PROFIT AND LOSS OF SMALL GROUP by aku_sangbintang3


									                                   PROFIT AND LOSS OF SMALL GROUP

Discussions have advantages / strengths that can be fully utilized. These forces include:

    a) The group has a source of information and ideas that are richer than those of the individual,
       because it can produce better decisions.
    b) The group members are often motivated by the presence of other group members.
    c) group members more freely express their thoughts in small groups than large groups.
    d) Group members feel more engaged in implementing the decision of the group, for his part in
       the decision making process.
    e) Discussion groups can enhance the understanding of self, as well as to others, thereby
       improving the ability of individuals to interact.

Discussion groups have weaknesses that can lead to failure, in the sense of not achieving the desired
goals. Weaknesses are:

    a) Discussion groups require more time than usual in the way of learning. waste time, especially
       when negative things happen such as poor alignment, the protracted talks, the deviation is not
       admonished, or poor performance.
    b) Members who are less aggressive (quiet, shy, and so on) often do not get a chance to express
       his ideas, to lead to frustration and withdrawal.
    c) Sometimes the discussions are dominated by certain people only.

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