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RestaURant ManageMent CenteR
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  RestaURant ManageMent CenteR

The Restaurant Management Center is a vital asset to all
restaurant owners utilizing the Profit Improvement System.
It provides essential tools and information including:

           Insightful reports that give you feedback on
           what your customers are saying once they
           have paid the bill.

           Single Sign-On capabilities that will allow you
           to view all of your offerings.

           Website management tools that provide
           convenience and versatility when editing your
           custom website.

           Online program materials that are easily
           accessible and downloadable from your own

           Easy navigation features which allow you
           to access all of your information quickly and
      lOgging intO YOUR
RestaURant ManageMent CenteR

    Access is quick and easy.

    Simply enter any of your
    username and password combinations to login.

   Once you have logged into your Restaurant
   Management Center, you will immediately be
   able to view your Account Summary.

   If you have multiple offerings, you can also
   switch between them to gain greater insight
   into how your program is working overall.

   Here you will find how many patrons have
   dined at your restaurant, how many tables
   have been filled, and how much revenue has
   been generated.
Viewing YOUR RepORts
Monthly Activity Reports allow you to see when
your customers dined at your restaurant, where
they came from, and even view the certificate
they presented.

All Survey Results are compiled, tabulated and
presented for you in an easy to view format.

Enhanced reporting allows you to view data for
any date ranges.

Customer Comments give you valuable insight
into your customers’ dining experiences. You
can even email customers directly about their
dining experiences.
Validating gift CeRtifiCates

  You can now validate gift certificates online by
  using your Restaurant Management Center.

  Simply enter up to 10 different Gift Certificate
  numbers and click Validate. You will be
  instantly notified of the certificate status.

  However, we stress that validation should be
  done immediately by phone once the certificate
  has been presented in the restaurant.
  Online ReseRVatiOns

Online Reservations are now easy as ever to
keep track of.

Once you have clicked on the Online
Reservation tab, you will be able to view all
reservations made for your restaurant.

Please note that this is a self-management tool
and the Show/No Show option must be set
manually to reflect the status of the reservation.
        Updating YOUR website

The new Restaurant Management Center offer a
number of important features that help you more
successfully operate your restaurant. And as before,
you are able to edit hours of operation, descriptions
and all of your general information.
dOwnlOadable pROgRaM MateRials

    The new Downloads section will allow you to
    download additional copies of any updated
    training posters and materials (received in
    your original Quickstart Guide).

    You will also be able to download original
    Contract and Profit Improvement documents.
Changing YOUR passwORd

 Another new feature of the Restaurant
 Management Center is the ability to
 change your password online.

 Simply enter your username and existing
 password. Then type in your new password.
 Your password will be changed immediately.

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