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					                                  OSA Assembly Minutes
                                     December 6, 2004
The meeting of the OSA Assembly was called to order by Speaker Pro Tempore Amanda Cone at
4:01 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Number of organizations:              64
Organizations Present:         53
Organizations Absent:                 Alpha Xi Delta, APICS, Beta Theta Pi, CARE, Computer
                                      Science Club, Donner Hall, Microbiology Club, NOMADS,
                                      Pre Law Society, WAC

Organizations Excused:                Phi Mu
Organizations With Lost
Voting Privileges:                    CARE, Computer Science Club

Approval of Agenda
Strike Dave Ruby from Resolution OSA-04-015. Passes.

Approval of Minutes
Change attendance figure to 56 organizations present.

Guest Speaker –

Officer Reports
Executive Director Report – Angi Daus
Projects I have been working on include: OSAVE – worked with NVP and now working with
Christine Anne Center for a possible food drive through meal plans or donations of some sort. I have
also been working closely with the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Committee. I have been
helping Directors coordinate their projects. Projects I have for next semester will include getting
Senators and Assembly more involved in OSAVE events and working closely with Chelsea Nelson
(Academic Affairs) in what she is working on and of course with all other Directors to make sure
OSA runs smoothly.

Academic Affairs Director – Chelsea Nelson
During my first semester as Academic Affairs Director, my main goal has been to identify problems
that general students face in their academic careers here at UWO. I met with the interim Provost Lane
Earns for an introductory meeting. This meeting was very informative for the both of us. He never
knew my position existed before this meeting and suggested that we open up the lines of
communication between us with more regular meetings. I plan on meeting with him roughly once a
month next semester. I learned that he and Chancellor Wells had been discussing setting up a long-
term academic planning committee that would include students. I offered my assistance with setting
Assembly Minutes                                2

up this committee and will work towards setting up this committee to be ready for the 05-06 school

I also met with the Letters & Science advisor Pam Goode to discuss roadblocks and potholes students
run into when switching majors and colleges. The two major areas for concern are mathematic
requirements and Humanities/Fine Arts requirements. I will be bringing this to the attention of the
Provost and Lin Freeman to discuss fixing these areas.

Legislative Affairs Director – Nate Nelson
While my time as OSA Legislative Affairs Director has been short, I have been involved in a few
activities. I have attended 3 meetings with United Council and represented UW-Oshkosh in the
Legislative Affairs meetings there. We have covered several different topics including housing
policies statewide and advocacy for keeping tuition at an affordable level. United Council is still
working to compile the video presentations of students’ personal testimonies regarding how the
increase in tuition has changed their lives.
In the future I would like to do more to help with the tuition situation. I truly believe that our hard
work will pay off with this matter. Also I would like to attend meetings of different clubs and
organizations to see what concerns they have for the future and to see if there is anything I could do to
help. I wouldn’t want to impose, so I would wait for an invitation from these groups.
If you would like to contact me about Legislative matters, you may at

Shared Governance Director – Thomas Wolf
I. Current and Ongoing Projects
    1. Communication with all campus-governing bodies.
            a. Attending All Campus Exec Board
            b. Attending United Council
            c. Receiving minutes and agendas from Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Senate, OSA
                Senate, OSA Assembly and other Campus groups related to Shared Governance
            d. Will be attending the upcoming U-PLAN
    2. Creating a Shared Governance sub-committee
            a. Anyone interested in assisting please email me at or leave a note
                for me in the Shared Gov mailbox (located in SLIC)
    3. Preparing a Shared Governance week during the month of February, in accordance with
        United Council.
            a. Proposed week is February 21 to 25.
                     i. Intention is to have all governing bodies involved as well as OSA directors
                        and other groups linked with Shared Governance.
    4. Maintaining liaison with United Council director for Shared Gov as well as Shared Gov
        directors from other campuses
    5. Familiarization with constitutions and bylaws for all primary governing bodies
    6. Researching problem areas on campus with respect to Shared Gov

