OZONA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                                      Pinellas County Schools
Volume XXV, No. 3                                                                                   September 29, 2006
                                       Kerry Apuzzo, Principal - 724-1589
                                   Kristy Cantu, Assistant Principal – 724-1589
                                Clayton Wilcox, Ed.D., Superintendent – 588-6000
                                Oscar Robinson, Area I Superintendent - 725-7996
                       Barbara Thornton, Director of Student Operations - Area II – 893-2305

Assistant Principal’s Message:                                 their peers in cooperative learning groups to problem
                                                               solve. The teachers at Ozona work very hard to ensure
Dear Parents,                                                  that each child is able to reach their maximum potential.
    With the school year in full swing it is evident that a       If you have any questions about your child’s
great deal of learning is going on in the classrooms. The      curriculum please contact your child’s teacher or myself.
students are highly engaged in a plethora of activities        I would be happy to discuss them with you.
from hands on science experiments to using nature as a                 Warmest Regards,
springboard for their writing pieces. A school’s                       Kristy Cantu, Assistant Principal
curriculum is an essential part of your child’s education.    DATES TO REMEMBER:
The curriculum that is taught at Ozona Elementary is          September
designed by the Pinellas County School System and             Join us tonight for Bike Rodeo/ Kiwanis Pancakes - 5:00 p.m.
reflects Florida’s Sunshine State Standards.                  October
    In Pinellas County, students are given Common             2         Coffee with Administration – stage 9:30 a.m.
Assessments four times per year. The Common                   4         Walk Your Child to School Day
Assessments test students’ knowledge of benchmarks            9         SAC Meeting – Music Room             6:30 p.m.
that are being taught in reading, math and writing. The       12        Headcheck
data from these assessments are shared with parents                     Early Release Day – lunch served 12:40 p.m.
                                                              13        ProEd Day – NO School for students
through conferences with their child’s teacher and are
                                                              17        PTA Board Meeting – Music Room 7:00 p.m.
also included on the report cards. Teachers use the           19        All Pro Dad’s – Movie Night          7:30 p.m.
results of the common assessments to guide their              20        Student Picture retakes
instruction by determining areas of strength and              24        PTA Carry out at Dominos
weakness in the different curriculum areas.                   27        PTA Fall Festival             4:00 – 8:00 p.m.
    In the area of reading, teachers in grades K-2 are        31        Osprey Salute – court                9:30 a.m.
participating in a program based on units of study            November
written by Lucy Caulkins who is associated with               8      Early Release day – lunch served     12:40 p.m.
Teachers College in New York. As part of the teachers’
professional development they attend periodic trainings
to learn new strategies to apply during their reading          Car Line Help!!
workshop time with the kids. We are in the beginning           We want to thank you for your cooperation in starting
stages of the program and the students are already so          the car line at 2:15. Because we are still blocking the
excited and enthusiastic about reading! You can continue       school entrance &Tampa Road, beginning Monday, 10/2
to foster this enthusiasm at home by reading with your         – All cars arriving before 2:25 will be asked to find a
child nightly and engaging in conversation about the                parking space.
content of the book. What a great way to spend some            – If you are stopped out on Tampa Road, we ask that
quiet, quality time with your kids.                                 you move off to the side of the road, to allow thru
    Our teachers do an outstanding job of keying in on              traffic to continue.
the varied needs of each child in their classroom. You         – Once the driveway entrance to the school is filled,
will frequently see them working with small groups of               cars are not to enter using the exit lane – this is a
students. Sometimes the groups meet to review certain               safety concern, and a ticketable offense.
skills and concepts that students may be struggling with       We are asking for your cooperation in getting the Ozona
and other times they will be working with students to          students safely picked up in the afternoon while having
provide some enrichment. Students will often work with         the least impact on the neighborhood.
       Walk Your Child to School                              The Pinellas County School Board is an equal opportunity employer
             Join us for the
                                                                             Ozona PTA Fall Festival
International Walk Your Child to School
                                                              Mark your calendar and plan a fun family outing
    Wednesday, October 4th 8:00 a.m.                          here at Ozona on Friday, 10/27. The PTA is
                                                              bringing back the fall festival/carnival to Ozona.
 Put on your walking shoes and your Ozona                     There will be games, food, character parade, and
  shirt (or a blue or gray shirt) and plan to                 lots of family fun!
walk your child to school! Water and snacks
 will be served as the children exit the trail                Look forward to seeing you and your family.
and enter the school campus. See you there!

