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					Working Visas
It is illegal to employ a person who is not an Australian or New Zealand citizen without an
appropriate working visa.

Consequences for the University
There are serious consequences for employing illegal workers, including:

       Fines up to $66,000 per illegal worker

       Jeopardising the entire University’s ability to sponsor people on temporary and permanent
        resident work visas

       Cancellation of existing ANU sponsored temporary and permanent resident visas

People found working without a valid visa can be removed from the workplace without notice to
their employers. One such incident occurred at the University last year, fortunately the ANU was
only reprimanded.

What do you need to do?
The safest and easiest way to avoid penalties is to check the work entitlements of all new employees
who are not Australian citizens. To check if someone has a valid working visa, contact the College HR
Office at, who have access to the Department of Immigration and
Citizenship’s (DIAC) online visa verification database. CASS HR will require the following information:

       Family Name

       Given Names

       Date of Birth

       Passport Number

       Passport Country

Please direct all new employees who are not Australian citizens to make an appointment with the
College HR Office to present their original working visa and passport for verification. The College HR
Office will make a copy of this documentation for file.

For casual staff who are not Australian citizens, please sight their original visa and passport
documentation, make a photocopy of this documentation and note these copies with ‘sighted
original on {date}’ then forward this paperwork to the College HR Office with the rest of their casual
new starter paperwork.
Ceasing Employment

The University is also responsible for notifying DIAC whenever a sponsored temporary or permanent
resident ceases employment, therefore please advise the College HR Office as soon as possible of all
staff resignations.

Visa Eligibility
Temporary Working Visas

To be eligible for a sponsored temporary resident (457) visa, the position must be:

        Full time
        A minimum period of 3 months and up to 4 years. (The visa may be used for appointments
         of more than four years but another sponsorship application must be submitted prior to the
         expiry of the 4 year period)
        A minimum base salary of $43,440 (or $59,480 for IT occupations).

Permanent Working Visas

To be eligible for sponsorship for permanent residence, the position must be:

        Full time
        A minimum period of 2 years
        Unable to be filled locally

The College HR Office can arrange visa sponsorships but obtaining DIAC approval can take as long as
8 weeks for temporary resident (457) visas and 8-12 months for permanent resident visas. If your
area is intending to appoint or extend someone who will require sponsorship for a working visa,
please advise the College HR Office as soon as possible.


The University is responsible for the return travel of sponsored visa applicants and their dependants.
An agreement may be made between the University and the visa holder regarding who pays for
these travel costs, however if the costs cannot be met by the employee, the University must pay for
the return travel.


The University is responsible for any costs incurred in a public hospital by an employee sponsored
on a temporary working visa and/or their dependents, other than those met by health insurance
arrangements, including Medicare, where eligible.

Employees who are sponsored by the University on a temporary resident (457) visa must take out
Private Medical Insurance to cover themselves and their dependents for the duration of the visa.
Even if the sponsored employee is from a country that has a reciprocal health care agreement with
Australia and is eligible for Medicare they are still required to take out private medical insurance for
themselves and their dependents.

DIAC Application Fees (as of May 2009)

Temporary Working Visas

       Nomination cost (University pays) $60

       Visa application (applicant pays) $250

Permanent Working Visas

Charge Type (applicant pays)                         Charge Amount

1st instalment                                       $1420
If you are outside Australia when the visa is
1st instalment                                       $2105
If you are in Australia when the visa is granted
2nd instalment                                       $5865
For primary applicants with less than functional
2nd instalment                                       $2925
For dependents 18 or over with less than
functional English

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