if you need me – please don’t
hesitate to call or email and ask questions or ask for advice.

I wish you all the best! See you at the top!

Dana Froneberger
(707) 463-0990

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