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									                                              Pacific Northwest District

                                   PLANNING YOUR ZONE CONFERENCE DAY

Zone conferences are not to be scheduled on the same weekend as CKI or Key Club Conventions and
should be held between late January & May. Many zones hold their conferences the same weekend every


PNW Policy & Procedure #330. Zone Conference Fiscal Policy
Zone Conference funds are not handled by the PNW Office. Lt Governors select, each year, the person responsible for acting as
Conference treasurer. Funds are deposited with an incorporated Kiwanis Club within the Zone and appropriately reported on the
Club’s Administrative financial statements. Disbursements will be approved by the Club’s Board of Directors in accordance with
direction of the organizing Lt Governors within the Zone. It is considered standard protocol.

Kiwanis International – Manual of Policies and Procedures Page 17 of 55
to provide, from within the Zone Conference budget, mileage, meals and lodging for the senior Kiwanis official attending the
conference. Zone Conference fund amounts, not-to-exceed one year’s budgeted revenues, may be carried-over as the need is
determined by Lt Governor’s in the Zone. Funds should be budgeted to minimize excess funds; in other words, minimize those in
excess of amounts needed for Conference expenses plus/minus amounts needed to ensure the intended carry-over. In the event
that the Zone Conference results in excess, the funds may be distributed to an appropriate charity, as determined by the
Conference Lt Governors. Appropriate charities may include the Kiwanis International Foundation, Kiwanis Foundation of
Canada, the Pacific Northwest Kiwanis Foundation, the Pacific Northwest S.O.A.P. Outreach fund or any other Kiwanis 501.

                  Zone conference funds DO NOT come from the district office.
                  All funds must come from Registration
                  Each year the Lt. Governors select the Conference Treasurer.
                          1. Funds are deposited with an incorporated Kiwanis club within the Zone.
                          2. Disbursements will be approved by the clubs board of directors in accordance
                               with the direction of the organizing Lt. Governors within the zone.
                          3. If the Zone conference has excess funds they may be donated to any
                               appropriate charity as determined by the Conference Lt Governors.
                   Select Lead Lt Governor if not selected at Lt Governors Training
                   Decide on topics and presenters
                   Plan meal and snack functions
                   Set a budget
                   Develop promotional material & registration forms
           Smooth registration process
           Master of ceremonies for general sessions
           Agenda for the day
           Luncheon speakers
           Door Prizes
Planning your Zone Conference                                                                                   Page 1 of 6
Zone Conference District Chair - Lyla Tjoelker 360 354-1341 or
                                          Pacific Northwest District

                                        PLANING YOUR CONFERENCE
The first order of business is to acquire a facility in which to have your conference. The facility
should be secured at least one (1) year before your event if possible.
    1. At your first planning meeting or before review the conference facility and learn its strengths &
       weakness. This will help you plan your agenda.
    2. Lead Lt Governor sets the planning meeting dates. It is very important that all Lt Governors in the
       Zone work together. Everyone needs to have input so topics that are of interest to all the divisions
       can be covered at your conference.
    3. Set an agenda for the day. The best way to do this is to set up a grid with times down the left side
       & meeting rooms along the top. Use post-it notes for specific information about timing, rooms and
       seminars. The schedule board info is then transferred to event schedule given to each conference

    4. The following items must be included in your agenda:
        The Governor has requested that items 1-4 be included in the 2008-2009 agenda:
           1. Regional Trustee Governance System
                     General Session -1 hour Presentation by a member of the Strategic Planning Committee. Contact
                     Norm Olson, District Chair for more information. 509 627-4304 or email:
             2. Maximizing Kiwanis Service - Membership Growth
                     General Session -1 hour Presentation by a member of the District Growth Team. Contact Jim Schwend,
                     Growth Team Leader @ 253-833-2439 or email: for more information.
             3. Report from the Governor or Governor’s Representative
                     General Session -20-30 minute Presentation. This will be a PowerPoint presentation that includes the
                     Governor’s goals, awards, challenges, district projects and news. See the list attached for your
                     representative or contact Governor Wendy @ 250 861-1086 or email:
             4. Convention & Foundation updates –International & PNW
                     General Session -20 minute Power Point Presentation by a representative assigned by the Governor.

