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									                   Cairns Art Society Inc.
newsletter                                   Issue 225                        December 2008

CAS Management                    CAS General Meeting                       President’s Report
Committee 2008                                 nd                           Its that time of year again
                                  Held the 2 Saturday of every
President: Lowen Hardy            month at Cominos House, 27                Christmas almost on us. It
Vice-President: Mike Ferris                                                 would be great if everybody
                                  Greenslopes Street, Edge Hill.
Secretary: Geoffrey Brazier                                                 arrived in festive attire.
                                  Members and guests are always
Treasurer: Carol Laing            welcome to attend.
Committee:                                                                  The year has been an
Sharon Champion                   Next Meeting:                             excellent one for all involved
Ron Clark                         Saturday, 13 December 10am                with membership going over
Ingrid Douglas                                                              300 and more initiatives in the
Robin Johnston                                                              pipe line.
Peter Leate
Judy Noller                                                                 There are many people to
Diane Sant                                                                  thank for their contributions
Colleen Scafe                                                               particularly Carol Laing for her
Carmen Searle                                                               endless hard work.
ARTescape Co-ordinator:
Mike Ferris                                                                 Mike and his team for turning
Exhibition Co-ordinators:                                                   on a much praised Art
Sharon Champion                                                             Escape.
Ron Clark
Newsletter Editor:                                                          Sharon and her team for the
Colleen Scafe                                                               Annual Exhibition the Pre
Publicity Officer:                                                          Selection committee for the
Carmen Searle                     From the Editors Desk                     difficult job performed by
                                  As I put the final touches to this
Contact us:                       month’s newsletter I sit back and         Ron Clark and his team for
N.B. Although CAS is based at     reflect on what has been a fantastic      their excellent job and all the
Cominos House, please note that   2008.                                     other contributions including
an office is not manned                                                     The committee members and
Postal Address:                   We have a busy start to 2009 First        Joan for her monthly
Cairns Art Society Inc.           meeting on the 14 of February with        contributions
Cominos House                     the 5th Artists of the North is being
27 Greenslopes Street             held from the 17 April – 10 May           See you all on the 13th Dec
Edge Hill Qld 4870                2009. Time to start working on your       Lowen
Secretary:                        masterpieces.
Geoff Brazier
Phone: 0458 538 225               I would like to thank Helen Harmon             as our roving reporter, Greg Dwyer
ARTescape:                        for his Mr. Pedantic’s Pertinent
Phone: Mike 07 4055 2544          Painty Points, and Salli Graham for
                                  the member profiles. If I have
Phone: Helen 07 4045 3131         forgotten anybody thank you……….
Exhibition Co-ordinators:         Its been a pleasure putting this
Sharon Ph: 07 4054 6505           newsletter together for you all this
Ron-                              year.                                   At the conclusion of the AGM                                                we are having an a little
Newsletter Editor:
                                  I wish you all a safe Christmas and        Christmas get together.
                                  a very Happy New Year
Member Profile                                                              If attending members could                                                     please bring a plate of goodies
                                  Till 2009…… Colleen
Memberships - 40546324                                                         it would be appreciated.
CAS Website:
Cairns Art Society                                                                                                     December 2008

