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André Villas-Boas: Spurs are ‘very angry’
with absent Luka Modric
André Villas-Boas has criticised wantaway midfielder Luka Modric
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London 2012: IOC chief praises ‘country
that invented modern sport’
‘Country that invented modern sport will succeed,’ said the
International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge Page 2

London 2012: Mo Farah’s bid for Olympic
gold threatens UK milestone
Emil Voigt’s victory in 1908 Olympic five mile race remains
Britain’s only individual gold in long distance running Page 3

London 2012:                                 Olympics: ministers                          The Open 2012:                  Simon Byard: The
Lesotho gets a warm                          ‘discussed sacking’                          Carlos Tevez caddies            intensity of training
welcome in wet and                           striking UK Border                           for Andrés Romero               has really stepped up
windy Wales Page 4                           Agency staff Page 6                         Page 7                          Page 8

Cherie Blair: London                         Red Bull duo escape                          London 2012:                    Olympic torch route,
2012’s secret                                censure ahead of                             Olympic torch tops              day 65: Ilford comes
lobbying weapon                              German Grand Prix                           the London Eye                  in from the cold.
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André Villas-Boas: Spurs are ‘very                                 London 2012: IOC chief praises ‘country
angry’ with absent Luka Modric                                     that invented modern sport’

• Croatian midfielder reported to be fined                         • IOC’s Jacques Rogge confident Games will
£80,000                                                            be a success
• Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is with his ill                       • Coe promises subtle approach to sponsor
wife in America                                                    protection
Press Association                                                  Owen Gibson

Luka Modric has stayed away from Tottenham’s pre-season            President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques
tour of America. Photograph: Clive Rose/Getty Images               Rogge attends a news conference in Stratford. Photograph:
The Tottenham manager André Villas-Boas has criticised the         Neil Hall/Reuters
club’s midfielder Luka Modric as rumours of a departure from       In the week of the opening ceremony, the International Olympic
the club intensify.                                                Committee president Jacques Rogge said he was optimistic the
    Reports have suggested that the Croatia international has      London Games would be a success thanks to the enthusiasm of
failed to travel with Spurs on their pre-season tour of America    “the country that invented modern sport”.
– something Villas-Boas alluded to in the Spanish press on             Rogge, who chaired an IOC executive board meeting on
Sunday. He is reported to be facing a fine of around £80,000.      Saturday, said he was “satisfied” with the security situation and
    Speaking to Spanish newspaper AS, he is reported as            “reassured” following presentations from the Locog chairman
saying: “I think Modric is wrong. This will go against him. He     Lord Coe and the government in the wake of the G4S shambles
has worsened the situation with what he’s doing and now the        that has dominated the lead-up to Friday’s opening ceremony.
chairman [Daniel Levy] is very angry.                                  Rogge said he believed London’s event would be a “very
    “This is also not a good time for Daniel Levy, who is in the   good” Games with its own unique identity hewn from the
USA at the moment, because his wife is ill.”                       sporting heritage of Great Britain and the athletes who had
    Villas-Boas also admitted Modric would be a major loss if      arrived so far were “ecstatic” with the facilities.
he leaves Spurs. “He’s good, very good. I tried to sign him last       “What I believe will be very visible is the identity of the
summer for Chelsea. He will be a big loss. He’s a player who can   London Games,” he said. “You could say when we went to
make the difference, who gives a lot of clarity to the play when   Athens that it was coming back to the roots of Olympism
the team needs it and who can play in several positions,” he       because of Greece having invented the Olympic Games; in
said.                                                              Beijing it was the most populous country in the world,” said
    Modric tried to quit Spurs for Chelsea a year ago under the    Rogge, who arrived in London on Friday. “Going to London, it’s
management of Harry Redknapp, and this summer appears              going to the country that invented modern sport in the second
keen on forcing through a switch to the Spanish champions Real     half of the 19th century, included sport in its school curriculum,
Madrid.                                                            loves sport, knows sport well. This will come out of these

