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Meeting Summary Report
June 13, 2012

Prepared for:
La Paz Focused Future II
Action Team

Prepared by:
Partners for Strategic Action, Inc.
                                            LA PAZ FOCUSED FUTURE II
                                                 TOWN HALL 2012
                                                SUMMARY REPORT
                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

I.       INTRODUCTION .................................................................................................. 2

II.      CIVIC PARTICIPATION ........................................................................................ 3

III.     FOCUS AREAS, GOALS, AND PRIORITIZED STRATEGIES ................................... 5
           Focus Areas and Goals ................................................................................................. 5
           Strategies Prioritized ...................................................................................................... 7
           Community Indicators ...................................................................................................... 8

IV.      SMALL GROUP REPORTS .................................................................................. 10
           Yellow Group – Sally Odette Facilitator ................................................................ 10
           Red Group – Audra Koester Thomas Facilitator .................................................... 12
           Green Group - Jeanne Blackman Facilitator......................................................... 14
           Blue Group – Evelyn Casuga Facilitator.................................................................. 16

V.       EVENT EVALUATION ........................................................................................ 18

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                                                                       1
June 2012
In late 2011, leaders within the La Paz area embarked on a very challenging project to develop
a comprehensive economic development plan called the Focused Future Strategic Plan for Economic
Development. The La Paz Economic Development Corporation and other key stakeholders are the
local sponsors along with APS of the Focused Future II process. All of these entities have been
actively working together to strengthen the local and regional economy.

As a new era of economic development unfolds, the need for La Paz to work even smarter
toward its economic goals is more pronounced. Focused Future II offers a forum rich with
opportunity to be on the cutting edge of economic development. It is the goal of Focused Future II
to bring together the citizens, landowners, agencies, policy makers, and other stakeholders to
develop the La Paz Focused Future Strategic Plan for Economic Development.

The community contacted APS to utilize the successful Focused Future process to provide the
framework for the plan’s development. La Paz was selected to participate in
the APS sponsored program called “Focused Future II.” Elements of the
Focused Future II process included an examination of successes and
challenges, issue and trend analysis, and exploration of best practices.
Included in the process is the design of a new model of non-traditional
economic and community indicators developed to monitor successes.

At the heart of the process is an active, broad-based citizen and stakeholder
committee called the Action Team. Their purpose is to work closely with APS
and their consultants in completing the project. The Action Team has met
several times to date. Unique to Focused Future II is the inclusion of the
citizenry in the development of goals and community indicators through the
Economic Development Town Hall.

The Economic Development Town Hall is the second public event in the
process. It brought together La Paz residents for a half-day event to discuss,
debate, and reach consensus on the future direction of the region. The input received provides the
Action Team direction as they work to develop a plan that delineates how the La Paz area will
strengthen its economic position and improve its quality of life.

The La Paz Economic Development Town Hall was held Wednesday, June 13, 2012 10:00 AM to
3:00 PM. This report presents the results of the La Paz Town Hall. The day started with
presentations about La Paz of the past and present. Additionally, presentations were provided
about the process to date and an overview of community indicators.

Town Hall participants were divided into four groups. Each group had a facilitator, recorder, and
reporter that assisted the group as the participants discussed the Focus Areas developed by the
Focused Future Action Team. Each group developed strategies and community indicators for each
of the Focus Areas.

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                           2
June 2012
The participants were asked how to improve community communications within La Paz. Sally
Odette gave an overview of the Civil Participation topic. Sally explained that there are four
prominent and typical obstacles to effective local problem solving. NOTE: These are not intended
to say that La Paz demonstrates any of these. They are:

1. Frustrated and Angry Citizens. Apathy or lack of trust in the political system can cause this.
   Citizens have a feeling that their participation does not matter which translates into low voter
   turnout or people do not show up for public meetings or hearings. The consequence of this is
   that people will spend their time in areas they feel they have an impact (e.g., church or

2. Presumption of Bad Intent. In the past 30 years or so, communities operated differently.
   Decisions were made in private for the good of the people. People assumed hidden agendas
   and were suspicious. They felt that elected leaders had ulterior motives, whether true or not.
   The consequence of this is it will limit the community’s ability to address challenges.

