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									Daniel Tan Presents

                  Twitter Money
Thank you for purchasing Twitter Money. This ebook is written specially for
my forum mates. In this ebook, I will share how I get my 10+ Twitter
profiles to over 1,000+ followers each within a week, and how to make
money from them. As a note, I reserve all rights over this ebook, please do
not simply distribute.

Alright, are you ready? Let's start!

The mindset
You need to have the right mindset for this method to work. First, it is totally
100% money oriented. Put this in your mind: The only purpose of getting
your next Twitter account is to MAKE MONEY and nothing else. If you want
to create a very personal and real genuine, heart-to-heart Twitter profile, go
ahead, but don't mess up with Twitter Money. What I am going to reveal to
you is MONEY oriented. I don't care about other things, its just money! And I
am talking about serious money. Get on it early, as Twitter is just on its rise.

1) Twitter to create account

First, you have to create a new twitter account. I have more than 10 twitter
accounts and I am still creating more. Every one of them have more than
1,000 followers as of now. They are growing about 50-300 followers per
account everyday, that means about 800+ followers on all my accounts
every single day.

When you create account, try to get a real name. Don't use names like
ultimateTwitterMoney or yourtwittersecret. People don't like to follow such
names. Get something like Daniel Josh, Jose Hemmington, Janice aliase. A
real person name. I found that I can get followers easier when using a real
person name. Also, tweets that I post gets more responses from a real name

Then, go to and click on images. Search for pretty girls or hot
model. Download the photo and put it up in your twitter profile. Another tips,
with a female feature on my profile, I get more followers. Tweets I made
gets more attention. That's why females are better salesperson.
Finally, put up something in your bio and profile. You can include a link to
the things you promote, but, I will show you the best money, so leave this
up for now.

2) Twollow to setup keywords

Now you have your new Twitter profile. Head over to . Sign in
with your Twitter username and password. Then, add couples of keyword
you are targetting.

What Twollow does is automatic following on the keywords. I have profiles
targetting all kinds of niches. I have also a general profiles that target
nothing but everyone. Twollow will automatically follow everyone who tweets
the keyword you specify. I use the free version, no need to pay unless you
are really serious, it is not cheap.

My research shows that almost 50% of people you follow will follow you
back. That means a 50% back-follow rate. Using Twollow, you can expect
new floods of 10-100+ followers everyday, autopilot.

The most effective keywords I have found are things that are non-specific,
like I wish, I want, boring, happy, I love, I am, still, doing....

There are a bunch of such "appear in the middle of a sentence" keywords.
They gave me the fastest result in terms of amount of people I autofollow,
which gives me 50% back-follow rate.

Now you have your Twitter account and an automatic grow on followers, you
need to post up content to make it meaningful. Good news is, you don't
have to do it yourself. I do it automatically. My content are posted 24/7,
without my presense. Here's how:

3) Google alert to create feed

Go to Google Alerts, sign in with your Gmail account. Next, create a feed.
Think of few things your target followers will like to hear. On the search
term, put in anything you want to target. If you want to feed content about
Movies, just put movies into the search terms, select comprehensive, and
select feed. See image below:
Its up to you how many feeds you want to create. We will then feed the
content of these RSS feeds into your Twitter account, so you have automatic
content tweets to spice up your followers. SECRET: I usually have about 3-5
feeds, depending on the amount of content available. Some keywords
fetches more content, while others less.

Once you have created your feed, you will see them like this:

Watch the orange RSS feed button

this is where you can get your feed URL. Right click on the orange RSS feed
button and select "copy link as". That's how you get your feed URL so you
can paste it for use later.

4) Twitterfeed to auto-content

Now, with those feeds created, head over to You can sign
in Twitterfeed with your OpenID. If you have a blogger account, just use the
account name to sign in.

Once signed in, make sure you are also signed into your new Twitter
account. You will need to authenticate later.

Now, click on "create new feed". You will come to this page:
Make sure you are signed on to your new Twitter account, then click
Authenticate at Twitter and select ALLOW, like this:

Then, in the RSS feed URL, paste the Feed URL from Google Alert, then click
test rss feed. You will see a tick with "Feed was parsed successfully. Update
frequency, I like every 30 minutes. Yes, post up to 5 new updates each time.
If you are going to put in more feed URL from Google Alerts, you might want
to consider only 2-3 posts each update, so you don't flood your Twitter with
too many posts. I have followers leaving me when I post 20 updates every
30 minutes. So keep in mind.
That's it, you now have auto content posting to your Twitter account.

That's basically how to create a Twitter account, set it up for auto followers
and auto content feeding. Now for the money!

5) Sign up with Twitter advertisements

I sign up with
 RevTwt, be-a-magpie and twittad

Then, add your Twitter account into them. Don't post any ads yet. Wait until
you have 300 followers and 30 updates before you go on posting the ads.
The more followers you have, the more money you will make.

Twtad is my favorite. It pays $0.05 per click on ads posted. I can easily earn
3-5 clicks on each of my profile for every ads posted. The max you can post
is 4 ads per day per Twitter account, so here's my figure:

4 ads x 3 clicks x 10 profiles x $0.05 = $6 a day.

Here's one of the account I setup in 30/04/2009, has the following earnings:

Keep in mind this is a new profile and it is making money already. The
money will grow everyday following increase in followers.