                                                                       However, he added that the “proof of the pudding would
                                                                   be in the eating” and that no final verdict could be delivered
                                                                   until the closing ceremony. The Belgian insisted that the call
                                                                   for 3,500 troops, taking the total to 17,000, with a further 1,200
                                                                   on standby, to deal with shortfalls from G4S had not affected
  From Beirut to Big Brother, Murdoch to
                                                                   security plans and called for the media to “move on”.
  Millionaire,                                                         On another of the issues that dogged London organisers
  discuss the hot topics in the media on                           last week, when everything from the weather to transport and
  not one, but two blogs Organ Grinder and                         preparations for the opening ceremony came under scrutiny,
  Greenslade                                                       Rogge said he was confident Locog would take a “common
                                                                   sense”, “subtle” approach to protecting Olympic sponsors. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                          
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   Coe last week suggested that spectators in a Pepsi T-shirt
would not be allowed entry because Coca-Cola was a Games
sponsor, although he later insisted he had misunderstood the
                                                                    London 2012: Mo Farah’s bid for
question. “Individual cases will not be pursued with police,        Olympic gold threatens UK milestone
but if there is really a blatant intent of ambush marketing by
another company or by a group of people with commercial             Emil Voigt’s victory in 1908 Olympic five
views, then of course we will intervene,” he said. “If you have     mile race remains Britain’s only individual
the T-shirt of a competitor of one of our sponsors, we will not
                                                                    gold in long distance running
   Rogge said he had “sympathy” for those affected by the           Owen Gibson, Olympics editor
Games lanes that come into operation on Wednesday. But he
added: “We know the country wants the Games, loves the
Games. We’ll try and keep the disruption to a low level.”
   Rogge resisted calls from President Barack Obama for the
terrorist attack at the 1972 Munich Games to be recognised by
a minute’s silence during the opening ceremony, insisting “the
opening ceremony is an atmosphere that is not fit to remember
such a tragic incident”. Instead the IOC will hold a ceremony at
the exact place of the killings in the military airport in Munich
on 5 September, the date of the tragedy.The IOC president, in
charge of his final Olympics before he stands down in 2013, also
confirmed that the National Olympic Committee executives
identified in a Sunday Times investigation would be free to
attend the Games.
                                                                    If Mo Farah wins gold at the Olympics he will become the first
   It was initially thought that the IOC would try and get
                                                                    British athlete to succeed in a long distance race at the Games
interim suspensions in place for the most serious cases, but
                                                                    since the Guardian journalist Emil Voigt in 1908. Photograph:
Rogge said the fact the Sunday Times took two weeks to hand
                                                                    Steven Paston/Action Images
over a large file of evidence made the timescale impossible.
                                                                    When Mo Farah lines up in the Olympic stadium next week he
                                                                    will carry the nation’s hopes on his shoulders. But he will also
                                                                    threaten a record that has stood for more than a century that
                                                                    was set by a former Guardian journalist and forgotten British
                                                                    sporting hero.
                                                                       Emil Voigt, a wiry vegetarian from Manchester, stunned his
                                                                    rivals at the London Games of 1908 by storming to victory in the
                                                                    five mile race and becoming the first – and to date only – Briton
                                                                    to win a long distance individual gold medal.
                                                                       Voigt, who reported from Europe for the Guardian between
                                                                    1905 and 1906 before returning to Manchester to write on sport,
                                                                    was on the verge of retiring from competitive athletics in 1908
                                                                    when he made a last ditch decision to take part just six weeks
                                                                    before the opening ceremony.
                                                                       The 25-year-old athlete was unknown to his international
                                                                    competitors, having never run the distance before. He didn’t

                                                                    have a coach and devised his own punishing training schedule,
                                                                    running three times a day – often well into the night – in the
                                                                    weeks leading up to the Games.
                                                                       Voigt was injured during the heats, tearing the muscles in his
                                                                    foot, but ran with a plaster of Paris arch support built into his
                                                                    sandshoe for the final – and won by 70 yards.
  Compare and buy                                                      According to his granddaughter, Robin Voigt, who has spent
                                                                    the last 12 years researching his story, he was ahead of his time
  Use our free independent                                          in understanding sports nutrition and used self-massage to
  comparison services to switch                                     prepare himself for the Games.

