_72_in_72_Help_Sheet by zhangyun


									                            $72 in 72 Challenge
A few simple steps to help you raise $72 and be entered for
            a chance to win some awesome prizes!
               Call                                Facebook                                       E-Mail
Call friends and family and let them    Post a link to your personal                 Send e-mails from the Relay website
know when the $72 in 72 Challenge       fundraising page. Try to check on            inviting friends and family to donate
starts and ends so that they can plan   your fundraising progress during the         during the challenge. Don’t forget,
on making a donation during that        challenge time so that you can               the person who sends out the most e-
time.                                   update everyone on how you’re                mails from the website during the
                                        doing.                                       challenge wins a $50 BestBuy giftcard
 You know how to call family and friends, but here are a few tips
  when using Facebook and sending e-mails from the Relay website:

                                                                                             Log in on
                                                                               after you’ve registered and then click
                                                                                      on My Participant Center

                                                                                    Click on My Personal Page

                                                                                   From here, you can grab your
                                                                                Personal Page URL to post as a link
                                                                                on your Facebook page. This way
                                                                                friends and family will be directed
                                                                                  straight to your page to make a
                                                                                donation. You can also take a few
                                                                               minutes to customize your Personal
                                                                               Page to tell everyone your reason to
                                                                                 Relay- make it personal and you
                                                                               might just get a few more donations!
                   To send e-mails from the Relay

                                                                 Click the Email tab in your Participant
                                                                 Center. Here’s a trick to enter all of
                                                                 your e-mail contacts in the “To:” field
                                                                 fast: open your regular e-mail
                                                                 account and pretend that you’re
                                                                 going to send an e-mail from there to
                                                                 all of the contacts you have saved.
                                                                 When all of the addresses are
                                                                 populated there, just copy and paste
                                                                 them over to the “To:” field here in
                                                                 your participant center!

                                                                 Not sure how to explain the $72 in 72
                                                                 Challenge in your e-mail? We’ve got
                                                                 a template that you can use! It’s
                                                                 available on our website at
                                                                 under the “$72 in 72 Challenge” link
                                                                 on the left side of the page.

We can only track the number of e-mails you send if they are sent from your participant center-
so make sure you’re utilizing that in order to be in the running for the prize for the most e-mails
sent during the challenge! Our recommendation: Send an email first to get more team
members signed up on your team before the challenge starts. Give them all the info on the
challenge so they can participate too. Then send out an initial e-mail ASAP explaining the
challenge and letting friends and family know when the challenge begins and ends. Then, once
the challenge starts, send out another e-mail to remind everyone to get their donation in!

Don’t Forget:
    This year participants must raise at least $100 to earn a Relay t-shirt. Completing the $72
     in 72 Challenge will bring you only $28 away from earning that shirt AND give you a shot
     at winning awesome prizes!
    The Relay team with the highest on-line income during the $72 in 72 Challenge will
     receive the Tote N Go cooler stocked with your favorite soft drinks for Relay! We will
     also recognize teams for the highest percentage of participants and the most emails sent.

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