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					Best chosen Keywords and key phrases for any website is considered as strong base of
any successful SEO Campaign.

In Search Engine Optimization process keywords make very much impact on overall
optimization process.

Keywords give positive or a negative result on your website promotion depending on the
criteria of keyword research.

While searching keywords you need to study your products, brands, existing & potential
global target market, marketing goal and top competitor.

Use of Keywords and Key Phrases for Search Engine Optimization

Domain name selection

Selecting right domain name is very essential for the website owners to gain actual
benefit for their business.

For example, if your company name becomes famous, you can select domain name with
your company, if brand name or product is popular then you can select it.

In other word you have to select appropriate keyword for your website name.

Domain name with right Keyword gives good benefits while searching it which helps you
to get good position in search engine ranking.

Selection of file name on basis of page content using Keywords

SEO is the process where each and every step should be taken carefully.

Even a small wrong step makes you down compare to your competitor and wise step gets
you ahead of all.

Use of keywords and keyword phrases in file name is also an important aspect for search
engine ranking.

Therefore use of each and every keyword watchfully to get more hits and diverting
natural traffic to your website.
Preparing Title Tag

Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engine consider
page title while preparing search engine result pages.

Page title with Keywords which are used in page content make more impact on search

It is also necessary not to repeat keywords more than three times in Title Tag.

Preparing Meta Tag, Description, Anchor Tag

Similarly use of Keywords in Meta Tag, Description (Description is short summary of
page content, mainly prepare for search engine).

Use of most targeted keywords and keyword phrases make your site more visible to your
target market.

Preparing Paragraph Heading

Give Keyword related paragraph title and make it h2, h3 tags.

Search engine considers all this tags for preparing search engine result pages (SERP).

Image Optimization

Image optimization is writing description on image.

When page loading time is more and if image size is larger than page description will
appear first so surfer can get idea about the image (photograph) in the website.

Giving suitable image description is useful for net user and search engine.
Generating SEO Copy Writing

SEO Copy writing means use of most appropriate keywords and key phrases at most
suitable places while writing page content.

It is not just stuffing of keywords.

It is not advisable to stuff keywords in any single page as search engine considers it as
spam page.

Therefore SEO copywriter needs to carefully use keywords by considering search

Also net surfer rejects page having more keyword stuffing and they avoid visits it again
because it is not much informative.

In addition to keyword research, keyword positioning and keyword density plays major
role in ranking of your website.

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