  suppliers and save money on                                          While other athletes sang the praises of Oxo, a Games
                                                                    sponsor, Voigt insisted on a high energy diet of fruit, nuts,
  all your household bills.                                         brown bread, vegetables and cups of tea.                                                The Olympic record he set for the five mile run – 25 minutes,
                                                                    11.2 seconds — still stands and, while Farah may threaten his
  compareandbuy                                                     unique status, will never be broken because the event was
                                                                    dropped from subsequent Games and replaced by the 5,000m
                                                                    and 10,000m. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
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    Voigt’s forgotten story is the sort of sporting feat that British
Olympic Association executives want to commemorate in a
museum that will open on the Olympic Park in the wake of the
                                                                        London 2012: Lesotho gets a warm
Games.                                                                  welcome in wet and windy Wales
    On his return to Manchester, to a band of pipers and a
cheering crowd, Voigt continued to compete throughout                   The Games aren’t just about Team GB and
Europe and wrote for the Manchester Evening News. A story               London, as Wrexham offers the Lesotho
announcing his appointment to the staff in 1910 said he would
                                                                        team its own brand of Olympic hospitality
“contribute a weekly article on sport” and hoped “to get
opportunities for pressing the claims for vegetarianism”.               Esther Addley
    Voigt went on to become the British five, four and one mile
champion, also winning titles throughout Europe and devising
innovative training programmes for the Finns. He also founded
the Amateur Athletics Union, in opposition to the sport’s
governing body, to try and improve conditions for runners and
    He emigrated to Australia in 1911 and retired from
competition in 1914, though he continued running into old
age. As one of the pioneers of the medium, he launched the
country’s first Labour radio station in Sydney, 2KY.
    According to Robin Voigt, who is writing a book on her
grandfather’s colourful life, he “started the station in order to
bring about improved working conditions for the masses and
social justice for everyone”. He became a constant thorn in the
                                                                        Members of the Lesotho Olympic team at the Maelor School in
side of the government of the day and was tailed by the Federal
                                                                        Penley near Wrexham: local schools have close links with their
Secret Service, she said.
                                                                        Lesothan counterparts. Photograph: Colin Mcpherson
    London 2012 organisers will be hoping that British athletes
can match the medal success of 1908, when they topped the               It is a predictably murky summer’s day in Penley, near
medal table, but will be hoping to avoid replicating other              Wrexham, and outside Maelor secondary school a small
aspects of the Games.                                                   clutch of shivering figures are standing in an arc in the drizzle.
    London was forced to step in at short notice when Mount             The headteacher and a couple of colleagues are joined by
Vesuvius erupted in 1906 and the Italian government could               four sixth-formers wrapped in thick, colourful blankets and
no longer afford to hold the event in Rome due to the need to           wearing conical hats woven from reeds, while a handful of
divert funds to Naples.                                                 photographers hover nearby.
    The 1908 Games were blighted by controversy and bad                     After a few minutes, a council minibus draws up, its driver
weather. There was a diplomatic row with the American team              hops out and opens the rear door. There is a pause, while
after organisers failed to display the Stars and Stripes at the         the lineup keeps smiling. Eventually a face emerges from
White City stadium and the US athletes subsequently refused to          inside the van, and a young man dressed in a blue and white
dip their flag to King Edward VII at the opening ceremony.              tracksuit emerges from the van and dashes past the welcoming
    Later, officials ordered that the 400m be re-run after              committee and the photographers, heading straight for the
accusing an American athlete of interfering with his British            shelter of the front door.It’s been a few days since Lesotho’s
rival. The three furious Americans in the final refused to              Olympic delegation arrived in this corner of
take part in the second race, meaning that the sole British             north Wales, and while temperatures in the low teens are
competitor won be default.                                              warmer than those they left at home, where winter brings
    Featuring events including tug-of-war and power boat                frequent snow to the tiny mountain kingdom, it is clear the
racing, the 1908 games are chiefly remembered for the                   squad of five athletes and five coaching staff are struggling a
marathon – in which the Italian Dorando Pietri entered the              little with July’s exuberant rain.
stadium in the lead but exhausted in front of 75,000 spectators.            A particularly forceful downpour has already disrupted
Having run the wrong way several times and collapsed with               the day’s training, while the two female athletes – swimmer
exhaustion, he was helped over the finishing line by two                Masempe Theko and marathon runner Mamorallo Tjoka – are
officials but later disqualified.                                       struggling with colds.
    His became the defining story of the Games, with his cause              But however soggy the afternoon, there is no questioning
taken up by Arthur Conan Doyle, who was reporting on the                the warmth of the welcome from the school, which has a
event for the Daily Mail and Pietri was awarded a silver cup by         longstanding educational link with Lesotho. After being
Queen Alexandra as compensation for missing out on a medal.             coaxed back to greet the welcoming party, the group are led
                                                                        on a labyrinthine tour of the school, past the library where
                                                                        their national flag is being painted on one of the walls and
                                                                        down corridors on which coursework about Lesotho is proudly
                                                                        displayed. As they turn a corner, the waiting school choir bursts
                                                                        into a Lesothan folk song, and then the country’s national
                                                                        anthem in their native Sesotho. The delegation fall silent,
                                                                        then one by one move next to the students to join in with the © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                
Page  G24 Sport                                                                           Sunday July 22 2012            13:30 GMT

