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Cover Letter For Marketing


Cover Letter For Marketing

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									Bob Jones
Marketing Manager,
Washit Cleaning Solutions,
New York
July 23, 2012

Dear Consumers,

We thank you for the support that you have given to us, by patronizing our products. You
must now be well aware of the quality of our products.

We are now introducing good quality super-duper mops. These mops are special as they
have high absorption fibers that mop up spills in no time. They are made of super fibers
and can be used on any surface. They are suitable for all types of work places and various
types of spill. It comes with special attachments that can be used under the beds and

Not only this, on purchase of the product now you will get 3 attachments free. If you are
interested call us at the toll free number given below and our sales person will come to
your home and give a demonstration.

You can collect your friends and family for the demo. If you are able to collect 10
persons at the demo, you will be entitled for a free gift. Our no. is xxxx-xxx-xxx

Thank you,
With regards,

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