3. Negative Media. In many communities citizens report that the media is a barrier to getting
   things done because the media is fixated on sensationalism. They are concerned that the
   media highlights disagreements while ignoring those in search of common ground. The media
   perpetuates the public’s cynicism, suspicion, and anger. The consequence of this is that people
   lose faith in the possibility of making positive changes.

4. Dysfunctional Politics. Local politics in many communities have become the target of jokes,
   sarcasm, and cynicism. Residents mock politicians and the process. Local politics become
   entertainment, not known for its ability to make any difference in the community.
   Consequences of having local government get this bad result is the fact that substantive issues
   are ignored resulting in all the more reason why citizens decide not to get involved.

These are examples of truly non-functioning, unhealthy communities. However, there is hope. The
new model of citizen democracy as well as the evolution of community problem solving is called
“collaboration.” By bringing all (i.e., public and private sectors) to the table to discuss issues
facing the community’s future in a constructive dialogue is representative of this new model. This
La Paz Town Hall meeting is a good example of this new model of citizen collaboration.

Along with this model is the notion of “Safe” or “Civic” space. These are places where diverse
perspectives are brought together and where leaders convene discussions that develop strategies
to constructively address community issues. This process can sometimes be messy and time-
consuming work, but it saves time on the back end when a community moves into implementation
and the result is that it goes smoother and much quicker.

Before launching the group into small group discussions, Sally left them with a couple of thoughts:

      This community needs to define or redefine the meaning of democracy, community, citizenship,
      and leadership.

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                                3
June 2012
    Issues do not stop communities, communities stop themselves.

Sally said though the discussion at the Town Hall will only scratch the surface, she suggested that
the La Paz area continue to explore how the region will move forward with a “shared vision and
common goals” for civic participation.

Following is a summary of the ideas developed during the discussions.


How do we share information?
     News media
     Word of mouth
     Social network media
     Community gathering

How do we reach consensus?
     Through respect and trust
     Open discussion
     Being open minded; open to other opinions
     Willing to compromise; participation


How do we educate our citizens to meet community challenges?
Broad communication
Share information
Good leaders
Ease of communication with city and county

How are we building community leadership?
Meetings like today and development of the Action Plan

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                                4
June 2012
Each of the four groups discussed the work completed to date by the Action Team. The first step
was the discussion of the Strategic Focus Areas that were developed. Then the small groups
identified strategies for each focus area and finally identified community indicators. All
participants had an opportunity to listen to group reports, review each of the strategies
identified, and then select their top choices for the Action Team to consider.

Participants reviewed the Action Team’s strategic focus areas and agreed that they were
appropriate. There were a few minor suggestions made to the goals and are noted below.

Business Development
La Paz has the opportunity to diversify and strengthen the regional economy by attracting new
and expanding existing business. The region has quality locations. The airport owned by the
Colorado River Indian Tribes is a tremendous asset that could be attractive for industrial
development. Continuing to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit within the region will complement
the trend of the growing small business sector. Ensuring training and development across
workforce needs, and promoting the affordable living in the region, will position La Paz as an
economic development hub. Working with existing businesses, building on assets to create new
enterprises, and attracting new light industrial development to the region is what this focus area is

Potential industry sectors that offer promise for La Paz include:
   • Renewable Energy
   • Manufacturing
   • Waste and Recycling
   • Value Added Agriculture

   1. Increase the number of jobs within La Paz.
   2. Increase capital investments.
   3. Increase the average wage within La Paz County.
   4. ADD – Retention of current businesses.

Focus Area – Hospitality and Tourism as an Economic Opportunity
La Paz County should position itself to maximize the potential of people coming to enjoy the
Colorado River and the region’s natural environment. People who visit region often make it their
home, bringing their business to the area. To accomplish this focus area, La Paz should maximize
and expand recreational opportunities associated with the river and natural environment.

