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     i        The Auxiliary Services Unit, an introduction                   3

     1         Booking Transportation Services                               3

     2         Cancelling a Transportation Request                           4

     3         University Vehicles – allocation and usage                    4

     4         Vehicle Accidents and Tickets                                 5

     5         Vehicle Maintenance                                           6

     6         Security Services and Entry Stickers for Private Vehicles     6

General Services Dept / Auxiliary Services   unit                                 2
U   Auxiliary Services Unit – General Services Department

The Auxiliary Service Unit is a Unit of the General Services Department and is
responsible for the provision of transportation and security services to the University
Community. The purpose of this handbook is to assist employees and University
stakeholders with details on accessing services of the Unit.

The administrative office hours of the Auxiliary Services Unit are from 7:30 AM to 4:30
PM, Sunday through Thursday and the offices are located in the Al Ain Sinayia
(Industrial) Area, behind the Municipality Garage.

    Customers can access the Unit through e-mail at, or by calling
                                                          U                    U

    (03) 721-3032.

    1) Booking Transportation Services

    In addition to providing student transportation services, the Auxiliary Services Unit
    provides transport services to faculty, staff and, in some cases, University stakeholders.

To request services, customers are requested to complete a vehicle requisition form and fax it to the office at
U                                                                   U

(03) 7217122 or e-mail to: .
                                    U                 U

Transport services are available on all week days except for Thursday, which is
assigned to transport students back home in various cities of the country.

To ensure timely and effective transport service, please ensure that all relevant details
are provided and that sufficient advance notice is provided as follows:

                           Task                     Submission Deadline

          Ordinary official tasks                      (2) working days
          Scientific trips, workshops                  (5) working days
          Conferences                                 (10) working days

Conference transport requests must include the following data:

-          Name of the event coordinator
-          Delegations’ arrival and departure detailed schedules.
-          Total of participating delegates.
-          Transport schedule within and outside Al Ain city.

General Services Dept / Auxiliary Services   unit                                           3
For transport to airports for official or scientific missions, a copy of the relevant decree is
mandatory. Where possible, for the purpose of early and organized planning of trips and
scientific visits, each college is encouraged to submit a schedule to this effect to the
Ancillary Services Unit at the outset of each semester.

2) Cancelling a Transportation Request

In case of canceling an ordinary task transport request, a notification shall be forwarded
to the Auxiliary Services Unit of the General Services Department at least (2) working
days in advance.

In case of canceling conferences, exhibitions, academic trips and workshop transport
requests, a notification shall be forwarded to the Auxiliary Services Unit of the General
Services Department at least (3)working days in advance.

3) University Vehicles – allocation and usage

Vehicle Allocation

In certain cases, with the approval of the Director, General Services, University vehicles
may be assigned to employees whose work requires the use of a vehicle. Vehicles may
be assigned;

-    for permanent utilization when the nature of supervisory duties entails moving to
     several sites inside the University or outside it on a daily and constant basis; or,

-    for temporary utilization when the duties of the employee requires completion or
     performance of certain University tasks over intermittent periods after which the task
     is completed.

When a vehicle is assigned, the employee will be required to complete a “car receive
and return form”. This will be issued at the time of the assignment by the Auxiliary
Services Unit.

Vehicle Use Guidelines

Whether assigned a vehicle on a permanent or temporary basis, the user of the vehicle
must abide by the following guidelines;

-    hold a valid UAE driver’s license
-    use the vehicle only for tasks dictated by the nature of work at the University, and
     must not be used for any other purposes

General Services Dept / Auxiliary Services   unit                                            4
-    comply with all traffic rules
-    drive the vehicle himself/herself and in no case “loan” the vehicle to another whether
     or not the other is or is not a University employee
-    keep a valid copy of the car registration card inside the vehicle
-    keep the car safe, clean and smoking free
-    park vehicles, when not in use, at the University garage or other University
     approved parking lots and never at other locations without prior approval of the
-    return the vehicle to the Auxiliary Services Unit prior to departure for vacation or at
     the end of employment

4) Accidents and Tickets

When assigned a University vehicle, it is expected that employees will adhere to the
highest level of professional and responsible driving behaviour. In this regard, the
following guidelines apply;

Accident Reporting

-    In case of car accidents on or off the Campus, both the police and the Auxiliary
     Service Unit should be called to the site of the accident (Emergency 999 and
     Auxiliary Service at 3-713-2513).
-    In case of physical injuries, the ambulance and rescue staff shall be contacted to
     provide medical care for the injured (Emergency 998).
-    The Auxiliary Services follows up on the accident and conducts necessary contacts
     with the relevant authorities in line with the traffic procedures applicable in this
-    A written report will be prepared and forwarded to the General Services Director
     about any major traffic accidents or for accidents which result in serious injuries or
     damages at the University facilities.
-    The cost of any car accidents or damage committed or caused by the user of the car
     shall be solely incurred by the car user.

Tickets and Fines

The car user must bear any traffic fines incurred while using the car, and he/she must
settle those fines within seven days from the date of committing the offence. Failing to
settle the fine or fines within the specified period will result in the cost being deducted
from the employee’s monthly salary.

General Services Dept / Auxiliary Services   unit                                         5
5) Maintenance

The UAE University provides maintenance service to vehicles owned by the University to
keep those vehicles in good working condition. Users of University vehicles are asked to
support these efforts by adhering to the following guidelines;

-    Car users must bring them in for regular maintenance as scheduled in the sticker
     posted inside the car.
-    Car users must bring their cars when necessary for traffic technical test.
-    Car users will be held responsible for any mechanical problems due to misuse.
-    Car users must immediately report any car failures or accidents to the Auxiliary
     Service Unit through the emergency phone number: (03) 7132513.

6) Security Services and Entry Stickers for Private Vehicles

In addition to transportation related services, the Auxiliary Service Unit provides security
services to ensure the safety of students, personnel, facilities and other amenities of the
University. As part of these services, the Unit monitors vehicle traffic entering campuses
and hostel areas.

Employees wishing to bring their private vehicles onto University property are required to
display an entry sticker on the vehicles front windscreen or produce a gate pass. These
gate passes and entry stickers are issued by the Auxiliary Services Unit according to the
employees work requirements.

-    Faculty gate passes are assigned to University faculty members and permit access
     to the women’s colleges and all other sites of the University (except hostels).

-    Staff member general gate passes are given to staff members whose nature of work
     requires their entering the women’s colleges and all other sites of the University
     (except hostels).

-    Restricted gate passes are given to staff members to be able to access all
     University sites except for the women’s college and hostels.

Temporary passes are given to the following categories:

-    Companies and establishments which attend to the University sites temporarily.

-    Staff members whose nature of work requires their entering the women’s colleges

-    Staff members who use cars owned by other parties (ie. rental cars).

General Services Dept / Auxiliary Services   unit                                         6
For a Car sticker or gate pass, applicants need to fill out the form available on the
The completed form has to be endorsed by the applicant’s immediate supervisor and
include copies of the applicant’s driving license (front and back sides), University ID and
the vehicle license (front and back side).

Once completed, the form and the attached copies should be forwarded to the Auxiliary
Services Unit to issue a car sticker according to the category or class specified in the
application form.

Temporary gate passes are issued according to an application form including a personal
photo and may be obtained at Coordinator, building admin.

General Services Dept / Auxiliary Services   unit                                        7

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