50 certificate to local restaurants per leader by 24oH4qfQ


									                                                        November 2011
In This Issue

Extreme Makeover: Camp Edition                          Sioux County 4-H Newsletter
Dates to Remember                                       Thank you to everyone who have already enrolled through 4-H
                                                        Online. We are off to a great start. We encourage you to become
New Club and Leader Awards                              familiar with using this new tool. Need help figuring it out - don't
                                                        hesitate to call or email the Extension Office. We will be using if
County Council News                                     for more 4-H and fair related things in the future. It has the
                                                        potential to make things easier for everyone and save some
FIRST LEGO League                                       trees!

Discover 4-H                                            Cindy Cleveringa
                                                        4-H County Youth Coordinator
These Hands Started a Revolution!

Shooting Sports News                                    New "100 Points" Club and Leader Award
Citizenship Washington Focus Trip
                                                        Outstanding Club of the Year Award
Opportunities for Youth                                 Clubs score points by the following:

Opportunities for Adults
                                                               2 points per service project (max. 10 points)
                                                               .1 point per % (max. 10 points for 100% increase) %
4-H Vision and Growth
                                                                increase of member enrollment
                                                               1 point per % (max. 10 points) % of member in regular
$2500 Monsanto Funds
                                                                attendance at meetings
Congratulations Exhibitors!                                    .1 point per % (max. 10 points) % of # of members
                                                                nominated/applied for/recognized with awards
Extreme Makeover: Camp Edition!                                1 point per % (max. 10 points) % club attendance at
                                                                county workshops
                                                               10 points for active Club officers who participate in a club
Eight 4-H Clubs took the challenge last spring and we           business meeting and in program planning
are now seeking more 4-H Clubs to take the Extreme             1 point per member (max. 10 points) for clubs with
Cabin Makeover challenge! Clubs will have the                   member(s) who participate in leadership opportunities
opportunity to design, implement, and have fun with             outside their club
cabin improvements. Applications for the 2012 Cabin            5 points for Club Officers attended Officer Training (per
Makeover are due November 1st, please click here                office served) offered by the Extension Office
for the participation agreement.                               25 points complete club program submitted to Extension
                                                                Office by December 1 (details on scoring form)
Project Awards Due Dec. 1
                                                        Maximum possible points = 100
Members and leaders should plan now to review
                                                        Application forms are available online and must be submitted to
each member's progress on meeting the criteria for
                                                        the Awards Committee by July 1 to be eligible. Award presented
Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. All of our 4-H'ers
                                                        at the Awards Night at the fair. Clubs receiving the award would
deserve to be recognized for the work they are doing      be ineligible for two years, to insure that more clubs have an
in each project area in which they are involved. If you   opportunity to be recognized.
need more information about Project Awards, please             Prize would include a pizza party for the club and a
call the Extension Office or talk to your club leader.             traveling trophy or banner to be displayed in their
                                                                   community throughout the year and at the fair.
4-H Record Keeping                                        Outstanding Club Leader(s) of the Year Award
                                                          Leaders score points by the following:
The purpose of 4-H recordkeeping is to teach youth
how to keep records,                                                  o   25 points for complete club program of a
which is an important life skill. Recordkeeping is an                     minimum of six meetings planned is submitted to
ongoing process that                                                      Extension Office by December 1
does not end when the 4-H year ends. Youth are                        o   10 points for completed re-enrollment for their
encouraged to select                                                      club members by Dec. 1 (new members can
from a variety of alternatives to meet their individual                   enroll any time throughout the 4-H year - they
recordkeeping needs                                                       must attend a minimum of 4 meetings to exhibit
and learning styles.                                                      at the fair)
For recordkeeping forms:                                              o   10 points for enrollment fees collected and paid
www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/projects/recordkeeping                       to the Extension Office by Dec. 1
.htm                                                                  o   2 points per service project (max. 10 points) no
                                                                          limit on projects submitted - each project requires
-                                                                         a short description of the project and photos,
                                                                          prepared by club member(s) and submitted by
Dates to Remember - Put Them On Your                                      July 1 of the current 4-H year
Calendar!                                                             o   20 points maximum (5 points per meeting)
                                                                          attendance at leader training/informational
2011                                                                      meetings in the current 4-H year (Sept 16 - July
October                                                               o   25 points maximum for % of eligible members
29 - Fall Fun Event POSTPONED                                             nominated for county awards