Ozona website:                                                Character Parade
Visit Ozona Elementary’s website. This site has               This year our Character Parade will be held
information about our school, including newsletters,          on Friday afternoon 10/27 during the Fall
calendar, testing data, grade level supply lists, school      Festival (instead of during the October
hours and other information.               Watch for          Osprey Salute). Watch for details about
teacher/classroom links www.ozona-es.pinellas.k12.fl.us
                                                              time and location.
Please let us know if there is something else you feel
would be helpful or if you have trouble accessing our         Cafeteria Notes
site. Another good source of information is the Pinellas
County School website at: www.pinellas.k12.fl.us                 Free and Reduced applications need to be renewed
                                                                  each year. The carry over period from last year has
                                                                  passed, and if we have not received a new
           Electronic Visitor System                              application this year, your child will now have to
                                                                  purchase lunch. See Gladys, Cafeteria Manager, if
Ozona Elementary School has an Electronic Visitor                 you have any questions.
System (commonly called Raptor), from Raptor                     Vanilla Soy milk has been purchased for the schools
Technologies. The system will print visitor badges, and           and is available upon parent/student request. The
do background checks.                                             8.25 oz. container will be sold for 75 cents.
                                                                 ICE CREAM – We would like to ask for your help
All parents/guardians/visitors attempting to gain                 in the cafeteria. Some of our students are not able,
access to the school will present a valid driver’s license        because of food allergies, to have ice cream.
for scanning. The system will do a scan and if clear, will        Although it is thoughtful of you to want to buy a
print out a dated visitor sticker. If it finds a concern in       treat for other students, we are asking that you only
your background, a procedure will be set up to do further         purchase treats for your own child. Thanks
                                                                 Kindergarten students - all entrée choices are now
Please remember to bring a driver’s license or valid state
                                                                 Parents are welcome to come and join their child for
i.d. with you anytime you come to the school.
                                                                  lunch. We have picnic tables outside for you to
                                                                  enjoy. We ask that you take only your child
                                                                  outside with you.
Students are not to bring headphones or electronic
devices to school – this includes the use of headphones
on buses. Parents, thanks for your help in making sure        Homework Helpline
that only school related items are in your child’s            Hours are from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday through
backpack.                                                     Thursday. The numbers are: 547-7223 or 442-3226.
If you call and get a busy signal, keep trying! Some
nights are busier than others.

Student Transportation Safety Survey
                                                             COMMUNITY NEWS
Each year, we ask you to report conditions that may
endanger the safety of students as they travel to and from   Science Center – 7701 22nd Avenue N. St. Petersburg
school.    Hundreds of pedestrian and vehicular              Family Astronomy Night – Sat., Sept. 30th – 7-11 pm
improvements have been implemented as a result of this       Discovery Center and Planetarium Shows – first-come
                                                             Admission: nonmembers $5/person– memberships available.
process. Again this year, we request that you let the
                                                             384-0027 for more information
county know if you have an off-site safety concerns.
                                                             Greater Palm Harbor YMCA –
Safety Survey forms can be accessed from the school          Fall Basketball Leagues at Palm Harbor Middle School
district’s web site – www.pinellas.k12.fl.us Scroll down     Ages 6-11 – boys and girls. Season 10/18 – 12/14
on the left column and click on “All School Safety Info”.    Player evaluation and parent meetings – 10/18 & 10/19.
                                                             Call 787-9622 or visit online at: www.ymcasuncoast.org
On the Safety First webpage, scroll down to “Travel to
School Safety Concerns” and enter the requested              Crystal Beach Youth Center – 441-1790 x 231
information. If you are not able to access this website,     October 13th – Marine life fun
you may call – 547-7286. Thanks for keeping the safety           9 and under to Clearwater Marine Aquarium and picnic
of Ozona students first!!                                           9am-1pm - $10.00
                                                                 10 and over kayaking around Crystal Beach Preserve –
                                                                    9am-4pm - $40.00
Counselor's Corner:                                          Fishing Camp – October Saturdays
During the year you may find your child is                   Haunted House – 10/27 & 28 – 8-11 pm
struggling academically and you are not sure where           Trick or Treat – 10/31 – 6-8 pm (safe/fun/costume contest)
to turn for tutoring help. I have composed
a tutoring list of teachers that are available to tutor      Halloween in the Park – Honeymoon Island State Park
                                                             October 27 & 28 6-10 pm. Story telling, face painting, games
students outside of school. If you are interested in         costume contest. Bring $10 donation, bug spray & flashlight.
obtaining this tutoring list, please contact your            www.floridastateparks.org - 469-5943
child's classroom teacher or you may contact me
directly. I will send the tutor list home and you may        Palm Harbor Community Activities Center - 771-6000
contact the teacher directly to discuss fees and             Camps / Birthday Parties / classes.
availability.                                                To register call: Elena Harabagiu @ 938-6858.
                                                             Tampa Bay Skating Academy – 813 854-4010
Sincerely, Nicki Dayes, Guidance Counselor                   255 Forest Lakes Boulevard North, Oldsmar.
                                                             Lessons – skating and hockey, parties, public skating. Call
                                                             Jada at x112 for schedules
Bikes                                                        Clothes to Kids, Inc.
Students need to lock their bikes. The bike                  Organization that provides clothes to low income children.
areas are not locked during the day. As                      (Also accept donations). Call Nicki Dayes to request this
evidenced by past experiences, bikes not                     service www.clothestokids.org.
locked have been stolen. Also, according to                  The school is neither endorsing nor sponsoring these events nor approving or endorsing
law, students who ride their bikes must wear                                     the views of the organizations sponsoring them.