II. Upcoming Projects
     1. Continued communication to include meetings with Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Student
        Affairs, and Dean of Students
           a. Monitoring committees specifically related to shared governance issues
           b. Collaboration with other directors
Assembly Minutes                                   3

       2. Reviewing the current OSA constitution and bylaws
              a. Comparing to other university campus groups
              b. Focusing on areas that need to be amended
                      i. Will be accomplished with other members of OSA
       3. Possible formation of steering committee to focus on the problems that need OSA attention
       4. Finalizing Shared Governance Week

LGBTQ Issues Director – Crystal Heckert
I am currently working on drafting legislation concerning AJR 66 with a group of students. I would
like to continue working on AJR 66 as I feel that this is a very important issue and that it does directly
affect our student body. If there are any other students interested working on AJR 66, we are
planning on meeting Tuesday, Dec. 7 from 5:30-7 in the SLIC. If there are any other concerns that I
am currently not addressing, please feel free to contact me at

I would also like to work with other directors in any of their endeavors, especially Hajira Buser and
Tamika Harris, to make sure that all of OSA's endeavors are inclusive.

Multicultural Issues Director – Hajira Buser
  1. Racial Profiling surveys were sent out via e-mail and I thank the numerous individuals who
       responded, as does the creator of the survey, Anne Hoye.
  2. Regarding Plan 2008, I have been in contact with the Chancellor and Margaret Genisio. I will
       meet with Margaret this coming Wednesday, December 15th and then with our Chancellor
       Wells to discuss their stance on Plan 2008—particularly the results of the recent conference
       on Best Practices and the Phase II Reports that were due to Systems (UWSA: University of
       Wisconsin System Administration).
  3. I am supporting the second statewide day of action that will occur this Wednesday, December
       8th. Included will be the same material for the day of action that was a dismal failure—less
       than 10 responses were sent to the 2 targeted individuals from across the entire state—and
       support for the resolution passed last weekend in Marathon County (which I attended) that
       calls for affirmative action policies to be establish by all UW schools.
  4. I invite everyone to participate in the celebrating “Holidays Around the World” at the
       Multicultural Education Center (MEC) this Friday: December 10th, 2004 from 5:30pm until
       7:30 pm—you can stop in for any amount of time. This event is put on by the MEC Student
  5. United Council has published a Multicultural Resource Directory called the “Rainbow
       Connection” for the 2004-5 school year. It contains contact information for groups from UW
       System schools: from Student Government, Student Services, Veteran clubs, Chinese Culture
       Association and more. It can be found in the OSA office in the Multicultural Issues Binder. I
       would encourage individuals to take advantage of this resource in looking for program
       planning ideas.

                                                  Future Plans
       1. Anne Hoye plans to hold a forum next semester on the results of the racial profiling surveys. I
          will look into see if individuals are interested in attend this or send out a different survey for
          Oshkosh and hold a round table discussion regarding racial profiling.
       2. Building Unity Conference will be March 4-6. The theme is “Diversity Makes for a Rich
          Tapestry” and I encourage individuals to consider giving a workshop. Details on workshop
Assembly Minutes                                      4

               submission forms, brochures for the conference, and registration forms will be sent out via e-
               mail as I receive them from UC. I would like to make sure that Oshkosh sends a delegation to
               this conference.