   • Hospitality Industry
   • Tourism Attraction
   • Recreational development

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                             5
June 2012
Goal: Capture and expand the revenues that can be generated by visitors to the region.
ADD – Diversity activities

Focus Area – Healthcare (ADD – Medical and Healthcare)
Quality healthcare is an important component of the region’s quality of life. Available, quality
healthcare services is an important economic driver and is a business location factor. Stopping
medical leakage and keeping the healthcare dollars in the region can result in a tremendous
boost to the economy.

Goal: Continually improve and provide needed specialty healthcare services throughout the
county to reduce expenditures on unnecessary emergency transport and medical leakage.
ADD – Addition of pharmaceutical services.

NOTE: Consider merging this focus area with Community Development.

Focus Area - Community Development Promoting Quality of Life and Livability
Ensuring that the foundational structure is in place region-wide to support business development
and the regions quality of life is critical. Cultivating a dynamic region which ensures a quality way
of life for all residents and visitors (young and old) is important to La Paz. Continuing to expand
the infrastructure, public safety, and improve educational opportunities to meet the area’s current
and future needs is critical.

Goal: Provide the infrastructure and public services to support regional economic growth.

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                             6
June 2012
Following is a summary of the prioritized Strategies and a list of Community Indicators developed
by the Town Hall participants. The number indicates the total of votes each received. It is
important to note that all of the strategies listed were identified as important but the participants
were given a limited number of voting dots to select their highest priorities.

Develop broadband, high speed Internet services                                               16
Attract extended healthcare services such as assisted living; conduct feasibility study       16
Attract more housing                                                                          13
Work with BLM to open more land for development                                               12
Sunset development agreements                                                                 11
Attract technical and trade schools to keep young people in the area                          10
Develop new signature events so tourists will stay; develop controls                          10
Link all chambers of commerce more effectively (mixers, websites, etc.)                       9
Streamline plan approval process (i.e. pre-approval, permitting) to reduce red tape           9
Invest in locally produced products                                                           8
Hire a regional grant writer                                                                  7
Market and sell La Paz County as home base for winter recreation and tourism                  6
Amend zoning to be more development friendly (eliminate conditional zoning)                   6
Develop railroad potential                                                                    4
Use solar project as tourism draw as well as job creation                                     4
Expand the joint program between the high school and AZ Western College so                    4
graduating students receive a skill or degree
Work with APS to extend power affordably (spread payments over time)                          4
Capitalize on renewal energy resources (solar, wind)                                          3
Improve schools                                                                               3
Attract pharmaceutical services                                                               3
Identify and prioritize infrastructure needs for funding by the cities and county; explore    2
Develop Assessors’ website                                                                    2
Expand 425 Race                                                                               2
Expand education and job training                                                             2
Improve regional transportation system; particularly from East County                         2
Ensure uniformity in development codes across the county                                      1
Implement a private property beautification program                                           1
Attract specialty healthcare services to La Paz                                               1
Communicate other community success stories                                                   1
Develop and create a system that encourages small business development (niche)                1
Pursue more grants to improve healthcare                                                      1
Enhance visitor services                                                                      1
Utilize small business development center to educate business owners                          1
Add more activities for children                                                              1
Better collaboration with the Tribe                                                           1
Develop a regional plan                                                                       1
Enhance tele-medicine by improving telecommunications infrastructure                          1
Realistic review of floodplain regulations                                                    1
Diversity municipal funding away from sales tax

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                              7
June 2012
Improve doctor to patient ratios
Ensure ADA compliance in all facilities
Public employees join hospital self insured program
Improve reputation of hospital (services and cost) experience
Attract more doctors to outlying areas
Expand hospital urgent care homes
Market healthcare services
Attract mobile medical services
Attract support for caregivers
Identify areas for industrial
Encourage businesses to use local wellness providers
Identify a single point for communications and promotions countywide
Encourage support of all community events by all areas
Identify special areas for development
Develop more medical transportation for people getting to doctors, etc.
Implement free Internet services
Ensure a competitive tax structure
Expand amenities available to visitors
Community College to develop a hospitality and tourism program
Develop bike trails along the river
Develop incentives for business development
Develop business joint marketing program
Better utilization of social media marketing for business development