November                                                  Application forms are available online and must be submitted to
5 - County Council Rake 'n Run                            the Awards Committee by July 1 to be eligible. Clubs with more
7 - Arrowheads meeting                                    than one leader may submit application for all leaders on the
8 - Sweet Shooters in LeMars                              same form. Award presented at the Awards Night at the fair.
12 - New Leader Training - Emmetsburg                     Leaders receiving the award would be ineligible for two years, to
24-25 Holiday - Office Closed                             insure that more clubs have an opportunity to be recognized.
30 - Monsanto Funds application due                            Prize $50 certificate to local restaurants per leader.
                                                               Traveling Trophy/Banner at the fair and displayed in their
December                                                           community throughout the 4-H year.
1 - Enrollments due                                            Certificate of Recognition sent to their workplace (if
1 - Pioneer Grant Applications Due                                 applicable).
3 - Regional FLL Tournament
8 - New 4-H Family Night
                                                          Award committee members are Marlene De Weerd, Erin
23 - Holiday - Office closed
                                                          Emmelkamp and Marissa Maassen.
January                                                   4-H County Youth Council News
7 - Beef Verification and Weigh-In
15 - Iowa FLL Tournament-ISU                              Nineteen Senior 4-H'ers have joined the 4-H County Council
19 - New Judges' Training                                 Youth Leadership team! They are: Crystal Pottebaum, Kaitlyn
                                                          Huisman, Sara Kleyer, Molly Bomgaars, Anna Den Herder,
February                                                  Megan Griffioen, Courtney Klein, Dani Duistermars, Brook
1 - Scholarships and Awards Deadline                      Jacobsma, Dani Portz, Natalie Te Grotenhuis, Trisha Van Wyk,
                                                          Tyler Van Voorst, Lindsay Kats, Jennifer Koedam, Josh Moret,
March                                                     Edan Lambert, Marcus De Weerd, Dalton Pottebaum and Erin
10 - New Leader Training - Sioux City                     Emmelkamp, Advisor.
May                                                       The County Youth Council meets once a month and plans a
5 - Sheep and Goat Verification and Weigh-In              variety of events throughout the 4-H year.
15 - Fair Entry and Animal ID's deadline                  For starters, they hosted the "Catch the Clover" 5K 10K race in
                                                          September. This is one of the fund raisers they plan to support
8-16 CWF Trip                                      their service projects and charitable donations.
26-28 Iowa 4-H Conference
                                                   Their first service project, a Rake 'N Run, will be on Nov. 5. Their
July                                               goal is to rake leaves for at least 15 families or individuals that
1 - Iowa State Fair Entry deadline                 morning. So, they will be raking AND running!
1 - "100 Points" Club and Leader Awards due
1 - Ambassador, Merit and Achievement Awards due   They are working on plans for the Fall/Winter Fun event for late
14, 16-19 Sioux County Youth Fair                  November or early December. Watch for details in your email and
31 - Clay County and AkSarBen entry deadline       on the web page.
August                                             Watch for great things to come from this leadership group!
9-19 - Iowa State Fair

September                                          Two New FIRST LEGO League
8-16 Clay County Fair
20-23 AkSarBen
                                                   Orange Tec and Bricks and Brains have
                                                   joined electro virus and HTTP in the FIRST
                                                   LEGO League Challenge. We now have
                                                   teams in Orange City, Boyden/Hull, Sioux
                                                   Center and Hospers. Each team is working
                                                   hard at building their robots, learning to program them and
                                                   identify and research a problem all related to this year's theme of
                                                   "Food Factor" and food safety. Their goal is to be ready for the
                                                   regional tournament on Dec. 3 at East High School in Sioux City.

                                                   For information about FLL in Sioux County, contact Cindy
                                                   Cleveringa at clever@iastate.edu.