singing, some of them visibly moved.                                       “That’s something very huge for me. I have to work extra
    In these last few days before the world’s elite athletes            hard because I have Wales and Lesotho supporting me now.”
descend on the Olympic Village in Stratford, scenes like this are       • The Guardian will be following the Lesothan team’s progress
being repeated across Britain, as squads of foreign sportsmen           during the Games
and women make use of the country’s sporting
facilities for their final preparations before the Games. While
the bigger, richer teams have largely chosen to base themselves         Cherie Blair: London 2012’s secret
in the cities – Chinese athletics in Leeds, US track and field          lobbying weapon
in Birmingham, Australian swimming in Manchester – even
modest towns like Wrexham have been able to play their part in
offering Olympic hospitality.
                                                                        Tony Blair says his wife played a big part
    This is not the only school in the area to have close links with    in securing Olympic Games for London by
Lesothan counterparts; as a result, part of the local council’s         schmoozing lesser-known IOC members
job in addition to sourcing accommodation and facilities for
                                                                        Rajeev Syal
the competitors has been to shield the squad a little from the
full force of a Welsh welcome. They do have a competition to
prepare for, after all.
    Today, though, the school is hosting an Olympics-style
sports day for local primaries, at which the athletes are guests
of honour.
    Lesotho has never won a medal at an Olympic Games, not
that that is dimming the ambitions of athletics coach Pati
Mareka. “Everybody,” he beams, when asked who is the team’s
best hope. “We are expecting medals from everybody.” Their
strongest competitor, all the same, is acknowledged to be Tjoka,
who came second in the Edinburgh marathon in May and is the
only one of the squad to run in Beijing.
    Others may be competing more for experience than glory.
Theko’s late admission to the squad to compete in the women’s           Cherie Blair and her husband Tony get in the Olympic spirit at
50m freestyle caused a minor headache for Wrexham council,              the opening ceremony of 2004 Games in Athens. Photograph:
who do not have a competition-length pool in the borough. An            Michael Steele/Getty Images Sport
arrangement was hastily made with a pool in Liverpool, but              Cherie Blair was instrumental in securing the 2012 Olympic
when Theko had been driven there earlier in the week, she had           Games for London, having quietly lobbied many of the less
felt “a little overwhelmed” by some of the others training there,       well-known International Olympic Committee delegates,
said a council press officer, and declined to get in the pool.          according to her husband, the former prime minister.
    But it is fair to say the abilities of some of the squad have not       The success of the bid was previously put down to a number
yet been fully tested. Tsepo Ramonene               of prominent people, including Ken Livingstone, Sebastian
, a slight, shy 21-year-old, ran his first marathon in Botswana         Coe and David Beckham, and Cherie Blair’s role may come as a
earlier this year; his time of 2 hours, 16 minutes and 33 seconds       surprise to many.
was good enough to win him qualification for his second, which              Tony Blair told Murnaghan on Sky: “It was the strangest
will be in London on August 12.                                         electorate that I have ever had to deal with, because it is just
    Hearing the school choir sing the national anthem, he               about 120 people.
says, “I was feeling I [could] cry. I am very proud. So proud.”             “Strangely, my wife played a very big part in this really
Ramonene is the sole breadwinner for his parents, twin brother          because, of the 120, some were the great and the good and were
and sister, but wants to return to school after the Games, as he        very well known, and then you had the others who worked in
has completed only primary-level education, secondary years             sports administration and they were also on the committee,” he
proving too expensive for his family. His pre-race diet, he told a      said.
South African running                                                       Blair said that his wife, known professionally as Cherie
    blog, is to have white bread with tea, though sometimes his         Booth, had travelled abroad to speak to some of the less
grandmother will give him R50 from her pension to buy energy            well-known delegates to help secure their votes. London was
drink sachets.                                                          officially declared the 2012 Games host on 6 July 2005.
    “It’s not just about the Team GB team for everyone in                   “People tended to make a big fuss of all of the big names but
Penley,” says Dylan Gallanders, one of the blanket-clad sixth-          everyone had the same vote. My wife was very good at going
formers, who visited Lesotho earlier this year as part of the           to different countries and seeing people who were the less
school’s exchange programme. “I think [the team’s visit] shows          significant people. By the time we got to Singapore, we actually
that it’s not all about London, and benefits of the Olympics are        knew these people, I met them and was talking to them,” he
reaching throughout the country. We really do feel a part of it         said.
here.”                                                                      Blair’s comments came as Boris Johnson, the mayor of
    And it might just add a little extra puff to their sails to have    London, toured television studios to insist that the city was as
Wrexham behind them as well as their home country, says                 prepared as any previous hosts five days before the start of the
Mosito Lehata, who will compete in the 200m.                            Olympic Games. He put negative headlines about security and © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                               
Page  G24 Sport                                                                          Sunday July 22 2012           13:30 GMT

concerns about transport and congestion down to collective
last-minute nerves.
    On BBC’s Andrew Marr show, he said: “There have been
                                                                      Olympics: ministers ‘discussed sacking’
concerns and some at G4S have much to answer for.                     striking UK Border Agency staff
    “If you look at what [IOC president] Jacques Rogge said last
night, he thinks our city is as prepared as any city in the history   Culture secretary said questions had
of the Olympic Games and I think that’s a great tribute to all of     been raised about whether to fire workers
the people from Locog, the ODA and all the people behind it.
                                                                      threatening to strike on eve of London 2012
    “What we are going through as a nation and a city is that pre-
curtain-up moment of psychological self-depression before the         Press Association
excitement begins on Friday when the curtain goes up. It is only
natural that people should be tense and expectant and there are
loads of things we need to get right.
    “The G4S staff, who by the way I think we should distinguish
from the £800,000-a-year G4S bosses, are doing a fantastic job,
they are working very well with the military and it looks great.
    Johnson called on PCS union members who voted to strike
on Thursday, the day before the Games begin, to return to work.
    “I don’t think whatever they do it will disrupt our ability to
get people safely through to wherever they need to go. I think
that if you look at the numbers who voted for a strike its a very
poorly supported strike and that we have the contingencies in
place to ensure that the Games carry on,” he said.
    He also claimed that the Games would be very good for
                                                                      UK Border Agency staff are among thousands of PCS union
Britain’s economy. “This is a gigantic schmoozathon. I defy
                                                                      members who have balloted to strike on 26 July. Photograph:
those who say that this will not be good for Britain’s economy,”
                                                                      Steve Parsons/PA
he said.
                                                                      Ministers have discussed sacking UK Border Agency staff
                                                                      threatening to strike ahead of the Olympics, Jeremy Hunt has
                                                                          The culture secretary insisted he did not want to “escalate”
                                                                      the row ahead of the planned walkout of immigration workers,
                                                                      but said questions about their employment had been raised.
                                                                          Thousands of staff at the Home Office, including the UKBA
                                                                      workers, are to strike for 24 hours the day before the Olympic
                                                                      opening ceremony in a row over jobs, pay and other issues.
                                                                          The Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) said its