             5. Allow time for all Candidates running for Governor elect for 2009-10 to present their
                candidacy at a general session (5 minutes each)
             6. Caucus for all divisions to elect next years Lt Governor
             7. Other breakout sessions. Think out of the box for interesting topics.
                Some topics to consider:
                         Special service projects that other clubs have done and could be of interest to the
                          members attending your conference.
                         Service Leadership Programs – ask Key Club or CKI members to put on a workshop or
                          contact the District Chairs for
                              o    Builders Clubs (Jim Needham @ 503-829-7441 or email:,
                              o    K-Kids (Barbara & Mitch Cunningham @ 509-586-6836 or email:,
                              o    AKtion Clubs (Bill Dean @ 250-495-4931 or email: )
                              o    Key Club (John Jay, Administrator @ 206 842-7592 or email:
                              o    CKI (Tom & Lori Bryant, Administrators @ 253 848-5808 or email:
                              o    KeyLeader Program (Sylvia Maly @ 503-695-2538 or email:

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Zone Conference District Chair - Lyla Tjoelker 360 354-1341 or
                                           Pacific Northwest District

                 Suggested Topics continued
                          Risk Management – District Chair Denis Sapiro puts on an excellent workshop @ 206
                           932-7698 or email:
                          BUG and Terrific Kids Program
                          District Emphasis – The Kiwanis Hour Project / Boys & Girls Clubs. Contact District
                           Chair Virginia Brooks @ 541 485-7411 or email:
                          Young Children Priority One Project – working with children with autism. Contact Tom
                           Thompson @ 360-293-2978 or email:
                          Law Enforcement Camps – Derek Valley @ 360 943 4394 or email:
                          SIGN Project – District Chairs Jack Nicolson (Canada) 604-858-2808 or email
                  or Ralph Curran (USA) 509 943-9751 or email:
                          Kiwanis One Day – Swede Nyberg 503 338-7400 or Email:
                          Setting up a Website – District Chair Loni Barrett @ (503) 362-8142 or
                          Running a Meeting, Writing a terrific club newsletter, marketing, and much more…

4. Presenters:
       a) Secure your speakers. Don’t use the same ones as last year. Offer variety. Once you have
           selected the topics for your sessions it is time to recruit your presenters. A good source is
           District Chairs, Program Directors or other sources that the Lt Governors know. These
           resources could be outside of Kiwanis. Contact them as soon as possible and have a backup
           presenter if they are not available.

        b) Presenters that have to travel a distance should be given a mileage honorarium. These costs
           are funded through the Zone Conference.

        c) Find out from each presenter what A/V equipment or other equipment they need. Items such
           as 35mm slide projectors, computers or video projectors can be costly to provide so ask the
           presenter if they can provide their own.

5. Food:
       a) Lunch should be simple. Most people would rather have a buffet that includes items like soup,
          salad, fixings for different kinds of sandwiches and desert rather than a hot meal that is usually
          not hot. Remember that some people have dietary restrictions so make sure there is
          something for everyone.
                      KEEP THE MEAL SIMPLE –Box lunches work quite well.
                         Remember NOT to serve pasta as it makes everyone sleepy.
            Assigning tables for lunch is a little more work but it mixes attendees up allowing them to meet
            members from other clubs.

        b) Coffee, Tea and Water should be available at each break and before the conference starts.
           Also some kind of snack like Muffins, Donuts, Danish, fruit etc should be provided at least
           while members are registering.

Planning your Zone Conference                                                                       Page 3 of 6
Zone Conference District Chair - Lyla Tjoelker 360 354-1341 or
                                          Pacific Northwest District

6. Promoting your conference:
        a) Several flyers promoting the conference should be sent to each President & Secretary in the
           zone. The Lt Governor of each division can do this.
        b) Registration forms should be sent to each club at least 4- 6 weeks before the conference. Lt
           Governors need to follow up each club in their division and make sure all members know about
           the zone conference.
        c) Ensure your registration is prepared well in advance so it can be placed on the PNW District