                                                   Discover 4-H is Off to a Great Start
                                                   Over one hundred 2nd and 3rd graders have begun this year's
                                                   Discover 4-H learning about the Solar System. Meeting once a
                                                   month, after school, in Hospers, Hull, Boyden, Rock Valley, Sioux
                                                   Center, Orange City and Hawarden, they are taking the first steps
                                                   in their 4-H experience. Discover 4-H Coordinator, Erin
                                                   Emmelkamp, has taken on a train the trainer role this year and
                                                   recruited several people to help present the program in different
                                                   communities. They are Reba Kleyer in Hospers and Orange City,
                                                   Colene Jahn in Hawarden and Molly Bomgaars in Boyden. The
                                                   other sites are being led by Extension staff.

                                                   If you want more information about Discover 4-H, contact Erin at

                                                   This Clubs Hands
                                                   Started a
                                                   What is the 4-H
                                                   Revolution of
                                                   It's a movement for
                                                   positive change in every
                                                   community in America. 4-
                                                   H youth are a living
                                                   breathing, culture-
                                                   changing revolution for doing the right thing, breaking through
                                                   obstacles and pushing our country forward by making a
                                                   measurable difference right where they live. That takes
                                                   uncommon commitment.
                                                   One 4-H club's hands full of books started a revolution in
Exchanging library books at the Northwest Iowa Dialysis Center
for the Hospers Public Library keeps the Floyd Venturer 4-H
club's hands busy loading and unloading shelves and bags of
books every month. A small amount of time for us offers a patient
or a caretaker a large amount of time to read a book, learn
something new or just escape into pages of fiction while they wait
several hours for dialysis treatments to be done. The cost is little,
the benefit tremendous and the responsibility real.
"Many of our patients' family members like being near their loved
ones while they receive treatment," commented Nicci Kliegl,
administrator at the dialysis center, "so they sit for 5 hours in our
waiting area. The books give them something to do." She sees
having the books at the center as a customer service tool, and
she appreciates the selection and variety.
Hope Kreykes, Hospers librarian, appreciates the club members
for taking on the community service project. Because she is the
only library employee, she would have to close the library while
she exchanged the books. "Not only does it provide an outreach
to the larger northwest Iowa community, it brings people to the
library who are waiting for a patient at the dialysis center." Family
members, friends and bus drivers have recognized that there is a
library because of the books at the center, and many of them
spend time at the library reading and using the computers while
they wait.
"It's great to help people," comments Cari, Floyd Venturer club
member, "it's cool that I can do something for someone else."
Even the youngest of the 4-H club members can help carry the
bags of books and pull books off the shelves, and the kids enjoy
doing the project with their club friends. Being involved in the
community beyond their club meetings, the kids are making a
difference in their own lives, in the resourcefulness of the
community and in the lives of people from surrounding
communities. Who knew responsibility could be so much fun.

                     Shooting Sports News

Sweet Shooters Air Rifle Club
The Sweet Shooters have been invited to the Plymouth County
Ply-Wood Busters 4-H Club on Nov. 8th at the Plymouth County
Extension office at 7 pm. This is a great opportunity for anyone
interested in shooting sports to find out more about it. Parents
and youth are welcome! The office shares the parking lot to the
YMCA and or in the same building as the Convention Center at
251 12th St SE. Direct your RSVP or any questions to club
leader, Frank Perrin, at 712-540-9546 or email
frank.perrin@StaplePromoProducts.com or contact Sweet
Shooters Club leader, Glen Broek at 712-441-3135.

Arrowheads Archery Club
The Arrowheads are meeting on the 1st Monday of the month at
7 pm at the Farmers' Coop Society office basement. Club
leaders, Tyler Te Grotenhuis,712-441-5537,tylrtgrt@dordt.edu
and Travis Van Ravenswaay, 712-441-4967,
tvraven@premieronline.net would welcome new members! Join
them at their next meeting on November 7 at 7 pm.

CWF for 10th-12th Grade 4-H'ers
                                           The Citizenship
                                           Washington Focus trip
                                           is now being offered as a
                                           state wide event. It will
                                           take place in June 2012.
                                           There will be busses that
                                           travel to DC on two
                                           different weeks. You will
                                           stay at the National 4-H
                                           Center with 4-H'ers from
                                           across the United States
for the week. You can see the enclosed flyer for details on dates
and highlights of the trip. The cost is $1,370. When you think
about how many days you are there and all that you get to do this
is a very reasonable fee. A $350 deposit is due at the time of
registration and then other payments can be made later.
Fundraising efforts will be made in Sioux County for those
wanting to take part. Registration opened on Saturday, October 1.
I would strongly encourage you to register ASAP! Registration
details can be found at www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/cwf
There are two ways to register: 1) Print the paper registration
form and mail in or 2) Follow the directions to register through 4-H
Chaperones are also needed. They will be required to pay a fee
of $685. Interested adults should contact the CWF coordinator,
Jeff Macomber at jmacombe@iastate.edu or 515-993-4281.