                                                                      members would walk out on 26 July and would take other
                                                                      forms of industrial action, such as a refusal to do overtime, from
                                                                      27 July to 20 August.
                                                                          Hunt told Radio 5 Live’s Sportsweek: “We have a
                                                                      contingency plan in place and I am absolutely confident that
                                                                      we will get everyone into the country. They’re not going to stop
  Eat right                                                           anyone getting in and this is not the time to be pursuing this
  Join the Guardian’s health and                                      kind of dispute.
                                                                          “Sack them? That is the Ronald Reagan approach and I can
  dieting club, Eat Right and                                         tell you amongst ministers there have been people asking
  we’ll design you a personalised                                     whether we should be doing that, but I don’t want to escalate
                                                                      things by talking about that right now, because I know amongst
  healthy eating plan from just                                       those 600 people there are lots of people who want to do the
  £2.99 a week. Membership                                            right thing and turn up for work.”
                                                                          The union said it would announce further action if ministers
  includes shopping lists, menus,                                     continued to “refuse” to negotiate an agreement, warning that
  expert advice and 24 hour                                           job and spending cuts were hitting services to the public.

  support to help you achieve                                             The strike will involve staff across the Home Office,
                                                                      including the UK Border Agency, the Identity and Passport
  your health and fitness goals.                                      Service and Criminal Records Bureau.                                                 Union officials said a work-to-rule and overtime ban could
                                                                      have a big impact on border controls and in passport offices
                                                                      because of the amount of overtime worked.
                                                                          The PCS is in dispute with the Home Office on several issues,
                                                                      including plans to cut 8,500 jobs, the threat of compulsory © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page  G24 Sport                                                                        Sunday July 22 2012            13:30 GMT

redundancies in the passport office in Newport, south Wales,           In this case, however, it appears the stewards have
pay rises capped at 1% following a two-year wage freeze,            decided the rules themselves were not precise enough to find
privatisation of services, and alleged victimisation of union       against the Red Bull, a move which may prompt requests for
representatives.                                                    clarification and tightening of the regulations by rival teams.

Red Bull duo escape censure ahead of                                The Open 2012: Carlos Tevez caddies for
German Grand Prix                                                   Andrés Romero

• Webber and Vettel will maintain grid                              • Manchester City forward steps in to help
positions                                                           fellow Argentinian
• Illegal engine mapping was investigated                           • Romero records front-nine score of 42 to
by FIA                                                              be 14 over par
Giles Richards in Hockenheim                                        Press Association

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel during qualifying for the German        Carlos Tevez caddies for Andres Romero during the final
Grand Prix on Saturday. Photograph: Sutton Images/Corbis           round at the Open at Royal Lytham. Photograph: Peter Muhly/
Photograph: Sutton Images/Corbis                                    AFP/Getty Images
The stewards have decided to take no further action against Red     Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez switched sports on
Bull ahead of the German Grand Prix, after the FIA accused both     Sunday to caddie for his fellow Argentinian Andrés Romero in
their cars of using illegal engine mapping to increase airflow      the final round of the Open – but it was not doing the golfer any
through the diffuser.                                               favours.
   Should the stewards have found against the team they could          Romero was already well off the pace being set by the
have forced both Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber to start the      Australian Adam Scott when he teed off at 8am at Royal Lytham
race from the back of the grid.                                     alongside the American Chad Campbell.
   The FIA technical delegate, Jo Bauer, made a statement this         But his first Open appearance for three years went from bad
morning in which he identified the specific issue as a lower        to worse with a front nine of 42 this morning, dropping the 31-
torque map in both cars than previously seen at other events.       year-old to 14 over par and last of the 83 players to make the cut.
   The FIA argued that Red Bull had breached the technical             Romero, who led with two holes to play at Carnoustie in
directive that forbids the use of using engine mapping to           2007 before finishing third, carded three double bogeys, two
improve aerodynamic performance, in this case by allowing           bogeys and four pars. He had been one under at halfway and
more air in to the engine and thus aiding the blowing of the        joint 15th, but carded a 77 on Saturday when Tevez restricted
diffuser.                                                           himself to spectating.
   Bauer stated that the: “new torque map will artificially alter

