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					                              Test Paper :4
 Paper Type      : Candidate Experiences
 Test Date       : 16 February 2010
 Test Location : G.Noida
 Posted By       : Shoaib

Sample Test Paper

1) There is a square with each of it’s side is of 2m. An octagonal is cut-of from this square by cutting
it’s edge such that the octagonal has all it’s sides equal. Find out the length of each side of the
Ans: 2/(1+(2)1/2 )

2) Which one is wrong in the following series? 3 7 4 10 6 8 5
Ans: 8

3) A lorry starts from Banglore to Mysore at 6.00 A.M, 7.00am , 8.00am ....... 10 pm. Similarly one
another starts from Mysore to Banglore at 6.00, 7.00 am, 8.00 am.....10.00pm. A lorry takes 9 hours

to travel       from Banglore to Mysore and vice versa.
(i) A lorry which has started at 6.00 am will cross how many lorries.
ans. 10
(ii)A lorry which had started at 6.00pm will cross how many lorries.
Ans. 14

4) In a school   , no of students who passed are three times the number of students who failed. If
the no of students would have been decreased by 16 and the no of students who failed would be
increased by 6, then the no of students who would have passed are 80. Then find out the no of
students in the school?
Ans: 136

5) 1,000,000 seconds are equal to________days?
Ans: 11.57days

6) A Japanese and an American were traveling together in a flight  . The American asked to
Japanese why Japanese look are inscrutable. Japanese replied that the people of Japan are
inscrutable not have the aim of only focusing on money   etc. Which of the following term describe
their behaviour?
1. Indifferent
2. Compassionate
3. Emotional
4. None of these

7) The probability of withdrawing a card of ace is 1 in 52. Find the probability that we obtain one
card of king, (3 things are given). Sorry I don’t remember.

There is one question from Compound Interest.

8) A man has to drive for 12 miles to reach his office. The office of his wife is 6 miles from his office.
After picking his wife in the evening, he went to gym that is 4miles away. If he is x miles away from
his home right now, then the range of x is:
 a. 4<=x<=22
 b. 2<=x<=22
 c. 3<=x<=24
 d. none
 Ans: b


 If Kanchi seer found guilty should be punished or not.

 Remix and original music.

 Helmet rule in Hyderabad.

 Sports      in India(this was my topic)

 Role of UNO.


 Communication skills.

 Basic knowledge in his discilpline and computers.

 Ability to understand the questions well.


                               Test Paper :9
Paper Type       : Candidate Experiences
Test Date        : 5 May 2010
Test Location : Satyam office, Near fortune Tower,BBSR, Orissa
Posted By         : Suman subudhi. K

Hi Friends,

I want to share my experience of my dream companies interview which i had on may 5th,
2010 with Satyam HR people.

First there was a online written test on 2nd may, 2010 at GEC, Bbsr, Orissa. Around 15-
20 colleges participated and 1000-1200 students appeared the written test. The result of
written round was out on 3rd may, 2010 and out of these students only 50 students were
selected for this next round.

The next round was Technical and HR round which was going to held on 5th may. I went to
satyam office at bbsr on 5th may, 2010. There was 7 panels out of which 6 technical and
1 HR panel. I was called by evening 5.40pm for Technical.

The HR was quite good and cool when i entered first he asked me about why you want to
join Satyam since you have 3 jobs in hand as prior to it was selected in 3 more companies
and i said as it is my dream company, then he swithced over to my project . You should be
through about your project. Since i have done my final year project in image processing
(DISP), as i belong to ECE branch we had code 0f 250 lines. He asked me to write the code
also after i wrote 38 lines he stopped me and jumped to C. He asked me for questions from

Then he asked me puzzles like
1. He told me you take five 1's and do what ever you like and bring 120.
Answer: (11* 11)-1

2. He made a triangle and said there is one temple in each corner of triangle and a pond
between two temples i.e., 3 temples and 3 ponds, A person went with some flowers and
first dipped them in one pond it became double and offered some to one temple, then rest
he dipped again in another temple and it became double again and then he offered some to
another temple andrest again dipped to last pond and gav all flowers to last temple. At the
end he found that all temples he gav same no. of flowers and no flowers remeined with him
then he asked how many flowers did the person had intially and how he gave to each

Answer: 7 and 8 (the person had intially 7 flowers and gave 8 flowers to each temple).
then he asked u say the fomula for this i said
Answer: (2 to power n )-1 no. flowers the person had intially and (2 to power n) no of
flowers he gav to each temple.
{where and is no of temples in the question}

Then he asked 2 more puzzles, then he asked from data structure,(as example of stack and
queue, heap sort, quick sort) then he asked from RDBMS and C++ (as candidate key,
normalization, new and malloc, calloc etc,)then he jumped to os as bios, cpu scheduling, etc
then he asked to write a small program.

Some questions i not able to recall anyhow then the HR said have a nice day. While coming
when i came out it was 6.35pm i.e i had interview of 55 minutes. then after i went to HR
interview at 7.00pm when i entered the HR said

"HR: So Suman how was and you?
ME: Fine sir.

HR: How was your technical?
ME: Yes sir my technical was fine and and i'm satisfied.

HR:So suman your technical was so good so what i will ask you in HR , so you can leave
now, have a nice day and we will get you back on monday i.e on 10 th may."
ME: Thank You sir.
Then i returned from bbsr that day i was quite confident i will get selected but instead of
10th may the result was out on 12th may and i got selected. I was very happy and now i'm
in a intern till the joining of Mahindra Satyam.

Good luck to all the guys who are going for Satyam interview and i suggest be strong in C,
C++, RDBMS, datastructure, Operating system, final year project and Puzzles.

                           Test Paper :15
Paper Type    : Candidate Experiences
Test Date     : 20 August 2008
Test Location : Anna University, Chennai
Posted By      : Suresh

Satyam paper on 20th August, 2008

Satyam Computer Services Limited.
30 minutes duration, 15 questions of multiple choice, each carries 1 mark, for every wrong
answer 0.25.

Marks are deducted.
1) Find the wrong output of the following program
10 LET T = 2
20 LET T1 = T * 1000
30 LET T2 =T + 2
40 LET T3 = T2 * 100
50 LET T4 = T2 + 2
60 LET T5 = T4 *10
70 LET T7 = T1 + T3 + T5
90 T = T + 1
100 IF T<6 THEN GOTO 20
110 END
A) 2460 B) 3570 C) 4580 D) 5790 E) None of these

2) In the series 3, 5, 12, 38, 154, 914, 4634,……………which is the incorrect number?
A) 5 B) 12 C) 38 D) 914 E) None of these

3) The President of the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of XYZ Vihar lives in the C
block of the neighborhood. There are seven houses in the C block, including the president’s
– the president’s house being located at the centre. The other houses are located in the
same row as the president’s house. These houses are occupied by other office bearers of
the RWA, The seven resident’s in the C block are P, Q, R, S, T, U and V. The closer a
resident’s house is to the president’s house , the higher is his rank in the RWA, with a
person on the president’s left outranking one equidistant from the president’s right.
i)T is four places to the left of the secretary.
ii)V’s neighbors are P and the secretary.
iii)S is two places to the left of U.
iv)The Convenor, the Organizer and the Cashier are seated together, in that order, from left
to right.
v)The secretary is two places to the to the right of Q.
vi)The remaining functionaries of the RwA are the Treasurer and the officer.