Women’s Issues Director – Tamika Harris
As the Women’s Issue’s Director for Oshkosh it is important for me to promote Womens issues and
to have programs and workshops that are geared towards the needs and interests of the campus as a
whole. The main issues I will focus on are Women’s Mental Health, (a subject rarely talked or
discussed on campuses) and body image/self-esteem. For next semester I have several programs lined
up concerning these issues among others such as self-defense, abortion, and discrimination. The first
in March, during Women’s History Month there will be a program concerning women’s body image
and self-esteem. I plan to have a speaker(s) from Milwaukee and Madison that have come highly
recomended. I will work closely with WAC and other Women’s Organizations (Womens Abuse
Center), hoping to create allies in this effort to promote women’s issues on Oshkosh Campus. I plan
to have forums, workshops, and speakers. If anyone has ideas or would like to help they can contact
me via e-mail at or

Publicity Director – Meagan Dobs-Haske
Being the OSA Publicity Director for a little over a month, I haven’t accomplished very much.
Starting from day one though, Robbe Lenzen and I have been trying to brainstorm ways in which we
can recruit people to the open positions in OSA. We came up with a “Get Out The Vote Appreciation
Party” for volunteers and interns that worked on the GOTV campaign. With their wonderful
involvement and leadership, we want to open them up to more leadership opportunities within OSA.
This party will take place on December 6th. The Directors and Execs that are attending will give a
brief summary of what they do. Also, to get the OSA word out, we have placed one bulletin board in
Clow and are planning on adding more in other academic buildings probably next semester.
Throughout the rest of my term, I am planning on designing new brochures for OSA. I also want to
continue with the recruitment push if all positions have not been filled. I want to go to Hall
Government for each resident hall and try to get more people involved. Robbe and I will also
continue with the bulletin board work we have started. No one has really come to me to publicize
anything but I want to send an email to everyone in OSA extending my services and letting them
know I am here for any help they may need.

Greek Co-Directors – Jennie Kamuda & Joe Smith
Some of the projects I have been working on are to get positive facts out about Fraternities and
Sororities. I am working with the P.R. Director and the Advance Titan to get a spot in the paper in
order to do this. Posters will also be put in the different buildings so everyone will be able to see
them as they walk around campus. There will be a new one up every week. Another project I am
working on is I am trying to get all the sorority presidents to email me every other week to update me
on what goes on in their chapters. This is so I will be able to let everyone else know what is going on
amongst the sororities.

Some projects I have started to plan are to work more closely with the Greek Week Committee. We
would like to see more non-Greek students participate in this event. Also, I want to work something
like a liaison with all the chapters. I would like to foster relationships between the chapters by setting
up members with each other to do different activities.
Assembly Minutes                                 5

One of the first projects I have started is working with IFC and the fraternities to create a system or way
to keep a record of all of the positive work that the fraternities do each semester. We are currently
working on an idea of an annual report that each fraternity will prepare and present to IFC every
semester. They will a give a copy of their report to the Greek Director, who will then combine the
reports and present a summarized version to OSA. This report will highlight the key achievements,
those with GPAs at or above the All-Men’s Average, those with exceptional extra-curricular
involvement, and many other note-worthy points to the Assembly.

With this, we hope that it will accomplish several things. The first thing it will do is be a record, which
can be easily referred to, and will contain all of the information about all of the positives things that the
fraternities have done and accomplished on campus and in our community. This also serves a second
purpose: a compilation of all of the things the fraternities have done. Often, the positive things
fraternities do on campus get over-looked and forgotten. When all of the fraternities’ accomplishments
and achievements are listed in one spot, instead of in scattered announcements across the semester, it
will have a higher likelihood of making a lasting impression on people and improving the reputation of
the fraternities, and Greeks as a whole, on campus.

I have been working with Joe Baggot, Associate Dean of Students on another issue that was discussed
last semester that has some OSA ties. What group(s) or who should have the authority to recognize, and
revoke University recognition, of Greeks, and other organizations, and what should be the process be
for doing so.

An idea that is being considered is that the Dean of Students may put a group on “activity suspension”
at their discretion. This would be done if situations or issues arise that are questionable in conduct.
Depending on the situation, this could last 7, 14, or 21 weeks, but not to exceed two full semesters.
During this suspension, the Dean of Students would investigate the situation and present the findings
to both IFC and Panhellenic. IFC and Panhellenic may make recommendations on the sanction
length. For a complete revocation of recognition, the Dean of Students would present the results of
the investigation to both OSA and to IFC/Panhellenic, who must all reach an agreement for a course
of action.