the aerodynamic characteristics of both cars.”
   However an hour before the race was due to start and having
met with both the team and engine supplier Renault, the
stewards decided to take no disciplinary action.
   The statement read: “While the stewards do not accept all
the arguments of the team, they however conclude that as the          Fantasy League Classic
regulation is written, the map presented does not breach the          Manage a squad of 16 players and a budget
text of Art. 5.5.3 of the Formula One Technical Regulations and       of £75 million. £75,000 worth of prizes to
therefore decided to take no further action.”                         be won in weekly, monthly and overall
   All the teams, including Red Bull, have attempted to gain as       competitions. Beat your nearest and
much downforce as possible from directing exhaust gas towards         dearest in a friends league.
the diffuser but direct blowing through engine mapping was
banned last year. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
Page  G24 Sport                                                                           Sunday July 22 2012             13:30 GMT

                                                                           Later on Sunday, Britain’s Got Talent-winning street dance
                                                                       troupe Diversity will carry the flame on to the stage at the
London 2012: Olympic torch tops the                                    Dagenham Town Show.
London Eye                                                                 Havering will host the flame next, where Chinese concert
                                                                       pianist Lang Lang, 30, will take it on to a stage outside the
Amelia Hempleman-Adams, youngest                                       Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch and Olympic rower Ben Hunt-
person to ski to the South Pole, holds flame                           Davies will also be a torchbearer.
                                                                           Hunt-Davies, who competed in three Olympic Games and
on the giant wheel above the capital
                                                                       won a gold medal in Sydney in 2000, went on to volunteer at
Press Association                                                      the Beijing Games and has been an ambassador for the London
                                                                       2012 bid.
                                                                           The torch will then become waterborne for the second time
                                                                       when it is transported across the Thames in a London Fire
                                                                       Brigade fireboat accompanied by a flotilla of smaller craft.
                                                                           Once in Bexley, it will be carried to Danson Park, where
                                                                       Lewis will light a cauldron as part of the evening celebrations
                                                                       and pop duo Rizzle Kicks and dance act Twist And Pulse will
                                                                           The flame came within a stone’s throw of the Olympic Park
                                                                       yesterday when it was carried through Stratford after starting
                                                                       its London journey earlier in the day at the Greenwich Royal

Amelia Hempleman-Adams poses with the Olympic Flame on
top of the London Eye. Photograph: Lewis Whyld/AP
                                                                       Simon Byard: The intensity of training
The Olympic Torch reached new heights on Sunday as it was
                                                                       has really stepped up
held aloft on the London Eye .
    Amelia Hempleman-Adams, who became the youngest                    The electrician at Team GB’s training
person to ski to the South Pole aged just 16, grinned from ear to      campus has had to avoid being overloaded
ear as she held the flame on top of a capsule on board the giant       by a surge of athletes on site in the past year
    Illuminated by early morning sunshine, the 17-year-old
daughter of adventurer David Hempleman-Adams held on tight
as she raised the torch above the sleepy capital shortly after
    And she kept a tight grip as she posed with the flame at a
height much greater than nearby Big Ben.
    The young explorer, who carried out her record-breaking
expedition with her father last December, described it as a
“once in a lifetime” opportunity.
    The stunt was suggested to the teenager, who told the BBC:
“I decided to see what I’d have to do, thought about it and
decided to do it.
    “It was amazing to look out and see the whole of London.”
    Amelia, who has tickets for the athletics and diving events,       It feels special to be part of the London 2012 Olympics and be
added: “The height was quite scary but you know you’re safe so         part of Team GB, says Simon Byard.
it’s not too bad. It was a once in a lifetime experience, especially   Photograph: Handout
as the Olympics are in London. It makes it more special.”              I’m based full-time at Loughborough as an electrician and have
    The flame will later be carried by former world heavyweight        been for three years. I worked for the university before that – in
boxing champion Lennox Lewis as it makes its way through the           fact since 1994 – and have been working in the trade since I left
London boroughs of Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham, Havering             school at 16. I’m 39 now and saw on my YouTube clip that I was
and Bexley on day 65 of the relay.                                     described as a veteran. I suppose if I were a footballer or a sports
    It began the day at Redbridge Cycling Centre, where the            person that would be true.
first torchbearer of the day, Luke Benjafield, 20, from South              We look after all the buildings at the campus and have to deal
Woodford, carried the flame through a corridor of cyclists from        with lots of different problems. It can be anything from taking
local clubs.                                                           a call about a computer not working to maintaining lights and
    He was nominated for the role due to his dedication to the         sockets and ensuring that everything works and everything is
Air Training Corps 241 Squadron, where he has inspired and             safe. It can be anything from a small fuse up to a high voltage
motivated many cadets to succeed in their flight training.             problem, including breakers and trip switches. We work up
    The torch was then taken across Fairlop Lake in a boat             to 11,000 volts because the campus is vast and it uses a lot of
accompanied by London Youth Games sailors.                             power for the athletes and all the equipment that is on site. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                
Page  G24 Sport                                                                             Sunday July 22 2012             13:30 GMT