a helmet. This law will be enforced at
                                                             Emergency Contact – It is very important
                                                             that we have a clinic and office cards for your
                      CLINIC                                 child, and they are kept accurate. If you
If your child comes home with borrowed clinic                have not returned the card that went home
clothes, please wash and return them to the school           with your child in the first day packet, please
for the next emergency need. If you are cleaning             do so as soon as possible.
closets - we can always use donations of shorts that
your children have outgrown!                                 Also, throughout the year please notify the
                                                             office if you have any changes. This is
 especially important if you are going to be
 out of town. Thanks for your assistance.

                                  Coffee with the Administration

                                                 Ozona Elementary
                                         Monday, October 2 2006
                                               9:30 a.m. on the Stage
         Come join us for an opportunity to ask questions, express opinions, or just socialize.
                                   This is an informal chat with:

                                           Kerry Apuzzo, Principal
                                      Kristy Cantu, Assistant Principal

                        Physical Education Newsletter –September Edition
The 2006/2007 school year is off and running and the students have been doing a great job in physical education. The
weather the first couple months of the school year is always a challenge in Florida. We have been beating the heat and the
rain by using the multi-purpose room and the covered court as much as possible. When we have been under the sun, we
provide plenty of opportunities for the students to hydrate. We have almost made it through the hottest months of the
school year. When it begins to cool down, the students will have a lot more opportunities to practice their skill
development in many different types of sports and activities

 1.   Bowling – towards the end of August the students participated in a two-week bowling unit. They were taught the
      various skills of bowling, along with the rules and various terminologies associated with bowling. We wanted to
      instill in the students that bowling can be a lifelong sport and can provide many years of enjoyment!

 2.   Skill Related and Health Related Components of Fitness – 3rd through 5th graders have been taught and practiced
      the skill related and health related components of fitness the last three weeks.
         The Skill related components of fitness are: coordination, agility, reaction time, balance, speed and power.
         The Health related components of fitness are: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular
         endurance, flexibility and body composition.
         The students had a lot of fun doing the different activities associated with both.
 3.   Fitness Testing – over the past week all students in grades K-5 have been tested in Fitnessgram. The Fitnessgram
      measures students in all the components of health related fitness. Once all the data has been entered in the
      computer, students will get a report on their fitness level. Testing is done in the fall and the spring.

 4.   Fitness Tip –Acquiring skillfulness in a number of sport and recreational activities can improve a person’s quality
      of life.


 Picture Day has come and gone, Retake Pictures are scheduled for Friday, October
 20th . Packets from Prepaid Individual Pictures that were taken on September 8th
will be coming home in the next couple of weeks. If you do not like the way the first
pictures came out, please return the entire package, and pictures will be retaken –
no questions asked. If your child is new to the school, or was absent on the 8th, a
new prepaid order form will be sent home on the 12th.

If you have any questions about pictures, please contact Karen Gilbert at 724-1589.
Pinellas Education Foundation News!

Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy Breaks Ground at Tarpon High
The Pinellas County School Board joined the Pinellas Education Foundation, Pinellas County Schools Superintendent Dr.
Clayton Wilcox, Tarpon Springs Mayor Beverley Billiris and community leaders on September 13 to launch construction
of a world-class culinary arts academy at Tarpon Springs High School. Funded in part through leadership gifts by
longtime Tarpon Springs resident, Carol Martin and the Ellmar Foundation, and Richard Jacobson and the Richard O.
Jacobson Foundation, the academy will provide training and certification in hospitality and the culinary arts to more than
500 students from throughout Pinellas County. Upon graduation with ProStart Culinary Certification, these students will
be capable of pursuing advanced culinary training or be qualified to immediately pursue careers in the growing field of
food preparation and restaurant management. The 14,000 square foot academy is expected to open in the fall of 2007 and
will be funded through a capital campaign by the Pinellas Education Foundation. So far, more than $3.3 million has been
raised toward a $5 million goal through leadership gifts from the Ellmar and Richard O. Jacobson Foundations, as well as
contributions from Enodis USA, Creative Contractors, Denis Greismer; Hoffman Architects, Hooters Management
Corporation, Publix Super Markets Charities and SSA Design.
Now’s the Time for Walker’s Rising Stars to Shine
The Walker's Rising Stars Scholarship Competition provides college scholarships to Pinellas County public high school
juniors and seniors. Sponsored by noted neurosurgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Walker, scholarships will be awarded to solo
performers in the areas of dance, drama, vocal music, instrumental music, and visual arts students. The competition
begins with an application and essay and will conclude with finalists being invited to display their works or perform at the
Walker's Rising Stars Scholarship Gala on May 11th, 2007 at the Mahaffey Theater.