4) The fourth-ranking person in the RWA is
A) V B) P C) S D) U E) None of these

5) A Data Interpretetion Question using bar graph. These are 5 copies of university physics,
8 copies of university chemistry, 3 different books on law and 2 different books on history in
a library. Find the number of ways in which onr or more than one book can be selected?
A) 1985 B) 1260 C)1558 D) 1727 E) None of these
6) The average life expectancy for the United States population as a whole is 73.9 years,
but children born in Hawaii will an average of 77 years, and those born in Louisiana, 71.7
years. If a newlywed couple from Louisiana were to begin their family in Hawaii, therefore,
their children would be expected to live longer than would the case if the family remained in
Louisiana. Which of the following statements, if true, would most significantly strengethen
the conclusion drawn in the passage?
A) As population density increases in Hawaii, life expectancy figures for that state are likely
to be revised downward.
B) Environmental factors tending to favor longevity are abundant in Hawaii and less
numerous in Louisiana.
C) Twenty-five percent of all Louisianans who move to Hawaii live longer than 77 years.
D) Over the last decade, average life expectancy has risen at a higher rate for Louisianians
than for Hawaiians.
E) None of these.

7) While walking with his friend, Mahesh meets another whose mother is the wife of
Mahesh’s father’s only son. How is the man related to Mahesh?
A) Son B) Nephew C) Cousin D) Uncle ) None of these

8) The sum of the ages of a mother and daughter is 60 years. Also ten years ago the
mother’s age is 7 times the age of the of the daughter.The present age of mother is
A) 45 years B) 55 years C) 65 years D) 60 years E) None of these

9) An old man has a number of oranges. If he sells them at Rs. 1.25 a score, he loses Rs.
2.50. If sells them at Rs. 1.50 a score, he gains Rs. 5. What is the number of
oranges?(score = 20 nos.)
A) 600 B) 462 C) 575 D) 700 E) Non of these

10) The difference between the simple and compound interest on a sum of Rs. 5,00,000 for
two years is 2,500. Find the rate of interest, if it is compounded yearly?
A) 7.5% B) 7% C) 6.5% D) 6% ) None of these
11) Breakfast times (all am): 6:30, 6:50, 7:15, 7:35, 7:50 & 8:30

i)The person who read the newspaper had breakfast later than the person that liked to
listen to the news on the radio, but earlier than the person who enjoyed silence at breakfast
ii)Juhi had her breakfast dirctly before the person who had toast, who had breakfast directly
before the person that listened to music on the radio.
iii)Cereal was eaten 20 minutes after the person who watched the Breakfast News on TV.
iv)Shalani ate breakfast at 7:15. Laloo had breakfast sometime after Mahesh. A banana was
not eaten at half past the hour.
v)Chamila’s 4 cups of black coffee was not the breakfast taken last. Sausage and egg was
eaten directly after the toast.
vi)Jameer had his breakfast directly after the person who ate sausage and egg, but directly
before the

12) Person whose idea of a fun breakfast was shouting at the children. What time did Juhi
have breakfast, what was her pastime and what did she have for breakfast?
A)6:30, TV Breakfast neews, Coffee B)6:50, Radio news, Cereal C)7:15, Reading
D)7:35, Radio music, Sausage and Egg E) None of these

13) X, Y and Z shared Rs. 7400 so that X received 25% more than Y, and Y received 20%
more than Z. What amount did Z receive?
A) Rs.3500
B) Rs.3000
C) Rs.2400
D) Rs.2000
E) None of these

14) The average normal infant born in the United States weighs between twelve and
fourteen pounds at the age of three months. Therefore, if a three-month-old child weighs
only ten pounds, its weight. Which of the following indicates a flaw in the reasoning above?
A) Weight is only one measure of normal infant development.
B) Some three-month-old children weigh as much as seventeen pounds.
C) It is possible for a normal child to weigh ten pounds at birth.
D) Average weight gain is not the same as average weight.
E) None of these.

15) Jake farmer woke up one morning to pandemonium in his barnyard. The gate had been
left open and the animals had wandered out during the night. When he looked out the
window, he could see the chickens and the sheep. When he got downstairs he could see the
goats, too. But he had the cows and horses. After an hour of running around, Jake finally
got all his animals back in their pens.

1.The animals running loose on the neighbor’s lawn were not goats.
2.The twelve chickens, which were not eating Jake’s vegetable garden, took the most time
to return to their pen.
3.Jake had five of each type of animal; he had an even number of all other animals.
4.The animals he had the least were only two, took five minutes to catch while the animals
he had most took him twenty minutes to catch.
5.The animals of Jake which were only two, took five minutes to catch while the animals he
had six took twice as long to catch.
6.Jake had six chickens more than goats but two goats more than sheep.
7.It took five minutes more to catch the horses than it took to catch the animals in the
hayfield but getting the horses took five minutes less than collecting the animals scattered
around the barnyard.
8.It took Jake the same amount of time to collect the four animals in the hay field as it did
to collect the goats.

16) Using the clues, determine how many chickens the farmer had to find, and how long it
took the farmer to return the chickens to their stable.
A)5 chickens, 15 minutes
B)4 chickens, 10 minutes
C)6 chickens, 10 minutes
D)12 chickens, 20 minutes
E)None of these

17) A and B can do a piece of work in 20 days and 30 days respectively. They work together
and A leaves 5 days before the work is finished. B finishes the remaining work alone. In how
many days the total work is finished?
A)15 days B)13 days C)11 days D)9 days E)None of these

                                     Test Paper :69
Paper Type          : Whole Testpaper
Test Date           : 4 March 2006
Test Location : M A I T
Posted By            : Vijay


Satayam paper held at m a i t on march 4, 2006

The pattern of satyam:
It consisted of 15 questions 30 minutes and 1 for correct answer,
-.25 for incorrect answer.

the question that came in my exam were as.........

ques 1
find the angle between the minute and hour hand of clock when time is 15:30
4. 90
5 none of these

ans none of these

2.if simple int after 2 yrs at the rate of this % is this and compound int is % for 1 year
find the compound int for 2 yrs (some wat like this) was like if there are 3 cats ,3 dogs ,2 parrots,1 cow they eat in wat order
then some conditions were given like

13 dogs cannot consequtively
2 the parrot can be the first or last
3 the dog and cat cannot be together
one more condition was given i cannot remmeber the whole question.