     Team GB have been training here for well over a year now
and the intensity of what they are doing has really stepped up
over the past few months. It feels exciting as they have been
                                                                        Olympic torch route, day 65: Ilford
coming and going for the past year and you could sense the              comes in from the cold. Maybe
buildup of tension around the place as the Olympics was getting
closer. We’ve been preparing for such a long time for them that         Kieran Toms asks if the torch passing the
we have got on top of everything that we do and thankfully we           end of his road can rekindle his teenage
haven’t had any problems. We haven’t had a crisis at all which
                                                                        enthusiasm for the Games
has been a relief. I didn’t get any special training before they
came, either. I suppose I was just trusted to use my experience         Kieran Toms
and do my job well.
     It feels really special to be part of a home Olympics and to be
part of Team GB – especially working at Loughborough, which
has a great reputation for sport. It’s the kitting-out process at
the moment, which is a nice thing to see. All the athletes are
coming in to collect the outfits they are going to wear at the
Games. I was really looking forward to seeing the cyclists when
they came in but unfortunately they turned up at the weekend
when I wasn’t in work so I missed them. I’d have liked to see
Bradley Wiggins too but obviously he’s leading the Tour de
France and instead I would happily settle for seeing him in the
yellow jersey when it finishes on Sunday. I’m a big fan of cycling
but it’s been a while since I donned my Lycra and got on my bike
                                                                        Valentines Park in Ilford was spruced up but there are few
     It would be great if I could go down to London and keep the
                                                                        other visitor attractions. Photograph: Ian Marlow/Alamy
electrics ticking over nicely at the stadium when the Games
get under way because unfortunately I haven’t got any tickets.          In Ilford we’re five minutes or so by train from Stratford, so the
I’ll have to settle for watching it in front of the television at       fact the Olympics were awarded not merely to London, but to
home. I’m looking forward to the opening ceremony, though,              the previously unloved and unconsidered far east of the city,
as Loughborough University is putting on a party on the Friday          felt enormously exciting to my teenage self back in 2005.
night with large screens and food and drink as a thank you for              Stratford’s raised profile means Ilford does not seem so
the workers. I think they understand that a lot of effort has been      remote any more. So much so, in fact, that it has apparently,
put in by everyone to ensure everything has worked on site as it        and rather implausibly, become Europe’s fastest growing tourist
should do. So that’s going to be a good night.                          destination on the back of the Games.
     I’m going to be watching the Team GB football team with                Quite what all these alleged tourists get up to in Ilford is
my son as he is really, really into his football. It’s a real one-off   unclear, although there is the lovely – and recently spruced
with Britain bringing a team together especially for this home          up – Valentines Park, where the Great British Bake Off was
Olympics. I think Stuart Pearce’s team will progress well. I            filmed. Certainly, it would help Ilford no end if they could boost
would have liked to have seen David Beckham in the team,                trade at our own shopping centre, which has been noticeably
though. He’s played a big role in promoting the Games and has           emptier since the Westfield Stratford City behemoth landed last
worked really hard in the buildup to them. I can understand             September.
that! He’s been a fine ambassador and I think he deserved a                 Perhaps, though, like the commuters in Ilford’s countless
place in the team.                                                      new identikit blocks of one-bedroom flats, these mysterious
     It will be nice when the pressure is off us and the Olympics       tourists are simply staying here as a base from which to travel
finally get underway. For the past three years we have been             into central London, now that we don’t seem so disconnected
building up to this and it has been getting busier and busier           from all the action.
every day with more and more athletes coming through. So I                  Every time I take the train west, I see the Olympic site
suppose it will be strange when they have finished and we go            looming ever larger from what used to be a wasteland. The
back to our jobs without the Games looming over us. It will feel        stadiium-filled park’s presence is inescapable, yet, viewed
very different but it will be a relief.                                 fleetingly as my train trundles in or out of Stratford station,
                                                                        it has always seemed slightly detached from reality. Ilford,
                                                                        meanwhile, remains detached from the Olympics – Redbridge
                                                                        is not an “Olympic borough” – and has not benefited from the

