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									                 THE BEST OF'
              The Prices' Guide to Fast and Easy

                    Shopping on the Web                     More than
                                                           online stores

 The best Web stores for items such as                        listed!

@1BY PRODUCTS	 )	 @OCOLRTE	                 )	   (PET SUPPLIES' vv‘'
Q3RTTERIES                  LOTHES               CPRESCHIPTIONS
LIKES                       OMPUTERS               CHOOL STUFF	          )

COOKS                     (COSMETICS             CIELESCOPES

QIIMPING GEAR	     )        IFTS

BRAS                      Q 1111TY GOODS	
                           3                )	   QJIDEO GAMES	           )

                                                 and many more!
                                                Travel Supplies & Luggage	                                           425

packing lists; tips for different kinds of trips; suggestions        99.9% of Giardia, bacteria, viruses
of unusual journeys; and weather (what's the temperature        •    Zelco Lock-Up, to lock your door, pick-proof,
like this month in Tokyo?) and travel info (do we need               with quick-release lever for fast emergency exit,
any vaccinations?). Sample products:                                 carrying pouch
•     Men's featherweight trench coat                           Search: No
•     Packable panama hat                                       Photos: Yes
•     Pack-It cubes, nylon organizers to hold dress             Ordering: Online
      shirts, blouses, or trousers, even neckties, or small     Gift Wrap: Certificates
      items like socks, underwear, and T-shirts                 Delivery: Ground, 3rd Day, 2"d Day, Overnight
•     Petite size indispensable black dress
•     Photojournalist's vest
•     Security neck pouch, made of lightweight, water-
      resistant nylon, with compartments for airline
                                                                World Traveler
      tickets, currency, passports, designed to be hidden
      under clothing
Search: Yes                                                     A well-organized, quick site with a wide range of
Photos: Yes, small and large                                    classy luggage and travel goods, with guaranteed
Ordering: Online, Phone, Fax                                    lowest prices. You can shop by brand (Eagle Creek,
Gift Wrap: No                                                   Hartmann, JanSport, Kenneth Cole, Ricardo,
Delivery: Ground, 2"d Day, Overnight                            Samsonite, ZERO Halliburton) or by product. They
                                                                have a lot of items from each manufacturer, so you
                                                                won't have to settle. They even offer a few dozen
                                                                special bargains at more than two-thirds off the list
Walkabout Travel Gear                                           price, plus promotional items, and specials such as
                                                                free shipping on certain products. They emphasize
                                                                customer service, going so far as to put their 800                                     number on the home page. Samples:
It's a long address, but appropriate for a store named          •    Atlantic® Professional Cosmetic Tote, con-
after the aborigine ritual of wandering around for                   structed of ballistic nylon, with padded honey-
spiritual cleansing. As experienced trekkers, they                   comb frame, fully lined cases, retractable handle,
organize their travel gear around the challenges: bugs,              in-line skate wheels, corner guards
electricity, health, safety, sleep, and water. Sprinkled        •    Eagle Creek All-Terrain Money Belt, with zipper
throughout the site are tips from fellow travelers. (We         •    Impuls® Targa 14" Personal Bag, with front
learned that you should take a pair of pliers with you               pocket, cushioned handles, shoulder strap, mesh
to India for exchanging money, because large wads of                 pocket, bottle loops
Indian currency come stapled together, and you have             •    Samsonite® 725/DLX Expandable Medium EZ
to pry the metal loose without damaging the bills,                   Cart Suiter, with 4 wheels, push-button handle,
because taxi wallahs do not accept damaged bills.) They              and compartments
ship most orders within 24 hours. Order by 3 P.M.               •    Tilley khaki safari hat in green
Mountain Time to get faster deliveries. Samples:                Search: Yes
•     Multipurpose pocketknife with two blades, bottle 
        Photos: Yes
      and can opener, plus detachable fork and spoon            Ordering: Online, Phone, Email
•     SleepScreen, a net tent that hangs on fiberglass          Gift Wrap: No
      poles over your bed or sleeping bag, to keep out          Delivery: 3rd Day, 2"d Day, Overnight
•     Water purifier with filter, carrying case, filter-
      cleaning brush, soft water bottle for removing

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