4th “Artists of the                           Thanks to our Artist in Residence,
                                              Sheran Barton, and workshop tutor Mike
                                                                                            I rarely get caught up in precision, or
                                                                                            making sure that the kingfisher has
North” Exhibition                             Ferris who gave of their time and tuition.
                                              Once again we thank Cr Margaret
                                                                                            “this” many flight feathers between the
                                                                                            dorsal and shoulder. Surely the brilliant
                                              Cochrane and the Cairns String                iridescent blue is the main attraction no
       24 Oct – 15 Nov 2008                   Orchestra for partaking on Opening            matter how anatomically incorrect the
               Tanks Arts Centre              Night.                                        structure is. Unless of course you’re
               46 Collins Avenue                                                            subject actually is the mood expressed
               Edge Hill Qld 4870             And a big round of applause to our            by Precision.
                                              Volunteers on Roster Duty – where             In which case attention to detail is
                                              would we be without them???                   massively important.
                                                               A of N ‘09                   But either way, something is expressed
                                              Next year, our 5 “Artists of the North”       and it’s the expression that gets the
                                              Exhibition will be on from 17 April - 10      “Ooh” not the object itself.
                                              May ’09. Don’t delay in getting those         Am I making any sense?
                                              works ready!!                                 Does the pope like ducks?
                                                                                            What is a Phetzer valve anyway?
                                                                                            I guess what Im trying to say is “Don’t
                                                                                       let your translation get scrambled by
                                                                                            Waves, clouds, trees, buildings, wildlife,
                                                                                            anything you do is either going to be
                                                                                            different one millisecond later, OR this is
                                                                                            your interpretation of a sheep
CAS’s 4 ‘Artists of the North’ Exhibition                Mr. Pedantic’s Pertinent           regardless of how many legs it has. As
                                                          Painty Points.                    long as it reminds you of a sunny
was another great success. With 14 art
                                                                                            afternoon in the country, then it has
societies and organizations representing
150 creative artists throughout the Far       Point No.11                                   The End.
North, it demonstrated the depth of talent    WHAT’s it All ABOUT ?
that this region has to offer. An eclectic
                                                                                            G r e g D w y e r 08. 
display featuring a myriad of styles and      According to a drunken wedding party in
mediums created a wonderful exhibit of        Malanda, the Hokey Pokey is what it’s
240 works. Concluding 15 November, 26
                                              all about.
works were sold at a value of $8.926.         But as for Art. Well, that depends            Member profile - Lone White
Congratulations to all those who entered      entirely on you.
and made a little extra to buy some more      Im talking here about the subject of your
canvas.                                       work.
Thanks to Tanks Arts Centre’s Acting          Identifying precisely what it is or what
Curator Pauline Langley, Curator Chris        it’s about.
Stannard and our co-curators Ron Clark        For example, is your oil painting of a
and Carmen Searle, and their assistants,      vase of flowers about the flowers, or
for making Tank 4 come alive with such        about the light On the flowers, or about
a vibrant display.                            the painterly technique your
                                              experimenting with, or the mood of the
                                              scene, or the texture and finish.
                                              Often times you’ll be looking at a
                                              painting even just briefly and you’ll think
                                              “ooh I like that”.
                                              It doesn’t matter at all what object or
                                              objects within the scene are comprised
                                              of. Usually you are drawn to a mood it
                                              evokes, either through colour, or the         Lone won this year’s open award at the
                                              way the line of a thing makes you feel.       Annual Open Art Exhibition for her
                                              Ive said many times before, about Art,        ceramic work ‘Green Rainforest Form’.
                                              that intention translates. The painters       She described how surprised she was to
                                              mood shows through to the viewer like a       win, “They had announced the three
                                              common language using colour as               dimensional/sculpture/ceramic award
     Exhibition Co-ordinator Ron Clarke       words.                                        and I was getting tired. So I decided to
              Raffle Winners                  Subtle, bold, loose, tight, atmospheric,      take my champagne outside on the
Congratulations also to our lucky Raffle      blunt, deranged, soothing, delicate,          veranda where it was quieter. Suddenly
Winners: Nicky Neighbour - Mixed              jarring.                                      someone turned me around, grabbed my
media on board painting by Robin              Always there’s something about it that        bag and glass and told me to get up
Johnston titled 'Watusi'. Anna Delargy -      appeals. And more often than not, it’s        there!”
Watercolour on Arches paper painting by       the translated mood, rather than the
Mike Ferris titled 'Solitaire Rose'. Ticket   object.                                       Born in Denmark, Lone is a life member
No.’s were C18 and B10 respectively.          For me personally I think its most            of CAS and has been involved in the
Thanks to Robin and Mike for donating         important to “follow the painting to          Society in many roles since she arrived
the prizes. Thank you to all that bought a    where it will go”.                            in Cairns over 30 years ago.
ticket we raised $840.