  1 Hotel/motel vacancy rates
  2 Sales tax revenues and rate ratio
  3 Bed tax figures
  4 Track OHV stickers
  5 Enrollment/Drop-out rates/AIMS scores
  6 Real estate sales
  7 Building permits by type
  8 Ration of building permits to development implementation
  9 Population estimates
  10 Hospital admissions
  11 Emergency room visits
  12 Number of assisted living beds
  13 Medical professionals relocating to La Paz County
  14 Transports to other medical specialties
  15 Number of new births locally
  16 911 calls for medical/safety (i.e. types of services)
  17 Unemployment rate
  18 Participation in training programs
  19 Small Business Development Center utilization of resources
  20 Property values
  21 Vehicle registrations
  22 Number of students in La Paz school system and AZ Western College training programs
     (census of students)
La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                     8
June 2012
    23   Graduation rates
    24   Hospital operating revenues
    25   Number of new events
    26   Annual total direct spending in the county
    27   Land census
    28   Patient surveys (i.e. patient experience)
    29   Visitor head count (visitors centers, mailing information packets, and phone calls)
    30   Hospital census
    31   Newspaper circulation
    32   Business licenses
    33   Increased demand for resources
    34   Tonnage of garbage
    35   Number of jobs
    36   Disposable income
    37   Wages
    38   Skilled labor force
    39   Increased tourism
    40   Diversity
    41   Poverty level
    42   Tourism user survey (length of stay, satisfaction)
    43   Crime rate
    44   Fire reports and response times
    45   BLM permits
    46   DMV registrations
    47   P.O. Box rentals
    48   Enrollment in continuing educational programs

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                         9
June 2012

Yellow Group

Facilitator: Sally Odette
Recorder: Tim Edwards
Linda Darland                            Julie Timmons          Lucas Marler
Cheryl Montijo                           John Bennett           Kathleine Ocampo
Michael Hager                            Jim Meckley            Missi Gilbert
Sharon Schuler                           Nora Yacklay           David Bull
Pat Palmer                               James Ehasz            George Nault
Roxanne K. Barrett                       Michael Jeritt

Focus Area Discussion
The Yellow Group agreed to all four Focus Areas and Goals. Action Team should consider
merging the Healthcare Focus Area with Community Development.

Strategy Development
Focus Area: Business Development
    1. Advertise county with a focus on business
    2. Identify specific areas for development.
    3. Amend zoning to become development friendly.
    4. The towns need to invest in the infrastructure.
    5. Develop/create a system that encourages small
        business development.
    6. Streamline the plan approval process (i.e. pre-
        approval permitting, fast track incentives).

Focus Area: Hospitality and Tourism as an Economic Opportunity
    1. Single point for promotion/communication.
    2. Expanding on the awareness of sponsored events. How do these events build our
    3. Community College should develop a hospitality/tourism course.
    4. Events get out of hand – need to develop some controls.
    5. Diversify the types of events.
    6. Add bike trails somewhere along the river area.
    7. Add more activities for children.

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                   10
June 2012
Focus Area: Healthcare
    1. Need for pharmaceutical services.
    2. Bring in specialty services (e.g. cancer specialists).
    3. Need more doctors in outlying areas.
    4. Solicit mobile medical services (e.g. optical vans).
    5. Attract assisted living specialties.
    6. Secure funding for long-term care.
    7. Attract support for caregivers (i.e. relief support).

Focus Area: Community Development Promoting Quality of Life and Livability
    1. Work with APS to extend power to property affordably; spread payments over time.
    2. Order products online and provide delivery services.
    3. Education for high school seniors that encourage youth to stay in community; technical
        schools and trade schools.
    4. Move away from sales tax as a funding source for municipalities.
    5. Implement/increase property tax.
    6. Uniformity in construction codes (state and county).
    7. Don’t change rules in the middle of construction projects.
    8. Eliminate conditional and special use permit zoning.
    9. Realistic review of floodplain designation.
    10. Reduce/review bureaucratic red tape.
    11. Implement and improve website presence for information about towns, counties, etc.
    12. Implement private property owner beautification program.