4 the question was that a statement was given and after that a sentence was given
and 5 choice

1weathear statment one alone is sufficient
2 statement 2 alone is sufficient
3 both
4 none

like this

 5 it was some figures were given and u had to find the next figure on that pattern
four figures then u had to find the fifth one
5 choices were there


8 some series was given 8 8 8 3 2 5 9 then five steps were give
step 1 series no change like this 9 8 8 8 3 2 5
step 2 some more changes were done in step 1
step 3
step 4
step 5

now u had been provided with some other series u had to find the fifth step of it

9 if mumbai: crqust : delhi :?(not exactly like this but the question was of this format)

 10 data interpretation question
a sentence was given u had to tell wat can u depict from it again 5 choices

11 age problem (r s aggarwal)
simple one

12 one question was in form of program u had to find the out put of that

13 speed and distance problem again from r s aggarwal

 14 this is wat all was in test i can remeber the pattern is different
from the one previously given by them
they selected 1005 students out of about 3400 for gd .

cut off was about 7 or 8

this is all i can remeber

Refer R S aggarwal and shakuntal devi , though this time other question like
figure question and data interpretation question also came so r s aggarwal
and shakuntla devi (just one puzzle sort of question came)

(Paper Submitted By : Vijay)
                                     Test Paper :69
Paper Type          : Whole Testpaper
Test Date            : 4 March 2006
Test Location : M A I T
Posted By            : Vijay


Satayam paper held at m a i t on march 4, 2006

The pattern of satyam:
It consisted of 15 questions 30 minutes and 1 for correct answer,
-.25 for incorrect answer.

the question that came in my exam were as.........

ques 1
find the angle between the minute and hour hand of clock when time is 15:30
4. 90
5 none of these

ans none of these

2.if simple int after 2 yrs at the rate of this % is this and compound int is % for 1 year
find the compound int for 2 yrs (some wat like this) was like if there are 3 cats ,3 dogs ,2 parrots,1 cow they eat in wat order
then some conditions were given like

13 dogs cannot consequtively
2 the parrot can be the first or last
3 the dog and cat cannot be together

one more condition was given i cannot remmeber the whole question.

4 the question was that a statement was given and after that a sentence was given
and 5 choice

1weathear statment one alone is sufficient
2 statement 2 alone is sufficient
3 both
4 none

like this

 5 it was some figures were given and u had to find the next figure on that pattern
four figures then u had to find the fifth one
5 choices were there

8 some series was given 8 8 8 3 2 5 9 then five steps were give
step 1 series no change like this 9 8 8 8 3 2 5
step 2 some more changes were done in step 1
step 3
step 4
step 5

now u had been provided with some other series u had to find the fifth step of it

9 if mumbai: crqust : delhi :?(not exactly like this but the question was of this format)

 10 data interpretation question
a sentence was given u had to tell wat can u depict from it again 5 choices

11 age problem (r s aggarwal)
simple one

12 one question was in form of program u had to find the out put of that

13 speed and distance problem again from r s aggarwal

 14 this is wat all was in test i can remeber the pattern is different
from the one previously given by them
they selected 1005 students out of about 3400 for gd .

cut off was about 7 or 8

this is all i can remeber

                                      Test Paper :22
Paper Type           : General - other
Test Date            : 7 March 2008
Test Location : Calcuuta Institute Of Technology
Posted By             : Nupur Khaitan


Hey Friends...Satyam came 2 CIT on 7th march and my collg IIIT and CIT paricipated in the started with a ppt and den the aptitude round....
the apti round consisted of 15 ques in 30 min.... their were around 200 student appearing 4 me it is d biggest hurdle..

ques were not easy at was pretty high standard....u have to be thorough will R.S Agarwal
both for quants and LR....but yes u should also be COOL headed nd think INTELLIGENTLY b4
sitting 4 d paper....coz dey jst check 4 ur intelligence....

ques were 4m topics such as
1)their were 4 ques on puzzle was easy but time consuming
2)simple interest (easy one)
3)prob on trains
4)series(one 4m no. series and one non verbal)...both were not very easy...
5)conclusion from paragraph(easy one....was on petrol pollution)
7)surface areas

if a monkey climbs 3 steps and comes down 2 steps in an hour....den how much time will it take
4 him to climb 20 steps?
answr-c (18hr)

a certain article cost something and a second article cost 20%less than the 1st ariticle.if a person
gain (25/2)% on d 1st article and loses 10% on d second article,den find d overall gain or loss on
d whole transaction?
a)25/2% gain
b)25/2% loss
c)no loss or gain
answr-e (none)

be careful b4 chosin ur option...they have negative markings also(1/4th)...Time Management is
very very important d results were announced 4 the round and out of 200 students 48 were
selected...much to my surprize i was one of dem..

den their was an essay writing round..this is not an elimination round...dey r just checkin ur
grammer,ur basic knowledge of english and how much u r aware of d outside world...ques in
hr round are asked 4m ur write neatly in good handwriting and make sure their are no
grammatical or spelling mistakes in ur essay..

topics were
a) role of women in modern india
b) love vs arrange marriage (my topic)
c) advantage of smoking
d) should cricket be lessend in order to promote other sports

we were given 5 min to write on was fun

then i was called 4 hr round....the hr was a man 4m army who recently joined satyam...he was
very sweet and i was not nervous..he asked me ques only 4m my essay as i had
written for love marriage....he tried to move me away 4m my point but i did not...he gave me all
good arguments for arrange marriage..dont ever be harsh with ur words...put ur points in
GENTLE words..i was very polite and calm even though he tried to make me angry...

dat impressed him(i guess)...jst be CALM nd plz BE URSELF...nd never try to
HONEST and CONFIDENT.. out of 48 students 29 cleared the hr round nd by god's grace i was
of of dem.... den was my technical round... it was a cakewalk 4 me....the technical person was
very very cool and calm he just asked my intro,and some ques on my tech intrnw
lasted for only 5 min...

i think a PROJECT in ur cv is alwz a ADDED changes d focus of d make sure dat u knw every small details of ur don worry if u dont
have one..jst prepare well d subjects u r writing in ur cv.. d results were declared at 9.30p.m and
out of 29 students,19 were selected finally... by god's grace, i am a SATYAMITE study hard and pray harder....its d game of luck...

ALL D BEST!!!!!!!!!

c u at SATYAM!!!