Cairns Art Society                                                                                                    December 2008

Preferred art medium/s?                         to the relevant RADF Committees in          KickArts Contemporary Arts presents
“Ceramics is my life. It’s in my blood. (I      each shire.                                 Hatch, a new KickArts Industry
can’t paint - that’s the reason I do it!)”                                                  Development
How long have you been practising?              All intending RADF applicants are asked     Initiative to support the presentation and
“My interest started when I was living in       to contact Cairns Regional Council’s Arts   promotion of more artists in our
PNG in Bougainville, and the women              & Cultural Development & RADF Liaison       high quality Exhibition Program.
took me to collect clay. But it was really      Officer on 40 443 321 or by email on:
only once I came to Cairns and joined  to obtain an    The aim of this initiative is to extend our
the potters club that I began. I helped         application package and arrange a client    current exhibition program, which is
set up a course at TAFE and I started           consultation.                               renowned for the presentation of high
studying with the first group of ceramic                                                    quality
students.”                                                                                  contemporary art from Far North
                                                Consultations will occur in Mossman at      Queensland. We will do this by
Preferred subject/style?                        the Cairns Regional Council                 presenting four
“I have travelled a lot all over world,         administration building and in Cairns at    additional exhibitions in 2009 in the
particularly Asia and I’m influenced by         the Administration Centre and at other      KickArts Upper Gallery.
what I see.                                     sites if required.                          Hatch: KickArts Regional Exhibition
If I see something that really excites me,                                                  Series, is open to all individual artists
then I draw it in a little note pad and later   Appointments are essential so please        and
make it into something I can develop.”          contact the Arts & Cultural Development     groups from Cardwell in the South to
                                                & RADF Liaison Officer in plenty of time    Mount Isa in the West, across Cape York
Favourite food?                                 to arrange a client consultation.           and to the Torres Strait. Hatch is a 12
Because I travel a lot I love all kinds of                                                  month program with 2 application
cuisine and have very broad tastes. The                                                     rounds.
only thing I couldn’t eat was camel’s feet                                             Entries for the 1st half of 2009 close 5
in the northern part of China – the                                                         pm Tuesday December 9. For
rubbery part was too tough. I’ve also           Exhibitions                                 application
eaten dog, cats and snakes – but only                                                       details and forms contact Curator, Sam
found out afterwards what it was!                                                           Creyton
                                                           Drawing Room                     40509490 or go to
Other hobbies?                                           Celebrating the Line      to download the
I love sport. I played competition tennis                                                   forms
for 30 years until last year when I did my                 5 December 2008                                  
knee in. Travelling is my greatest hobby
and I usually go a few times a year.              Graeme Draper, Marian Clarkson,           Promoting your work has never been
                                                Helen Hume, Mary Mackenzie, Ian Mc          easier. This new website currently has
                                                 Lauchlan, Viv Spooner, Pam Carey,          over 100 pieces of original artwork for
Till next year Salli Graham                               Margaret Wallen.                  sale. The promoters have just
                                                                                            produced 2000 coasters and 50000
                                           Tablelands Regional Art Gallery             tourist maps directing potential
                                                Robertson Street Atherton.                  buyers to the website. The promoters
ROUND 2 2008-2009 REGIONAL ARTS                                                             are aiming to make this the biggest art
DEVELOPMENT FUND (RADF) OPENS                                                          website in Australia.
MID JANUARY 2009                                                                            This website is free to use so if you
                                                                                            would like to take advantage of this
                                                                                            fantastic opportunity visit
The Regional Arts Development Fund                        Tanks Arts Centre        or contact Jodie
(RADF) Round 2 opens on Monday 12th                           46 Collins Avenue
                                                                                            on 0409 260 444.
January 2008 for client consultations                         Edge Hill Qld 4870
leading toward the closing date of Friday
27th March 2009.                                      Through Children’s Eyes                  The Creative Business
                                                            Exhibition                          Toolbox is a joint initiative of Arts
                                                                                               Queensland and the Department of
RADF supports professional and                                                                Tourism, Regional Development and
emerging artists to undertake arts
                                                November 21 – December 14 2008
andcultural projects in a number of
                                                A photographic exhibition by children
settings. Applicants within the Cairns
                                                from Papua New Guinea and Australia.        It is designed to provide you with
                                                The photographs taken by children           information and resources to develop,
Regional Council geographical area from         showing their lives.                        manage and grow your creative business
Bramston Beach to the Bloomfield                                                            - no matter what stage you are at.