Community Indicators:
  1. Hotel/motel vacancy rates
  2. Sales tax/bed tax figures
  3. Track OHV stickers
  4. Enrollment/Drop-out rates/AIMS scores
  5. Real estate sales
  6. Building permits by type
  7. Building permits
  8. Population estimates
  9. Hospital admissions
  10. Emergency room visits
  11. Number of new births locally
  12. 911 calls for medical/safety (i.e. types of services)

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                          11
June 2012
Red Group

Facilitator: Audra Koester Thomas
Recorder: Mary Hamilton
Rock Cramer                              Colleen McVey              Steve Draper
Bernadette L. Jokkel                     Don Turman                 Lauri J. Burke
Frank Goodyear                           Barbara Schwind            Dana Ramirez
David Murphy                             Janice Shelton             Megan Zynda
Mary Lomberto                            Shelley Baker

Focus Area Discussion
The Red Group agreed to all four Focus Areas and Goals.
Action Team suggested that the Healthcare Focus Area
change to “Medical and Healthcare.”

Strategy Development
Focus Area: Business Development
    1 Education and job force training for high
        quality/wage jobs.
    2 Streamline the regulatory system.
    3 Invest in locally produced items (i.e. produce,
        manufacturing, and services).
    4 Attract quality jobs.
    5 Utilize the small business development center to educate business owners.
    6 Ensure a competitive tax structure.

Focus Area: Hospitality and Tourism as an Economic Opportunity
    1 Capitalize on existing events.
    2 Create more events.
    3 Continually invest in tourism marketing and advertising.
    4 Add bed tax in the county.

Focus Area: Healthcare
    1 Businesses should use local wellness providers.
    2 Attract assisted living.
    3 Public employees should join hospital self-insured program.
    4 Improve reputation of the hospital (service and cost).
    5 Improve hospital experience.
    6 Expand hospital urgent care homes.
    7 Market healthcare resources.

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                               12
June 2012
Focus Area: Community Development Promoting Quality of Life and Livability
    1 ADA compliance in all facilities.
    2 Increase the amount of available commercial (private) land.
    3 Capital on renewable energy (harvest solar and wind).
    4 Improve broadband (high speed Internet) services.
    5 Increase mass transportation opportunities throughout the region.
    6 Sunset development agreements.
    7 Assessor’s Office website development.
    8 Increase availability of housing.
    9 Improve incentives for infrastructure improvements.

Community Indicators:
  1 Sale tax revenue/rate
  2 Unemployment rate
  3 Participation in training programs
  4 Number of building permits issues (all categories)
  5 Small Business Development Center utilization of resources
  6 Property values
  7 Vehicle registrations
  8 Ratio of building permits to development implementation
  9 Number of assisted living beds
  10 Medical professionals relocating to La Paz County
  11 Number of students in La Paz school system and AZ Western College training programs
     (census of students)
  12 Graduation rates
  13 Hospital operating revenues
  14 Hotel occupancy rates
  15 Number of new events
  16 Annual total direct spending in the county
  17 Land census
  18 Number of medical transports out
  19 Patient surveys (i.e. patient experience)
  20 Visitor head count (visitors centers, mailing information packets, and phone calls)
  21 Hospital census

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                     13
June 2012
Green Group

Facilitator: Jeanne Blackman
Recorder: Ana Comacho
Patricia Anderson                        Michael Baker                Pamela Brookman
Bob Eichel                               Shanana “Rain” Golden-Bear   Paula Hunter
Chonna Marshall                          Rick Murphy                  Stacie Ross
Tammy Thorn                              Richard Trusty               Dennis Wall
Lisa Whittier                            Lyle Browning                Adonis Alamban
Don Rountree

Focus Area Discussion
The Green Group agreed to all four Focus Areas and Goals.

Strategy Development
Focus Area: Business Development
    1 Market and sell La Paz County.
    2 Provide incentives for La Paz County new businesses.
    3 Pursue more collaboration with the leadership of the
    4 Promote solar projects for business and commercial opportunities.
    5 Implement more aggressive marketing strategies.

