Google Apps Part-3 by KhanMahbub


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									       "Why use Google Apps( More Support ) in our daily

Google also has a client support any day every day. You can contact and communicate
Google by email, chat online or by cell phone the possible need to communicate thin
Google because develop advance security features. They store all the data in many data
centers, even if a failure of the recovery of your own all information, it will be
automatically point to a different server. Also be synchronized servers, you will get the
story just never in real time for the moment.

You can have                                                     the peace of mind
"Google Apps" is the first certification FISMA cloud solutions. This means that the
security and the Google network operations have given excellent "Federal information
security management act." to obtain a certificate of FISMA, guidelines and correct need to
adhere to the implementation of security control. Google has a team of security work each
hours to secure that the data in the cloud safe and secure.
If you have hacked your programs on your computer and that you have lost your data lost
much time and money you can understand why Google Apps useful Enterprise.

More captures                                                             this conception,
and on what already it is not difficult to see why. Converted and hope more and Many
companies will realize the benefits and more business in the cloud. Google rocks!

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