The Power of YOUth
Seeking Youth Speakers and
Entertainers for The Power of YOUth:
Overcoming, Becoming, and Beyond
TEDxYouthDesMoines is looking for
"what could be hidden right before our
eyes" - stories from youth who...

       Have an idea that may
        revolutionize the world
       Turned a physical challenge
        into an opportunity
       Offered a small act of
        compassion that led to a nonprofit organization
       Dropped out of high school but have a wonderful story of
        recovery and redemption
       Perform in the best garage band in the metro

Youth speakers and performers will have the opportunity to...

       Have their message or performance live-streamed to the
       Be displayed on the official TEDx YouTube Channel
       Gain professional presentation & performance skills
       Network with community and business leaders
       Enhance their résumés for college and career
Nominate youth or encourage youth to nominate themselves and
their friends for this unique opportunity at:
www.TEDxYouthDesMoines.com. Nomination closes: November
15th, 2011. Event Date: April 19th, 2012, Des Moines Playhouse.
(Keli Tallman)

More Youth Opportunities
2011 Beef Scholarship Extravaganza
The 2011 Beef Scholarship Extravaganza will be held on Friday,
December 16, 2011 at Kildee Hall on the campus of Iowa State
University. This challenging and competitive one-day event is
open to teams of two or three high school juniors and/or seniors.
Team members do not need to be from the same high school or
county in order to compete. The total potential scholarship dollars
available at this event is over $7,500. For more information, go to,
(Mike Anderson)
Special Photography
We're pleased to offer a
special photo
opportunity/contest to our 4-H
members. Loren Kruse, Editor
of Successful Farming
magazine and one of the judges for the Media Choice award at
the recent Camera Corps photo exhibition, has offered a unique
challenge to our 4-H photographers.
Assignment: Shoot photographs that capture the drama,
emotion, art, muscle, capacity and speed of fall harvest from
field to storage. The top three photos (and perhaps more) will be
featured in a fall 2012 issues of Successful Farming magazine. In
addition, many more photos will be featured on agriculture.com,
the website of Successful Farming. Of special interest would be a
slide show of 8 to 12 photos that would tell a photo story (with
brief captions) of harvest on one farm.
Go for it. Soybean harvest is nearly complete but many acres of
corn (in Iowa) remain to be harvested. You'll need to work quickly
(and safely!), but you can do it. Note Loren's choice of words in
the assignment - drama, emotion, art, muscle, capacity, speed.
These are not simply snapshots, but photos that tell a story.
Think, create, use your talents to capture these images. 4-H
members may submit their best photos (and/or photo series) by
December 1, 2011. Send photos on a CD to: Camera Corps SF
Harvest Photos, 3630 Extension 4-H Building, ISU, Ames IA
50011-3630. (Mitch Hoyer)
UNI Museums' Annual Photography Contest And
UNI Museums are now accepting entries into their annual
photography contest and exhibition, "Our World in Focus," on
display in the museum December 19, 2011 through January 21,
This year's theme is "Iowa's Cultural Heritage." Amateur
photographers of all ages are invited to submit 8x10" photographs
featuring images that celebrate Iowa's unique culture, traditions
and heritage. Subject matter should consist of traditional and/or
cultural costumes, customs, foods, architecture and community
events. Deadline for contest entries is Tuesday, October 25. For
complete rules and entry form please see:
Please note that photos and entry forms may also be e-mailed to:
uni.museums@uni.edu which saves entrants some time and
If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this
message, or call 319-273-2188 and ask for Jori. I hope your
students, club members, etc. (and you!) will enter--past
participants have enjoyed seeing their photos on the wall of our
gallery! Connie Svoboda, University of Northern Iowa Museums,
Exhibits Designer, 319-273-6923
Applications Open: 2012 4-H Youth in Action
We are pleased to announce National 4-H Council is now
accepting applications for the annual Youth in Action award, to be
presented at the 4-H Legacy Awards Gala in New York City on
April 17, 2012! This award recognizes an outstanding young
person from your 4-H program who is realizing 4-H's vision for
youth driving positive change in their communities.
The 4-H Youth in Action award is open to 4-H youth and alumni
ages 14-19, and applicants should have lead a project, service or
event that:

       Identified a problem in their community,
       included 4-H as part of the solution, and
       made an impact in resolving the issue.