Focus Area: Hospitality and Tourism as an Economic Opportunity
    1 Pursue more creative ways for marketing partners.
    2 Promote joint marketing opportunities.
    3 Expand social media marketing opportunities.
    4 Expand on 425 Race.
    5 Develop new signature events.
    6 Make it attractive to be here. Enhance/utilize what we already have.
    7 Quartzsite and Parker should partner to promote year round tourism.
    8 Link all chambers with mixers and websites.
    9 Unification of all the communities; all working together.
    10 Support all of the various community events.

Focus Area: Healthcare
    1 Pursue more grants.
    2 Promote and expand tele-medicine/internet.
    3 Attract an extended care facility or assisted living facility. Perform a feasibility study.
    4 Attract specialty medical services.
    5 Attract more housing for doctors, etc.
    6 Improve the educational system that is important to attract healthcare professionals.
    7 Free internet services.
La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                              14
June 2012
Focus Area: Community Development Promoting Quality of Life and Livability
    1 Identify more land available for development.
    2 Develop a regional plan.
    3 Need more industrial areas.
    4 Convince BLM to open up more land.
    5 Use other communities as models and promote their successes as examples.

Community Indicators:
  1 Revenues
  2 Sales tax/bed tax
  3 Newspaper circulation
  4 Business licenses
  5 Building permits
  6 Increased demand on resources
  7 Birth rates
  8 ER visits
  9 School enrollment
  10 Tonnage of garbage
  11 Jobs
  12 Population
  13 Increase in event attendance
  14 Disposable income
  15 Graduation rates
  16 Increase in healthcare service
  17 Sustainable generations
  18 Wages
  19 Skilled work force
  20 Diversity
  21 Increased tourism

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                           15
June 2012
Blue Group

Facilitator: Evelyn Casuga
Recorder: Pat Wahl
Katie Turnbow                            Norm Simpson             Marion Shoutz
Rich Tozer                               Dan Beaver               John Drum
JoAnn Swaffar                            Mark Goldberg            JoAnne Ehasz
Melanie Sarint                           Vickie Clark             Al Johnson
Bruce Swart                              Squeak Kossnar           Kenneth Montijo
Blain Harold                             Illene Wood

Focus Area Discussion
The Blue Group agreed to all four Focus Areas and Goals. However, they made the following
minor additions to the goals. They suggest adding “Retention
of current businesses” to Business Development and adding
“Diversify activities” to Hospitality and Tourism.

Strategy Development
Focus Area: Business Development
    1 Identify “niche” businesses to fill the gap in available
        services (link to focus areas).
    2 Develop railroad potential.
    3 Stress retention of current businesses.
    4 Use solar project as tourism draw as well as a job
    5 Expand the joint program between the high school and AZ Western College so
        graduating students can attain work skills or a degree.

Focus Area: Hospitality and Tourism as an Economic Opportunity
    1 Expand amenities available to keep visitors.
    2 More events so tourists will come and stay.
    3 Stress that the area is a perfect “home base” for winter recreation throughout Arizona.
    4 Try to get Internet information updated.
    5 Advertise throughout Arizona particularly in the Phoenix and Mesa areas.

Focus Area: Healthcare
    1 Attract more assisted living facilities.
    2 More healthcare education opportunities.
    3 Improve transportation from East County (Salome/Wenden) because of bad roads.
    4 Develop pharmacy options for outer county areas.
    5 More medical transportation for doctor appointments and to get prescription drugs.
    6 Attract more board certified physicians and improve the doctor to patient ratios.
La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                          16
June 2012
Focus Area: Community Development Promoting Quality of Life and Livability
    1 Improve telecommunications in the area.
    2 Regional public transportation improvements.
    3 Beautification and improved appearance of downtowns.
    4 Prioritize infrastructure needs.
    5 Aggressively seek grants.
    6 Officials need to recognize that some “expenses” are investments for the future.
    7 Possible “regional” grant writer to make applications more efficient.
    8 Plan for future water and wastewater needs.
    9 Need to network and communicate more effectively countywide.

