laser by liwenting


									We are visual creatures, and most of us like to       She believes it’s been too easy for salon operators
draw attention to ourselves for positive, rather      to offer laser treatments, knowing little about the
than negative reasons.                                technology and the risk of injury to clients.

Nothing can destroy confidence faster than             With minimal training available here, Ms
feeling let down by our own bodies. Yet one of the    Denwick has looked overseas for educational
positives of the technological era is the increased   opportunities. Ms Denwick will be attending the
control we can have over our appearance.              American Society for Laser and Medicine Meeting
                                                      in Washington DC in April .
One of the most profound and useful innovations
of the past few years has been the adaption of        “Having a background in women’s health has
lasers for hair removal.                              been invaluable, although a growing number of
                                                      men are seeking help too” says Ms Denwick
As recently as August 2008, the international body
for research into hormone-related conditions, The     “40 per cent of clients come to me with facial hair
Endocrine Society, recommended lasers as “first        problems which require a great deal of empathy,”
line therapy” for excess hair growth.                 she says. “It can be caused by underlying
                                                      hormonal conditions such as menopause and
Compared with traditional methods of long-term        poly-cystic ovary syndrome, or even some
hair removal such as electrolysis, lasers were        medications.”
“more efficient, less painful…and associated with
less scarring”, the society reported in The Journal   After a free, private consultation, Ms Denwick
of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.             says treatment is offered using a Light Sheer
                                                      Diode Laser, clinically proven to be the most
The report coincides with a call for industry         efficient machine, purpose-designed for hair
regulation across Australia, following a number       removal. Not to be confused with Intense Pulse
of cases of scarring and burning by beauty salon      Light (IPL).

Trained nurse, Veronica Denwick, says it’s vital to
introduce controls. After working with lasers for
                                                      Please call 8295 7070
many years in a clinical environment, Ms Denwick
has pre-empted regulation by making sure her
                                                      10 Moseley Street, Glenelg
business complies with standards already in place     Email:
in Queensland and overseas.

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