If you know of an outstanding 4-H member that fits this criteria,
we are accepting your nominations online at the 4-H.org Legacy
Awards Gala Website. Once you have nominated a 4-H youth,
please encourage them to apply for this distinguished award.
Both the nominations and applications can be submitted here:
Application Requirements
In a 3 minute or less video, the nominee should address the
following questions/statements:
(Note: File size should not exceed 50MB or 3 minutes.)

       What problem did you or your community face?
       What was the solution to the problem, and how was 4-H
       What impact did the resolution have on your community?
       How has 4-H impacted your life?
       Name any adversities or challenges that your 4-H
        experience has helped you overcome?

Application deadline is Nov. 1. Please visit the 4-H Legacy
Awards Gala Website for complete award information and
application rules.
Questions? We're happy to help! Please email Kyle Jones at
kjones@4-H.org. (Chuck Morris)

Opportunities for Adults - Volunteers AND Parents
Training for "New and Nearly New" 4-H Club
Leaders and Discover 4-H Volunteers
Beginning this fall, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
county and regional staff across Iowa will join together to provide
first year 4-H volunteers with a newly designed orientation and
training program. The program was created by a team of 4-H
volunteers, county youth coordinators, and youth program
specialists. The new training system supports county and regional
staff as they orient and train staff at the county level. In addition,
new 4-H and Clover Kids volunteers will participate in a positive
youth development training at one of nine locations offered in the
fall and spring throughout the state.
The agenda for the training
     Understanding Iowa's 4-
       H Equation
     The Needs of Youth
                                Dates and locations:
     The Essential Elements
                                Sept. 25 Solon 1:00 - 7:00
     Experiential Education
                                Nov. 12 Creston 9:30 -
     Outcomes of the 4-H
                                Nov. 12 Emmetsburg
     Resources to support
                                9:30 - 3:30
                                Nov. 19 Waterloo 9:30 -
Volunteers for youth 4th-12th
Grade Breakout
                                Feb. 11 Ankeny 9:30 -
     Youth/Adult
                                3:30 (At State Volunteer
     Club Management
                                March 10 Sioux City
     Goal setting in clubs and
                                9:30 - 3:30
                                March 17 Atlantic 9:30 -
     Why you are important!
Volunteers for Clover Kids
                                March 24 Fairfield 9:30 -
     Mock meeting
                                March 24 Nashua 9:30 -
     Behavioral management
     Toolbox scavenger hunt
     Developing lesson plans
     Creating a yearly plan
     Why you are important!
Registration now open at
n.htm. Watch for additional resources for new volunteers at
http://www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/Volunteers/ under Trainings
in the bottom right box! Questions? Chris Gleason,
cgleason@iastate.edu 515.294.1557
Strengthening Families Training

Strengthening Families is :

       THE number 1 evidence based prevention program for
        families .
       Used in 15 countries around the world.
       Utilized by schools, churches and communities that want
       prevent problems with their youth.

When: November 7,8,9, 2011
Where: Le Mars Convention Center, 251 12th, St. SE, Le Mars
Who: Professionals and Community members involved with
youth and families.
Cost: Registration $350. Full-time Extension employee discount
available. Reduced registration may be available through your
county extension office.

To express interest in becoming a trained facilitator for
Strengthening Families 10-14 in your area email Lori Hayungs,
Family Life Program Specialist for ISU Extension
lhayungs@iastate.edu or phone 712.737.4230 for details.

Click here for online registration form.

What facilitators say about our program:
"I am thankful for every family who has participated and hope that
they find the tools, skills, and strategies we have shared helpful. I
am grateful to the community leaders and extension personnel
who have supported and promoted the program. Single parents,
traditional families, grandparents, and
blended families all share common needs, goals, and
challenges." -- Diane Lair, Winterset, Iowa

What parents say about the program:
"At first I came because my wife wanted me to. I wasn't convinced
this program would be something that we needed or would use. I
was completely wrong. I think it is a very valuable program that
provides us with the tools we can use to keep our youth and
families pointed in the right direction.