River are eligible to apply. Applicants         Other Items of Interest                     If you're dreaming of having your own
who do not reside in the city but are                                                       creative business, ready to get started,
undertaking projects within the                                                             or looking to expand your business, the
geographical area are also eligible to                                                      Creative Business Toolbox is a great
apply.                                                                96 Abbott St          information resource, ready to take you
                                                                      Cairns                to the next stage. For more information
Applicants who are working across shire                                                     visit:
geographical areas are required to apply        Expressions of interest open now! 

Cairns Art Society                                                                                            December 2008

            Art Classes                                                             (including digital) artists, music
Greg Dwyer                                                                          composers, environmental artists,
                                                                                    landscape and garden designers,
                                                                                    creative writers and architects. Work
          All Mediums                                                               samples will be evaluated through
Most Tuesday Nights 7 – 10pm                                                        a competitive, juried process.
         Cominos House
      27 Greenslopes Street                                                         There is a $25 application processing fee
            Edge Hill                                                               required and artists are responsible for
                                                                                    their own transportation to and from the
     Fees are $25 for 3 hr class                                                    area. They also provide for their own
                                                                                    food and work materials. The facility is
Classes are kept interesting, with
                                                                                    otherwise offered at no cost to accepted
each student receiving individual                                                   artists.
For details and bookings:                                                           I-Park is a 450-acre natural woodland
Ph: 40559910                                                                        retreat in rural East Haddam,
E:                                                             Connecticut. Accommodations include
                                                                                    comfortable private living quarters in an
                                                                               1850â?Ts era farmhouse, shared
                                                                                    bathroom facilities and a private studio
Fun Art Group                                                                       on the grounds. An electric kiln, music
                                                                                    equipment, wireless internet and library
Fun Art Group is an informal group                                                  facilities are provided.
of amateur artists who meet every
Wednesday at the YMCA, Smithfield                                                   International applicants welcome. To
(near the Library) from 10.30am to                                                  defray the cost of travel, three $1,000
2.30pm. BYO materials and lunch,                                                    grants will be offered in 2009 to
with tea and coffee provided. To                                                    international artists whose work is held in
assist with the hire of the hall, cost is                                           particularly high regard by the
$4.00 per session.        Everyone is                                               selection committees (details on the
welcome to come along and have
some fun. contact the YMCA on                                                       For additional project information and to
4057507                                                                             download 2009 application materials,
                                                                                    including an in depth FAQ, go to the
                                                                                    website: (Residency

                                                                                    Important notice: for music composers,
                                                                                    the application deadline is January 17,
                                                                                    2009. Also, I-Park is hosting a special
                                                                                    environmental art program in late
                                                                                    summer/early autumn 2009.
                                                                                    Details of this program will be announced
                                                                                    separately in October(application
                                                                                    deadline: February 16, 2009).
            Daler Rowney
                                                                                    E-mail: Phone: 860-
    FW Acrylic Artists Ink - 29.5 ml
             $11.95 Each
                                            More Items of Interest                                 
  Great range of colours now in stock!
                                            Announcement: 2009 Residency                Peter Garret Minister for
                                            Season at the Artistsâ?T Enclave at     Environment, Water, Heritage and
                                            I-Park                                              the Arts
                                            Application Deadline: January 5, 2009      TITLE: Resale Royalty Right for
                                            (postmark date)
                                                                                       Visual Artists Bill 2008 - speech
                                            I-Park announces its ninth season
                                                                                             27 November 2008
    Cairns Drawing Supplies will be         hosting The Artistsâ?T Enclave.
      open during Christmas from            Artistsâ?T residencies, self-
                                            directed/project oriented, will be
          10:00am – 4:00 pm
                                            offered from May through November     ter/garrett/2008/sp20081127.html
        excluding public holidays.          2009, with possible off-season
                                            sessions in April and December. Most
                                            sessions are four weeks in duration.
                                            Residencies will be offered to visual
           Ph: 4051 0552
        110 Scott Street Cairns
Cairns Art Society                                                                                    December 2008

