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How to Experiment Using Hair Extensions


									How to Experiment
   Using Hair
Hair extensions are used
   for more than just
 adding length to hair.
  They can be used to
create a specific style or
  to accentuate other
  qualities in the hair.
Clip on hair extensions are a
   great way to create the
    appearance of having
    highlights or lowlights
without permanently dyeing
          one's hair.
  A girl who wants to
 experiment with light
streaks can simply affix
some clip in human hair
   extensions to her
      natural hair.
Since the extensions can be
easily taken out or moved,
there is no risk of having to
   endure a bad dye job.
 Lowlights allow for a bit more
   creativity than highlights do.
  Lowlights are not expected to
look entirely natural, so one can
  be bold and try wearing very
     dark brown or black hair
They can be constructed out of
 strands or they can be made
   using barrettes or combs.
Lowlights are placed under the
bulk of the natural hair, so the
method of attachment will not
           be seen.
Lengths of fake hair can be fixed
  to a larger instrument, which
   will save time and create a
 smooth expanse of darker hair.
The ombre style is very popular
         right now.
   Ombre hair is light at the
  bottom and gradually gets
   darker as it rises, finally
reaching the natural hair color
         at the roots.
Many celebrities such as Jessica
  Biel and Rachel Bilson have
   worn this style with great
results. It is popular for several
It is a way of lightening the hair that
  does not require frequent touch-
     ups to lighten new growth. It
  mimics the way the sun bleaches
    the ends of the hair during the
  summer, making it a perfect style
for girls who enjoy spending time at
               the beach.
     It is a low-maintenance
  hairstyle that fits in with the
casual beauty of girls who dress
 in the bohemian style. Ombre
 hair can be achieved with the
   creative use of human hair
 To wear the ombre style using
hair extensions, one must make
sure that the clip on extensions
are longer than her natural hair.
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  Human Hair Extensions

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