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									                        Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association
                          Coach Clinic Registration Form
This form is for clubs/associations and coaches to register all of the individuals that need Competency
Based Education Training (CBET) Lacrosse Courses for the 2004 season.

Each coach clinic participant must be pre-registered before attending a clinic. This is mandatory so the
SLA can be adequately prepare for the number of participants. Please fill in the following information for
each clinic you wish to register yourself and/or other coaches for and send to the SLA office along with a
cheque payable to the SLA for the total amount. Please make cheque payable to the SLA, 2205 Victoria
Avenue, Regina, SK S4P 0S4.

Please note: There is a limited capacity of 25 coaches per clinic and registrations will be accepted on a
first come first serve basis.

 Name of Club/Association                    Clinic Location                        Clinic Date

                                     Cost of Coach Clinics
       Community – Initiation           Community – Develpoment           Competitive - Introduction
       (Equivalent to Pre-level 1)      (Equivalent to Level 1)           (Equivalent to Level 2)
               $25                              $50                               $75

         Name of Coach                   Division               Phone #                Cost of Course

  Person filling out this form          # of coaches            Phone #                Total Amount

This form MUST be submitted to the SLA office at least ONE WEEK prior to
     the start date of the clinic and MUST be accompanied by a cheque!!

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