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					                                              Cal Poly Pomona
                                          Human Resource Services
     Benefits-Related Phone Numbers, Group Numbers, and Web Sites
    Following are the most commonly requested phone numbers, group numbers, and Web sites related to the
    benefits program:
                                         Medical, Dental, and Vision
Medical Plans             Group Number                  Phone #          Web Site
Blue Shield HMO           PH0001                        1-800-334-5847
Blue Shield NetValue      PH0010                        1-800-334-5847
HMO                                                                      me.jhtml
Kaiser Permanente         105701-00                     1-800-464-4000
PERS Choice               CB010                         1-877-737-7776
(Blue Cross PPO)
PERS-CARE                 KB010                         1-877-737-7776
(Blue Cross PPO)
PERS Select (Blue Cross                                 1-877-737-7776
CalPERS (ACES)            All Medical Plans             1-800-237-3345
MEDCO                                                   1-877-737-7776
Dental Plans              Group Number                  Phone #          Web Site
Delta Dental Plan of      4018                          1-888-335-8227
Deltacare USA             02034-0001 (Basic)            1-800-422-4234
Vision Plan               Group Number                  Phone #          Web Site
Vision Service Plan       12292796                      1-800-877-7195
(VSP)                                                                    ision.shtml

                                              Miscellaneous Numbers
Organization/Agency                                     Phone Number     Web Site

ASI - Dependent Care and Health Care Reimbursement      1-800-659-3035
Reimbursement RReimbursement Insurance)
California Casualty (A+ Auto & Home                     1-800-345-7244
CalPERS Home Loan Program                               1-800-874-7377
CalPERS Long-Term Care                                  1-800-338-2244
Internal Revenue Service--IRS (Federal Tax)             1-800-829-1040
Medical Board of California                             1-800-633-2322
National Center for Health Statistics - Vital Records   N/A    
Sanders & Associates - Voluntary Insurances             1-800-537-2476
Savings Plus Program                                    1-866-566-4777
Social Security Administration                          1-800-772-1213
Securities Exchange Commission (Investor’s Info.)       N/A    
Standard Insurance - Life and LTD-CSU Groups            1-800-378-5745
Standard Life Insurance-Voluntary Insurance             1-800-378-5745
State Controller’s Office - California                  N/A    

                    California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)

CalPERS Web Site address is . Phone numbers for various CalPERS divisions and area field
offices are as follows:

 CalPERS Division/Office          Areas of Service                     Phone/Fax Number

 Health Benefits Division            Benefits eligibility
                                     Enrollment problems              (888) CalPERS (225-7377)
 P.O. Box 942714                     Enrollment status
 Sacramento, CA 94229-2714
 Benefit Application Services        Refund information and requests
                                     Pre-retirement death notifications (888) CalPERS (225-7377)
                                     Community property information
 P.O. Box 942711                     Requests for retirement estimates
 Sacramento, CA 94229-2711           Retirement processing
 Member Services Division            Membership review
                                     Annual member statements           (888) CalPERS (225-7377)
 P.O. Box 942704                     Reciprocity
 Sacramento, CA 94229-2704           Service credit purchases
 Glendale Regional Office            Retirement services
                                     Member services                    (888) CalPERS (225-7377)
 Glendale Plaza                      Retirement and financial planning
 655 North Central Avenue,            assistance
 Suite 1400
 Glendale, CA 91203-1400
 Orange County Field Office          Retirement services
                                     Member services                   (888) CalPERS (225-7377)
 Koll Center Orange                  Retirement and financial planning
 500 North State College Blvd.        assistance
 Suite 750
 Orange, CA 92668
 San Bernardino Field Office         Retirement services
                                     Member services                   (888) CalPERS (225-7377)
 Lakeside Tower, 3rd Floor           Retirement and financial planning
 650 East Hospitality Lane            assistance
 Suite 330
 San Bernardino, CA 92408

               Retirement Plans for Part-Time, Seasonal and Temporary Employees

 Plan                             Phone Number                         Web Site

 UC Defined Contribution Plan     1-800-888-8267, ext. 70651 
 Part-Time, Seasonal,             1-916-322-5070             
 Temporary (PST)                  1-866-566-4777
                                                                                                    Rev. 5/11/2010

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