Student Legal Services Director Jessica Koch
The projects I have been working on this semester have been the Res Hall program. I have not heard
back from Lori or from the Res Hall execs. I will be contacting them again before break. I have also
instituted the e-mailing system, which I think is helpful in getting our message across to students. As
for future projects, I hope to do more OSA/SLS collaborations, with one of these being a brat fry in
early spring semester. We could serve brats, hot dogs, etc. and hold it outside of Reeve Union in the
afternoon. I would like to see the OSA executive staff along with Attorney Forsgren, to answer
questions and give out information. It would be kind of a “get to know your representatives and your
student services” event.

OSA Secretary – Jill Reichenberger
   1.     If your organization has recently held elections, please update me with the new
Speaker Pro Tempore – Amanda Cone
   1.     If you need a new placard please see me.
   2.     Please send up a note if you come in late to let me know that you are here.
Assembly Minutes                               6

       3.  We have adopted a family on behalf of the Oshkosh Student Association. Your help is
           greatly needed. Please be generous to others who may not be as well off.
Speaker of the Assembly – Jeff Koch
No Report
Vice President Pro Tempore – Jenny Schad
   1.      I will be traveling during the winter break and interim. If you have any committee
           concerns or problems, please contact Jill or Bubs.

Executive Officer Reports
OSA Vice President –D.J. Fencsik
   1.       We have been over whelmed with generosity from all of you for the family we have
            adopted. Thank you.
   2.       We went to United Council this past weekend.
OSA President – Tom “Bubs” Bertram
1.     The Provost and Vice Chancellor Search and Screen scheduled for this afternoon was
       cancelled. The candidate withdrew their application. The last candidate is here this
       Wednesday, from 4:15 to 5:15 in the Rowland Room, on the third floor of the Library.
2.     Great work on the Adopt a Family project. We have collected a lot of money, well over
       $1000, but we can always use more. More information is in the Announcements.
3.     This past weekend 8 students attended the December United Council General Assembly at
       UW-Marathon County. OSA nominated two students for the UC Judiciary Committee. I am
       happy to announce that Tom Shields and Megan DiVall have been selected for the primary
       Judiciary Committee. Also, D.J. was selected for the Search and Screen to fill the UC staff.
4.     Just a reminder that OSA may nominate ten faculty or teaching academic staff for the
       Distinguished Teaching Award. Nomination forms are available in the Provost and Vice
       Chancellor’s Office and I have some. Nominations and supporting documents are due in the
       Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office on Friday, February 14, 2005. If you need any help
       with this process, please feel free to ask me for help.
5.     Over summer, the Chancellor held a Strategic Planning event. He announced a follow up
       strategic planning meeting for over interim. It will be held Tuesday, January 18 th from 12
       noon to 4:30 pm. The Chancellor asked that OSA form a representative delegation to attend
       this retreat. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me or the OSA account and I will mark you
       as interested.
6.     An update on the Student Savers Card. The gentleman from Collegiate Services offered us
       $350 commission to do this project. We are also compiling a list of businesses that we want
       to ask to participate in this project. If anyone has any ideas that they think we may not have,
       feel free to contact Amanda Cone or Dave Ruby to pass the business name along to them.

Presidential Appointments
BE IT RESOLVED: That the OSA Senate and Assembly approve the following Presidential
nominations and appointments:
                         1. Tom Shields – Alcohol and other Drug Awareness Committee
                         2. Jantira Thomas – Distinguished Teaching Award Committee
                         3. Natalie Binder - Intercollegiate Athletic Committee
                         4. Jantira Thomas – Academic Policy Committee
                         5. Becky Fromfeld – NCA Accreditation Preparation Committee
Assembly Minutes                               7

Sponsor:      Thomas “Bubs” Bertram, OSA President
(Rainbow Alliance for HOPE, College Republicans) Passes.