7. Make a budget:
             a) 1.Things to include in your budget are facility costs; food; housing for District Officers
                attending your zone; mileage honorarium; Conferences expenses (flyers registration
                forms, postage, packets for each conference attendee) Gift for Governor or Governor elect
                attending and other special guests. (The Governor has requested “No Gifts”)
             b) Remember a budget is just a guide line.
             c) There needs to be some kind of a budget before the registration forms are sent out
                because the budget will determine the cost of the conference.
             d) Make sure your budget has a cushion built in to cover unforeseen costs
        Hints for Registration.
              Insist on prepayment for registration. i.e. Pre-registration cost $30 per person – at the door is $40
               per person. Then you have numbers for the caterer.
              You can offer early registration i.e. $30 if registered and paid by a certain date and then $40 if
               registered after that date.
              You can offer deals: i.e. Registration $30 per person. However, if 3 or more people register from the
               same club then the cost for those club members is $25 per person. This may bring in one or more
               people to your conference.
              Definitely remember to include details for cancellation and select a cancelation date deadline. In
               order to receive money back then they must cancel before a certain date. After that date – no
               refunds. Setting the cancelation date 10 days prior to the conference date gives you an opportunity
               to change numbers for the caterer, etc.

Plan your conference well in advance. Detail planning will help you to have a successful conference.
Presenters you invite as speakers are your allies. Treat them well and they will spread positive comments
about your zone through the district.

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Zone Conference District Chair - Lyla Tjoelker 360 354-1341 or
                                         Pacific Northwest District

                                             CONFERENCE DAY

1. Registration:
   A successful conference starts with a smooth registration process.
             a) Adequate registration space.
                One of the most efficient ways to register is to have a 2 ring binder for each division.
                    Each binder has alphabetical index tabs for each club
                    The returned registration forms are placed in the binder of each division.
                    The Lt Governor from each division will register their own members.
                    It if helpful to have the numbers of the divisions on the registration table.
             a) It is a nice touch to have an envelope for each member registered. In the envelope there
                can be a map of the facility and a layout of the meeting rooms, a lunch ticket (if you decide
                to assign tables), an evaluation form, and maybe a small goodie like a Kiwanis book mark.
             b) It is important to have coffee & tea available with some food during registration as some
                members will come without time to eat breakfast.

1. Schedule for the day:
          A number of Zone Conferences are run with everyone in a general session instead of
              breakouts. Either way is okay as long as there is interest, education and ntertainment.
          Type out and leave on podium the schedule of events for the Master of Ceremonies.
              REMEMBER!! Always start on time. Keep on time and end on time. A Master of
              ceremonies always conducts each general session, introduces guests and makes
          Follow the agenda you have planed with your time grid.
          Choose a Master of ceremonies that has a sense of humor and can inject some humor into
              the proceedings.
          Make sure that each presenter and dignitary is introduced.
          The Luncheon speaker is very important. Members need to relax at lunch but also need to
              be challenged or stimulated by the speaker.

3. Door Prizes:
       Everyone likes to win a prize. Depending on how many door prizes you want either the clubs in the
       zone can be asked to provide them or the Lt Governors and sell raffle tickets.
               Ask Key Clubbers to sell the tickets. They can get people to buy more than regular
               Split the money with the Key Club which can be used for Key Leader or convention
               Rest of the raffle money can go to any service project the Lt governors would like to support.

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Zone Conference District Chair - Lyla Tjoelker 360 354-1341 or
                                         Pacific Northwest District

4. Miscellaneous Items:
              Gifts for Governor (the Governor has requested “no gifts”) and other dignitaries that are attending
               your conference.
              Remember according to district By Laws only 2 interclubs are allowed per club for the
 5. It is a nice option to provide a motel for dignitaries and presenters that travel a distant because of the
    early start of most conferences.
 6. Display tables for different projects should be available and need to be reserved in advance.
 7. One more meeting of all Lt Governors after the conference is very helpful. At this meeting you can get
    a final count of members attending, decide what service project you want to give excess money to and
    book a facility for the coming year.

This documentation is only a guide line. If your zone has been holding interesting productive
conventions then keep up the good work.

We are available to come to planning meetings if we can be of any help to you and your zone.

Please advise the district office of any information about your zone conference so it can go on the
web site.

Lyla Tjoelker Zone Conference district chair                          Elizabeth Bennett
360 354 1341                                                          360 714 8156                                            

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Zone Conference District Chair - Lyla Tjoelker 360 354-1341 or

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