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									                    Riverside Police Explorer Post #390
               National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference 2010

The National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference 2010 is over and our Explorers
had a great time. From opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies, all our youth
represented Riverside in an amazing way and had a great time along the way. Some of
the highlights of the conference were the team and individual competitions, the
seminars, the Friday Rally and of course the opening and closing shows.

Explorers were welcomed to Georgia Tech by the Law Enforcement Chairpersons,
Connie Patrick of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and Michelle
Leonhart, the Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency. From the beginning
laser show in the opening ceremony to the first of many “Jump Club” dances that
night, the Explorers were welcomed with open arms to the campus.

Tuesday, Explorers had their first team competitions; Team A, comprised of Zack
Gruman, Jimmy Mulligan and Doug Robertson, having traffic accidents and Team B,
comprised of Ryan Blecha, Joseph Metcalf-Reyes and Alex Lemon having hostage
negotiations. Both simulated events proved to be a great learning exercise for both
teams and allowed them to speak with Georgia State Police and FBI members

Following competition, Explorers attended seminars hosted by the Federal Air
Marshal Service to learn about that career path as well as a self-defense seminar. All
Explorers said that they learned a great deal from these two seminars in particular and
have a better understanding of what police officers go through on a daily basis.
Finally, Tuesday was marked by a night of fun as our Post joined our sister post from
Willowbrook, Illinois and attended an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field. After the
95 degree heat all day, it was a great time sitting in the stands and cheering on the
Braves to a 4-1 victory.

Both teams participated again on Wednesday in team competitions with traffic stops
and emergency first aid respectively. Both teams had strong showings in their
respective exercises and once again, learned a lot from the judges that taught them.
The seminars for Wednesday included a narcotics and interdiction class as well as a
class on the profiles of bombers. Wednesday was capped off with a concert and a
dance in the “Jump Club.”

Thursday provided an opportunity for Explorers to compete in individual events. All
Explorers competed in the 9mm pistol competition run by the DEA, having been
trained by Ofc. Kotor, Ofc. Navarro and Ofc. Cairo on the safe handling of weapons
earlier this year. In addition, the Explorers took time to participate in the bicycle
policing course taught by members of United States Park Police. Both events allowed
Explorers to learn even more from veteran officers present at the conference.
The last day of the conference provided the chance for our Explorers to observe and
participate in a rally hosted by the United States Marshal Service. Explorers saw
various demonstrations including evasive driving, SWAT tactics and Drug, Bomb and
Patrol Police K-9 techniques. At the end of the rally, all 2600 Explorers in attendance
at this conference were given the opportunity to speak to members of the U.S.
Marshals and various law enforcement officers to learn more about what they do. It
was a great learning event for all of our youth. In the afternoon, our Post was given
the opportunity to attend the “World of Coca-Cola” and explore downtown Atlanta.
Lastly, the Closing Ceremonies took place at the Kaufman Memorial Coliseum on
Friday night. Our Post was delighted to see Explorer Doug Robertson receive his
award for his outstanding shooting in the 9mm pistol competition. Although we did
not receive a team award this year, all of our Explorers were incredibly happy that they
had a chance to participate in the 2010 Conference and are excited to participate in the
2012 NLEEC in Colorado!

The Post would be remiss if we did not thank members of the Riverside Police
Department for their help with training leading up to this year’s conference as well as
Chief Weitzel for allowing us to participate in the program. In addition, special thanks
needs to go to Mr. Jim Gruman for assistance in arranging affordable transportation,
Fire Chief Mulligan for his generous donation towards food costs while en route to
Georgia and Riverside FOP Lodge 39 for their $750 donation towards gas and car
rental. I have attached a few brief letters from members of our Post in response to our
trip at the end of this report.

       The Post is now on break from meetings until Mid-September when they will
participate in the Scout-A-Rama event hosted by Brookfield Zoo. The Explorer Post
will set up a booth and demonstrate the effects of Driving While Under the Influence
using the Police Department’s Fatal Vision Goggle System. It will be a great learning
opportunity and public service activity for all in attendance.

                                    Thank you for your continued support of Post #390,

                                                      Officer Brian Greenenwald #210
                                           Riverside Police Explorer Post #390 Advisor
   Pictures from National Law Enforcement Conference 2010

    Front Row: Explorer Zack Gruman, Explorer Ryan Blecha, Explorer Joseph Metcalf-Reyes
Back Row: Ofc. Brian Greenenwald, Explorer Doug Robertson, Explorer Jimmy Mulligan, Explorer
                          Alex Lemon, Advisor Ms. Allyson Hocking

     Explorers Zack Gruman and Jimmy Mulligan compete in the “Traffic Stops” competition
  Post 390 has some fun at the World of Coca-Cola

Post 390 cheers on the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field
                                        Letters from Post #390

 I would like to thank Brian and Allyson for their time, also everyone that allowed us to go and
everyone who donated. The conference was a good experience. I learned a lot about competitions and
hopefully a future job. The whole post was great, it was a really great time from Sunday when we left
the police station until Saturday night when arrived back at the police station.

Thanks again,
Jimmy Mulligan


My name is Alex Lemon and I have been an Explorer for over 2 years. I have learned a lot about law
enforcement and have made many friends through this group. This year I had the chance to go to the
National Conference in Atlanta. This conference is by far the most important experience that I have
had in my life. I learned about what it would be like to go away to college and be responsible for
myself. Most importantly I learned so much more about police work and what police officers do on a
daily basis. The demonstrations from the United States Marshals were awesome and
educational. The entire time I was there was amazing and I learned so much as well as had a ton of
fun. This conference, Officer Greenwald and Allyson, have all reinforced my goal to enter the field
of law enforcement as a career. I appreciate this experience and would tell anyone interested in this
field to get involved with Explorers.

Alex Lemon

Dear Riverside Board of Trustees,
       I would like to thank you for allowing the town of Riverside to have a police exploring post. It
was very interesting to learn from ATF, DEA, FBI, Federal Air Marshal Service and the US Marshal
Service. It was very cool to stay on Georgia Tech campus. It overall was a very fun trip especially the
ride to and from the campus. Overall it was a very very FUN trip!!!!!!!

Joseph Metcalf-Reyes

Dear Riverside Board of Trustees,
        I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and confidence in the
Riverside Explorer Post #390. I was honored to be one of the advisors for their recent trip to Atlanta
Georgia for the National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference. I am proud to say that this group
of young men represented Riverside with pride and honor. They took every advantage to learn and
experience the full opportunity of the conference. It is with your support that these young men were
able to experience and carry over what they learned into real life potential as future law enforcement

Allyson Hocking

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