                              Test Paper :40
Paper Type        : Whole Testpaper
Test Date         : 24 March 2007
Test Location : UC College Aluva , Kochi
Posted By          : Shreds

Hai friends, ...........

I am Shreds . I attented the satyam test       and i want to share  my experience. With u all.About
2500 students    attented the aptitude   test...out of which 250 were short listed for the GD ,150 for
the interview and finally 97 were selected.....

It was a written test(15 questions ->30 minutes)with 0.25 negative mark)...So friends plz attend only
those questions h u r sure...dont do ny guess work..I think the cutt off was 6-8 marks..i didnt 10
questions got selected and one of my friend did only 7 questions ... she too cleared the test..But
another friend did 14 questions and she was not selected.....

Questions which i remember->the numbers r not exact....
1. Triangle Series
 75 66
 37 ? 28
 15 16 10 12
Ans:- 32 ((add 2 numbers) + 6 to get the number on top)

2.Time and Work
12 man can complete a work in 12 days.For a work 10 men work for 6 days and then 4 more men
joins them.In how many days will they complete the work?
3. Simple Interest and Compound Interest
A man is having some money deposited in bank.In the 1st yr he gets 8% interest,2nd yr -11 %,3rd
yr- 13%.If he gets Rs 12,400 at the end of three yrs.How much he deposited?

4.A man took Rs 1000 as loan on simple intrest of 5%.But he pays Rs 200 annually as interest and
amount.How much he will have to return after three years?

5. Number Series:
Ans:- 27 (very simple)

Find the angle b/w the hands of a clock at 14:43 hours?

There is a field inside that there is a rectangular grass field with dimension 12X8 meter. One cow is
tied at one corner of he grass field with a rope of 10 m. Cow is not allowed to enter the grass field
.How much area it will graze?

8.Data interpretation(pie chart)
To calculate the central angle

9.To calculate the value based on the pie chart (both these questions were simple...only thing u
should know how to calculate from pie chart).

10.Symbols and Notations:
1 can be written as # and 0 can be written as %....for example
1 is written as #
2 is written as #%
3 is written as ##
4 is written as #%%
then what is the LCM of 20,30,36 ?

How many words can be formed from 'COOLER' such that both the Os are not together?

12.Profit And Loss:
A sells an article to B at 10% profit.B sells it to C at 25% profit.C sells it to D at 15% profit.What price
did A pays to buy      that article if D pays Rs.2056?

13.A Ques on Passage(6-8 lines passage)

14 and 15: Next figure in the series.
4 figures were given...u hav to find the next one....

The topic i got was "Women Are The Best Managers"

There was 10 students in a group...The panel member was very friendly with us..First she asked our
names and then she advised us not to fight...All should get opportunity to talk...Then we were asked
to discuss on the topic...almost all members in my group talked with no fighting among us....They are
only checking our confidence level,ability to mingle in a group..If u r not good in english dont
worry...thats not a problem...just speak out...Dont sit simply..(Also keep in mind this is an
ELIMINATION round) ...So u shud hav points..Dont beat around the bush. take care of ur body
language...Look at ur friends face nd talk...Dont look at ur panel members face...hav a smile
always...dont be aggressive..Most important u shud be active through out the GD..dont just say 2
points and then keep quite...
Some of the other topics given were:
*Is G.D. neccessary for freshers recruitment
*Western culture
* role of media on public

Plz go through the satyam Gd topics in old Papers..They are just repeating..

TECH + HR :( + STRESS ) for some:(about 30 minutes)

I was lucky becoz i had all the 3...sighhh..First they started with the basic Hr questions:Intoduce

Then the started the Tech questions:
Basic questions from OOP , C/C++, Mini Project ,DBMS, Data structure, OS and LSD.....they may ask
u write small programs....

Just study   the basics of the above mentioned confident wen u speak....Dont bluff...if u
dont know say that frankly....Look at the Hrs eyes and speak.But if u r not good in ur subject...its
sure that u will be rejected..they r looking for tech skills..extra cirricular activites are not much

Then for me another man came suddenly and started stress interview..first i couldnt follow what is
happening around me..but slowly i realised...I just fixed a smile in my face....They will try to make u
angry, but plzz dont oppose them
Answer to their questions with patience...and a pleasant face...(this is wat i did) and at last the panel
member appreciated me...)

The results were announced after 1 hr...97 were selected and i was one among them( thank
GOD!!!) last i did...."ALL THE BEST TO ALL MY FRIENDS" we can meet at SATYAM.....

                             Test Paper :50
Paper Type      : Whole Testpaper
Test Date       : 28 April 2007
Test Location : DIT, Dehradun
Posted By       : Saurabh Sundriyal


Hi Friends!
I am Saurabh Sundriyal, B.Tech IIIyr (E.C.E), Graphic Era Institute of Technology, Dehradun. I
appeared for the Satyam Tech. Recruitment exam on 28-APR-07.

There were 3 rounds- Apti, GD, Intrvw.
Total students appeared were 573. Around 200 cleared apti round.

There were 15 Ques. in 30 minutes. There was also a neative marking of 25%.
So Friends, BEWARE, EFFICIENCY matters in Satyam. I attempted only 8 Questions and I am
sure all were correct. People make mistakes by solving 11+ questions with 3-4 of them
incorrect. Your efficiency should be good. Even if you attempt 50% of questions, Be sure about

Some of the questions are given below:-
1) The radius of a circle was increased in length by some value. If the increase in circumference
is 44 cm, the change in radius is
 a)5 b)7 c)3 d)8 e) None of these          ANS= b) 7

2) If it takes 'h' hours to mow a lawn. Then what part of lawn is mowed in 1 hour?
 a)1-h b)1+h c)1/h d) h/(1+h) e)None of these            ANS= c) 1/h

3) If 10 oct 2004 was saturday. Then which day will be on 10 oct 1986........

4) For a given set of numbers as 32, 45, 57, 142, 180, A machine gives following outputs after
each step as shown below:
   Step 1 33,47,60,146,185
   step 2 33,185,60,146,47
   step 3 34,185,63,146,52
   step 4 52,34,63,146,185
   step 5 185,146,63,34,52
If you are given a set of numbers as 7,5,3,9,13, What is the output of machine after step 5 ?
a) b) c) d) e)none of these            ANS= e) None of these

5) & 6) Two of these questions were simple english questions based on a small passage

7)Mark the wrong output of following program :-
  10 R=2
  20 R=R*2
  30 E=R*R
  40 K=E+2
  50 PRINT K
  60 IF R<16
  70 GOTO 20
  80 END
 a)18 b)64 c)258 d) e)None of these ANS= b) 64

8) A shopkeeper allows a discount of 25% on market price of an item and sells it for Rs 600 and
still gains 20%. Find Original price of the item. (Something like this....)