Committee Reports
Segregated Fee Committee – D.J. Fencsik
SLIC – Jenny Schad
LGBTQ Education Advocacy Council – Jes Berndt
Director of Academic Resource Center Search – Thomas “Bubs” Bertram
Dean of College of Education and Human Services Search – Thomas “Bubs” Bertram
Provost and Vice Chancellor Search – Bridget Bell

Old Business

New Business
WHEREAS:        The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has not extended its boundaries for
                administrative punishment beyond the campus; and
WHEREAS: Students that are off campus live separate lives and should not be punished in what
                they do in their spare time; and
WHEREAS: The University should not have the legal authority to inform parents of adult students;
BE IT RESOLVED: That the Oshkosh Student Association supports the opposition of any
                recommendation of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh pertaining to disciplining
                house party hosts; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED:                  That OSA opposes the attempt of Administration controlling
                students lives off campus; and
BE IT RESOLVED: That OSA opposes any punishment of a Student for their off campus actions;
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED:                  That OSA submits a copy of this resolution to the members of
                the AODA Committee, along with the Deans office and the Chancellors office.
Jeffrey R. Koch, Speaker of the Assembly
Matthew J. Stolen, Senator College of Business Administration
Matt Davis, Senator College of Letters and Science
Jeff Herzig, Senator College of Business Administration
John VanToll, Representative Student NRA
Nate Nelson, Representative College Republicans
(College Republicans, Delta Sigma Phi) Discussion. Motion to table until next semester Spring 05
(College Republicans, Rainbow Alliance for HOPE) Passes.

MEC - will be holding an event at the Multicultural Education Center on December 10th. The event
is called Holidays Around the World and food and drink from different cultures will be provided
along with presentations of each cultures' way to celebrate the holidays. The event will start at 5:30
p.m. and there is not a definite end time. This event is open to all UWO students and is free of
Assembly Minutes                               8

OSA ADOPTED FAMILY - The 2nd Annual OSA Adopt-A-Family project is underway. This year,
the OSA adopted family consists of 8 children and 2 parents. All eight children are female.

If an individual or an organization would like to donate, a basket has been set up in the OSA Office,
located in the Student Leadership & Involvement Center in Reeve Memorial Union. Also, at the
regularly scheduled OSA Assembly and Senate meetings, we will be collecting donations. Cash or
check will be accepted. Please make checks payable to OSA.

We ask that all monetary donations be made by Monday, December 13th. On Wednesday, December
15th at 10:00 a.m. OSA and anyone interested will purchase the gifts. If you can’t make the shopping
portion, please help us wrap the gifts. We will start at 5:00 p.m. There will pizza and soda provided.
 Gifts will be delivered on Thursday afternoon. Please check with the OSA Office, at or calling 424-3202 for the final details of gift delivery.
Provost and Vice Chancellor Student Leadership Open Forums
Candidate #5
Interviews: Dec. 8-9
Open Form scheduled for: Wed. Dec. 8, 4:15-5:15, Rowland Room, Library.
Rainbow Alliance for HOPE – will be serving hot chocolate in the Union Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday of next week from 9:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Phi Mu – is holding a fundraiser selling Stress Packages for $9.00. Going towards the Children’s
Miracle Network.
Delta Sigma Phi – is holding a fundraiser for the Salvation Army. Please stop by their table in the
Union with your monetary donation.
SLIC – Study and Stuff for finals week. Starting Sunday, December 12 th at 8:00 p.m. there will be
food, games, soda, etc. in the SLIC to relieve your stress during finals week.

Let’s have a meeting including Parli Pro and writing resolutions.

The OSA Assembly adjourned at 4:40 p.m.
                                                       Respectfully submitted,

                                                       Jill Reichenberger
                                                       OSA Office Manager

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