Community Indicators:
  1 Patient out-migration statistics
  2 Rom tax revenues and occupancy rates
  3 US Census data regarding businesses, poverty levels
  4 Business license
  5 Sales taxes
  6 AZ Healthmatters
  7 Building permits
  8 Visitor user survey (length of stay, satisfaction)
  9 Crime rate
  10 Fire reports and response times
  11 Number of students
  12 Test scores
  13 Graduation rates
  14 BLM permits
  15 Social media mentions (through Chambers)
  16 Number of home sales
  17 Overall wages
  18 DMV registrations
  19 P.O. Box rentals
  20 Unemployment rates
  21 Job creation
  22 Enrollment in continuing education

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                   17
June 2012
Following is a summary of the La Paz Town Hall. 29 Surveys received.

                                             Poor   Fair   Good   Excellent
                          Topic               -      1      7        13
                                              -      -      15       13
                          Group Size          -      5      11       11
                          Meeting Facility    1      -       9       19
                          Facilitators &
                                              -      1      4        21

What did you like most about the Economic Development Town Hall?
  • Information
  • Small group discussions – voting on last 63
  • Exchanging ideas that will benefit the future
  • Good gathering of different people; different
  • The diverse groups of people in attendance and
      their ideas to better our community
  • Exchange of ideas from people you usually don’t
      associate with. People had great perspectives I
      had not heard.
  • It is a constructive endeavor for the region and
      local communities.
  • This was my first meeting of this type. Enjoyed it all.
  • Group participation on providing an outlook for the community.
  • Getting the opinions of regular town folk.
  • Informative about what this program is and the possibility of advancements in this area.
  • Talking with other members of the area and community leaders.
  • Opportunity to gather information that can then be utilized to develop an effective plan.
  • Chance to meet other business owners and individuals in the community.
  • Sharing of information and hearing others ideas.
  • Bringing the different ideas/opinions together.
  • Breakout groups.
  • Everything.
  • Sharing ideas and solutions.
  • Learned more about La Paz County.
  • Networking.

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                      18
June 2012
    •    The ability to gather group ideas.
    •    New ideas for growth; guidelines/rules.
    •    Lots of ideas for growth.
    •    Very informative about local issues.
    •    That there is a group formed to focus on the
    •    Open dialogue with citizens countywide.
    •    Very good chicken lunch.
    •    The format and small groups for discussion.

What did you dislike?
  • People using the event to advance personal
  • Difficult for some to think beyond their
  • No tribal influence; too many people running for office
  • Really nothing – it was all great.
  • Lunch discussion was weak. Needed facilitators to be effective.
  • Some people came with their own agenda.
  • No representation from the Blue Water Indian Tribe who uses the river for functions and
      the surrounding desert for racing and is a big part of La Paz County with casino and hotel
  • The need to limit discussion and not be able to expand on some areas.
  • Lack of staff to pick up lunch dishes.
  • Missed Native American participation. They are our partners.
  • The fact we may have difficulty implementing.
  • Nothing.
  • Some people in our group tended to monopolize in presenting their ideas. Facilitator did
      a good job drawing out other people.
  • Insufficient time for full development of ideas.
  • Lack of implementation suggestions for the ideas for growth.

Should the process continue to be used to educate citizens and receive input from the

29 yes (100% response), plus:
   • A new member may bring a great idea to the table that may be missed if not continued.
   • This is a great tool for community involvement.
   • Who better knows the community’s needs than the community members.
   • Exchange of information always good.
   • Community information cannot be overdone.
   • Any input is good input; just concerned about specifics.
   • Educate the masses by representation.
   • To let the community know what types of things we can do to improve our county.

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                       19
June 2012
    •    Community input provides a common base and more likelihood of success/participation.
    •    Need to do this once a year with new people who will have new ideas.
    •    More people in our communities need to be involved. Those in attendance may pass on
         their experience here and interest others.

Would you like to stay involved in the Focused Future II process?

24 said yes
5 people did not respond to this question

La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                                                          20
June 2012
              La Paz Area’s Economic Future
            Economic Development Town Hall
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La Paz Focused Future Town Hall Report                               21
June 2012