Planning for 4-H Vision and Growth
Representatives from the Extension Council, 4-H Committee, club
leaders, youth and staff met to brainstorm ideas on how to
continue to grow the 4-H program in Sioux County. Statistics
show us that our 371 members represent 8/5% of the youth in
Sioux County. As a result of this meeting, the BIG GOAL is to
reach 25% of the youth or 675 MORE 4-H'ers by 2017. Sound
crazy? Not really. To make that happen and keep a strong
program we need to add 15 new leaders each year (we already
did that this year) and 135 new members each year. Last year we
added 96 new members. We can do this! Just wanted to let you
in on our journey. Because, after all, YOU, our club leaders and
4-H'ers are the REASON we have a GREAT program. Let's share
it with our friends! 4-H will be THE place to be for youth and

$2500 Monsanto Funds for 4-H
"America's Farmers Grow Communities"
presented by the Monsanto Fund, gives
eligible farmers the opportunity to win $2,500
for their favorite community nonprofit
organization. Nominate Sioux County 4-H and we all win!
Farmers, age 21 and over, who are actively engaged in farming a
minimum of 250 acres of corn, cotton, or soybeans are eligible.
Farmers who meet the eligibility requirements may enter
regardless of previous participation. One winner will be drawn
from each
of the participating counties, Monsanto Fund will announce
winning farmers and recipient organizations in January 2012.

Register at GrowCommunities.com or call 1-877-267-3332.
Registration ends November 30, 2011

Congratulations to Clay County and
AkSarBen Exhibitors!
Clay County Fair District Livestock Show complete results can be
found at
Sioux County results start on pages 14-17.
Congratulations to these Champion Exhibitors:
Austin Mosier, Supreme Overall Champion Meat Goat, Purple
Senior Showmanship
Crystal Pottebaum, Supreme Champion Breeding Doe Meat
Goat, Reserve Champion Light Weight Market Goat
Dylan Harman, Light Weight Champion Market Goat
Jacob Schafer, Reserve Champion Market Swine
Katlyn Harman, Reserve Champion 3-6 Month Market Goat
Kayla De Weerd, Champion Heavy Weight Market Goat
Kennady Hooyer, Champion Large Bird, Reserve Champion
Large Bird, Best of Breed Rabbit (2), Champion Commercial Gilt
Kody Poeckes, Champion Dog Handling, Reserve Champion
Dog Obedience
Molly Bomgaars, Champion 3-6 Month Breeding Doe Meat Goat
Nichole Reinke, Reserve Champion 9-12 Month Breeding Doe
Meat Goat
Nick Mosier, Purple Junior Showmanship Meat Goat, Overall
Champion Ewe, Champion Sheep Showmanship
Scott Westra,Champion Market Gilt
Tayler Weber, Champion Large Bird, Reserve Champion Large
Bird, Best of Show Rabbit (3)
Also exhibiting at Clay County were Catherine Punt, Cole Wynja,
Danielle Reinke, Darren Rensink, Elisabeth Tiedemann, Jdaen
Poeckes, Kyle Dolieslager, Micah Schuiteman, Mitchell Van
Regenmorter, Nathan Tiedemann, Tyler Pennings
AkSarBen Results
Jenna Belt, Market Lamb, 1 purple, 1 blue
Molly Bomgaars, Meat Goat, 1 blue, 2 red
Austin Mosier, Meat Goat, 1 purple, 1 blue; Market Lamb, 1
purple, 1 red
Nick Mosier, Market Goat, 1 blue, Market Lamb, 2 blue
Crystal Pottebaum, Meat Goat, 1 purple, 1 blue, 1 red; Market
Lamb, 1 purple, 2 red
John Rietema, Market Swine, 2 purple
Scott Westra, Market Swine, 2 purple

That is impressive!

Invite your friends to "Join the Revolution of
Responsibility!" Join 4-H!

Cindy Cleveringa
                                                      ISU Extension

Know your target audience. Who are your most important customers, clients or prospects, and why? Know what is
important to them and address their needs. Include a photo to make your message even more appealing.

                                                    Forward email

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