Watson by Odysseus179


									it seems ironic that a former highly ethnic culture would now become so global that salsa historically represented a delimited freedom, why dynamic process of globalization and relocalization that greatly expands salsa's popular significance salsa is an alternative style to the US/European rock & R&B music hegemony becoming a vehicle for them to be in the world when barriers of class and race prevent them from accessing elite forms of cosmopolitan culture resisted Americanization.

As the world converges to one culture? an impartial study of the motivation for as global culture, salsa is constantly evolving. as a musical form, salsa encompasses Cuban gu Colombian salsa: Sonora Carruseles complex dynamics of cultural exchange My salsa instructors, Sergio and Salud, classified it as any song with 4/4 time at an appropriate temp for salsa dancing. Other than exploring its rich history, in pursuit of my passion for dance. salsa has taken root in those countries just as soccer has taken root in Brazil. See people dance in the streets, to seek celebration in its most native form. Interview them and observe their philosophy towards this dance. salsa is an inclusive dance, a social dance that accommodates people of all ages groups. salsa in choreographic term encompasses the Puerto Rican style, NY style(Mambo), the Casino de Rueda(Cuban style).

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