                                                                           CAS Proudly Supported by


    TAFE Mainstream Visual Arts Students                                         10% Discount
    28 November 2008 - 11 January 2009
                                                                Cairns Craft Centre, Showground Shopping Centre,
    Graduating students from the Tropical North                              157 Mulgrave Road, Cairns
    Queensland TAFE Visual Arts Department present               Cairns Drawing Supplies, 110 Scott Street, Cairns
                                                                 Australian Art Framers, 22 Martyn Street, Cairns
    an exhibition of various media including digital
                                                                     All offer a 10% discount on purchases to
    arts, installation, ceramics, and printmaking.
                                                               CAS members upon presentation of their receipt.
    A Cairns Regional Gallery Community Exhibitions
    Program                                                   CCC 4031 3024 / CDS 4051 0552 / AAF 4031 6947

                                                                            Membership Form
    "Hidden Treasures" - the Postcard Show
                                                                  Cairns Art Society Inc., Cominos House,
    5 December 2008 - 21 December 2008
                                                                 27 Greenslopes Street, Edge Hill Qld 4870
    The annual postcard show fundraising exhibition           Enclosed is the amount of $ _________, payable to
    with over 100 artworks up for auction, this year.         Cairns Art Society Inc. by:
    The auction on Friday 19 December offers an
    ideal opportunity to purchase original works of art       Card  Cash  Cheque  Money Order 
    to keep or give away for Christmas.                       Cardholder Name: _________________________
    A Cairns Regional Gallery Fundraising Exhibition
                                                              Credit Card No.: ______ ______ ______ ______
    Recent Acquisitions
    12 December 2008 - 25 January 2009                        Expiry date: _____/_____
                                                              Direct Deposit  BSB 633108 A/c 112765391
    An exhibition of recent additions to the Cairns
    Regional Gallery Collection.                              Membership Fees (tick whichever applies)
                                                          Individual                                $30          
    Phone: 07 4046 4800                                       Family                                    $40          
    Cnr Abbott & Shields Streets, Cairns 4870                 Concession (Centrelink card)              $20          

    Email:              Student (ID No. _______________)          $15          
    Web:               Donation/sponsorship/gift                 $            

               CAS Schedule of Events
                                                              I am renewing my membership                            
                                                              I am a new member of the Society                       
   13 Dec             Annual General Meeting
                                                              Name: ___________________________________
   14 February        First Meeting of the Year               Address: _________________________________
   14 March           General Meeting
   11 April           General Meeting                         __________________________ Postcode: _____
   9 May              General Meeting                         Phone: (H) _____________       (W) _____________
   14 June            General Meeting
   12 July            General Meeting                         Mobile: __________________________________
   8 August           General Meeting
   12 September       General Meeting                         Email: ___________________________________
   10 October         General Meeting                         Signature: ________________________________

   Apr 17 – 10 May 5th ‘Artists of the North’ Exhibition      Date: _____/_____/_____
   31 Oct – 6 Dec 63rd Annual Open Art Exhibition             Note: Memberships renewable on 1 January

Cairns Art Society                                                                                       December 2008

Cairns Art Society Inc. is a voluntary community organization, based at Cominos House at 27 Greenslopes Street, Edge
Hill, Cairns Qld 4870.
The Society was formed in 1931 and has operated continuously, except for a recess over the war years, through the
efforts of a small but committed group of volunteers, both artists and from the wider community.
The Society’s mission is to support the development of artists in Far North Queensland, and to play an active role in
the cultural life of the Cairns community. The Society provides a platform for artistic development, and a professional
and social network for sharing ideas, resources and common interests.
The Cairns Art Society will celebrate its 62nd Annual Open Art Exhibition at the Cairns Regional Gallery, 4th ‘Artists of
the North’ Exhibition at the Tanks Arts Centre and 3rd ARTescape, 3 major events on the Society’s calendar this year.

If undeliverable, return to:
                                                                      SURFACE                    POSTAGE PAID
Cairns Art Society Inc.
Cominos House                                                           MAIL                      AUSTRALIA
27 Greenslopes Street
Edge Hill Qld 4870

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