9) The difference between SI & CI on a certain sum of money for 2 yrs at 2 % per annum is Re.
1. The sum is-
  a)625 b)670 c)640 d)650               ANS= a) 625.

10) 6 persons out of which 2 are brothers are to be seated in a circular table. How many possible
arrangewments would be made such that both of these brothers dont sit together?
  a) 21C2 b)21C2-19C2........(forgot options, Sorry.......)
11) A pyramid-series based question. (Sorry friends! I dont remember it!)

12) Question based on visual ability test. Four figures were there, judge the 5th figure from given

13) Given a Quadratic Eqn. aX2 + bX + C =0. (a=0)
  The total no. of roots of given eqn can be found by-
  a)Using the given condition only
  b)Using both statements I & II
  c)Using either statement but not the other
  ANS= a) Using the given cond. only.

14) A,C,F,J,O,?
 a)V b)U c)S d)T e)None of these.               ANS= b) U.


Friends! SATYAM's focus is in GD Rounds. You must be fluent in English with adages and
examples on tips to suppport your views. Some of the topics of GD are:-
 1 Should Dress Code be there in Engg. colleges or not?
 2 Black
 3 Should Cell phones be banned inside college campus or not?
 4 Is 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' a money game or a knowledge based show?
 5 IT Rvolution in INDIA.

There were groups of 10 each with GD time duration of 10 minutes. Some topics were asked by
students to be suggested.

Before interviews, they asked to fill a form in which certain questions were asked to be
answered, given as below :-
 Q) Why SATYAM should hire you? (4 lines)
 Q) Where do you see yourself after 5 years? (4 lines)
 Q) What makes you aspire for satyam? (4 lines)

Some other details were also to be mentioned there. They dont ask for CV. Only this form is
important. But keep one with yourself.
In interviews they checked General awareness (Like IT..). CS and IT students were asked
technical questions. For non-IT engineers, they asked that how they can help their company and
few technical questions? Also they asked HR questions.
They told that they choose about 10% of total appeared students in pool campus. Finally 57
candidates were selected out of which 34 were from our college.
CHEERS to GEITians....

ALL THE BEST for SATYAM aspirants......
"Never Ever Give Up in Life !"

                            Test Paper :54
Paper Type     : General - other
Test Date      : 8 March 2007
Test Location : Wesley College,Hyderabad
Posted By      : Aparna


hlo , im aparna(CSIT)im glad 2 say tht ive been selected into satyam3000 peopl attended the
interview..270 after GD and 60 finally selected

the main process consists of

Aptitude: 15 ques 30 min

1) 20 k=k+2;

30 j=k*12;

40 j=j+40

50 l=k+40;

60if k<10

70 goto 20

80 print k


2) compound interest problem
3)a person goes on a bicycle n sees the train every 5 min ther is a train every 5 minleavin the
station some more details were given i don remembr much find the speed of person(relative
speeds problem)

4)find next in the series

4 figures were given easy

5)what is the angle between hrs hand n minutes hand when the time is 21.55


6)pyramid p roblem

easy one

7)a short para was given n a ques was asked on tht

a il confusing(don b ina hury 2 answer think n opt the choice thtrez -ve marking)

8)1 more questin on leukamia in ratseasy u can conclude easily frm the para

9)a bar chart was given and find the years between which the increase was the highest

 find the increse relative 2 the next bar graph =>max difference =max increase

10)there r 8 cities and 2 women select 2 cities from the 1 st 4 and men select 3 cities from the

find the max possible ways of selection thts it i remembr

other topics are:
aranged mariages vs love mariages
is brain drain good 4 india
is education necessary 4 politicians
marriages r made in heaven
role of youth in politics etc..

watevr b the topic have an idea of how 2 talk

b bold and loud (mandatory) make it a discussion not a debate of all t he groups,ours was the
only grp in which 7 out of 10 were cleared the gd nevr fight
i initiated the GD .but then made my point clear 2 every body,put a few valid points 4
discussion.our gd was cool.we discussed abt both the advantages n disadavantages,role and
responsibilities of media.neithr supportin or goin against the topic.v generalised our points

teme abt ur self
family bck grd
questions on my prjct
RDBMS(concentrated more)
cprogram 4 chekin if a string is a palindrome withou usin strcmp()
where would u c 5 yrs frm now??
small talk on team work

thts it........ all the best guyz application mind is important everythg u say suport wid examples in
a convincing way.

n the job is urs.......

                              Test Paper :57
Paper Type       : Whole Testpaper
Test Date        : 8 December 2006
Test Location : Sapthagiri College of Eng., Bangalore
Posted By         : Rajkamal. R


hi all

 my self RAJKAMAL.R
i attended SATYAM off campus at Sapthgiri college of engineering,bangalore on 8th dec
2006.nearly 4400 wer appeared for the written its very lot of crowd but they conducted the
interview as per planned .ok let me com to the questions
u all know about satyam pattern 15 ques 30 minutes same here also...... i remember only few of
1. the distance between two station s A and B is 220km,a train from B station starts towrds the
station A at a speed of 80kmph and another train       half-an hour later starts towards the same
station A at a speed of 100kmph ...... at wat distance the both will meet each other.
  a)180 b)100 some thing likethat

2. a compund interest question such as 5 installments and some % rate also wer given, asked to
find out the amt to be installed ?

3. A man buys two article ,the price of the second one is 4/5 the of the first....... then he sells the
first one at 12 1/2 % gain and the second one at 10% loss .find whether the man get loss or gain
and by how much?
  a)12 1%2 loss b)12 1%2 gain c)none of these

4. one series ques

5. the length of the circumference of a circle is equal to the perimter of triangle of triangle of
equal sides and perimetr of square. the area of           circle,triangle and square is c,t and s
  a)c>s>t b)t>s>c c)c>t>s d)none

6. two column and below that some statements wer wer given such as
     colum A                                  column B
 x and y are positive integers              3x+2y=180,252
 the max value of x is                    the max value of y is
  then they asked which colum is greater A or B
   a) column A is greater
   b) column B is greater
   c) no information can be drawn from the above statements

7. some statements wer given abt the rats such as ther is 150 rats in the xperimental group and
they wer given some serum D and another sets of 150 rats wer in control gruop and they wer
given harmless sugar solution...later after two weeks 39% of rats wer found dead in experimental
   group. then the reason for the death of rats in the group is asked and the choices wer given
 a)the death of those rats wer due to harmful contents in the serum D solutions
 b)the average death of rats every year is some percent
  like this they given

