Vehicle Storage and Impound Guide

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					   Retrieving a Towed Vehicle                         Important Numbers

Vehicle owners are legally required to   All Emergencies (Police, Fire or Ambulance)
maintain current registration and in-    911
                                         Animal Care Center (City of Indio)
surance on vehicles driven on the        (760) 391- 4135
roadway. An unregistered vehicle will    Animal Control (All other areas)
not be released until appropriate
fees are paid to the Department of
                                         (760) 391- 4051
                                         Business Licenses                                  Vehicle Storage
                                         (760) 391- 4197
Motor Vehicles and the vehicle is reg-
istered before a release is author-
                                         City Hall
                                         (760) 391- 4000                                     and Impound
                                         Code Enforcement
ized. In addition, anyone driving a
vehicle must posses a valid driver’s
                                         (760) 391- 4123
                                         Crime Free Multi-Housing Program                        Guide
                                         (760) 391-4037
license. If necessary vehicle informa-   Fire Department (Business)
                                         (760) 347- 0756
tion is stored in a towed vehicle, the
                                         Indio Golf Course
owner may contact the tow company        (760) 391- 4049
to arrange to retrieve the informa-      Indio Police Dept Main Line (24-hours)
                                         (760) 391- 4057
tion.                                    Indio Police Department Non-Emergency
                                         (760) 391- 4051
                                         Indio Water Authority (Business)
                                         (760) 391- 4038
                                         Graffiti Removal Hot Line
                                         (760) 391- 4143
                                         Neighborhood Watch
                                         (760) 391-4037
                                         Office of the Chief of Police
                                         (760) 391- 4035
To recover your vehicle, you will need   Senior Center
the following:
                                         (760) 341- 4170
                                         Special Events ( Garage Sale and Event Permits)      “Our Community
                                         (760) 391- 4175
          Valid driver’s license        Teen Center                                          Our Commitment”
                                         (760) 541-4400
          Current vehicle registra-     Coachella Valley Crime Stoppers (Anonymous Tips)
           tion                          (760) 341-STOP
                                                                                            Indio Police Department
          Pay the appropriate Vehi-
                                                                                                 46-800 Jackson St.
           cle Release Fee.
                                            This brochure was developed by the Indio              Indio, CA 92201
          Pay tow service fees               Police Department’s C.H.I.P. program              Phone: 760-391-4057
                                                                                                 Fax: 760-391-4036
                                                  (Citizens Helping Indio Police)       
   Why Was My Vehicle Towed?                 Why Was My Vehicle Impounded              Vehicle Impound Recovery Fees
                                                     For 30 Days?                       & Vehicle Impound Hearings

There are many reasons a vehicle         Whenever it has been determined by         Vehicle Impound Recovery Fees
may be removed from the roadway          a police officer that a person was driv-   California Vehicle Code Section 22850.5 al-
or private property. The California      ing a vehicle while:                       lows the city, county or state to enact a regula-
                                                                                    tion, ordinance, or resolution to impose a
Vehicle Code contains many laws
                                                   His/her driving privilege was   charge that is equal to its administrative costs
that grant a peace officer/city rep-                                                related to the removal, impound, storage, or
                                                    suspended or revoked
resentative, the authority to re-                                                   release of vehicles. This fee is collected by
                                                   His/her driving privilege was   the Indio Police Department on behalf of the
move a vehicle due to illegal park-
                                                                                    City of Indio where your vehicle was towed.
ing, abandonment, or because a                      restricted under section
                                                    13352 or 23575 and the          Presently, the vehicle impound recovery fee
driver or vehicle owner is accused                                                  for the City of Indio is $ 200.00 and is payable
of violating certain laws, licensing                vehicle was not equipped        to the City of Indio prior to the vehicle being
or registration requirements. Most                  with a functioning/certified    released from impound.
of the laws regarding towing may                    interlock device                Vehicle Impound Hearings
be found under section 22651 of                    Having never been issued a      California Vehicle Code Section 22852 allows
the California Vehicle Code.                        driver’s                        a vehicle’s registered and/or legal owners to
                                                                                    request a post storage hearing.
                                         The California Vehicle Code Section        The hearing is conducted by the hearing offi-
It is important to know that the re-     14602.2 requires the “removal” of the      cer to determine two issues:
moval of a vehicle is not consid-        vehicle “ A vehicle so impounded shall              1. Was the vehicle storage justified
ered a “punishment.” Instead, a          be impounded for 30 days.                              by the proper use of a vehicle
                                                                                                storage law.
peace officer is required to provide     The vehicle may be released prior to
protection for a vehicle and cannot                                                          2. Is there a legal reason to release
                                         the end of the 30 day period when:                     the impounded vehicle, as de-
assume the risk or liability for leav-                                                          scribed in Vehicle Code Section
ing a vehicle parked on a roadway           The Vehicle is a stolen vehicle
                                                                                                14602.6 (b)
or private property following the           When the vehicle is subject to bail-   Please read the back of the vehicle storage
drivers or occupant’s arrest for an          ment and the driver of a vehicle is    form (CHP form 180) to understand your re-
alleged crime.                               an employee of the business            quirements when making a request for a post
                                                                                    storage hearing.

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