  Are you getting the best deal on your
                                                                        sprucing up of other parts of east London.
                                                                            So, while the arrival of the Olympic torch promises a
                                                                        rare flicker of collective excitement here, it does not burn
                                                                        unhindered. My own dream was for family and friends to come
                                                                        from all over the world to stay in little old Ilford, before casually
  mortgage?                                                             popping to our friendly, local Olympics with some easily
  Compare over 8500 mortgages online to                                 secured tickets.
  find the best deal for you.                                               Now obviously, not everyone was going to be able to rock
                                                                        up to the 100m final. But for a sporting event seemingly © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                  
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                                       Sunday July 22 2012            13:30 GMT

founded on the concept of dreams and hopes, the fact that           from end-of-the-line Hainault where, in the early hours each
hardly anyone I know has any tickets seems a depressing dose        morning, passengers who have fallen asleep after a night out
of reality, in a Britain already full of harsh realities. Add in    in the West End emerge blinking and cursing into the nippy,
Boris Johnson’s misleadingly cheerful announcements at train        almost-countryside air, searching for a cab to take them back to
stations warning of impending travel doom; the unwanted             Stratford or Leytonstone.
missiles on people’s roofs; and the fact that in an area with one       Fairlop is off most people’s radar, but few realise how close
of the highest levels of unemployment in the country, private       it once came to worldwide fame: this extensive plain, host to
security firm G4S could not find enough people to employ, and       a squadron of Spitfires during the war, was once mooted as a
perhaps you can see why my initial, teenaged excitement of          major London airport, before Heathrow was eventually chosen.
2005 has flagged.                                                       This morning’s chosen mode of transport is altogether more
    But maybe Olympic joy will sweep Ilford today. And maybe,       sedate: the torch is being carried on a sailing boat across Fairlop
when I finally see the Olympic flame pass by the end of my road,    Waters, which is now an outdoor activities centre.
the significance of all these problems will evaporate, and I will       Then it’s the turn of Barkingside. A rather dreary and down-
feel Olympic passion blazing within. Maybe.                         at-heel place, I doubt if it has received this much attention since
The Guardian torch relay                                            the children’s charity Barnardo’s first set up here in 1866. The
   Help us tell the story of the UK Olympic torch route as it       high street is nevertheless an essential destination for those of
passes near your home by contributing to our daily coverage         us who live just over the Essex border in Chigwell, which does
• Share reports and observations of the day with us via n0tice      mock-Tudor nicely but is rather lacking in amenities.
• Help us create a snapshot of Britain via Flickr                       The torch will pass the distinctive round, copper-roofed
                                                                    library – my local Bodleian – and the adjacent municipal baths,
                                                                    outside which the stench of chlorine mingles with the odours
Olympic torch route, day 65: park life,                             of KFC chicken and pet food from the shops across the road.
                                                                    Traditionally an area housing eastenders who have moved a bit
pies, and legendary ice cream sodas                                 further west, it’s still a fairly mixed place, served by a pie-and-
                                                                    mash restaurant, a bagel bakery, and the legendary Rossi Bros
Kite-flier Philip Neville will be cheering on                       ice-cream parlour where, as kids, we would cram on to Formica
the runners as they pass through Fairlop                            benches to guzzle ice-cream sodas, the soda drawn from a row
and Barkingside in north-east London                                of gleaming chrome pumps. Better than a medal at the end of
                                                                    mother’s supermarket marathons.
Philip Neville                                                          Hannah enjoys cheering and waving her two little flags.
                                                                    Lately she has shown an unnatural interest in hanging upside-
                                                                    down from climbing frames. I’ve got a couple of tickets for the
                                                                    gymnastics and we’ll see if that inspires her. Otherwise, I can
                                                                    always get out the kite.
                                                                    The Guardian torch relay
                                                                       Help us tell the story of the UK Olympic torch route as it
                                                                    passes near your home by contributing to our daily coverage
                                                                    • Share reports and observations of the day with us via n0tice
                                                                    • Help us create a snapshot of Britain via Flickr

The London skyline seen from Hainault Forest country park.

Photograph: Rich Teasell / Alamy/Alamy
From the hill at the entrance to Hainault Forest country park, a
remnant of the ancient forest of Essex, you can look out across
a swath of east London as far as Docklands and the sinister
winking eye atop Canary Wharf. Stretching before you are              Mystified by mortgages?
Fairlop, Barkingside, Gants Hill, Ilford – the route the Olympic
torch will take today.
                                                                      Perplexes by pensions? Confused
   Sport was never my thing, but as a child I used to love flying     about your consumer rights?
my kite up here and spent days fishing in the park’s lugubrious       Our experts are on hand to answer
lake, without ever getting a bite. I once played a round of golf
here, my first and last venture beyond the putting green, and
                                                                      all kinds of financial and legal
often squeezed into the brambles to let horse riders pass on the      questions, so you don’t need to be
forest’s muddy paths.                                                 baffled any more. Read their advice,
   Today I am cheering on the runners with my seven-year-             or put a question to them, at
old daughter Hannah, who must have got her sportiness from
her Ecuadorian mum. The relay starts opposite the park and
makes a bee-line for Fairlop underground station, one stop © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            

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