8. ther wer seven members newly appointed to the office their names wer Mr.Arun,Mr.Anil, Mr
Mohan and som Y, Z and two ladies Miss Rani Miss sujatha some condition wer given such as
Arun ,Anil and X wer used to smoke regularly and they three wants their office room nearby and
Miss sujatha has alergy to smoke so she want separate room near window.finally the question
whose room can be faraway from Mr .Arun room
   a)sujatha b)Rani c)mohan d)none of them
   ans: i think sujatha only since she don't want to nearby smoke room so only( becoz Arun used
to somke)
9. one passage was given, then they gave four choices and ask which will suitably support the
conclusion of the above passage the passage was abt the petrol engines and availability of lack of
resources to the engines....... so we hav to go for alternative that they gave the
passage it will easy one only just go thru' it once then u will get it logical reasoning quest.such as ther are four persons who wer affected by disease of
individual kind and their palce residence wer also with som conditions then they ask who resides
in rampur?
    rest of questions i can't get it ok friends it will be easy out of 4400 they shortlisted 800
something and i missed from the list................ any how it will be easily only the cut-off mark
will be 7-8 so try to attend the questions which u know clearly then u go for complicate one
ok..............try to atend 10-11 questions note that out of that 10-11 u should get 9 right so be
confident with ur answers

II round is GD all u know satyam main elimination round is GD only so be prepare in that.....
try to initate if not possible get ur time and tell 2-3 imp points abt the topic clearly ok. that too
enough don't try to turn it as debate........ try to share ur points

III Round is Technical CUM HR interview

                            Test Paper :65
Paper Type     : Whole Testpaper

Test Location : HYDERABAD
Posted By       : Praveen


1)disregarded A) heed
2) GRE book pg no. 407 13-16 para ie:in a certain society....
3)GRE .............446, 8th quest A) 1
4)GRE..............487, 8th.....
5).................488, 14th......
6).................513, 4 &8 .....
7) if A+B+C+D is a +ve no's then
a) one must be +ve no's
b) two ..............
c)three .............
d)all ................
8) GRE pg no.586 32nd qst.
9)if x+y =3 and y/x=2 then y=
a)0 b) 1/2 c)1 d)3/2 e)2
17) how many squares with sides 1/2 inch long are needed to cover
a rectangle that is 4 feet long & 6feet wide
a)24 b)96 c)3456 d)13824 e)14266
18)GMAT 439 passage 1 with question 1to9 on pg.440-441
GMAT pg.442 passage. 2 excluding q.nos.11, 15.
20) successive discounts of 20% and 15% are equal to a single
discount of ;
a)30% b) 32% c)34% d) 35% e)36% ans) 32%
if x/y =4 and y is not '0' what % of 'x' is '2x-y'
if x=y=2z and xyz =256 then x=
ans: 8
23)if 2x-y=4 then 6x-y is ans:12

1-8 q's on bus route. a b c d e
a x 8 15 20 7
b 6 x 9 13 21
c 10 12 x 3 11
d 9 1 18 x 5
e 3 4 17 14 x
where x is starting point.a&e are first and last stations.and b,c,d
are intermediate stations. fig's are no. of passengers.cost of ticket
is 0.7Rs /pass.
between any successive stations. based on this few q's were given.
the fig's
are not correct. q's like total no.of onward journey.
Rest of q's are
2 statements were given. u have to answer they are correct or not
simple q's from r.s agarwal_quantitative apt.
1.1/10power18 - 1/10power20 .....value?
1.general awareness.2.
1.father of computers
2.expand HTML,DMA,FAT,LAN,WAN,FDDetc's first micropro...a.pentium b.pentiumproetc
4.1024(dec)convert to hexa&octal
6..motorola's processor name?
7.windows_NT expand
8.simple programs on pascal&c
9.diff between 8087,8086 (which is latest vers.)

10.some basic q's on GUI.
11.q's on IBMpc program on finding factorial
                                    Test Paper :71
Paper Type         : Whole Testpaper
Test Date           : 13 August 2005
Test Location : KOLHAPUR
Posted By           : Nitesh Todi

Dear friends,

Here is the paper of SATYAM held at Kolhapur Institute Of Technology, Gokul Shirgaon, Shivaji University,
Kolhapur on 13/08/2005

At the Very beginning while they were in the Campus Of the College at 8.30a.m they urged the Students to properly understand
the Norms & about their Company through the Slide Shows. Then the Reference No were announced & the Sitting Arrangement
was Announced.

They absorbed only 10-16 students of the entire 281 students who sat for the Aptitude Test At the Centre.

It Consisted Of 3 Stage Process viz.,

A:{Stage-1 Written Test [8.00a.m] (but started late at 9.30a.m)}

It consisted of 30 min. 15 Questions In All . 1/4 negative marking.

                                                          [Aptitude Q:]

1. Problem on River & Boat & Still Water as a Condition-Easy Pattern Refer R.S Agarwal.

2. Pyramid type Problem such as:
                Z A C
Values were Provided for the Alphabets & were asked whether the Option was 2 / 4/ 9/ 16/ 25 & so on

3. Family had 5 Children out of which 3 girls & 2 boys Find The Elder &Younger based on there Conditions Provided with
respect to the age differences as 5 years older than previous ,2 years younger than the later & so on. (Was Bit Easy)

4. Problem on Icecream viz., 3 Vanilla to 5 Chocolates cones so the Friday sale would be what? (Ans .I Guessed that it would be

5.Problem On Metros viz:
A is Delhi - mode Bus ;
B is Madras - mode Car;
C is Mumbai - mode Aeroplane,
D is Hyderabad - mode Boat,
E is Kolkatta - mode Train,

So Find the Route one will traverse by leaving no route untouched without having to halt the connected & visited route not more
than once ?

(ANS:It is Delhi to B'lore)
6. Problem on Speed(kmph) & Distance (metres) :Find the Average Speed ? Note the distance was in metres instead of Kms So u
need to do appropriate Conversion & Find the Answers.

7. One person walked 1 mile/hour-2days at this speed
Then 64 miles in 2 days & 18hours. Find speed of traveling at 1 st day ?

Ans (option were a)1.5mile; b) 2.0mile & so on I um unable to recall now)

8. 50,000 at 2.9%, therefore Money at 5.31% to gain amount at 4.00%?

Ans (one of the option was a) 41.73 ).

9. Mother in law of Fathers Son would be what in a very long term confusing relation was provided I am unable to pen it now.

10. Random Number p & q if selected than what would be the the series if one with{=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} was selected ?

11. If physics teacher =100(21/50);
If Chemistry teacher = ..(11/50);
Don't know statistics =..(9/50)
& left over statistics=..(1/50), then to compute some peculiar scenario was asked .