Applications for performing arts students are due to the Pinellas Education Foundation office no later than November 3,
2006. Applications and portfolios for visual arts students are due to the Pinellas Education Foundation office no later than
January 12, 2007. Juniors or seniors who wish to apply may download a printable application by visiting
www.PinellasEducation.org and clicking on Walker’s Rising Stars.

Doorways and other Scholarship Opportunities!
Doorways College Scholarship applications as well as college scholarships for graduating high school seniors are
available on the Pinellas Education Foundation’s website at www.pinellaseducation.org.
    Nominate a student in fourth through ninth grade online for a 4-year Doorways College Scholarship.
    Ninth and tenth grade students interested in a vocational/technical education can apply online for a
        Doorways Technical Scholarship. Deadline: December 15, 2006.
    Pinellas County public high school seniors can apply online for more than $450,000 in college scholarships.
        Application dates are October 1 – December 15, 2006.
                                                                  each phone or cartridge. We have collected quite a
                                                                  few phones and cartridges - keep it up.
              Think Recycling!
                                                                  Remember, if your office would like to participate, a
There are two easy ways to recycle at Ozona. Each of              box can be placed there and all items collected there
these projects not only helps clean up the                        will also benefit Ozona Elementary
environment (and the closets in your home), but
brings money into the school for special projects.
A container for clean, dry newspapers is in the bus
circle drive off Pennsylvania Avenue.
In the office is a container for printer cartridges
and cell phones. The school will receive $1.00 for
                                               Congratulations to August
    Congratulations to August                       Osprey Award
      Citizen of the Month
                                           Simone – Authier           Nicolas – Carney
Ethan - Adams         Ren - Authier        Drew – Danneman            Connor – Day
Jillian - Carney      Kyle - Danneman      Kayle – Magoulis           Garrett – Ochipa
Benjamin - Day        Brooke - Magoulis    Mason – Riess              Chase - Bowden
Elizabeth - Ochipa    Corynne - Riess      Marecea - Brown            Chad - Burdette
Riley - Augustine     Allie - Bowden       Katelynn - Charland        Austin - Alongi
Ellie - Brown         Tommy - Burdette     Nancy - Eva                Felicia - Gosche
Tyler - Charland      Kyle - Harrington    Michael - Mohr             Mackenzie - Murray
Ashtyn - Hosman       Michael - Alongi     Mallory - Reidy            Lynzey - Krillies
Bryan - Eva           Crystal - Gosche     Brendan – Leanes           Travis - Miller
Olivia - Mohr         Dawson - Murray      Brendon - Purdy            Chase - Kucek
Sean - Reidy          Nicole - Krillies    Chris - Maiorana           Patrick - Demers
Trevor – Leanes       Erica - Miller       Clayton - Donati           Keyona - Johnson
Daniel - Purdy        Asaad - Kucek        Owen - Rutkoski            Amanda - Bridges
Luke - Maiorana       Daniel - Demers      Justice - Moldal           Mitchel - Persky
Wesley - Donati       Hannah - Johnson     Austin - Teig              Jeremiah – Stiner
Adrianna - Rutkoski   Devin - Bridges                    Hayden - Moraitis
Jami-Lyn - Moldal     Lindsey - Persky
Kayla - Teig          Kaitlyn - Oleson
Jenny - Stiner        Tyler - Moraitis

    Congratulations to August
    Commitment to Character
Cody – Authier        Zoe – Carney
Emily – Danneman      Isabella – Day
Michael – Magoulis    Ryan – Ochipa
Frankie – Riess       Emily – Augustine
Kyle – Bowden         Paul – Brown
Emily – Burdette      Kenzie – Charland
Isabel – Harrington   Keoni – Hosman
Renee – Alongi        Lara – Eva
Liam – Gosche         Emily – Mohr
Yazmin – Murray       Nicole – Reidy
Kevin – Krillies      Alex – Leanes
Jacob – Miller        Megan – Purdy
Abby – Kucek          Jarrett – Maiorana
Taylor – Demers       Emily – Donati
Noel – Johnson        Zoe – Rutkoski
Katelyn – Bridges     Carly – Moldal
Zach – Persky         Madison – Teig
Daniel – Oleson       Blake - Moraitis

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