My target is to get 100+ profiles so I can earn ~$20 a day. How hard is it to
handle 100 profiles when everything is already automated? I am now setting
up 5 accounts every day over a 1-2 hours work, in 20 days, I will have 100

Note: That 3 clicks (on only 1 account) was from 1,000 followers, so that's
0.3% CTR. Imagine when you get to 10,000 followers. Here's the math:

Say 10,000 followers per account, you have only 20 accounts:
10,000 followers x 20 accounts x 4 ads x 0.3% CTR x $0.05 = $120 a day.

The more followers you get, the more money you make.

Twittad and be-a-magpie don't pay as good. I still stick with TwtAd. Of
course, feel free to join more advertisement network.

Since it is so new, I believe there are more potential in the future with

6) How to get more followers

The manual way
Note that the secret in twitter following is 50% of people you follow tends to
follow you back. There are a few ways you can do this. You can search for
news profile like CNN, or celebrities profile like Britney Spears, click on their
followers and then follow everyone of them. People following CNN or celebs
are mostly REAL PERSON. They will most likely follow you back.

Bulk follow
Goto , you can follow 25 people everytime. Just keep doing it
until you have 500 followings. My experience tells that for 500 followings,
you will get about 100 followers the first 12 hours, and then about 250
followers within 48 hours. Then, it mostly likely stops. You need to keep
following people to get them to follow you back. This is the manual way, but
will boost the speed. Twollow is automatic, but is a bit slow, I still manually
follow at least 500 people on every Twitter account I have.

You can also use to follow interested people, but I find the
site to be slow, so I prefer Buzzom .

7) Tweetlater for more money

Note that Twtad and Be-a-magpie both have referral programs. Get your
referral link, go to to shorten it. You can also do it with TinyURL or
Bitly. SECRET: I like due to its twitter-feel, it yields higher CTR.
People are alerted with TinyURL and bitly, but when I use, the CTR
just shot up for no reason.

Go to, sign up, its free. Add your twitter account and set it
up to auto reply people who follows you. In the auto reply field, put your
referral link. I do something like:

Your twitter account can make money (yourreferrallink)
Make money with your new Twitter account (yourreferrallink)
Thanks for following, here's how you can make money with your twitter
account (yourreferrallink)

You get the idea. When people follow you, they get an instant message sent
to their email, with the above message. Most people will click on the link to
find out, and sent to your referral page. Once they sign up, they are your
money machines. TwtAd pays 20% of what they earn to you.

Here's the proof of income and referrals on that new profile I setup on 30/

Again, keep in mind that this is a 3-day account. 11 referrals, and the
referrals are already making money. I earn 20% of what they earn.

Imagine this:
You have 500 new followers everyday, 20% of them click and sent to your
referral page, 50% signed up, and each make $0.10 per day, here's your

Day 1: $1,
Day 2: $2
Day 3: $3

You do the math. That income is growing EVERY SINGLE DAY! Just keep
adding followers to your account and see your income explode.

Now, remember to also add your referral link in your account bio page, so
people can click and be sent to your referral page. Once every day, do a
tweet on the referral link. This will get you more referrals.


Since you are going to create many Twitter accounts, I suggest you to note
down all your usernames. I have all of them in a note.txt and I also
bookmark all the profiles on my browser. SECRET: I use the same password
for all those accounts so its easy to remember.
On the email part, I share a trick. Say your email is Say I
am creating a Twitter account John Meyhem, I will put in the registration. This will allow me to
create a filter in gmail to filter all emails to
In the filter, I will create a label and get it automatically label all emails sent
to the address and auto archive the email. Tada, you can use your personal
email yet avoid the flood of emails into your account. Of course, you can
also choose to create a brand new gmail account for every Twitter account,
but I find that a hassle. So I use filter instead.

The key to this success is to create many Twitter accounts. Of course, you
can focus on only 1 account, but I like to create many account so I can
target many different people in different niches.

I do content like weight loss, forex news, google and seo, casino and poker
news, gold and tips, adwords and adsense, internet marketing niches. There
are so many hot niches to target. I never run out of ideas to create new
twitter account.

Other than using ads, I also tweet about affiliate products in clickbank and
$7dollaroffers. They will give you additional sources of income.

9) How to bind THEIR HEART

Here's a very simple yet effective method I use to bind my followers heart.
This is a serious thing, so expect no automation but all manual.

What I did is simple. Everyday I will visit all my accounts and find active
twitterers, then I will retweet their updates. I will do something like this:

I saw this, this makes me wanna give him some support:

Here's how I retweet:
RT stands for retweet. A simple retweeting on people's heart content will get
them to notice you, and make you one of their friends.

I have used this methods many times and people @reply and thank me.
Then, they retweet my updates. Tada, friends are made with RT.

Don't brainlessly RT, only RT good updates and meaningful ones. If you
simply RT, your follower will not respect you.

10) ACTION action ACTION!

Million dollar ideas are a penny a dozen. It's action that turns them into
money. Twitter Money is one of the easiest way you can make money online.
I am using it, I am making money, and I am still in the progress of creating
more accounts, getting more followers, everyday, even though I have more
than 10,000 total followers across my accounts already.

Keep doing it and expand your income. Twitter is still new, the more
followers you get now will yield very good return in the days to come, when
more high budget advertisers get on the bandwagon. What's so hard about
creating more accounts and getting more followers? You can even outsource

I hope this read makes you money. Happy success!

And see a flood of followers like this, 24/7 automated, this is a brand new
account I setup on 2/5/2009 (not the one with income as I want to keep it
secret). It has 569 followers as of this writting, not even 24 hours yet. This
profile is simply created merely to show you the effects of my Twitter Money
tactics. I will brush this up and make it another automatic income machine.

Daniel Tan

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