12 A sum at a given rate of intrest becomes 1200 in 4 yrs. 2000 in 5 yrs.what was that sum.
a) 2000 b) 1500 c)2500 d) 1800 e) None of the above.
Ans.. e) None of the above. (sum 800)

13.I do not remember it exactly it was based on the population statistics & illiteracy rate some what yearly computation &
dropage in Particular year was asked

14.A program in c was given in the manner that t1,t2,t3,t4,t5 holded some conditions in a flowchart manner & one of the option
to be feeded was :

Ans: pgm=t1+ t2+ t3+ t4+ t5

15.Lastly in the Middle they asked a Heptic & Bulky Question which covered the entire Half Page but was the most easiest of all
questions ever faced to make the student Nervous or Lose his Temper.I hope it need not be told as it will boost ur moral when u
finally answer it in the paper.

B: {Stage-2 Group Discussion [10.00a.m (but started late at 2.00p.m)]}

Of the Sorted Students after Aptitude Test they formed 15 Groups of 10 students each in all 150 Students.

GD topics 10 min. 10 memebers each Group.

Topics For Each Individual group was:

a)Flood Situation In Kolhapur
b)Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage
c) Positive impact of Wstern culture on India.
d)Dress Code In Colleges
e) Effect of Extra marital affairs on marriage life & many were same as that
>Higher education in India or abroad.
>Mercy Killing.
>Positive impact of Wstern culture on India.
>Younger man should marry a elder woman or not. (absolutely not..).
>Love marriage or Arrange marriage.
>Banning new year party safe or not
> Political Parties At Centre Level& State Level be Regularized or Not .
> Copying the west.
> Working woman Vs House wife.
> Should mobile phones be banned or not ?
> Should follow western culture or not.

The topics Concerned

                                   Test Paper :72
Paper Type         : Whole Testpaper
Test Date          : 6 August 2005
Test Location : RANCHI
Posted By           : Sarath Chandra


Satyam came to B.I.T., Mesra on 6th Aug 2005, and I got thru it. Thank u mam and all ur group members from whom i was able
to get questions pattern, gd topics, interviews etc.

Here I am sending the papers which I remember. I am from MCA (2003-2006).

The written test was of 15 questions in 30 mins. (Appeared approx. 300)
(Shortlisted for GD: 108)

1> A Basic program which u may take it as algorithm since nothing was mentioned on that.
It was like;

(Some more statements were there but main code was this)

2> Find the odd one out. (Data are different)
i> 312 ii> 369 iii>350 iv> 672 v> None of these

3> age problem. A man is 6 years older than his wife. 20 years before the man was 15 times as old as his son. Wife is 3 times
older than her son. What is wife's age. (Data are different)

4> Simple Interest Problem: A man gets a rate of 6% on a certain sum of money for first 2 years. Next 3 years 6.5% and after 5
years 8%. What will be the sum if he gets a total interst if Rs. 1200 in 8 years. (Data are bit different).

5> If Atul is the son of Zameer. Madhu is the daughter of Ahmed. Faisal is the wife of Ahmed. Zaheer is the brother of MAdhu.
Then what is the relation between Atul and Sudhir?
i> Cousin ii> Brother iii> Father iv> None of these
(Ans: None of these)

6> One problem on Figure matching which was very easy.
7> One question on average of temperatures which was also easy.

12> One question was like that there are numbers from 1,2,....1000. Every seventh number is cut off. and so on.....
It was quite long, i dont remember. I used hit and trial method to solve this. There were 10 numbers in each choice (four
I just checked that whether any one of the 10 numbers is divisible by 7 or not. It would reject the possibility of answer. The
option A consisted 10 numbers which were not divisible by seven. In the rest of the options at least 1 number was there which
was divisble by 7.

13> A para like Prof. Abacus is double degree holder and so on.. i dont remember

14> A problem on probability which I dont remember,

15> A man spends 10% of his earning on clothes. 20% of the remaining on House Rent, and 25% of the rest in shopping. Finally
he was left with Rs.___________ (4 digit No.) Whatz is salary. (Data are different)
Ans: Rs. 20,000/-

This is all i remember. The paper consisted of easy as well as hard questions. I marked 10 answers out of which I was sure shot of
9. I think the cut off was 8 or 7. Negative marking is there. Never do guess work and please solve urself and do not look into
others. It will help u in solving the paper with accurate answers and u will b confident that ur answer is correct.

Group Discussions: (Appeared 108 in group of 10), (Time: 10 mins)
Shortlisted for PI: 43
i> Effect on youth of Indian movies. (my topic)
ii> Should GD be conducted so as to select students in campus?
iii> India and UN
 And i dont remember rest.

My experience: I was not the initiator. Neither i was second nor third. When as the fourth person I started at a time 4 people
started too simultaneously. It was just a mess. I kept quiet. But I though this wont do. I just made all of them shut upand
said,"Just maintain the quoram. Lets everybody speak individually". This was followed for hardly 1 mins and again the same
thing happened. The our observer started to ask individually to some people for conclusion.
 According to me GD was not all satisfactory for me. But I got through.
One of my friend was the initiator in another group and he initiated well. He thot now his turn is over and he just kept quiet. He
was deselected.

Interview Experience:
Technical (around 15 mins)
He asked about project, just the concepts which I used. Further questions were: I was straight forward and precised becoz I didnt
knew much in detail the answers. He was not at all grilling.
1> What is a file?
2> WHat is a pointer?
3> What is data and information?
4> Steps of Software Engineering.
 Waterfall model.
5> Paging concept.
6> Queue?
7> Whatz the other name can we use instead of FIFO in Queue (Ans: LILO)
8> What is Primary Memory, Secondary Memory, RAM, Working memory etc.
9> Connection of VB and MS Access.

I did not answered many questions. Luckily i was asked the basic concepts only. It is beneficial to appear for the PI in the first lot
Very very simple. All the candidates who have appeared for Tech Interview was to appear for the HR. And then finally the
results came. HR was very simply. They asked about my 1 year gap. And next question,
"Work environment of Satyam" which I had written in "Why do u want to join Satyam" in their PI Sheet. It was very sinple.
Mainly they chekd our communications.

Well friends, just beleive in urself. Its very easy, simple. If ur communication is good, u can talk in front of 10 people and have
some knowledge about the main subjects like OS, C etc u get through. All the Best. U can do it.

(Paper Submitted By : Sarath Chandra)

                                    Test Paper :74
Paper Type          : Aptitude - General
Test Date           : 25 February 2006
Posted By            : Prasath.V

SATYAM PAPER - 25 FEB 2006 - St. Joseph Engg College, CHENNAI

Dear All,

Satyam reference For Off campus, 2005 batch on 25 Feb 2006 Chennai

I written satyam reference exam on 25 Feb 2006 conducted at St.Joesph Engg College Old
Mahabalipuaram road, but not cleared the written test. It is very easy. Totally 4000 students
attend the test .I attended at 2001-3000(3Rd batch).Different batch have different question paper.


