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					                                   Private Landowner Letter


Honorable George Pataki
State Capitol
Albany, New York 12224

Dear Governor Pataki:

As the owner of land that is used by snowmobile club members who volunteer to groom and
maintain my section of the state trail system, I am writing to let you know that I strongly support the
Snowmobile Rights and Responsibilities Act.

 This bill, S3158B Meier, seeks to establish duties and responsibilities for snowmobile operators,
snowmobile clubs and club members. The bill encourages club membership among snowmobilers
by creating a two-tiered snowmobile registration fee. The bill also promotes safety by setting new
requirements for youthful operators and establishes a maximum speed limit of 55 MPH for

Of great importance to the state trail system are the landowners like myself who actually open up
their property for use by the clubs and their members. It is estimated that eighty-five percent of the
New York State Snowmobile Trail System is on private land. Landowner permission is granted to
clubs and their members. As a landowner, I prefer that the people who snowmobile on my property
belong to a club and that my agreement is made with the club. Snowmobile clubs take on the
responsibility of meeting and satisfying my needs as the landowner. I do not receive any tax relief
or monetary compensation for the trails on my property. Because of my experience over the years
with the clubs, I have reason to believe and trust that club members will treat my property with
greater respect than those of whom who do not belong to a club.

The club volunteers are dedicated to keeping the trail system well-maintained and well-marked to
ensure the safety of snowmobilers. It is imperative that clubs be supported and that incentives are
in place to encourage club membership and participation so that there continues to be an adequate
number of volunteers to insure the condition and safety of the trail system.

I urge you to sign S3158B Meier into law.


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