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                                        Drug Webquest

On the Health Class website under 8th grade, find the link that says “Drug Webquest”. Use
                                these links to complete this sheet.
NIDA for Teens
Drop down the “Facts on Drugs” and choose “Brain & Addiction”.
1. What three primary areas of the brain does drug abuse affect?
        Brain stem, limbic system, cerebral cortex

2. On the left side, click on “How does someone become addicted to drugs”. Explain how this
happens in your own words.

3. Under, “What Do Drugs Do to the Brain”, fill in the blanks:

All drugs of abuse affect the brain’s ______________ _________________. Drugs hijack this

system, causing unusually large amounts of ______________________ to flood the system.

(Hint: answers found towards the bottom of the page.)

Drop down the “Facts on Drugs” and choose “Prescription Drug Abuse”. On the left-hand side,
click on the following:

4. In your own words, “What is Prescription Drug Abuse”?

5. In your own words, “What is Wrong with Abusing Prescription Drugs”?
NIDA for Teens
Under Table of Contents, click on “Want to Know More?” and answer the following questions.

6. How does marijuana exert its effects?

Marijuana contains ____________________________ including THC.

7. What happens if you smoke marijuana?
In short-term, marijuana can cause:




8. But marijuana affects each person differently according to:






9. What are the activities/behaviors most likey affected?

10. Read over “How does smoking marijuana affect the lungs?
Do you think marijuana is safer than tobacco? Why or why not?
Kidshealth.org: Dealing with Addiction
(Use “What’s In This Article?” to find the following)

   11. What is the difference between substance abuse and addiction?
       Substance abuse means using an illegal substance or using legal substances in the wrong
       way. Addiction begins as abuse. Addiction means a person has no control over whether
       he or she uses a drug or drinks.

   12. Physical addiction means:
       A person’s body actually becomes dependent on a particular substance.

  13. Psychological addiction happens:
When the cravings for a drug are emotional.

(You may have to click on “See More Links” in the top right) Scroll over “Get The Facts” (in
white type) then “The Truth About Drugs”.
    14. What is the most commonly used and abused drug in the United States?

   15. According to the United Nations 2008 World Drug Report, what percent of the world’s
   population abuses marijuana? Does this number surprise you? Why or why not?

On the left, click on “Why Do People Take Drugs?”
   16. How do drugs destroy creativity?

On the left, click on “Perscription Drug Abuse”

   17. ________________________, _______________________, and

____________________ are responsible for more overdose deaths in the United States than

________________, _______________________, ____________________________, and

____________________ combined.
Under Menu, choose “Ask a Doc” and scroll down to see questions.
In the tab “Drug Facts and Effects”, find the following:

   18. Q: I would like to know what effects it has on your personal appearance so that I can
       understand the disgusting facts about drugs. List the answers.

   19. Q: Is it ok to drink a lot only a few times a year?
       What is this called AND explain.

Under Menu, click on “Help a Friend”.
   20. Name at least 4 signs of a drug problem.

Putting the Truth About Drugs to Use:
The statements below are all lies about drugs. They are often used to try to persuade
young people to begin or continue to take illegal street drugs or abuse prescription
       Drugs make you feel better.
       Drugs make you more creative.
       Marijuana is actually better for you than tobacco.
       Drugs make you more fun to be with.
       Drugs don’t cause any permanent damage and wear off easily.
       Prescription drugs can’t hurt you.
       You can stop taking drugs whenever you want.
       Taking drugs is a personal decision. It’s not going to affect anyone else but you.

Using one of these lies, write an essay contradicting (speak against) the lie. You may
use any information discussed in class and these websites only to help build your
evidence. Be sure to use quotes when necessary. The essay must be typed, one page
single-spaced or two pages double-spaced. (12 font, 1” margins)

     Date Due: ____________

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