1. If speed of car travel at 45 kmph, it reaches destination by 10 minutes late. If it increases speed
by 15 kmph more it reaches destination by 5 minutes late. What is the distance from home to

2. If speed of typist A complete its work at 2 hours is equal to the work complete by another
typist B at 3 hours. If both together work how much time they will take.

3. If x directly proportional to y2 and inversely proportional to Z3 then if x=20 when y=10 and
z=5 what is the value of y when x=10 and z=10.
4. The average of 40 numbers is 369 then if two numbers 36 and 42 are not included then what is
the average of remaining numbers.

5. The word ASSASSIN is letter then what is the probability that the SS are not found in the

6. If the public service commission is select an member from person x, y,z, u,v,w.some condition
like that
Each group has at least three members.
At least two group has one same person.
If X is present then Y is also present.
Which is group selected by public service commission first?

7.In the below separate series addition,subtraction,multiplication,division and exponential of any
one to be made then what is the value of the series if three satisfies condition above give same
value(not accurate numbers but model exact)

       1,5,23
       14,27,48
       56,..,..

8. Series problem (not accurate numbers but model exact)
      20, 23, 60, 32, 45,108..

9. Algorithm (not accurate numbers but model exact)

If t7<6 then
Got to step t3 repeat condition

10. (not accurate but model exact)
                 1) The price of thing increases its price by some percentage for per coupon wagon.

                2) Before the price increase the person able to buy per kg.
                 1 is sufficient ,2 is not sufficient (like this )
                 2 is sufficient ,1 is not sufficient

        11. Diagram problem
         what is the next diagram?

        12,13,14 are paragraph question like here problem number 6 model.

        15.I can't remember

        (Paper Submitted By : Prasath.V)


About Us

We are Mahindra Satyam (OTC: SAYCY), a leading information, communications and technology (ICT) company providing top-class
business consulting, information technology and communication services. Leveraging deep industry and functional expertise, leading
technology practices and a global delivery model, we enable companies achieve their business goals and transformation objectives.

We are powered by a pool of talented IT and consulting professionals across enterprise solutions, client relationship management,
business intelligence, business process quality, operations management, engineering solutions, digital convergence, product lifecycle
management, and infrastructure management services, among other capabilities. Our development and delivery centers in the US,
Canada, Brazil, the UK, Hungary, Egypt, UAE, India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia serve numerous clients, including
several Fortune 500 companies.
We are part of the $11.1 billion Mahindra Group, a global industrial federation of companies and one of the top 10 business houses
based in India. The Group’s interests span automotive products, aviation, components, farm equipment, financial services, hospitality,
information technology, logistics, real estate and retail.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most valued ‘ICT’ Company

Our Values

        Customer First: We respond to customers speedily, courteously and effectively
        Good Corporate Citizenship: We seek long-term success for all stakeholders without compromising on ethics or
        Individual Dignity: We value the individual, uphold the right to express disagreement, and respect the time and efforts of
         others. Nurture fairness, trust and respect
        Professionalism: We impart freedom and the opportunity to excel and to grow; support innovation and well-reasoned risk
         taking, demanding performance
        Quality focus: We make quality a value driver in our work, our products and our interactions. Do it “First Time Right”

Company’s Philosophy

Mahindra Satyam defines its stakeholders as its Customers, Associates, Investors and the Society at large. At the core of the
Company’s philosophy lies its focus on customer centricity and the goal of ensuring stakeholder delight at all times through innovative
solutions and services, thereby fulfilling the role of a responsible service provider, committed to best practices. The Company
understands that in order to realize this vision and become a global top-tier consulting and technology services company, it needs to
achieve industry leading benchmarks in corporate governance, delivery excellence and employee satisfaction. The Board is
responsible for setting the strategic objectives for the Management and ensuring that stakeholders’ long-term interests are served.
The Management in turn is responsible for establishing and implementing policies, procedures and systems to enhance the long-term
value of the Company and delight all its stakeholders.

The vision of Mahindra Satyam is - To be the world’s most valued ‘ICT’ company.

Value to the Company is not just shareholder value. It is the intrinsic goodwill and respect that the Company earns from the various
stakeholders associated with the Company. The Company aims to enable global businesses become more effective through a
combination of its IT, Communication and Engineering and BPO services – all tenets of sustainable ICT - Information, Communication
and Technology.
               Vineet Nayyar
    Vineet      Vineet Nayyar is the Chairman of Mahindra Satyam. He's also the Vice
    Nayyar      Chairman of Tech Mahindra.
          C.
          T.   Nayyar has led several organizations across various industries. In a career
    N.          spanning over 40 years, Nayyar has worked with the Government of India,
    Manohar     international multilateral agencies and in the corporate sector (both public and
    an          private). Nayyar started his career with the Indian Administrative Service and
          C.   held a series of senior positions, including that of a District Magistrate,
    P.          Secretary - Agriculture & Rural Development for the Government of Haryana
    Gurnani     and Director, Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India. He also
          Ul   worked with the World Bank for over 10 years in a series of senior assignments, including successive
    has N.      terms as the Chief for the Energy, Infrastructure and the Finance Divisions for East Asia and Pacific.
          M.
    Damodar     Nayyar was also the founding Chairman and Managing Director of the state-owned Gas Authority of
    an          India and has served as the Managing Director of HCL Corporation Ltd., and as the Vice Chairman of
                HCL Technologies Ltd. He was also a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of HCL Perot Systems.
                Nayyar received a master’s degree in development economics from Williams College, Massachusetts.

                In addition to his responsibilities at Mahindra Satyam, Nayyar’s principal directorships include his
                serving as a director on the boards of Venturbay Consultants Private Limited, Mahindra Logisoft
                Business Solutions Limited, Tech Mahindra Ltd, Tech Mahindra (Thailand) Limited, CanvasM
                Technologies Limited, Tech Mahindra (Beijing) IT services Limited, Mahindra Holidays and Resorts
                India Limited, Mahindra United World College of India, Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance
                Limited, The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited, Greatship (India) Ltd, Vidya Investments
                Private Limited, Vidya Education Investment Private Limited, Maurya Education Company Private
                Limited, Tech Mahindra (Americas) Inc, Tech Mahindra Foundation, Essel Social Welfare Foundation
                (formerly-HPS Social Welfare Foundation).

                Vineet serves as Chairman of Supervisory Board of Tech Mahindra GmbH. He is also a trustee of
                Vidya Education Foundation, Cathedral Vidya Trust, Mahindra Education Foundation and Mahindra
                Satyam Foundation.

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