Timeline: Civil Rights Movement by 00TAl8


									                          Timeline: Civil Rights Movement

                                          Teacher Name: Mrs. Phairr

                 Student Name:       ________________________________________

                  Student Name:       ________________________________________

  CATEGORY       4                         3                        2                       1
Required         The timeline includes     All required             All but 1 of the        Several required
Elements         all required elements     elements are             required elements       elements were
                 as well as additional     included on the          are included on the     missing.
                 information.              timeline.                timeline.

Content -        At least 10 accurate      8-7 accurate facts   5-6 accurate facts   Less than 5 accurate
Accuracy         facts are displayed       are displayed on the are displayed on the facts are displayed
                 on the timeline.          timeline.            timeline.            on the timeline.

Attractiveness   The timeline is           The timeline is          The timeline is         The timeline is
                 exceptionally             attractive in terms of   acceptably attractive   distractingly messy
                 attractive in terms of    design, layout and       though it may be a      or very poorly
                 design, layout, and       neatness.                bit messy.              designed. It is not
                 neatness.                                                                  attractive.

Grammar          There are no              There is 1          There are 2                  There are more than
                 grammatical               grammatical mistake grammatical                  2 grammatical
                 mistakes on the           on the timeline.    mistakes on the              mistakes on the
                 timeline.                                     timeline.                    timeline.

Graphics -       Several of the            One or two of the        The graphics are     No graphics made
Originality      graphics used on the      graphics used on the     made by the student, by the student are
                 timeline reflect a        timeline reflect         but are based on the included.
                 exceptional degree        student creativity in    designs or ideas of
                 of student creativity     their creation and/or    others.
                 in their creation         display.
                 and/or display.

                                   Final Grade: _______

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